Inception: A Fantasy of My Future Wife’s Fantasy

I sat down in my chair and placed the box of tissues on the desk in front of me. I had been looking forward to doing this. My cock was already starting to stiffen in anticipation. I turned on the computer. After it booted up, I logged in. I guided the pointer with the mouse. The white arrow glided past the internet browser icon and hovered over the icon for my documents. In a few clicks, I navigated to one of my favorite folders. It contained documents (imagine that). Sounds real sexy, right? I scrolled down and found the document I wanted to open. I clicked on the file’s icon. My word processor opened, and a dialogue box requested a password. I typed on the keyboard and pressed enter. There, in front of me, in all its glory, was (drum roll please) … a literary fantasy I had written earlier about my future wife. My cock stiffened a little more as I began to read.

“My wife is wearing a simple, lightly padded red bra and a plain, royal blue thong, a somewhat typical everyday set of underwear. On the nightstand are a bottle of lube and some tissues for clean up. On the bed is a platform I had build for her. The platform is lengthwise on the bed. It is about three feet (0.9 meters) long, about a foot (0.3 meters) tall, and 18 inches (0.45 meter) wide, narrow enough for her to straddle. Suctioned to the smooth top is a dildo. We had searched for a dildo that had about the same dimensions as my erect penis. This is her favorite dildo to use. My wife climbs onto the bed with an electronic tablet in her hand. In the picture gallery app, she pulls up a file with pictures of me. This collection contains pictures of me both clothed in outfits she likes to see me in as well as nude and partially nude photos of me. She looks at the first one, smirks, and sets the tablet on a stack of pillows against the headboard where she can see the slideshow play. She starts to stroke the dildo with her left hand, her wedding ring glinting in the low lights while supporting herself on her knees and right arm. I like seeing my wife’s wedding ring during sexy time.”

I pulled down my pants and boxer briefs. My almost fully erect cock lifted and swayed, now free. I gently stroked it with my left hand, imagining it to be my future wife’s touch. I closed my eyes to mentally picture the fantasy for a little while before opening them to continue reading.

“She rubs a thumb on the dildo’s frenulum on the underside just back from the glans. For a few seconds, that is all the movement her hand makes. Then, she leans over and quietly sighs a hot breath over the dildo. Her back is curved down, and her wonderfully formed butt is in the air. She licks the underside from the base to the tip, her thumb shifting out of the path of her warm, wet tongue. She then envelopes the dildo with her mouth, taking in the first two inches. Another pause; this time, the only movement is her tongue tip slipping up and down the frenulum where her thumb had been before.”

I had brought my right hand into play. While the left held the base, I ran the pad of my middle finger up the underside of my penis, imagining it was her tongue. My mind almost made me feel her breath wash over my cock. Then using my thumb and first two fingers, I encircled my shaft two inches down, imitating the lips in the fantasy. My eyes closed, my mouth opened, and my head rolled back. I sighed out a breath I did not know I was holding. In my imagination, I could see my future wife with her soft lips around my cock. I could feel the heat from her mouth. I opened my eyes and kept reading.

“My wife is starting to move her head now. Her lips glide slowly up and down the shaft. Her cheeks sink in slightly as she applies suction. I know from experience that her tongue is working, massaging and swirling around the shaft and tip. Her left hand has left the shaft of the dildo. Between her spread thighs, movement can be seen under the fabric of her thong. Her saliva-lubricated fingers rub her mound above her clit, indirectly stimulating it. She continues the blow job, her eyes on the tablet screen. Pictures of me, her husband, appear one by one.”

I could emotionally feel her desire for me as I desired to please her. Someday, I mentally tell her.

“She doesn’t dwell on the blow job for long. While she enjoys giving head, this time, it is for the context of her fantasy. She straightens up, still on her knees. She reaches behind her back and deftly undoes her bra clasp. The garment slides down her arms on the straps. It is tossed to the floor beside the bed. Her panties join it seconds later. She crawls up the bed toward the headboard and tablet, straddling the platform. The dildo leaves a glistening trail between her breasts and down her abdomen to her slit as she travels against it. She reaches for the lube and, popping open the top, drizzles a stream onto the dildo. Her hand spreads it sensually over the flesh-colored surface. Another dollop is squeezed into her hand and applied to her opening between her pink labia. She replaces the bottle then grasps the dildo in her left hand. She spreads her nether lips with her right fingers. With unerring aim, she lines her passage up with the tip and eases down and back around it. ‘Oh, yes!’ she breathes and pauses.”

I ran my entire closed hand down and around my engorged penis. Again, my head tilted back as my eyes closed. “Oh, yes!” I groaned. I paused. I knew what came next because I wrote the story. But it was sexier to read it.

“She leans forward and places her hands on the top of the platform. Her breasts are pressed together by her upper arms, the nipples swollen. Her chest and neck are flushed with sexual excitement. Her butt cheeks jiggle as she bounces her hip a few times, settling down on the dildo. Then she changes to her favorite riding motion. Her hips tilt back and forth as she slides forward and back, slowly at first. Forward. Pause. Back. Pause. The pauses narrow into nonexistence, and the pace picks up. Forward. Back. Forward. Back. The acceleration stops as she reaches her preferred rhythm. She knows it is going to happen. So she reaches forward and swipes the pictures until she gets to her favorite and pauses the slideshow. Her favorite picture is a picture of my face, full of desire for her. My eyes from the screen gaze into hers lovingly and unrelentingly. She gazes back into them, want and need on her face.”

As I was reading, I saw more than the words. I saw her eyes, her face, her body, her mind looking to mine to help fulfill her desire. My future wife desired me, and I desired her. I made sure to give her satisfaction in fantasy and prose now, looking forward to doing so in reality in the future as well.

“Her breaths come faster through her open mouth. The breaths become whimpers, and the whimpers become yelps after each backward slide. Her body glistens with sweat. The middle finger and ring finger from her right hand find her clit, and she mini-strokes the tiny shaft through the hood. Her yelps suddenly stop, but her hips do not. Her eyes screw shut, and her jaw drops. Her pelvic and abdominal muscles quiver as they tense before the waves of muscular clenching flow through them. Her legs shake and struggle to support her. Her body tilts forward. Her breath releases in an open-mouthed scream. She shudders in a gasp of air and lets out a second, quieter scream. Breath. A third scream fades to a sigh. She rests for a few seconds. One last tiny wave shivers through her. Her eyes open and find those of her love on the screen. Her hips lift, and the length of the dildo slides out of her vagina and swollen red labia. Maintaining eye contact with the pixels of the pupils looking back at her, my future wife crawls backward and grabs the dildo. She gives it a long lick, tasting herself upon it. She winks and blows a kiss. Then she crawls forward and picks up the tablet. She shuts down the gallery app then stops the video recording. She saves the video so she can watch it later. She’ll probably share it with her husband (me) too.”

Thankfully, I had grabbed some tissues and caught the streams of semen spurting from my cock as I came. I shared in the release of my future wife. As I finished cleaning up, I sent off a quick prayer. “God, bless my wife, where ever she is. Continue to work in me so I can be a part of that blessing.”

She already blesses me. And one day, maybe, if she does record it, I will be able to see that video, too.

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5 replies
  1. Mr.Lover says:

    "She looks at the first one, smirks, and sets the tablet on a stack of pillows against the headboard where she can see the slideshow play. She starts to stroke the dildo with her left hand, her wedding ring glinting in the low lights while supporting herself on her knees and right arm. I like seeing my wife’s wedding ring during sexy time.”

    The wife's desire for her husband is so sexy. Just reading those words makes me horny and sends chills down my spine! I love it! I hope that my future wife has wild, passionate desire for me. I know that will for her!

    • Sharky says:

      Liked this story. Wondering about LovingMan. Hope you are doing ok. You usually comment after each story. Best wishes!

  2. likaself says:

    I put the following comment on Chaddy's story, "Is It OK That I Fantasize About Her?"

    "Masturbating is a way of honouring her femininity, do it respectfully of her. As a single woman who is not yet your wife, generally that means I advise to think of her masturbating herself – I believe that would honour her as a woman, her sexuality and God."

    HubbyRotic, you have done that with this story, high praise to you.
    I pray the woman God has in your future, one day masturbates to this story.

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