Cowgirl Goes for a Wild Ride 😉

It has been a long day on the farm; I spent most of it fixing fencing for the animals. Who knew that at 23 years old, I’d spend my only day off farming. I’d skipped lunch, skipped everything else, to focus on the dream of fixing this place up. Soon, I meant to have a proper pasture for the horses that I so loved to train and ride at rodeos and wild west shows… Oh, it was my passion!

“Come get your supper, sweetie!” The wind carries the dulcet voice across the field to me—my gorgeous, loving bride. We are still in our honeymoon phase, our interactions all warmth and fondness.

I haul the fencing material and tools back to the barn and start offloading them. Time gets away from me until my cowgirl appears at the barn door to remind me again to come and eat.

“Dinner, my love!” she squeaks quickly, barely able to form words as she catches sight of me, soaked with sweat. My pecs throb, my once-white T-shirt clings to my abs, and the form-fitting jeans I wear accentuate my athletic thighs. “U-u-um,” she stammers as she stares and licks her lips, “you’re soaked, baby.”

“Yes, I know,” I laugh. “That’s what hard work does.”

She lets out a small gasp and a seductive “Mmm-hmmm” as she skips up to me, takes my hand, and pulls me not toward the house but further into the barn. Her snug work jeans outline her feminine, rounded bum. So gorgeous and perfect—I love her in her work clothes—she prances ahead of me. In my awestruck (as always) state, I don’t realize she’s dragged me into one of the empty horse stalls.

“So about dinner…” I wrap my arms around her from behind and hold her tight, but not for too long. I can’t resist running my hands down her shoulders to her small breasts—so cute. I squeeze them lovingly as her gorgeous rump teases me, rolling over my quickly growing member. He’s begging to be let out; she can feel him throbbing and struggling to breathe. Her cute bum presses harder into my thick cock.

I kiss down her neck; my hands wandering further south. I free her zipper, and she immediately rolls the skin-tight denims down and kicks them away.

“Mmm, sweetie, you look so wet and delicious,” she moans as she turns to face me. Her scratchy flannel workshirt shows off her small waist and gentle curves, her small breasts peeking above the buttons and begging to be let out.

“Baby, you’re SOO beautiful.” I quickly unbutton and slide her shirt off while she works to remove my sopping wet clothes. We’re hot and wet, mushing together atop the clean hay bedding of the horse stall. I gaze down at her gorgeous blue eyes, her freckles, smooth cheeks, and seductive smirk. Then my eyes roam to her freshly shaved pussy, still so tight and getting used to my length, and I can see her vagina’s lips are puffy with anticipation. As both her hands wrap around my growing member, my cum-filled balls ache to fill her up.

“I love watching you grow, baby,” she teases, running her small hands over my shaft up to its thick, mushroom-shaped head. The veins of my shaft grow wider and wider as blood pours into my cock, filling it up and making it grow. I’m throbbing so hard.

“Come here, cowgirl,” I grunt, picking her up quickly. She squeals and wraps her arms and legs around me as we become a wet mess. My tongue swirls around hers, and we kiss over and over as she rests in my arms. My throbbing cock underneath her begs to enter, but we are too busy making out.

She moans as she rubs her clit against my hard abs, her love button rolling over me. With my tongue practically in her throat, we are so fused we can hardly breathe. Finally, she reaches down and tries to guide my engorged head into her vulva. I place my hands on her rear and thrust in as she clings for dear life!

“So you wanna wild ride, cowgirl?” I ask playfully as I slowly wedge my way into her ever-so-tight hole. She gasps in ecstasy, moaning as I stretch her walls as far as they’ll go and thrust in deeper and deeper, with great love but also with so much strength.

“More, baby, more. I need all of you inside me.”

I kiss her neck as she clings on. I struggle to force my entire shaft in, and with a final hard push, I succeed. She squeals, and I pull out abruptly only to thrust in again, this time with more force. She claws my back from the intense pleasure as I develop a passionate rhythm. Her tight pussy grips my throbbing cock so hard, so tight and hot, that I’m in heaven. My cum-filled balls slap against her rear as I pick up the pace, thrusting my entire length into her tight pussy.

“AWHHHHHHHHHHOWWWWWWWWWWAWWWWWWWWWWWWWW.” Holding on for dear life, my beloved is in so much bliss that her eyes are rolling back. “AWWWW. BABY. DONT. STOP. HARDER!”

The primal slapping of my balls on her cute little ass rings out, my cock thrusting up into her gorgeous pussy with my eagerness to please her, to put her on another planet of pleasure and bliss. Our sweat pouring, she bounces on top of my thick cock, moaning so loud.

Her small breasts bounce up and down as hard and fast as I’m pounding her. I feel her tight pussy repeatedly clenching my veiny cock; she’s having an orgasm! I pump faster and harder, hitting her A-spot with such force she loses it.

“BABYYYYYYYYY!” she screams as she squirts all over us.

Her walls, tightening around me, send me off. My balls tighten, and I unload what feels like a pint of steaming-hot cum up into her tight vagina. I stop thrusting and push fully inside her, throbbing, and filling her up. We cling to each other tightly, trying to catch our breath. She bites my lip, and I pull out and thrust back in slowly. Heavenly.

“I love you so much,” I whisper to her, our tongues swirling around each other again. We completely forgot about dinner and nearly spent the night in that barn.

–more to follow–

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10 replies
  1. Mr.Lover says:

    A few things I have to say in regards to this story. They are the following:

    1) I think that there is a saying that I have accidentally overheard the ladies saying once or twice, especially girls from the rural regions like me, "Save a horse, ride a cowboy." I do come from a rural area of my country, so that would apply to my future wife for sure.

    2) Ride him, cowgirl!

    3) That is one cute ass. Yay!

    • SecondMarge says:

      Many young girls have an early experience riding the horse. In a very normal horseback riding way. But the cowboy does sound fun.

    • MonsterCock23 says:

      Dressing her up in tight flannel with pig-tails is gonna be a great go-to for long and hard rides hehe,
      and thanks! That's a cute ass for sure, I hope my future cowgirl has a tame bubble-butt, not too big but enough to hold onto and slap hard! LOL, some guys are worried they can't get in as far from behind but I know my cock will push those cheeks right out of the way! Wishful prayers; God knows what we want, haha.

    • alwayswet101 says:

      Oh this story has me quite moist between my lips. This is so well written and got me very aroused. I am sure your wife will be so lucky to be given such pleasure. My husband is also of a very large size, and although I truthfully do not think size matters…I consider myself quite lucky.

      SecondMarge, I have heard of young girls actually experiencing pleasure from horseback riding; is this what you are referring to?

      Also I loved the squirting part in this story, I can really relate. Since becoming pregnant, I squirt almost every time I have sex! Yikes! I am very turned on and am sure your post had that effect on many!

    • SecondMarge says:

      Yes Always, many a young girl experienced her first orgasm while riding a horse, not a cowboy. I’ve heard bicycles have done the deed too but I never had that pleasure from my two-wheeled transport vehicle.
      I’m guessing bareback riding might work better than a saddle.

    • MonsterCock23 says:

      I don’t have part 2 written yet but a historical drama/intense sex story Is scheduled to post Dec. 4th. I do a lot of LARGE scale re-enactments/battles and it’s the inspiration for the next one, an intense passionate war-time sex story

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