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Sexting While Apart

My work occasionally requires travel, and this time, I had been away for several weeks. During these times of separation, I am helped by my collection of photos and videos of the wife and me. Sometimes when she is in the mood, we share sexy text messages. It could be a racy picture, a flirty […]

Working Out

With an “umph,” she collapsed face down on her yoga mat. We had just finished working out at home (much easier than trying to go to a gym these days), and we were both tired and sweatyβ€”and a little horny. “Did you want to shower?” I asked her as I cleaned up my area. “No,” […]

πŸ”Š Subconsciously Lovin’

πŸ”Š Ignite Audio Playlist It was late. I lay on my back in bed, trying to sleep. My wife, with her head on my shoulder and a hand resting on my chest, slept peacefully; I could tell by the depth and rhythm of her breathing. So when her hand began moving, it pleasantly surprised me. […]

πŸ”Š Second Time’s the Charm (A)

πŸ”Š Ignite Audio Playlist We were getting ready for sex when my wife said, “We should try anal again.” “Are you sure?” I asked. She nodded yes. In the past, our anal play had been limited. I had stuck a finger in her ass before on numerous occasions, which she always enjoyed. So, a few […]

πŸ”Š Postpartum Play

πŸ”ŠΒ  Ignite Audio Playlist After the birth of our second child, our family began to settle into the routine of once more having a newborn in the house. This meant sleepless nights, endless diapers, and no sex for six weeks. Don’t get me wrong, I love my children immensely, but parenting is by no means […]

Changing It Up

It was time. The workweek was over. Our kid was asleep. Now, we were both ready to become one flesh again. “You should get the ottoman,” my wife called from where she stood by the clothes hamper. The ottoman is one of our favorite sex props. When I sit on it, my wife’s feet can […]