Favorite Ways to Cum?

For all my fellow MHer’s out there, what have been some of your favorite solo ways to get off as of late? Have you been trying any new techniques or playing around with positions?

Partly looking for ideas I could implement myself and just see what everyone else has been doing, lol. As a single, I have to try to keep things interesting with myself, right? 😅

I can start the discussion:

One thing that I’ve actually been enjoying recently has been playing around in the shower. There’s really something different about cumming from water pressure and not from physical touch. The sensation is so interesting.

So with the detachable shower head, I alternate between two different spray and pressure settings. The first one is more of a small jet stream type setting—it covers a small surface area with firm pressure. The next setting is more of a wide, thin spray that is almost “sharp” feeling when you get really close to it. I start with the first setting and run that up and down the underside of my cock, going all the way from the underside of the head to where my cock meets my balls. Sometimes, I’ll just hover over the little spot right underneath the head because that spot just feels so good. And then when I’m ready to switch it up, I’ll flip to the second setting and then bring the nozzle really close to the swollen head of my cock. When I do that, this really powerful—so intense it’s almost painful— feeling comes over my hard cock until I spew piss everywhere! I’m serious, it’s piss and not cum, haha. I really don’t know why, but it seriously feels so good. After I piss, I’ll switch back to the first setting and go back to the underside of my shaft and start the whole process over again.

I can continue this cycle about 3-4 times until I’m just ready to actually cum. Then I’ll just leave that high pressure setting right under the head until I bust out my nut. It’s such a euphoric experience and much different than the typical jerk off.

I would love to hear some more experiences from all of you! Guys, have you tried water pressure masturbation? I know you girls have 😏 lol. And girls, how does shower pressure feel different to you vs. just using your fingers? Also, do you have any techniques similar to what I do?




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  1. SecondMarge says:

    It is fun to look back through history and see the different ways and inventions people found for self sexual pleasuring. Yet after all of them you can still read new ones.

  2. Mike2020 says:

    It is fun just to explore different masturbation positions. For years I mostly masturbated in bed, lying on my back with my penis arching over my belly. Experimenting, I have discovered increased pleasure in masturbating kneeling with my legs wide. I love the heavy feeling of my erect penis sticking straight out in front of me, and I like the feeling of my testicles swinging beneath me. And spreading my legs like that pulls my muscles really tight. It is also quite erotic seeing my semen shoot straight out in front. Try that, guys, and let’s share other masturbation positions to explore.

    • alwayswet101 says:

      Penis sticking straight out in front of me…need my hubby’s for the 5th time today…I also was thinking that seeing your erection out in front of you and watching yourself cum out in front of you probably is slightly more similar to how you would cum with your woman/wife so that could have something to do with it.

  3. Hellohoneyiloveyou1 says:

    Oops. Sry. One handed! Lol. Ok SecondMarge? I challenge you to begin a list for the women.
    * One of the many ways I masterbate is standing in the shower. I fondle my ass hole, massaging my balls until my dick is so hard I must take care of it.
    Another way, I did have a fake pussy that I'd pump until my cum literally shot out the other side hitting the wall.
    K… Second Marge & / or any guys…your turn.

    • alwayswet101 says:

      I certainly became wet with this comment as well as the one below. You’re killing me guys! I hear about your erections (the more descriptive the better) and I’m soaked!!

  4. Hellohoneyiloveyou1 says:

    I just found a new way.
    Take a jar of coconut oil , and stick your soft dick into it . Then roll it around. The coolness of the oil is electric. Soon your member will take on a life of its own.

    • alwayswet101 says:

      Holy moly my hands are in my panties and I’ve been one lucky lady today as far as orgasms go. Lol my husband is calling me his “sexy little cumming machine”. Now to be fair I have walked up and nearly stripped him and just sat on him 4 times today. I love the weekends because nothing makes my pussy and overall mood happier than his huge rock hard cock and he’s home with me usually from the morning so I can ride him instead of masturbating (which don’t get me wrong I love some solo lady time with my womanly parts). Him and I both agreed I have cum so hard today so many times that we think the further along I get in pregnancy the better the sex feels?? All I know is your comment made me really wet and I’m not going to ignore the wetness between my legs… I bet your member springs to life with that coconut oil…

    • alwayswet101 says:

      From one mama to another! I love the fact that we can all get a little wet from MH! Do tell us though what are your biggest turn on’s and favorite ways to come? I love hearing about other women. Looking forward to hearing from you! Xoxo 💋

    • Hellohoneyiloveyou1 says:

      I've been experimenting with banana peel. The slickness of the peel on my erection? It's kinky rubbing fruit on your member.

    • Hellohoneyiloveyou1 says:

      Hey Megantxmom,
      I hear you. I'm a guy butt…I do understand.
      It's kind of fun reading all these stories, knowing that we are all stroking or flicking' 😉

  5. MonsterCock23 says:

    I like to wrap both my hands around my long shaft, while sitting Indian, arch my back down and take between 3-4 inches of my own thick cock in my mouth, I’m flexible and athletically toned and it’s so fun to shove my huge mushroom head in my mouth, force myself to bend and exercise my lean back and ab muscles as I stroke my shaft with both hands and choke on my own cock. I like to do this in front of a mirror too and watch my balls throb, my cock throb in my mouth as I bob up and down, I’ll play with my balls as I suck myself off, I’ll finish in my own mouth and watch my balls throb as I shoot my load. I LOVE being flexible, thin enough to bend but strong and toned enough to endure the burn. I love being able to suck myself off; it feels amazing.

    • justmyD says:

      Wow, monstercock. From one dude to another, this is incredibly impressive! I’m sure your wife one day will be quite turned on by your skills. I’m a seven-incher, but cannot suck myself. You should consider writing a story on this. I’m sure most guys here (and women) would be really interested in reading how you do it!

    • CrazyHappyLoved says:

      Hmmm. I admit to being curious about this when a friend told me he could do it. As he explained it and from what I saw when researching auto-fellatio, guys usually use their hands behind their thighs or under their chair to pull themselves down low enough to reach their cockhead. It can be done, but I have a hard time imagining it with both hands full like that.

    • texasman76 says:

      I think all fellas would suck themselves if they could. It would be another way to masturbate and receive God's blessings solo. I have certainly tried over the years without success. I am right at 8" with a 6" girth. On occasion, I will watch myself masturbate – which I suspect is common amongst men since God designed us to be so visually inclined. It's fun to change up hands as well. I have a sleeve that I use sometimes. My wife knows I edge/jack and is fine with it. She knows I always fantasize about her only. The funny thing is that I am right-handed but have always stroked with my left. I use my right hand for nipple and ball play.

  6. justmyD says:

    Hi bidhuged,

    I know exactly the sensation you’re talking about, that intense feeling that causes you to pee when you focus the shower head on the head. I have felt it myself many times! It is almost painful, but, at the same time, so intensely pleasurable. I especially enjoy it when I bend down with my butt resting on the heels of my feet, legs spread like a frog and can feel the weight of my cock as it twitches.

    One thing I would suggest is to try training the shower head on just your balls. The warm water on your sack will be so relaxing and a great sensation on a spot we often neglect.

  7. Loving Guy says:

    I like to jerk off in the shower and the bathtub with the water. I also enjoy masturbating with a pillow protector or pillowcase around my dick. The material is so soft and feels great on my dick. I have also used a towel as well. When I cum, I cum really hard. When I jerk off, I just have fun, go wild, talk dirty/sexy, and moan like crazy. I usually jerk off with my right hand and play with my balls and nipples with my left hand. Sometimes I switch things up by reversing hands. There have also been times when I jerk off with both hands on my dick. I once was so horny that I bought a pair of panties from the lingerie store to jerk off with.

  8. Satin King says:

    My favorite way to cum is whenever I am watching my wife masturbate and she is watching me! But since the topic here is “solo”… here’s my favorite methods for an awesome solo experience:
    Lying naked on the bed, I will start by reading some MH stories until I’m fully hard then I will select a very silky satin and lace-trimmed chemise and slowly drag it upwards across my erect cock letting the lacy hem tickle my scrotum. Then after several minutes of that kind of intense cock teasing, I lay the silky lingerie on me covering both my cock and my nipples with the cool satin. I lightly caress my nipples through the luxurious fabric with one hand while stroking my rock hard member with the other hand, stopping when I get close to the edge. During those breaks I read more MH stories and type comments (like now!) … then when I can take it no longer, I explode – pumping creamy white cum all over the sexy lingerie!
    (Like NOW!!!!)

  9. texasman76 says:

    I love reading the stories on here and knowing we are all stroking and flicking. Lube is always best, coconut oil specifically. I like stripping down naked in my study and rubbing my hands through my chest hair and tweaking my nipples. They have always been wired to my cock. Love being slow and methodical in my strokes and edging for a long time allowing the load to build. Have been an edger since I was in high school so I have learned how to keep my balls tight and on the "edge" for a long time – hours on the rare occasion I get the house to myself that long. By the way, my wife knows I edge and is cool with it. She knows I have a very strong drive and only love her, focusing on her during my solo sessions.

    If I am really horned up, I will lick my precum off my fingers. Also, my dick will allow some actual cream to come out, and I enjoy feasting on that when I am so sexed up. Edging is so much fun. I think only of my wife and I having sex in these stories and don't look at porn. Occasionally, I will watch myself masturbate in a full-length mirror and flip my legs over my head, shooting in my mouth. It's so hot to see your cock from that angle and experience watching my slit widen, cock swell and balls tighten. I would suck myself if I could; I am 8 inches long by 6" in girth. Any other guys try this kind of stuff? Have tried anal stimulation but it doesn't do much for me.

  10. Bootylicious says:

    Do any of you gals suck your own tits when masturbating? And does it ever make you cum or come close to cumming?

    Speaking of tits, what kind of nipple play do you like most?

    • Loving Guy says:

      Gals sucking your own tits when masterbating: that is such a hot fantasy. Unfortunately, only gals with bigger boobs can do that. Us guys (and girls with smaller boobs) can't. I am more of a butt/leg than a boob guy. However, the thought of gals playing with and sucking their own boobs turns me on! I love playing with my nipples. They are very sensitive and it really turns me on. I have had a close friend who I dated for a while who loved to grab my nipples and pinch/play with them. It drove me wild!

  11. Ilovemywifeforever says:

    My favorite way to cum is when I'm inside my wife. With each stroke, my hard nipples rub against her breasts/nipples and then she tells me to cum. No matter how long I've been inside of her, it feels like we've been going at it for an hour!

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