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Kitchen Connection

“You should come to the kitchen and help me make dinner,” my wife said, a mischievous glint in her eye and a conspiratorial grin on her lovely face. How could I resist a little shameless flirting while we did chores? I joined her without a second thought, leaving the kids to finish their TV show. […]

Homecoming, Part 2

The following day, we woke up only a little groggy from our late night. My wife playfully grumbled that I woke her up and ruined her plans for morning sex. We laughed it off and got ready for church. We were able to get the kids up and ready in record time, no mean feat […]

The Couch

After we were married, we lived with my wife’s parents for about a month before moving into our own place. We had a room on a different floor, which was probably for the best, as we had sex daily for that first month and quickly discovered that my wife is a loud lover. This day, […]

Homecoming, Part 1

It was midnight when I pulled into our driveway. The house was dark, and I suspected everyone was asleep. I was looking forward to crawling into bed with my wife for the first time in three weeks but was resigned to the fact that we would probably not have sex until much later in the […]

Retreat, Part Two

Continued from Part 1. The kids had trouble falling asleep, which made it difficult for us too. Eventually, they passed out, and I was able to drift off. My wife’s slumber, however, was disturbed by the couple in the room next to ours. They came to their room late and decided to have sex into […]

Scheduled or Spontaneous?

The other day, my wife showed me an article about “scheduling” sex. The author recommended that couples schedule when they would have sex and that the consistency and predictability would improve their relationships. While this is not a new concept to me, it got me thinking. Scheduling sex lets busy couples who struggle to find […]

The Retreat, Part One

Some time ago, my wife and I went on a marriage retreat, which promised to be a fun weekend. We would stay in a hotel, attend some classes, and get to spend some time together. And while we had to bring our children, they had childcare during the day so that couples could spend quality […]

The Dressing Room (F)

Note: This is a fantasy based on a true event that did not go nearly so far, but has stuck in my head as a fun “what if.” The details of the lovemaking have been inspired by other events. The early days of our marriage were filled with passion and discovery. Everything was new, so […]


One summer years ago, we visited my parents. My family had long been into hiking and primitive camping, but my young bride had not yet tried it. So that summer, we decided to take a long weekend and do an overnight backpacking trip. It was hot but not unbearable when we started out, and we […]

Trading Favors

My wife and I lay on the bed naked, making out and teasing each other. When I leaned forward for a kiss, she met my lips with a quick peck before pulling back with a giggle. She did this a couple more times, refusing to let me get a good kiss, so I shifted down […]


My wife and I had just finished a workout and were stepping into the shower. Something about getting that blood flowing and watching her take her clothes off turns me on. Well, I guess that should come as no surprise. I stepped in first and turned on the water. We shower together often, and I […]


The kids were in bed for quiet time, and my wife and I were ready for some not-so-quiet time. We made the necessary preparations, removed our clothes, and shut the door. I lay on our bed with a corner of sheet covering my manhood while waiting for my wife to come out of the bathroom. […]