Night of Passion in Honduras

The cool night mountain air was a welcome reprieve from the hot, humid day we had hiking the Mayan ruins earlier. My wife and I sat outdoors in the plaza of our hotel in Copan Ruins, Honduras, enjoying the sounds of the city and relaxing after our day of adventure. We had always dreamed of getting away to Central America on a vacation without the kids. And here we were, enjoying ourselves like newlyweds again! 

As we sat across the table from each other, holding hands in the candlelight, we spotted a familiar young couple walking up the cobblestone path to the hotel plaza. Brianna and Alejandro. We had met them earlier in the day at the ruins. They were on their honeymoon and were coming back to their room after a drink at the bar down the street. Brianna, a beautiful blonde with a tight dress on, led her new husband, Alejandro, by the hand. He was a dark, handsome guy from one of the larger cities nearby in Honduras. They were the type of couple that catches your eye on the street—the kind of people that hold your gaze if you know what I mean. 

They couldn’t see us watching them from behind the fountain and palms, so they were uninhibited in their displays of affection. After all, they didn’t know that anyone was around. Brianna moved Alejandro’s hands to her waist as they walked. He would slap her rear end, and she would laugh. The closer they got to their room, the more they couldn’t keep their hands off each other. By the time they reached the room, his hands were up her dress, and she wasn’t laughing anymore. The look in their eyes was pure intoxication, but not from the drinks. There was no doubt about what was about to go down in that hotel room. 

They unlocked the door and then backed in the doorway, making out. As the door shut, the lamp came on in the room. The primitive shutters gave us a view into the room just over the bed while the sheer curtains revealed only enough to see the outline of their bodies as they ripped each other’s clothes off. With nothing but a mosquito screen on the window, we could hear the moans and sighs coming from their room.

My wife and I looked at each other. We were both obviously turned on by what we had just witnessed. She gave me a look that said, “Well, what are YOU waiting for?” I stood up and took her by the hand. As we walked swiftly to our room on the opposite side of the plaza, we heard the couple in the throes of passion. I could barely get the key in the door to unlock it. My wife already had her lips on my neck and was unbuttoning my shirt. 

Into the door, we stumbled, grasping at each others’ clothing and desperately undressing each other. Tearing her panties from her hips, I grabbed her thighs, and she jumped up onto me, wrapping her legs around me and holding on. We threw ourselves onto the bed with her legs still entwining me. The torchlight from outside our window gave our bodies a magical glow as we stared into each other’s eyes and moved our bodies into position for penetration.

“I’m ready,” she whispered. “I want you in me right now.” 

My cock was met by her warm pussy lips, and it felt indescribable as I plunged into her. Her moans could be heard outside as I thrust into her again and again. Her hands gripped my butt as our bodies pounded against each other.

Before long, we were so sweaty that my wife pushed me out of her, looked me in the eyes, and begged, “Get behind me.” I flipped her over, smacking her ass with my hand. “I love it like this so much,” she moaned. Grabbing her hips, I guided my hard cock into her again. Her legs shook a bit as I entered her. 

I caught a glimpse of us in the big mirror in the corner of the room. My chest was glistening with sweat, as was the small of her back. She arched her back so that her sexy butt was perfectly placed and begging for another smack. I spanked her lightly and squeezed her cheeks as I worked my magic with my cock in her. I ran my fingers down the sexy dip in her back, from between her shoulders all the way down to her waist.

“Pull my hair. I want you to fuck me harder,” my wife pleaded. So, I grabbed a handful of her light brown hair and pulled back slightly. Her head tilted back, making eye contact with me as I pounded her over and over. She was so excited now, whining, “Yes, my man. Yes. Ohhh, yes! I love it when you fuck me like that!” My balls were so tight, and I could feel my shaft hardening even more. I was about to explode. 

With one hand slamming her hips into me and the other pulling her hair so that we maintained eye contact, I felt the most intense orgasm building up. Just as I was about to blow my load into my wife, she said the magic words: “Oh God. I’m cumming!” Her walls tightened around my cock as she gave out a guttural scream into the pillow. While she was still shaking in ecstasy, I went over the edge with her, losing all control, pumping shot after shot of cum deep inside her. It was absolute, ravenous passion that erupted and flowed from both of us. As we both came crashing down from euphoria, we collapsed in a pile of complete satisfaction. Exhausted with pleasure, we kissed and held each other until we both fell asleep. 

In the morning, we had our coffee in the plaza. Brianna and Alejandro joined us. No one said a word about each others’ night of pure heaven in the mountains of Honduras. 

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  1. SecondMarge says:

    Watching and or listening to others have sex is a huge turn-on for everyone. That is why a multi-billion dollar industry is based on it. In person is so much hotter than a video. Through a window? Same room? Same bed? When does it become wrong? A long-debated question.

    • jeremyscottbrewer says:

      It is very hot. That is a good question, and one I’m not sure about. In this setting it was kind of unavoidable. That’s why we didn’t continue watching. We took it to our room instead.

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