Retreat, Part Two

Continued from Part 1.

The kids had trouble falling asleep, which made it difficult for us too. Eventually, they passed out, and I was able to drift off. My wife’s slumber, however, was disturbed by the couple in the room next to ours. They came to their room late and decided to have sex into the wee hours of the morning—loud sex, or at least loud enough to keep my wife awake. I slept through the whole thing and didn’t know about it until my wife complained about it the next morning.

We dropped the kids at child care and spent the morning in classes for the marriage retreat. Finally, they released us after lunch, and we were free to spend the afternoon together without the kids. We had some plans to explore some local attractions, but first things first.

As soon as we entered our hotel room, my wife lay down on the bed, making a joke about being tired and needing a nap. I lay down next to her and kissed her. She kissed me back, and soon we were making out like a pair of horny teenagers. Clothes came off a piece at a time and were duly scattered about the room. My dick was fully erect, so my wife had some trouble getting my boxers over it. We laughed, and I helped her get them off, my penis bouncing as it slid free of the confining cloth.

We lay there next to each other, completely naked and hot for each other, and continued making out. We kissed passionately, hands roaming over each other’s bodies to explore our most sensitive spots.

My wife took hold of my penis and shifted down to place it in her mouth. She looked up into my eyes as she teased me, sucking briefly then pulling me out several times. I gave her a mock glare that made her giggle, and then she started to go at it, bobbing her head up and down along my shaft. I  squirmed as she alternated between stroking me with her mouth and her hands.

After several wonderful minutes, she released my member and slid up next to me. We were lying face to face, one of my arms under her and one of her legs over mine. We kissed, and I slid my properly lubricated penis into her moist vagina. She moaned, not trying to be quiet. We kissed briefly, then started humping, our hips bumping together in rhythm. Moving slowly, we soaked up the closeness and intimacy of this position. I kissed her and held her close, all the while slowly sliding my dick in and out. Suddenly she tensed, and an orgasm gripped her. When she came down, we kept going nice and slow, and several minutes later, she whimpered through a second orgasm.

She then grabbed my shoulder and pulled, and we rolled over onto her back. Her legs were closed, and mine straddled hers, so her thighs held my dick tightly. I kissed her and began sliding my in and out of her tight pussy, pushing deep. She moaned with the sensations and kissed me back while I rode her like this to two orgasms, each more intense than the last. She screamed and squirmed with the last one and pushed me off of her.

“Lay down, mister,” she demanded. I rolled onto my back, and she straddled me, slowly lowering herself onto my shaft. She moaned as she slid down inch after inch. When she had made it all the way to the hilt, she lay on top of me, breathing heavily as though she had just sprinted up several flights of stairs.

As she lay there, I ran my hands up her back to her shoulders and started to thrust from below. She moaned and wriggled as I shoved my shaft in and out of her.

“Not fair!” she cried, her fingernails digging into my shoulders. She let out a scream and arched her back as another orgasm hit. When she recovered,  she pushed herself up into a seated position, her hands braced on my chest.

“My turn,” she said and began bouncing up and down on my cock, moaning loudly with her eyes squeezed shut in concentration. I reached up and grabbed her boobs as they bounced hypnotically above me.

Biting her lip, she switched from bouncing to grinding. Her hips rocked back and forth, and her fingernails dug into my chest as her intensity grew. I kept my hands busy grabbing her hips, cupping her boobs, palming her cheek, and hanging onto her shoulders.

She let out a cry and collapsed onto me, her breasts pressed against my chest, but she had not yet reached her next climax. Her hips pounded up and down along my dick, now slick with her juices. Her moans reached a fever pitch, and then her body rocked with another orgasm.

As she recovered, she sat up then pulled me into a seated position. I held her, and we kissed passionately. When our lips parted, she playfully pushed me back. I leaned back and braced myself on my arms with my legs bent at the knees behind my wife. Her legs were spread on either side of me, her feet hooked behind my wrists. She was sitting on my dick, her ass partly supported by her legs, and she hung onto my shoulders. From this position, she could move her hips back and forth along my thighs, sliding the full length of my rod. She moaned even louder than before and started riding me faster, slamming her hips into me. Faster and faster she went until she hit her climax. I sat up and held her as she writhed with the waves of pleasure.

Then I held her close, rubbing her back as she breathed heavily. She had barely come down from this last orgasm when she started sliding her hips back and forth again. With a moan, she pushed back from me and grabbed my shoulders. I put my hands down behind me again, and she started thrusting herself along my entire length again, from tip to hilt. She lost all control, bucking like a wild woman and emitting banshee-like screams, the wet slaps of our hips growing louder with each thrust. Her screams grew louder, crescendoing at her climax. Once again her body convulsed in ecstasy, and I held onto her as she rode the waves of her orgasm.

When she had finished, I helped her lie down on her back. Maintaining penetration, I shifted my legs beneath me so that we were in a modified missionary position with her legs up at my shoulders. I held her thighs and began thrusting, and she moaned and squirmed, her breast bouncing with each thrust. When I picked up the pace, she screamed and grabbed a breast with each hand, partly to stop them from bouncing and partly to pleasure herself by squeezing them. There is something about the way she looks when she squeezes her own breasts that is irresistible to me. I rode her like that through another screaming, bucking orgasm.

Next, I let her feet down and slid between her knees to kiss her. I began thrusting again, this time slow and deep instead of fast. She moaned into my mouth and continued kissing me. She kept her legs bent at the knees and held her ankles. From this position, I can get really deep into her.

“Oh yeah,” she purred when our lips parted, “you’re so deep.” We kissed some more, and I picked up the pace, pulling more insistent moans from her throat. Eventually, she let go of her ankles, her knees still bent and legs bouncing with each thrust. Her hands wrapped around the back of my head, grabbing at my hair and pulling me insistently into her kiss. I kept thrusting and she came again, whimpering in pleasure and clawing at my shoulders.

She pushed me off of her and stood up, so I followed her onto the floor and took her hands. Stepping up to her, I kissed her, then crouched slightly to slide my rod into her dripping wet pussy. We thrust at each other, our hips finding a rhythm while our lips were locked together. Standing seems to tighten her pussy up, and the sensations are marvelous.

By the time our dance of passion triggered her next orgasm, I knew mine was not far off. She lifted a sexy leg, wrapping her thigh around my hip, and I grabbed her behind the knee with one hand, held the small of her back with the other, and kissed her as we thrust. It would not be long now. In just a few more thrusts, I erupted into her. It was my turn now to claw at her back. Her final orgasm of the day hit her a split second after mine, and we clung to each other in our shared euphoria.

As we came down from this experience, clearly the best we had had in months, we realized we had a slight dilemma. Not wanting to make a mess on the hotel floor, I did not pull out. Instead, we waddled to the bathroom locked together like that, laughing at how ridiculous we must look.

That marriage retreat was one to remember, and not just for what we learned in the classes.

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8 replies
  1. SecondMarge says:

    Hearing another couple would be a turn on. I probably would not sleep either. I might do something else.

    I wish I was like the woman in this story, cumming quickly and often screaming as I came. Unfortunately, it is difficult to cum once. And I had difficulty making enough sound for my husband to hea or talking dirty the way he wanted me to.

    Every time I read "a religious retreat to strengthen marriage," I think of a former coworker. He and his wife were strict Catholics. Years before while having a drink after work, he admitted he left his last job because he had affairs. When he told me about the retreat he attended where all feelings and experiences were to be confessed to each other, I asked if he admitted his affairs to his wife. He looked at me as if I was from Mars. It seems dishonesty and religion so often go hand in hand. I should have known to avoid him. That Christmas he made a pass at me, kissing me under the mistletoe and cupping my breast before I could separate from him. Then I realized I too was not totally open and honest as I never told my husband. Not certain if I was afraid he would confront the man or be excited by my experience.

    • LuvBug says:

      I am sorry that you feel like dishonesty and religion are linked. I would say that dishonesty is a result of our fallen condition and can be found in every human, regardless of religious persuasion. So while we practitioners of religion are often flawed and dishonest, God, the subject of our religion, is not. This adulterer's issues are likely not a result of his religion. After all, you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink.

    • SecondMarge says:

      I wasn’t blaming the religion. Merely stating religion breeds hypocrisy. Those that do not follow a faith have no reason to be hypocrites unless you count them praying when in crisis. But mostly I refer to sex issues. The nonsensical restrictions which God never intended that are preached from the pulpit, claimed to be adhered to, yet ignored.

  2. PatientPassion says:

    Wow, what a hot session! Something that stands out to me is that either she reaches orgasm very easily and quickly, or you can last an impressively long time, or maybe both! Do you remember roughly how long this encounter was? Do you usually last that long? Do you consciously do anything in particular to last a fairly long time, or does it come naturally? When I'm married, I'd love to make love to my future wife like this, for so long that she can have 10+ orgasms! It's such a turn-on imagining her in such pleasure!

    I've trained myself to be able to edge indefinitely, which is a good step I guess, but I can't take constant stimulation for that long without going over the edge. Of course, there are delicious oral and manual options to keep an encounter going after my own orgasm, but I'd love to share extended PIV intercourse.

    I've read (and found from experience) that keeping the pelvic floor muscles relaxed helps avoid premature ejaculation. I have an interesting tendency to contract those muscles almost reflexively when thrusting forward. I guess it's a natural reflex to bring on ejaculation, but it also seems to be somewhat under conscious control, like breathing: automatic but also controllable. I need more training to make it effective though!

    I'm always interested in learning more, especially when it could increase pleasure and intimacy for both me and my future wife. Do you have any other ideas or tips on lasting longer?

    • LuvBug says:

      Yes, my wife is blessed to be able to come quickly and often. Not all women are, so be patient with your future wife! Don't worry about lasting a long time when you first get married. The novelty will be enough for a while, and your wife might get worn out if she is a virgin. The wife and I usually average about 15 minutes, though we often go anywhere from 10 to 30. At least I think so. I am not really watching the clock. I have found that as I get older it is easier to last longer, but I will edge myself during sex to prolong it. If I feel the cum rising, I slow down, stop and kiss her, or switch positions. Often, my wife does this for me by coming before I cross the "point of no return." Sometimes she is better at edging me than I am! Also, kegels help, and coming more often (through sex or masturbation) will help you last longer too.

    • SecondMarge says:

      Almost no woman regularly cums from intercourse alone. Average man lasts 2-3 minutes after penetration yet thinks he lasted half an hour. Some women have a clitoris location which makes it easier to climax. We are all different. No wonder men are confused on what to do.

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