No Woman Left Behind (L)

This post contains strong language (L).

My husband and I were still Separated By the Miles and staying in touch by text. After a little preliminary talk, the following was our second chat.

Her: You need someone squeezing and sucking those balls while you stroke, don’t you?
Or sucking it and squeezing balls.

Him: Mmmmm, ok!!! Yes.

Her: Some good old deep throat action, maybe.

Him: Mmmm, yes.

Her: A nice warm, wet 👄

Him: Oh, fuck that’s working! How’s that sweet pussy of yours?
I bet it could go for a hard licking.

Her: Thought it might. I can’t do more than talk about it while we are apart, but I can do that.
When I get it all the way back in there, then I can do more to squeeze with my tongue,
and the cum just shoots down my throat! Some nice hard pressure just below the head!

Him: Oh you do know how to suck a cock.

Her: Getting harder?

Him: Can’t get any harder.

Her: Well, then there’s only one thing left to do! Shoot that cum! Give it to me!
Damn, I wish I had that cock here right now!

Him: I have to hold off so I can nibble your clit.

Her: Oh, shit! You’re about to make me cum just talking!!

Him: How about while I’m eating that pussy, I stick my finger in your tight ass?

Her: Yes!

Him: And wiggle it. Are you gonna cum all over my face?

Her: OMG! My pussy is so slick! I’m going to make this clit cum!
Yes! Wherever you want it!

Him: Give it a nice pinch for me.

Her: Aaaah!
Slipped right out of my fingers!

Him: Let me clean up that mess with my tongue

Her: It’s a very large clit at the moment.

Him: Mmmmm great!!!! Stroke it

Her: Your tongue feels so fucking good!
I’m sucking hard on that cock!

Him: I’m eating your cunt and letting my tongue slide across to your rosebud.

Her: Maybe that cock needs a pussy! I love a creampie!

Him: I’m too wound up eating that pussy and ass.

Her: Then give it to me in my 👄 so I can swallow it!

Him: Yes!!!!

Her: Are you cumming?

Him: (sends photo of cum covered cock.)

Her: Yes!! That’s a beautiful sight! I know it tastes so good!

Him: Mmmmhmmmm Did you cum this time as well? How’s your delicious pussy?

Her: I didn’t, but it was still just so good! I will later.
I licked my fingers clean. Since I couldn’t lick yours

Him: You sure I can’t make you cum all over my face

Her: You can try. I’ll have to add some lube, I’m getting dry.
Wish I had some whipped cream for you to eat out of it.
What are you gonna do to make me cum all over your face?
I have no doubt you can do it!

Him: That would definitely work for that cream pie you were talking about.
Tongue you from your ass all the way up to your swollen clit.
Sliding two fingers in-between those lips I just sucked on

Her: OMG! This feels so good!

Him: Licking and sucking in each lip. Mmmm, then sucking on that hard clit, taking its swollenness into my mouth.
Running my tongue in circles around it. Then finding its hood.
My two fingers slick with your juices sliding in and out.
I suck on the inside of your thigh,

Her: Don’t stop! Keep going!

Him: I turn my attention back to your clit I take my left hand and pull the hood all the way back.
Your clit is getting attacked by my soaked tongue.
I slip in that third finger. It stretches you.
Putting pressure as I wiggle them cum here now.

Her: Oh, fuuuuuckkk! I’m cummiiiiing! Mmm mmmm!
Thank you! Thank you for persisting and talking me through that, it was incredible!!
My pussy is twitching.
That’s the quickest I’ve cum in a long time.
I hope my legs cooperate to go cook something for supper.

Him: Fingers are thrusting. Left hand is still on your hood.
Right hand goes to pinch your erect nipple.

Her: I can’t take any more! You did great!

Him: Mmmm your pussy tastes amazing!!!

Her: I’m glad you like it!
Thank you so much! Going to be a good evening.

Him: That was so much fun, we’ll have to do it again.

Part 3 coming soon!

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25 replies
  1. SecondMarge says:

    Reminds me of my issues now that I am starting to date after having lost my husband a while back. I admitted to a close friend that I am starting to feel a strong need for sexual release but am not close to considering a third marriage. Her suggestion was finding a phone sex friend. Would not require the intimacy of mutual masturbation yet would supply some of the need for a partner to help with arousal. Reading your story makes it tempting.

    The only man I have felt any desire for is 12 years younger. While he seems interested in me I can’t imagine why he might want to be sexual with a middle aged woman.

    • Waiting Hardly says:

      As long as you aren’t engaging in intercourse, it shouldn’t be a problem. And many young men have realized that a middle aged woman knows what she is doing and is a great sexual teacher. Finding a friend with benefits for strictly online release can be difficult, and I pray you can be successful where so many of us have not been. Been looking a few years without success.

    • ThatOneCoupleFor2 says:

      He has interest in you because of you. Not because of your looks, job, car you drive or the shoes you wear. He’s interested because of you. Don’t ever forget that, don’t cheapen yourself because of labels that you’ve surrounded yourself with; middle aged woman, divorcée, etc. you’re just you and he is just him. Nothing else matters except how you feel towards each other.

      Now, go get dressed in something that makes you feel great, take a pic of yourself, send it to him and tell him something you can’t say on this site and go have fun.

    • Always Horny says:

      I identify with what you are feeling 🙏🏻 I’m 33 I’m divorced after my wife cheated & left me. I haven’t been touched by a woman in almost 7yrs.

      I too have felt the strong desire for sexual intimacy deeply. Some days I’m climbing the walls so to speak 😓

      I have been tempted as well to try my luck (I know that sounds bad).

      Why wouldn’t a younger man find a woman like you interesting? You’re a woman aren’t you? Your life isn’t over, you have beauty, desire, faith & are wanting to be kissed, touched & a feel a hard stiff penis inside you again.

      I don’t know about other men, but if a woman wanted to be with me especially since I’ve been alone 7yrs almost I’d happily be interested in it. But that’s just me.

      Be confident in who you are & the person God created 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

    • SecondMarge says:

      Thanks to those that encouraged, complimented and built up my self esteem. Yes intimacy, sexual intimacy are strong needs even for those of us that are not that sexual in life. Wanting to be held, breasts caressed, make a man hard.

    • alwayswet101 says:

      SecondMarge…don’t doubt yourself. Every lady has their needs and as long as we’re alive, so are those pussies of ours! Older women can be such an attraction to some younger men…I am realizing that, being pregnant, though I am not on the market. Any man would be lucky to have a very sexual woman like yourself, especially if he’s 12 years younger!!!

    • alwayswet101 says:

      Also, the feeling of a hard stiff penis will feel amazing to him! You and your sexy self will have that young man hard as a rock and I’m sure he’ll be getting erections constantly (huge plus of being 12 years younger) 😉

    • catlover says:

      Marge, have you considered any of the widowers or single men on this forum. I don't know what the rules are for revealing one's real identity, but this forum seems to have a number of Christian men who too are in an alone situation. Maybe there is a Christian dating site that y'all could post on incognito using a different id and only mention liking exotic stories.

    • MarriageHeat says:

      The guidelines are that we won't post personally-identifying information. Also, MH is not a "forum" in the internet meaning of the word. We do allow comments and have discussion posts, but we exercise editorial control, unlike true forums such as Songs of the Believers and The Marriage Bed.

    • SecondMarge says:

      I am very fortunate that a fine widow at our church, “fixed me up”, with her son. I was very impressed how he treats his mother and we include her in many activities. She is closer in age to me than I am to her son, and looks my age, which is odd at times. Regardless of how good an internet site’s intentions, I would take great care in meeting anyone online. It would be great if we could chat with each other here. But remaining anonymous has its benefit when revealing such intimate details about our lives.

    • O-surfer says:

      “Sex Chat for Christian Wives” podcast and blog have information about “understanding the female libido”. One thing I’ve gleaned from what I’ve listened to and read (and experienced) is that what works spectacularly on one occasion may not every time or perhaps might not ever again work the same. To put it simply, learn to talk with your spouse about what works for each of you. Try different things. Slow, soft, and gentle might be perfect in one situation and something more raucous might be perfect in another. The blessing of a long term monogamous union is you have plenty of time to try all the things you and your spouse want to try!

  2. Always Horny says:

    This is one reason I avoid forums, sites or chats now 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Because sexting is weakness of mine, I love to sext & masturbate at the same time. It makes me so wild to have a woman turn me on & make me cum so hard. I miss that a lot in marriage 😅😅😅

    I’m definitely going to keep this story in reach when I flog my log 😜😜🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Thanks JuicyForMyMan

  3. Mr.Lover says:

    I agree with this statement: And many young men have realized that a middle aged woman knows what she is doing and is a great sexual teacher.

    Over the course of my life, I have met attractive women that were older, that were younger and that were close to my age.

    There have been many older women that I have found sexy or had crushes on.

    At the end of the day, age is just a number. The most important thing is that there is mutual agreement on all the important issues and that there is mutual attraction.

    Just my two cents. Hope it helps!

    • SecondMarge says:

      Thanks for the encouragement. I went out with him again last night and tried to just ignore the age difference.

  4. Mr.Lover says:

    Hi Alwayswet 101 and SecondMarge,

    I agree exactly with what you (Alwayswet 101) said about older women. A woman in her 40's and 50's, can be just as appealing as a woman in her 20's. In fact, when I was in my early 20's, I was very shy around girls my age. I had a better time connecting with older women. Some of that was because I did not get involved enough socially with people my age, but also I often found older women just as sexy as younger women or women my age. Now I am in my early 30's, and I am much more confident with girls my age and younger. I gained confidence during my late 20's. I do find women in their 20's and early 30's attractive. In fact, my first desire would be to have my future wife be a few years younger in her mid or late 20's or early 30's. However, I still find women in their late 30's, their 40's and 50's very attractive. Quite simply, some older women are more attractive than women in their twenties. I had a university professor who was in her late 40's. I found her more attractive both in terms of looks and personality than most of my fellow students in their 20's. It was not just me. Many of the other guys found her very appealing as well. Finally, many of my most enjoyable flirting sessions had been with older women.

  5. Loving Guy says:

    All this talk about hot and horny older mature women is get this young man really excited! While I'm mostly interested in ladies my age, I have been attracted older ladies before and many of my most enjoyable flirting sessions have been with older women. Lots of younger guys are just as attracted to older ladies as to girls their age. Good luck, SecondMarge! He sounds like a swell guy!

    I agree with Waiting Hardly's statements that, "As long as you aren’t engaging in intercourse, it shouldn’t be a problem. And many young men have realized that a middle-aged woman knows what she is doing and is a great sexual teacher." I agree.

    • CrazyHappyLoved says:

      It isn't the role of an older woman to be the sexual "teacher" to a younger man. Marge deserves to be loved and committed to, not just have her affections and body played with.

    • Loving Guy says:

      I meant to say that if one spouse has more sexual experience, why not use that knowledge to please their current spouse or empower their spouse to better give pleasure to the more experienced spouse. Marge does deserve to be treated with respect and committed to. No one deserves to be toyed with. I do hope that SecondMarge finds a great guy. This comment was more agreeing with the statements of Waiting Hardly, Second Marge, and Alwayswet 101. I'm sorry if you misunderstood me.

  6. Loving Guy says:

    If anything Marge is one the coolest ladies on MH. She is one of best female commenters/ authors along with Horny GG, Alwayswet 101, Climax, and Ladygarden.

    One of the best parts, if not best part of MH is all the ladies on here! I only hope that my future wife will be as cool as all you MH ladies!

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