Conference Call

The shelter in place order had been in effect for three weeks, and I was getting antsy. It was nice to have my husband home, and we were getting a ton of projects done around the house, but cabin fever was setting in. When I’m bored, I get horny, and I’d been going wild for two days. Puttering around the house, trying to keep quiet while my husband was on and off video calls all day was getting old. He had another one scheduled for today, and as he was getting ready, I was keeping myself busy scrolling Marriage Heat. I was getting hotter and hotter (and wetter and wetter) reading other people’s stories when it occurred to me that I could make up a sexy little surprise for my husband too. My mind wandered as I tried to come up with ideas.

Just as I was thinking of him, my handsome husband walked through with an empty water bottle. “Hey, how long do you think your call will be today?” I asked. “I need to vacuum the living room.”

“Should only be about twenty minutes. There are going to be thirty people on the call, but only a couple of them have anything to say.”

I nodded. “Are you one of the few, or the many?” I asked.

He shrugged. “I’m not presenting anything this time, but they should hopefully ask for my input on the project timeline.” He walked away as my mind continued to churn, looking for inspiration. Suddenly, something occurred to me. A crowd of thirty people was large enough to disappear in; his image on the video chat would be a tiny thumbnail. My mind raced. A moment later, he came through the room in the other direction, water bottle now full. “What time does the call start?” I asked.

“Five minutes,” he replied. Perfect. Just enough time to get ready, not enough time to chicken out.

Minutes later, I perched my naked self on a dining room chair, hoping my now-soaked slit wouldn’t leave a puddle on it. In just a few moments, I heard him coming down the hall. When he entered the room, I saw that he was wearing a polo shirt and boxers. (He’d given up on pants for video calls on about the second day of quarantine.) As soon as he saw me, his penis twitched against the shorts. I spread my legs and watched the bulge grow bigger. My husband always has an instant reaction to my nude form, and today was no exception.

He hurried across the room toward me and gave me a deep kiss. Pulling back, he said, “You look fantastic, but my meeting starts in just a minute, and I can’t miss it.”

“I know,” I replied, and slid out of the chair onto the floor. Turning away from my husband, I began to crawl under the dining room table he was using as a desk. My dripping hole and luscious ass were facing him, and I heard him groan. “Lose the boxers and have a seat,” I said. As I turned back around, I could see him hurriedly pushing his shorts to the ground. He kicked them aside, then stopped.

“We really don’t have time, babe.”

“Sure we do. You said twenty minutes, right?” His eyes widened. I said, “Don’t worry. None of your coworkers will see me, and as long as you behave, they’ll never know I was here.”

“Wait, what? You want to do this during the meeting?”

“Sure. Try to keep a straight face, and I’ll try to make that impossible.” I smirked up at him. “We’ll see who wins.”

He grinned. “Are you for real?” Suddenly there was a ding from his computer. “Oh, no. I’m about to be late.” He slid into the seat, and I could hear the mouse clicking. As he signed in, I settled into position. I heard pleasantries and greetings, then a man’s voice asked all participants to mute their calls. I adjusted the pillow below my knees and reached for the lubricant. As I warmed a squirt of it in my hands, I saw that hubby’s partial erection had faded. I knew exactly what to do about that. His was the only one I’d ever seen, but I’ve learned what my sweet husband likes.

I took just the head into my mouth and began to lick, swirling around and around, flicking the slit lightly with my tongue. I heard a small moan above the desk and smiled around my mouthful. Off to a good start, I thought. I began to suck gently, taking more of him into my mouth with each stroke until my lips met his pubic hair. I increased the suction. He grew firmer and longer inside my mouth until I had to back off a little. When I was no longer able to hold him fully in mouth, I took one last long suck and unsealed my lips from his member.

Taking his erection in both of my now-warm and well-lubed hands, I began to slowly stroke him. I rubbed this way and that, caressing the head with one hand and the shaft with the other. I dipped my head forward again and began to lick his balls as my hands worked their magic. I licked and flicked, then hardened my tongue to rub the area just behind his scrotum firmly. I gently sucked one testicle into my mouth and caressed it with my tongue as my right hand stroked his shaft and my left twisted at the head as though I were juicing a lemon.

I heard another moan, and a hand snaked down to wind into my hair. I switched to his other testicle, then tried to take them both in my mouth. I couldn’t quite get them both, so I returned to licking them in turn. After a few minutes, his scrotum had tightened up so that I could no longer glide my tongue between the two. In my hands, his member was hard and hot, long and thick. I traced my tongue up from his balls to the thick vein that throbbed on the underside of his shaft, then followed that all the way to the head.

As I licked a bit of his juices away from the tip, I dropped one hand down to fondle where my tongue had just been and settled into a good pumping rhythm. I took the head as deep into my mouth as I could and began to suck. All I could hear for a moment was the presenter on the video chat, but soon a low moan emanated from my hot husband. I eased the pressure. My goal, after all, was just to tease, saving the full release for later. I planted tender kisses on the head of his penis and all over the shaft, then returned to licking, around and over, savoring his juices. I fondled his shaft and balls with both hands as I poked the head into one cheek and then the other, teased with the underside of my tongue and sucked him in as far as I could.

His legs were shaking, and I could feel my pussy dripping. I returned to the rhythm of sucking deep and hard, one hand pumping at the remainder of his shaft and the other teasing his balls with my fingernails. When I looked to the side, I could see his toes curl. I wondered how he was doing keeping a straight face. Suddenly I heard a series of grunts that I knew meant his orgasm was on its way.

Just as I was debating whether to finish him off or save his hard-on to use myself when the call finished, I heard his name called. The mouse clicked, and I knew he’d turned on his microphone. I smiled to myself and eased my efforts. No fair to have him that close to orgasm and trying to have an actual conversation.

“That sounds reasonable,” he said in a deep husky voice as his hand tightened in my hair, and the mouse clicked again. A low growl deep in his throat told me he was still holding back his orgasm.

I let off more of the pressure. I didn’t really want all of my husband’s coworkers to see his “O” face, and my dripping slit was demanding some attention of its own. In a few moments, I heard the team leader signing off. Several polite goodbyes followed, and then the laptop close sharply. The chair scooted back, and before I could even think of what was happening, my husband had dived under the table with me. “I need you now,” he murmured. “Please tell me you’re ready.”

“Oh, I’m as wet as you are hard,” I assured him, guiding his hand to my opening so he could feel for himself. He moaned again. Laying me back, he maneuvered the pillow under my hips and sank into me in one firm push. Without any buildup, he began to pump furiously. Recalling how close to orgasm he had been moments before, I knew I didn’t have much time if I wanted to get in one of my own. I shoved a hand between us and began to rub my love button.

“Oh, that’s hot,” he breathed into my neck. “I can feel you tightening around me. Rub it, baby.”

I happily complied. I was so worked up from playing with him that it only took a minute before I could feel the waves of pleasure building. Opening my eyes, I could tell from his face that he was holding back for me. I moved my fingers faster still, searching for release. His hard hot tool impaled me at the perfect angle. “You’re so wet and hot,” he muttered. I tightened my muscles and relaxed them, and heard him grunt in reply.

Just as his hot seed spurted, I clenched my vaginal walls to enhance his orgasm. I could feel him twitching his release within me as my muscles milked him dry. He collapsed more of his weight on me, panting. I could feel his rapidly shrinking organ slipping out of my soaked hole. He rolled off me and laid beside me. “Did you orgasm?” He asked. I shook my head. He looked sad for a second, but his eyes lit up almost immediately. “Do you think you might be able to do that thing I like?” he asked.

I laughed lightly in reply. “Sure, babe, if you do that thing I like, then probably that thing you like will happen.”

He looked delighted. Impatiently pushing out one of the dining room chairs on the side, he took his position at a 90-degree angle from me, his head centered over my crotch. He began to lick me slowly. The sideways action across my clitoris was intensely pleasurable. Within a few short minutes, I was panting and writhing. He maintained his pace as I began to buck against his mouth. I glanced down at him, but his eyes stayed fixed on my hole. As his tongue drove me to ecstasy, my muscles clenched, and I felt a surge of fluid gush from my vagina. My husband moaned happily. He’d gotten exactly what he’d asked for, and as he turned back toward me, I could see that he was again semi-erect.

“Let’s get out from under the table,” I said. “Why don’t you sit down?” He made himself comfortable in one of the dining room chairs, and I resumed my place before him. I again took his member in my mouth and sucked him back to a full erection. I love tasting the juices of our sacred union.

“Oh yeah, baby,” he groaned. “Show me my dripping wet hole.” He loves that he is the only man who has ever seen this part of me and often calls it his. For me, it makes it twice as hot.

I stood facing away from him and bent over to grip my ankles. He reached out and wiped his hand down my slit, then used the juices to lubricate his hard-on. Between my legs, I could see him masturbating, and it made me hot all over again. He reached out and placed a finger in my love hole; I could hear the noise of my juices as he rammed in and out. A moment later, a second finger joined the first, and I began bucking back against him to meet his thrusts. The sound of my grunts joined the symphony of sounds emanating from my nether and my husband’s moans.

“This is his favorite part,” I sometimes think, “when everything is drenched and juicy from our lovemaking. “As I had that thought, I felt his tongue attack my wet slit without any warning. I gasped, “Yes!” as his tongue wound round and round my hole. I could hear him slurping juices from my honey pot as he poked and probed with his tongue.

A few moments later, I spun around. His tongue probing my hole was hot, but I wanted him inside me again. I became dimly aware that his phone was repeatedly chiming, but ignored it. He seemed not to notice the phone at all. Straddling him where he sat on the chair, I slowly lowered myself onto his rod. The chair was the perfect height so I could bounce on my toes, riding his shaft up and down. I knew he would last a long time this time around, and I wanted to take my time as well.

Slowly, I raised myself until just the head of his erection was inside me, then I plunged back down to the hilt. I did this for several minutes, building the sensations. My muscles would grip him around the head, then relax as I took him deeper. Eventually, the pressure grew too much, and I began moving faster, my breasts jiggling in his face. He tried to catch one, then the other nipple in his mouth as it passed, before bringing his hands up to caress them.

He rolled my nipples in his fingers, and I gasped. He put his hands on my hips to hold me still as his tongue and mouth gently serviced one breast, then the other. I began grinding my hips against him, pressing my pleasure center to his pubic bone. His hands eased their pressure on my hips, and I resumed bucking and bouncing, with his grip setting the pace. We were both moaning, and I could feel a trickle of sweat dripping down my back.

“Deeper,” I cried. In answer, he lifted me without uncoupling and took a step forward. He set me down on the table. I laid back to take his full length and gripped the edge of the table. In this position, I was able to meet his thrusts. He grasped my ankles and lifted my heels to his shoulders so that he could enter me as deeply as possible. I moaned my approval. We went on like this for some time, until our pleasure built again. This time, we orgasmed together with soft cries. Afterward, he picked me up in his arms and carried me into the living room. We laid on the couch together, catching our breath. I heard his phone chime again in the dining room.

“What on earth is going on? You’ve gotten more texts and emails in the last half hour than in the past week!” I said.

He laughed. “Well,” he said, “a lot of people are probably really angry with me. I’m not entirely sure what I agreed to in that meeting, but I’m pretty sure I approved a four-week deadline for a project that should take at least six.” He turned his face to mine. “I’ll be working a lot this coming month.”

“That’s okay,” I reassured him. “I have plenty of ideas for your coffee breaks!”

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10 replies
  1. Cuddles says:

    What fun! I grinned and chuckled at your very naughty antics all the way through!

    I've been a little horny all day (Saturday night here), and now I'm VERY horny after that romp under your table!

    Your story was delightful Hot4him. HOT, funny, well-written, and always a little bit wicked as it kept on racing along. I didn't want it to end!

    So maybe there IS some truth to what they say about… you know..
    not enough blood for both heads to function at peak performance? ;)))

    Thanks Hotforhim for a thoroughly enjoyable read. Looking forward to more please 😊

    I'm off to go play with a toy or two now. What a yummy way to ensure a good night's sleep!

    Cuddles xxxx

  2. Keystone Jack says:

    Hmm…get horny when you're bored? I think if that were my wife's situation, I would make sure she was often bored! I like that you write with a softer hand. It's more inclusive. This is a story I'm proud to share with my wife. *now to schedule a videoconference*

  3. AlwaysReady says:

    That was HOT. It hits a lot of different fantasies, appropriate sex with the risk of being caught, sex at the office, different locations, and just sex, and hot sex. A horny and enthusiastic woman is the best thing on the planet! GREAT STORY.

  4. texasman76 says:

    Totally enjoyed this story! Extremely well written. The creampie eating and pounding again really got me going. Keep up the excellent writing!

  5. MarriedtoaHotBabe says:

    So literally yesterday my wife gave me a blowjob under our dining room table while I was on a Zoom conference call. Fortunately, I didn't have a big role in the meeting. Was super hard to keep a straight face when I exploded with cum in her mouth. Fun!

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