The Retreat, Part One

Some time ago, my wife and I went on a marriage retreat, which promised to be a fun weekend. We would stay in a hotel, attend some classes, and get to spend some time together. And while we had to bring our children, they had childcare during the day so that couples could spend quality time together.

After spending the afternoon exploring as a family, we checked into the hotel and got everyone into our room. I felt a bit horny but knew it would be difficult to do anything with the kids in the same room. But my wife was also feeling horny, and she suggested that we shower together. I quickly agreed.

So we got the kids ready for bed and laid them down, although we were certain they would not fall asleep or even stay in their bed. How much trouble could they get in?

We gathered our stuff, went into the bathroom, and locked the door. As we quickly undressed, we took the opportunity to steal a caress or two.

I stepped in the shower first and adjusted the temperature, as my wife makes me do. She then stepped in and immediately grabbed my cock.

“Hey,” I said as she began pumping. I grabbed her boobs and squeezed, making her squirm. Then, I reached for her clit and she stifled a squeal as my fingers made contact. We spent some time playing with each other, and then my wife pulled away.

“Let’s get clean first, mister,” she said.

“Okay,” I agreed, stealing one last squeeze of her breast. She playfully swatted my hand and reached for the soap. We continued flirting and touching as we washed. Then, while she waited for me to finish rinsing, my wife grabbed my dick and started giving me an intense handjob. I returned the favor by paying particular attention to her ass while helping wash her back.

We finally finished, and my wife raised one long, sexy leg, placing a foot on the side of the tub.

“Get in here, mister,” she demanded in an alluringly silky voice. I happily obliged, stepping forward and slipping into her warm, wet vagina. She let out a little moan at the penetration.

All the teasing and flirting had us hot and ready, and when I started thrusting, she grabbed the handicap bar and humped in rhythm. It was not long at all before her first orgasm crashed over her.

We slowed down as she recovered, then kissed and began again. We continued to kiss as we thrust our hips together. I could tell my wife was nearing another climax, and she was fighting not to make too much noise and disturb the kids. When her orgasm did hit, she kissed me harder to muffle her moans.

She pulled off when her orgasm subsided and turned around.  She bent over and grasped the bar, and I stepped up and slid into her from behind. I stood there for a moment, running my hands over her back, then grabbed her shoulders and started gently thrusting. She arched her back slightly and pushed back against me in time with the rhythm. I reached up, took hold of a handful of her hair, and pulled gently before putting both hands on her hips and thrusting with more force and speed.

A little moan escaped her lips as I thrust into her. Her ass bounced with each hump, and her boobs swung beneath her. Faster came the thrusts, and she braced herself, pushing her ass back into me until another orgasm crashed over her. Her knees went weak, and she gripped the bar tightly.

Then my wife slid forward off of me and turned around. Lifting her leg again, she pushed her hips forward, offering her hot snatch to me.  I entered her again, and we thrust our way through another two orgasms for her. As the most recent one subsided, she lowered her leg, which tightened her up and changed the sensations. I felt my climax rising as she had yet another orgasm.

My wife placed her foot on the tub edge again and held onto me as I thrust into her. She could feel my approaching release matching her own and dug her nails into my back. I kissed her and grabbed her ass with both hands as we came simultaneously. She moaned into my mouth, grabbing at my shoulders and squirming as my load shot into her and her own orgasm rocked her.

We kissed then parted, cleaning up again in the shower before dressing and stepping into the room to deal with whatever mayhem the kids had created.

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11 replies
  1. likaself says:

    I have a curious question.
    Back in ages past when many people lived in a one room dwelling.
    By necessity, would not parents have had to be open about their sexual relationship with their kids?
    I.E. the kids know that mum and dad in the corner under the blank are screwing?

    • alwayswet101 says:

      Great question! I always wonder this too! Mom and dad definitely need their times to become one! My hormones right now make me think that I would just have to tell my kids or other family members, “If you’ll excuse us, we’ll be under the blanket for a bit,” even if everyone knew exactly what that meant! Oh well, the pleasure is worth it.

    • SecondMarge says:

      I doubt they felt the need to be under a blanket unless it was cold. Sex being “dirty” or not to be witnessed by others is a fairly recent development.

    • alwayswet101 says:

      Ha maybe momma needing some cock in the middle of the day was just normal? I know these days my hormones are in full swing and it is the least of my worries who sees. I would need my husband and my orgasms and if the family had to see then I guess that's the way it would be?

  2. SecondMarge says:

    We arrived late at a resort that was made up of townhouses, and they had given our room away. They said there was one room finished in the area they were remodeling, but we would be alone and have a longer walk to facilities. We opened the bathroom curtain by the tub. All the windows facing our room were closed. My husband convinced me the moonlight was too romantic not to make love standing by the window. I gave in and ended up with my breasts against the window. He entered me from behind. It got intense, and when I opened my eyes to look at the moon again, I thought I saw a curtain move. Instead of stopping, he just got more excited and finished quickly.

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