Glorious Nipples, Part Two

In part one, I shared about the joys of discovering my wife’s nipples prior to our wedding. Now I’ll share about experiencing her nipples inside the bonds of matrimony.

I already had plenty of experience knowing her nipples were sensitive and sexually arousing. But it didn’t take long as husband and wife to learn that there seems to be a direct connection between her nips and her clit. Having both played with is her ultimate favorite way to cum!

One of the most oddly erotic experiences we had (as two sheltered individuals from sex-negative households) was during our first pregnancy. At the OBGYN, our midwife did a full body exam of my wife, and the midwife exclaimed, “OMG! You have amazing nipples! I just love them! Wow, your nipples are gorgeous and sexy!” My wife told me about it that night, and it gave me a raging hard-on. And ever since that day, my wife’s body image improved, AND she has always felt confident about her sexy nipples… much of it stemming from that one conversation with a sex/body-positive midwife!

The crazy thing is, her nipples only got juicier, longer, and sexier in the following years. She spent most of the next 11 years either pregnant or nursing. Of course, her nursing nipples were amazing looking, but touching them only felt good to her for small windows of time. So it was more looking and less touching for me.

But my favorite times were her last trimester of pregnancy. Her nipples were very full, very juicy, and often fully erect. Best of all, she LOVED getting lots of nipple play and nipple sucking. Usually, five seconds of touch would make her instantly horny for sex. And several times during those pregnant seasons, I could give her a nipplegasm!

Today, we are several years removed from having kids. We are in our mid-40s, and I think my wife has never looked hotter, and her nipples still are my favorite physical feature on her body. She adores nipple play and loves to get rubbed, pinched, licked, pulled, and sucked… she likes that as foreplay and during both intercourse and mutual masturbation. Sometimes she can’t cum unless I add some nipple stimulation, which I’m always glad to do.

What kind of enjoyment do you get out of nipple play — giving or receiving?

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  1. Waiting Hardly says:

    Nipples have represented love and comfort ever since I was a newborn, so I was naturally drawn to them. My wife used to love it when I could manage to either lick her pussy while lightly moving the palms of my hands over the tips of her nipples. The other option was when I would have my middle two fingers inside of her moving up and down (rather than in and out) while using my mouth on her nipples. Usually would flick the nipples with my tongue and then partially open my mouth and inhale. The resulting flow of cool air over her wet nipple would drive her to the edge.
    Thanks for the reminder of those wonderful times!

    • Fearless Lunk says:

      She occasionally does play with her nipples, but more to turn me on. She knows I like that visual. She said it doesn’t do as much for her (like tickling yourself). But I have seen her play with them during masturbation until she cums… and that is 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    • Tulsa says:

      My wife will play with her own nipps, and it does arouse her, but not like when I do it! She does do it for me though, but it does work for her too.
      When she gets close to orgasm while I’m giving her oral, she’ll grab both, pinch and squeeze, to the point it looks like she’s trying to pick herself up by the nipples! Not done for my enjoyment in this case, but I sure enjoy it! Yeah…..HOT!

  2. SecondMarge says:

    I was worried when my son did not fully latch on to my breast. My Doctor milked my nipple manually so there would be milk. The nurse noticed my discomfort at having the doctor manipulate my breast and nipple. The unmistakable feeling that shot from my nipple to between my legs embarrassed me, and the nurse must have noticed and suggested she could help me get my boy started. Like you, when the doctor left, she complimented my nipples and expressed milk out of both. She also told me it was natural to have feelings of arousal. It worked, and he drank until full. Sometimes I felt strange that I needed some “attention” because of breastfeeding.

    • Fearless Lunk says:

      This sounds like an amazing story, maybe it can be a full MH story? I’d love all the details! I think it’s amazing how our bodies are wired. And the nipples play this amazing dual role of feeding an infant and sexual arousal. Hearing stories of those two worlds colliding are fascinating… and a definite turn on!!

    • likaself says:

      It is normal to be turned on by the nipple stimulation when breastfeeding.
      Should be no shame in masturbating yourself when that happens. Masturbating has some benefits, especially when you have difficulty feeding – it relaxes you, and that helps you release your milk. And it is enjoyable way to spend the time while your child is having a drink.

    • SecondMarge says:

      Maybe if I had grown up in a more open home when it comes to sexual issues I might have been comfortable with my desire to touch myself during and after breastfeeding. He did seem to suck more when my fingers found the wetness between my thighs. My husband seemed to sense my arousal when breastfeeding and especially liked it when I did so in the presence of others. Not sure if he just liked my breast visible to them or he knew I was turned on but unable to do anything about it.

    • alwayswet101 says:

      Second Marge, you have made this pregnant lady quite excited for what’s to come! I was getting worried I might lose my horniness when the babe comes, but things like this give me hope that I’ll still have such sexual desire. I recently have had two similar occurrences at the obgyn where just normal touch gets me visibly aroused, but no one seems to mind one bit! Did you feel like this every time you breastfed? Did you ever have any orgasms while doing so? My obgyn was talking to me about this possibility.

    • alwayswet101 says:

      My husband is incredibly turned on by my pregnant body and I have to say I love what being pregnant has done to it too; it makes me feel sexy just looking in the mirror. My husband has always fantasized about me breastfeeding, and he absolutely loves the sight of me masturbating! If breastfeeding brings pleasure to my body down below, we are going to have quite a needy woman all over again! Does this happen to most women?

    • CrazyHappyLoved says:

      For me, the oxytocin rush at letdown would create a tingle down there, but that just meant once the baby was done (and usually sleeping) I was ready for sex with my hubby. It isn't a kinky sort of turn-on toward the child, just hormones doing what hormones do. Just like a sexy story makes me want sex with my husband, so could breastfeeding (or dancing or riding a bike or motorcycle or a long walk in spandex with a center seam…) But it didn't happen every time, and as the children aged up, I think I grew less sensitive to the letdowns. Mostly in those first few months (after the nipple soreness had subsided) did I feel that sort of stimulated feeling.

  3. Bootylicious says:

    First, SecondMarge, great to see you back! If memory serves me correctly, you like being naked as much as possible when home? If anyone on MH has been to a nude beach or resort before, I would love to hear all about it! Especially if wives were really reluctant at first but ended up really loving it!

    Second, my hubby goes nuts for my nipples (which look A LOT like the pic you chose!). After breast feeding 4 kids, they're always hard, even in warm weather haha. Marge, did you ever have an orgasm while nursing? From what I've read, that is completely normal! Never happened to me but I sure wouldn't have been complaining it it did! LOL

    Third, Alwayswet, please write a story about one of your all day masturbation marathons! I think I speak for everyone here when I say that we would LOVE to read all about it!!!! Also, I replied to you on the "Question for Christian Nudists" thread ( Would be great to be able to talk more freely on another venue.

    • SecondMarge says:

      My husband finally convinced me to go topless on a beach. I ended up relaxing enough to carry on a fairly normal conversation with a young man. I admit I couldn’t help enjoy seeing his cock. Then we met a very nice couple that we ended up having dinner at their home. Both incidents were food for my husband to initiate role play. Seeing his strong body and her sexy curves as we otherwise related normally before and after dinner was an interesting experience. Their obvious love and desire for each other was a turn on and resulted in great sex when we got home.

    • alwayswet101 says:

      Oh, bootylicious, I know I am long overdue for a story about these pregnancy orgasms! I have that same question as you about the nudist resorts!

      Yes, marge did you have orgasms while breastfeeding? How often did this occur? I sure hope it brings some pleasure between my legs while I am! Ooh, la la.

  4. SilverGold says:

    Nipple enjoyment is a staple in our sexual intimacy. Often, my wife gives me her breast for leisurely foreplay suckling that turns into torrid breast and nipple play. During mutual masturbation, I’ll often suckle one breast as I take the other nipple to a pain/pleasure threshold that puts her over the top to a big O as she expertly rubs her clit.

  5. Wife lover says:

    My wife has always had big beautiful pink nipples that she likes me to play with. The nipple gasm for her is very intense and she loves it. And playing with them during sex or mutual masturbation always puts her over the edge. One thing having a child did to her nipples was now they are always hard and sensitive in a good way. Our son is 14 now, but her nipples are still erect all the time. When she’s turned on her areola draws up and is more stiff, but the nipples stand at attention all the time no matter what.

    • Fearless Lunk says:

      You are a blessed man. Erect nipples are so beautiful. I love enjoying them in small doses. I cannot imagine the joy of seeing them erect ALL the time!! 😍

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