Blind Ambition

“Now, no peeking.” My wife slid the blindfold over my eyes, blocking out all light and any chance I had of seeing her.

“Don’t worry,” I said, “I can’t see a thing.”

She giggled quietly and pulled gently on my shoulders, lowering me down onto our bed. I shivered with anticipation of what she was going to do to my naked body.

We’ve been married now for several years and she’s still the love of my life. I trust her completely. So when she asked me a few days ago if I was willing to try something new in our sex life, I was a bit surprised. I found our sex life both exciting and fulfilling, and like a typical young man, it had never crossed my mind that maybe she felt differently.

When I asked her what she had in mind, she shyly pulled out a blindfold from behind her back. I’m not going to lie. My cock was instantly hard, and I wanted to take her right then and there.

She pulled away when I reached for her. “No, silly,” she said, “this is for when I’m ready. Not you. You’re always ready for sex.”

So here we are. I’m stretched out on the bed, naked and blindfolded with my arms at my sides. That is part of the agreement. “This stops if you touch me,” she had said.

“I know you love seeing me naked and that it gets you off quickly. I love that. But,” she stated, “I want to reach you through the rest of your senses. I want you to really feel how much I love you.”

A soft whisper filled my ear and I could feel her warm breath. “Are you ready?”

I nodded and tried to relax. As I said, I trust her completely, so I knew she wasn’t going to hurt me. Anything that happened tonight was for my pleasure.

A few seconds later, I felt her lips brush against my forehead in the lightest of kisses. Then a soft kiss fell on the tip of my nose. Finally, her soft lips pressed against mine. She was behind me still, so we were basically kissing upside down. I don’t know what it is about kissing this way, but I’ve always found it both exotic and erotic.

Our lips parted and our tongues began to play. I could feel her silky hair graze my cheeks. I breathed deeply and filled my soul with lavender and jasmine, the scent of my wife’s favorite shampoo.

She tugged at my lower lip, taking it into her mouth and slowly letting it slide out again. I groaned as she moved on to kiss my chin and then nuzzle the side of my neck. So light and soft, the ticklish sensation running through my body filled me with intense pleasure.

My wife shifted her body slightly, raising her hips just a little to lean over my head further. Her kissed moved from my neck to my chest.  As her tongue began to circle and flick a nipple, I could feel her breasts rub against my face.

My wife’s breasts are amazing, at least to me. They’re soft with hard little nipples that taste like summer berries. They poke out of every shirt she owns and I long to hold them in my hands. The firm flesh fills my hands perfectly.

She giggled as she teased my nipple. I could feel her hot breath on my body, and electricity seemed to run through me. I tried to capture one of her breasts in my lips, but I failed. Her body started to shift from side to side, ever tormenting my blindfolded face with the temptation of ripened fruit just out of reach.

She sucked hard on my nipple while playfully pinching and pulling on the other. Finally, she withdrew from me, and I lay still, catching my breath. Before I had time to wonder, a hard nipple rubbed against my lips. She moaned as I greedily and hungrily parted them and slurped in her little nub. I sucked and nipped at her breast as best as I could. Soft mewling groans escaped her own lips.

I sighed my frustration as she pulled away again. My cock throbbed with desire and I wanted nothing more than to take her and drive her to orgasm.

I felt her body shift again as she leaned over my face and ran her fingers up and down my stomach. I kissed her belly as her breasts rubbed against my chest, her fingers moving closer and closer to my erection, slowly, methodically. They barely touched me but set my skin ablaze.

Ever so slowly, one of her fingers began to trace the throbbing vein up and down my swollen cock. I all but came off the bed. She hummed softly to herself as she played with my sex. Her hand wrapped around me and she began to jack me off, slowly at first but quickening with each pump of her arm.

The sensation felt unbelievable, and I closed my eyes, despite the blindfold. My hands gripped the sheets of the bed, trying desperately to stay in place and continue this sexual madness.

I was so close to climax when she slowed and stopped. A mix of relief and pleasure hitting me hard, and I groaned slightly. I never knew my wife could torment me so. The inability to see her was killing me. I could picture the elfish grin on her face as she drove me closer and closer to the end.

With a smoothness that made me think she had spent some time practicing, my wife rose up on her knees, repositioned her body, and lowered her wet pussy to my waiting mouth. At the same time, she snaked out the tip of her tongue to lick the precum from my cock. The unison of the movements hit me hard, and every muscle tensed in anticipation of more.

I ran my tongue up and down her wet slit, flicking the hard nubbin of flesh. I could hear her moans as she opened her mouth and swallowed my length.  I’m not a huge guy, but I revel in feeling the back of her throat as she sucks on my hardness.

I thrust my tongue as deep into her hot pussy as I could. Her lips are swollen, and I can’t get enough of her sweet and musky cum. Her head bobs as she sucks hard, letting my cock slip in and out of her mouth. I flatten my tongue and paint her sex until I can feel her body tremble on top of mine.

Her moans of pleasure, escaping from around my shaft, acted like music to my ears, and I licked her body faster and faster. She worked my cock over, up and down, and I cummed harder than I have in years. Her body stiffened as she reached her own climax, her hot cum washing over my mouth and cheeks. I drank it in as she swallowed my seed.

I continued to lap at her sex as she slowed her movements and finally slid her mouth all the way up, letting me slip out of her mouth like a hot popsicle. My wife sat up, grinding her hips down into my face. I thrust my tongue in and out of her and enjoyed the panting groans that I heard.

She pulled away from my lips and I lay on the bed, in the dark, waiting. I want more. I want her to cum again and again. I want to wrap my cock in her swollen lips and drive her to the same madness that she took me too.

A moment later, the hot breath at my ear returns. I can smell the lavender and jasmine as she bends down next to me.

“Would you like more, or should we try something else?”

Of course, I want more. I also look forward to finding out what else she has in mind for us. This woman drives me wild, still amazes me, and will always be the love of my life.

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  1. Cuddles says:

    Do you realize you're teasing and taking people all around the world as they wake up to the edge and then just leaving them there???

    Naughty naughty!!!
    but nice 😊

    Well done Crash, and I'm hanging right where you left me waiting for where your tantalizing wife took you!

    Cuddles xxxx

    • Crash says:

      Thanks! This is my first story so I'm glad someone liked it. I'll have to come back to this one and see how it ends.

  2. jasonrose says:

    Crash – very hot story. I can envision the scene with your wife being in control and pleasuring you and herself on your face. Makes me want to find a blindfold and my wife. Please share what happened next.

  3. Christhusbandandwife3in1 says:

    F***k did I get hard reading this!🍆🍆🍆 I loved this so much. It doesn't happen enough for me; but when the wife takes the initiative and changes up the routine in the bedroom, I feel so blessed. My wife and I just finished moving from one town to our family ranch in Colorado. We made a side tour first to see my parents. On the way back, we stopped about halfway at my sister's house to drop off some items from mom and dad for her. She lives out in a subdivision in the country at the corner of the two roads. I parked in her driveway close to the road that we pulled in from. My wife Susan and I were transferring stuff from my sister to the car; on one of those trips to the back of the car, I looked at the wife and pulled my loose shorts down(commando-style). She looked at me and bent over and gave me a ten-second suck without even looking around. My sister has a neighbor that has a huge bay window that looks in the direction of my sister's house. I got the thrill of maybe being seen by them or anyone coming down the road in their car and getting a little action. I went from soft to hard in that 10 seconds ..Then it was over until we got home and went to bed later last night. There again, I feel so blessed when my demure middle-aged wife shocks and surprises me with a little 💋 on the 🍆 out in the open. So Crash, I enjoyed the 🔥 story, please write more.

  4. SamtheMan says:

    Wow! This is hot. You are a blessed man. If my wife ever did this it would be a dream cum true! My wife is a great woman follows my lead and after 30 yrs has never said no. I love sex and have been creative so we've had some unbelievable sex however in 30 yrs she has never initiated or been aggressive. Her church and parents didn't talk about sex and comes from a legalistic viewpoint and she is melancholy so wants to please. I suppose there's a trade off but I would love to have some wild sex.

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