Questions for Christian Nudists

Hello, MH community. A while back, I asked a few questions of SecondMarge in the comments to one of my posts. I don’t think she ever saw them, so I’m asking them again here and inviting feedback from any practicing or former nudist families.

How do you handle nudism in your family, and how do you balance sexuality with nudity?

How do you perceive the dynamics of nudist families interacting with each other?

How would you handle children and their sexuality as they grow up?

I ask because I would like to raise my children as nudists one day and interact with other nudist families. I will truly appreciate your feedback here!

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  1. Sarge says:

    My wife and I never went around the house nude, nor did our children, but we did get caught feeling each other up a few times. We told them that their bodies were temples, gifts from God. We encouraged them to have lively active relationships with their spouses and to not hide that affection.
    I don’t know if nudity around the children is a good idea or not, but as for me, I would never casually be exposed to my children. You are your own judge and not me or anyone else, so do what makes you happy within the bonds of marriage.

    • southernmost says:

      Hi there, I will do so.

      But I must say, I've looked at countless nudist websites and they all say there isn't really any sexuality when it comes to nudity. However, I don't agree with this sentiment. We're humans, we're always going to be sexual in some way, and I think we need to know where the balance point is.

  2. Sassenach47 says:

    Yeah, that's a great question. When you think about it, we would all be nude had Eve not eaten the apple, assuming no one else ever did anything. By God's design, He made us without clothes. Adam and Eve lived in perfection and were instructed to multiply. So in time, there would have been regular towns and cities where nudity would not be an issue as there would be no sin in the world to pervert it. I would really also like to hear other people's thoughts.

    Now, I'm not raising my son to be a nudist, but we do have open discussions about our body and if he has questions, he knows he will be given an honest answer. I personally love being nude but only when I'm by myself. I think there is a balance when it comes to children as it is important to help protect their mind as well as teaching them about protecting their own bodies and not letting people look at their bodies because even though the child is pure-hearted, there are many who are not. But if my son decides to not wear clothes around the house, I'm ok with that. I'll still wear clothes, but I definitely want him to feel free in his own home to have his own choice.

    • adamgardener says:

      I really appreciated this comment. I've studied this a fair bit and some scholars interpret the Adam and Eve story as one about the fall of innocence and the presence of shame. In essence, it was the disobedience and distrusting God, not the nudity, that was the sinful part. Even the provided protection in the form of fig leaves would be possibly skimpier than many swimsuits.

      In my upbringing, those conversations weren't had. As a young man I developed a non erotic interest in being nude. It felt more relaxing and calmed me (I've dealt with anxiety in my life) and I would have seriously appreciated simply being told being nude in private was acceptable.

      Instead, I struggled with the feeling of "naughtiness" – not because I was doing anything sinful or lustful, but because I felt like any time I spent nude was "getting away with" something that wouldn't be approved of.

      I think people struggle with nudism or simply being naked as a Christian because they confuse "sensual" with sexual sin. Being nude is pleasing to the senses and calming for many human beings. So is a hot shower, a cool dip in the pool on a summer's day, the sun shining and pleasing scents. Creation is full of things that are pleasing to our senses, and as long as we behave with responsibility and know our values and boundaries, I think in appropriate situations we should be absolutely free to wear little, or nothing if we so choose and it isn't offensive to others.

      I also know my relationship values, and know being in a nudist setting such as a beach, resort or colony would not cause me to wander – because should I be in a loving relationship with another believer, I know that my commitment and connection to her is more than just a physical thing, and being able to appreciate that the human body is a beautiful creation in no way requires or entitles me to break a sacred commitment and the home we're building together.

  3. LovingMan says:

    We are not nudists but from time to time – when living together as a family – there can be accidental nudity exposure. We did not seek it out but it happened a few times. We didn’t freak out or get upset when it happened. Our kids seemed ok with it too.

    According to my Child Psychology professor SOME nudity in the home is healthy for children. (It was a Christian university.) Im sure that many would disagree with my prof. We agreed with him.

    As far as the nudist lifestyle I don’t know anything from personal experience but at least one study showed kids from nudists families had a healthier body image than non-nudist kids of similar age.

    I assume it would be important to give kids a choice as far as vacations at a family nudist resort – being naked at home – etc.

    Family nudist resorts are way different from swingers resorts. You have to be careful what you’re walking into. We’ve researched family nudist resorts and they seem pretty safe. But we have yet to go to one.

  4. RMD says:

    I’d looked into this about 15 years ago with both Christian and non-Christian sites. None were pornographic or showed anything sexual, other than nudity. I read their defenses and explanations and bought some materials, especially the sites that used God’s Word, and came to this decision for me. I don’t want other men to see my wife nude, that is for me only. God says she is my “ Private Garden, a secluded spring, a hidden fountain,” Song of Solomon 4:12. No one should be allowed in, either for sex or sight – that is our sacred place alone. I understand the statements that nudity is natural and beautiful, but I don’t want to get aroused, even a bit, for anyone but my wife, and I absolutely don’t want any man to be aroused by my wife’s body. I also don’t want nudity to become so common and usual that my wife’s nude body just becomes another part of life, nothing special, just the daily norm. We sleep naked and are naked at home often since our children are all adults, and that is so beautiful and sexual for us. I don’t want to lose that by seeing dozens of other breasts, vulvas, and bottoms all day. How can a man—or a woman—not secretly compare their spouse with another man’s or woman’s parts? And that is one is the most important reasons I chose against it: I don’t want my wife, who is my treasure, to feel inadequate and insecure at women whom she believes are more put together than she is. She knows I love her body, even after eight pregnancies and the effects of time. But even as a young woman, comparison is normal, and I never, ever want my darling wife to feel anything but totally secure in my attraction to her and my desire and love for her alone. Lastly, I don’t want nudism to define me or even be part of my identity. Our privilege here is to be part of The building of God’s Kingdom by bringing other people to eternal life, and I don’t want to get side tracked with nudism, as beautiful as it may be. I say all this for me and my conscience before Jesus; I can’t speak for others.

    • southernmost says:

      I understand the thought processes you went through in this regard.

      I do, however, think the line you referenced in the Song of Solomon pertains to sexual intercourse, not sight. The symbols involved pertain to drinking and eating/smelling.

      I also think that while one would find pleasure in your partner's body and how it looks, relegating attraction to looks only is a bit shallow. I think attraction runs very deeply, right into the soul. I've seen women naked before me and I haven't felt anything towards them, not even aroused. And yet I've seen clothed women with one hell of a personality that got my juices flowing.

      If I were to see my wife naked every day, it would in no way lessen my attraction for her. I would only appreciate the beauty of God more with each moment. And if I were to raise children in such a manner I would be happy knowing they were not feeling ashamed of their skin, or what they look like.

      I think my question comes into play during times of puberty, when they're developing sexually. It would be more out in the open in a nudist family I think and I wanted to know how some people have handled this before.

      And lastly of course we don't want people perving over our loved ones. But honestly, people do that when we wear clothes anyways. I respect your point of view and what you've voiced, though.

  5. Waiting Hardly says:

    Great questions. We weren’t perfect of course, but here are some things we practiced.
    1. We laid the foundation on what the Bible said about Adam and Eve. We taught them that the reason they clothed themselves was shame over their own sin but also taught that Christ, as the Second Adam, bore our sin and our shame on the cross so that we have a restored relationship with God and can be naked and unashamed once more. We also showed them examples like Isaiah 20, where God commanded him to be barefoot and naked for 3 years, and God won’t command someone to sin.
    2. We also said that not everyone believes the same way we did, so our nudity was practiced as a family at home or at places like a beach or resort where it was allowed or even expected. We were careful to choose family-oriented resorts.
    3. Their comfort level was a huge factor, and we didn’t require nudity if they weren’t comfortable with it. As our daughter matured, my late wife talked to her about those times of the month where it might not be appropriate or desired.
    4. From the start, we made clothing optional and nudity normal. We took away the mystique, and they said later that they appreciated seeing siblings in various stages of maturity since it made their own development less scary and more normal.
    Hope those hints help!

    • southernmost says:

      I do appreciate your reply and how you've structured things within your family, it's been most helpful.

      I will say however I see an anachronism in your examples. Isaiah was written before Jesus' sacrifice on the cross. If he was indeed commanded so to be naked, then during pre-Jesus times, it wasn't shameful to be naked either.

      I don't think I'm looking for information on issues pertaining to sin. The way we understand sin today is very different from what Jesus taught on the matter; it didn't have the deep "good verses evil" sense that it does today. I'm more interested in the practicalities and the health of the family, and especially the children. So I do appreciate the information you've provided in this sense.

      Kind regards,

  6. Tulsa says:

    We know a Christian couple that frequent nudist beaches and such. Being honest, they told us they like being naked outdoors and among other naked people. They like to be seen and see others, and by the end of the day, they are all over each other. Simply put, bare bodies do stimulate them.
    Apparently, they can hide that arousal when they are among them, unlike us, and especially me. If I'm aroused and naked, there is no question! :/
    So, as one would expect, there are different motivations for different couples and single folks!

  7. alwayswet101 says:

    Southernmost…I am so glad you posted this! I think we had a conversation going about this exact topic and had a lot of the same questions. I’m so curious as to what it would be like raising children in a nudist family. My curiosity stems from what would occur as family members naturally get aroused. What happens when your teenage son is walking around hard as a rock all the time. When he starts looking at his own mother because she is a woman and he is more than curious about women ever since he’s been at this age. Do sisters and mothers start getting wet when they see their father’s/son’s/brother’s boner bouncing straight forward?

    I am also so curious because my nephew is a teenager and is very turned on by my recently growing pregnant body. He confessed to my sister he’s had to leave the room or dinner/breakfast table multiple times (we all share a beach house) being so turned on looking at me. Part of me is mortified and part of me is flattered. He asked my sister sooo many questions on pregnancy and how I have sex when I’m pregnant. My sister wanted to be as open with him as possible but he was so curious about my sex life, what my hubby thinks of my body etc. by the end of the conversation he apologized to my sister and had to adjust himself saying “I’m sorry, mom, I’m just so fascinated I can’t help it. This is really awkward but here we go again,” and tried his best to hide his member.

    I know if my husband and I were complete nudists I’d be leaking juices all over everything from being so wet and my husband would have a constant erection. We once went to a nude beach in Italy… we could hardly help ourselves.

    • CrazyHappyLoved says:

      I think the difference is that in families that *raised* their children as nudists, there just isn't this facination with and sexualizing of the nude form. Kids have seen all sorts of bodies in all states of arousal and had chances for frank, factual discussions anout the biology behind it all, so it's just normal. There is also an etiquette among nudists that comes into play that they've internalized by their teenage years and that benefits them too if a hormonal surge hits. It's natural; ignore it. People don't ogle each other and treat each other with respect. All of this is academic on my part though. I've been reasearching the subject but have yet to visit a family nudist resort, and because I became interested after my kids were adolescents, they aren't at all comfortable with the idea of being naked in front of people. And I've never personally conversed with someone raised nudist, but I'd love to.

    • Fireproof says:

      Nudity does not have to equal sex and arousal. I think we have a very narrow view of such things as Americans, so much baggage comes with nudity. Our fallen culture is so sexualized that our minds just go there, but context needs to be part of the equation. I am hoping my boys are learning a healthier view and respect for the human body and others than what I learned as a young man. They are certainly learning that we all come in different shapes and sizes and the value of a person is not their bits and parts.

      We told both our boys that erections are normal and they will occur and they just need to excuse themselves, or cover up until it isn’t a problem, and honestly it never has been.

      Having been to many nudist events (bowling, swimming, beach etc…) I can say I have never seen anyone walking around with an erect penis. This isn’t the proper context for it and in my group of friends anyone being the slightest bit inappropriate will be challenged and asked to leave.

      I would suggest looking through the Loxie and Zoot comics [available online] to get a healthy understanding of nudism. It may seem silly, but it helped me when I started going down this path.

    • southernmost says:


      Yes, I believe we're asking the same questions here because these are the things I want to know too.

      I don't believe that nudism is 100% non-sexual. Yes, I agree that it shouldn't be over-sexualised like it has been, but when you have an environment of people, naked or not, there will be attraction.

      I saw a very old comment on this site to a similar issue and the explanation was that getting turned on by family members wasn't necessarily an incestuous thing, but more like a human response to wanting sex – kind of like wanting food when you smell it being prepared or walk past a bakery.

      I think perhaps this was the best explanation concerning attraction, and I think it valuable to teach one's children this – firstly so they aren't ashamed of their bodily responses, and secondly, so that they know that arousal isn't an incentive to sexual behaviour (you don't just walk into a bakery and start eating).

      Perhaps I am wrong, but that's why I'm asking what other people have done, so I can better form an idea – I'm still a long way from having children!

    • John81176 says:

      I’ve thought a lot about this as well. Whenever my wife And I are alone we’re constantly shed our clothes. It doesn’t necessarily mean we are always going to have sex; however, I can tell you that we are constantly in a state of being turned on by each other. So when the clothes come off, I’m usually walking around stiff and hard, and she is usually wet. I think that mirror arousal of just being able to look at each other and know that we have easy access to each other is such a turn-on. These are all very good questions and comments.

      New to posting on the page btw. Been a fan of stories for years.

    • alwayswet101 says:

      I totally understand Southernmost’s questions and points and appreciate the feedback from you guys as well. It is all really interesting to me. I agree with the bakery comment that is so spot on. It’s natural to become aroused when seeing someone else or thinking of certain thoughts (just like it’s natural to become hungry when dinner is being made or you walk into a delicious smelling bakery).

      Of course erections are natural. Heck, I don’t know what I would do if they didn’t exist! 😂 But what I’m saying is when you first start seeing your son all the sudden getting a boner is this not something that sparks certain feelings? What about when your teenage son starts to be attracted to women and his mother or sister is walking around naked. Teenagers are curious as well. This is normal but do you think they aren’t going to look at their mothers or sisters lady parts and vice versa? Also when a woman starts becoming attracted to men she isn’t going to be curious or turned on when her father or brother get an erection and excuse themselves? How do you deal with this? How do you deal with everyone knowing that you are masturbating because you are suddenly aroused? I totally understand it’s different for every family but I still think these are some valid points.

  8. Fireproof says:

    My wife, my kids and I are Christians and we are nudists. We got into nudism late in life, we were in our 40s and our two boys in their teens. We had gone to Jamaica and went to a clothing optional beach and had such a positive experience that when we came home we decided to see if the places locally are as positive. We found a wonderful vibrant community of parents and kids who are body positive, fun, supportive, and there has never been the hint of sexuality. My eldest son has formed such close bonds that as new adult he keeps in contact with the friends he made at camp and even as they are spread across several different states, they get together and go to movies, celebrate birthdays, and hang out. The kids were hesitant at first, but the matter-of-fact manner at the camp put them right at ease.

    I am a guy who needs to be convinced the path I am on is the right one, I studied and prayed and tried to sort everything before walking this path and I am convinced.

    We never forced or coerced our kids, we just put them into an environment where it was okay; they made the choice on their own. They have experienced support and acceptance that they do not have in every day life.

    I don’t know if it is right for everyone, but it has been right for us and we have made such positive, close connections that even after just 5 years I can’t imagine what it would be like without my nudist friends.

    I suggest listening to the podcast “The Naturist Living Show” and reading Nudity and Christianity by Jim C. Cunningham.

  9. Cupid says:

    You say that you would like to raise your children as nudists. You don't mention your spouse's posture on the subject. You didn't say "we." Unless you are a widow(er), or your spouse is an ex who has lost or given up parental rights, it has to be a joint decision.

    I am a nudist, and my wife is not. She does not disapprove of my nudism, but she considers it an inappropriate choice for herself (and for our children), so our children were raised conventionally textiled. What I'm saying is that it takes two "yes" votes in order for you to raise the children nudists and to interact with other families as nudists. Either of you should have a veto right when it comes to the children, and of course adults get to decide for themselves about themselves.

    How we handled our nudist/non-nudist pairing was for my wife to consent for me to engage in nudist activities without her, and for her to engage in some clothing-optional activities with me. We ran a clothing-optional 5K race together a couple of times; we have done clothing-optional yoga classes together; and we've been to clothing-optional beaches together several times. Each of us wears what we are comfortable with – me nude, most other people nude, and my wife in clothes common for the activity.

    If your spouse is on-board already, go for it. Talk about it. Trust and communication are the lifeblood of every healthy relationship. If you are not married and have no children yet, then make being a nudist one of your selection criteria for a spouse. If you liked live theater or playing tennis, you'd probably want someone who shared that interest, and so it is with nudism.

    As it has turned out, I'd like more nudist time and activity, and my wife would like less, but it balances out fairly evenly. She wasn't a nudist when we met, and I had no expectation of turning her into one. We make it work.

    My children know that I am a nudist and that their mother is not, just like they know that she and I have different citizenships and different first languages. Our children can decide for themselves whether to be nudists and how they want to express that nudism, if at all.

    • Fireproof says:

      You know what I think when I read this…..communication, respect, understanding, choice. Very well put! Sounds like a very healthy and respectful relationship you have.

    • LovingMan says:

      Cupid, this comment of yours sounds like a recipe for a good marriage and could be extrapolated to any area. Good on you both!

    • Leigha95 says:

      Alwayswet101 and Southernmost, those are such good questions! I'm curious too! It feels like it could be really damaging to have unaddressed arousal. Like, I don't know how I would have felt as a teenager if my brother got a boner after I walked into a room. Or how he would have felt about it either! I would love someone who has raised kids in this way to speak more to that. Growing up my parents never addressed masturbation. Like never. I grew up in a very conservative circle, and If it was ever referenced, it was in hush hush tones. I was terrified to use toys because I thought I would lose my virginity. Only after marriage did my husband help me work through my trauma around it. (Don't worry, me and my vajay are well acquainted now!)

      Always wet, I love how open and honest your discussions with your sister are. Have you talked to her about it? It almost sounds like the family needs to clear the air. I would hate for him to take the arousal online. That could be so destructive. It might be better to take advantage of the time at the beach house to explore some openess to clothing free life to help dispell what is clearly becoming very difficult for the young man. Light is cleansing. I wonder if a "free the nipple" approach by the women in the house might desexualize, or at least help avoid a destructive path. I've never been a teenage boy, but I imagine that there is a lot of opportunity for that situation to lead to porn use.

    • southernmost says:


      I think if your brother walked in on you and got an erection, that would be an example of his body "smelling the bread" I think, as I discussed above. I think there's nothing wrong with that and if it's handled in a lighthearted manner so as to not bring any shame, then sexual reactions of the body could be normalized and people can be taught that reaction is not a pre-cursor to sex for example.

    • Leigha95 says:

      Southernmost, that happened once in high-school. My brother did walk in on me in the shower, and a few minutes later I heard him moaning through the wall in his bedroom. Given how anti-masturbation my parents were, it was super shameful for me and him. I remember distinctly that we didn't have a normal conversation for nearly a week after that.

  10. southernmost says:


    I agree with you on what you've said about nudity not having to equal to sex. The whole reason I've investigated nudity with the family is to bring children up where they learn a healthier view of the human body, as opposed to the western thinking that it's sexual.

    I do, however, disagree with nudism in its statement about there being zero sexuality/sensuality. This just seems dishonest to the human, it seems to rob humans of a basic nature. So I want to teach my children, Lord willing, a healthy balance of nudity and sensuality. That's why I'm looking for practical advice from people who have actually raised children through the puberty stage where their hormones would have been most provocative.

    • Waiting Hardly says:

      We had very frank and honest discussions as puberty was beginning about those hormones and how they would cause new and more frequent reactions. We didn’t say it was because they were naked, but that these were things their peers would experience, whether clothed or not. We set boundaries for when and where masturbation was appropriate and presented it as their relief mechanism for those hormonal urges that God had designed into their body. No shame attached to it at all, but a normal bodily function.

    • southernmost says:

      Waiting Hardly,

      What did you discuss with your children concerning the boundaries for masturbation?

    • alwayswet101 says:

      This is EXACTLY what I am talking about. I totally respect the thoughts above that nudity doesn’t need to equal sexuality but is it not human nature to have feelings and urges when we see or think of things that would turn us on? If humans weren’t like this how would we even become aroused?

      Southernmost that is exactly what I’m talking about when you say “the puberty stage where their hormones would have been most provocative”. Picture this, you’re a mother who thinks your son is adorable and he doesn’t get many erections and is small until one point in his life all of a sudden you notice he’s grown significantly and he’s sporting erections because his hormones are wild, the normal human reaction. Same thing if your dad is turned on by something but the whole family is around and he becomes hard. He just excuses himself and no one says anything? Or if your mother is pregnant and her boobs looked normal to you and suddenly they're huge and you're her teenage son and you’re already horny to begin with. These scenarios seem very probable to me and I’m just wondering how people have dealt with them.

      My other question is if you teach your children that sexual urges and relieving yourself is okay but it must be done in private, are you making them feel like no one should see them or their body? I'm not suggesting they masturbate in front of everyone, but just seems like it would make me feel like it wasn’t looked at as a good thing. I also feel as though if you excuse yourself and are visibly aroused or someone said something/watched something that may have made you aroused, wouldn’t everyone know you were going to have some alone time anyways? Correct me if I’m wrong. I think this is a very good discussion!

    • southernmost says:


      I don't think you're wrong at all because I've had the exact same questions. This isn't even about what's sinful or what's not sinful, this is pure practicality, something I think we tend to avoid with such topics because people often dismiss these questions as irrelevant in the greater scheme of things.

      But I once had a child psychologist explain to me that children instinctively masturbate before they even understand what they are doing. She explained that children soon learn that rubbing against something with their private area stimulates it and makes them feel relaxed, and often makes them sleepy. It is only when they learn about sexuality do they make the connection between sensuality and masturbation.
      So I think if you were to explain to a very young child that what they're doing in front of the whole family is wrong, they may be utterly confused by that and I think it's best to leave them be.

      Now, when they are old enough to understand its a different story, one that I don't have the answers to because as you say, if they were to go off and masturbate, then it just draws even more attention to the issue. I honestly don't know what to do in this case and it's why I've sought advice concerning it.

      I will carry on learning and hopefully bring something more to the table.

    • alwayswet101 says:

      So many good points made. This has always been something I’ve been curious about but it’s so relevant right now. A few nights back we were at our beach house with my sister and BIL and my nephew and sex and pregnancy were talked about at the table. There were definitely some jokes made about how horny I have been (all fine since were family) and my nephew got up and was visibly hard as a rock, excused himself from the table and came back after a nice solo session. The problem is that we all know what he was doing so how private really is that?

    • southernmost says:


      I feel sorry for the poor lad who's just got these raging hormones!

      I think as long as he doesn't feel ashamed for rushing off to do his thing, it will be fine. Perhaps he does as you've said he keeps apologizing, but maybe a few lighthearted jests from the family would put him at ease about it?

      Masturbation is a lovely thing and as long as he feels that even though he's rushing off to do it – that this isn't him trying to hide it or draw attention to it, but rather, just to have a good time? I don't know, but perhaps he needn't feel embarrassed and it could normalize for him over time? It's a bit of a tricky one!

      I think if you were all sitting naked at the table and he got an erection, it may even go away after a while. I think perhaps he's getting so worked up because you're in a bit of clothing and he cannot see anything? There's nothing like clothing to make the mind wander and there nothing like nudity to make the mind stop!

    • southernmost says:


      I just remembered something I learned a long time ago.
      In biblical times where poorer families lived in single room dwellings like tents, it is possible that some children saw their parents having sex at times. There's no hard evidence for this, it's just anecdotal, but it does bring perhaps some light onto the possible sexual transparency that may occur in a family.

    • southernmost says:


      Have you considered joining Songs of the Believers? I'm currently having a discussion there that I think you'd appreciate joining, it relates to something specific you're going through with regards to this post.

    • John81176 says:


      Hello all, I think reading a lot of these posts bring up a lot of honest and valid questions. It’s refreshing to read about them an open and honest way. I think most people have the same thoughts and questions, and discussion is the best way to, for lack of a better term, work through them. I remember when I was growing up in my teen years catching a glimpse of my mom changing or walking into her room unknowingly while she was getting dressed right out of the shower and seeing her nude. And as a teenager I’ll be honest if I didn’t get aroused. And at that time that arousal did have a effect on me to where I went and masturbated.

      I think these are all normal human reactions. I’m also sure my mom knew what I was doing when I would go back in my room and lock the door. But she never said anything and never once made me feel embarrassed even though there’s probably a part of me that was. I think these are all good discussions to understand how to handle the situations.

      I also have tried to sign up for Songs of the Believers and I have no clue what is going on or why I don’t get a response or access but if you can help, southernmost, it would be appreciated.

    • southernmost says:

      John 81176,

      I've read your reply and I will give a more detailed response later, but to answer your query about Songs of the Believers – don't worry, they took forever to get back to me. So just give it some more time. If you still don't hear in a few days, let me know!

    • alwayswet101 says:

      Such a quality discussion here! Amazing. I resonate with all of you. I too feel bad for my nephew because I do feel as though I myself have the hormones of a teenage boy this pregnancy! I can relate I just think he’s naturally so curious which is totally healthy. My sister has told him masturbating is totally acceptable. I think we were all a little shocked the first time we saw his erection (I’m sure this happens to every family when all the sudden the boys have a true manly organ working!). He hasn’t really learned how to hide it yet. I think another thing he’s struggling with is he has such fantasies and is so curious he can’t help himself. My sister has had a few one on one talks with him because we all feel he’ll be less embarrassed if we didn’t talk about this with all of us. He has asked her quite in depth questions about adults and pregnancy and all things about pregnant women. He even told her that he thinks I’m even more beautiful pregnant and asked if I wanted to have sex often and how we are even able to do that. My sister was shocked at how curious he was. To be fair we haven’t really had anyone he’s close to in our family be pregnant around him. I just didn’t expect him to be so fascinated! I can’t imagine sitting at the table all nude now just because we aren’t used to it and didn’t grow up like this but I don’t want him to feel funny. My sister told him masturbating is more than okay and he admitted he does it often. He already knew this, but she reassured him anyways. I feel like if we all sat around the table naked my husband, nephew and BIL would be rock hard and I’d be dripping especially with how I’ve been lately. Call me nuts, but I don’t know how people do it!

      I have tried to belong and signed up!! I would love to be a member but haven’t heard anything! I would love love love to be part of that discussion!

    • southernmost says:

      Awesome alwayswet101! They do tend to take forever to get back to you though. PM me once you arrive!

    • John81176 says:


      I totally agree with you. I get turned on so easily, it seems, and the the sight of my wife with her nipples hard and her shaved pussy glistening is an instant hard-on igniter. The nude human body is such a beautiful thing. Both of us shave since we like to see each other fully. Regardless of that, it would be a struggle to not be hard and horny in such a scenario.

    • Fireproof says:

      I have never said zero, but I have never experienced any inappropriate activity at any of the nudist activities I have been a part of and I have raised my boys through puberty in the nudist context. But I have also been very deliberate (discerning) in the activities our family has participated in (camp, bowling, volleyball). We as humans have sexual desires that I do believe are God-given… in the proper context. Almost always in our American minds, nudity=sex. And in my experience, the mind is the most powerful sexual organ, so how we train it makes all the difference!

      We have been involved with family nudist activities (largest group, 30 people), and the kids have always been told the truth about the human body: girls have times where they may be wearing pants since they have times of the month where they need to, and boys sometimes get erections; these things happen. Just excuse yourselves, and given time, it won't be an issue; it is NORMAL.

      We have always been open and honest with our boys and answered all their questions about sex and nudity without judgement. I can tell you my oldest son was in his mid-teens when we started this as a family, and when he and a friend's daughter went off to play video games, I was concerned. But this girl had been raised a nudist, and my son had been raised a gentleman, and there was no reason for concern. They and a handful of others from our camp remain friends today. Years later, this group of boys and girls are a tight-knit group of friends that keep in touch and get together, even though they live in different states.

      As for the question of masturbation mentioned elsewhere in the thread, it is being discussed as if it were the only answer to an erection, and that could not be farther from the truth. Given time, erections will wane, even as a teen with raging hormones. Erection are normal. Excusing yourself to masturbate regularly… is not. We told our boys that masturbation is less than God's ideal for their sexual fulfillment, which is monogamous sex in the context of marriage, but it is a natural urge and is a normal activity for all human beings.

      There are many countries in the world where nudity is accepted in a community sense and is not seen as sexual. We just need to train up our children to have a healthy view of nudity and sexuality and a strong sense of respect for others.

    • Leigha95 says:

      Always wet, is the living situation still the same where this poor young man is still having to "suffer" from seeing you every day?

    • alwayswet101 says:

      Honestly all great points. The living situation is similar but I think the issue is he is horny and getting an erection is his body’s response to wanting something/being fascinated by something and he knows that masturbating feels good. Heck I’m an adult and I’m the same way if I’m wet and aroused I like to be touched or touch myself! So I really can’t blame him! I think the point I’m making is when boys are getting these erections around the same people it becomes a bit obvious. Anyone else have any thoughts?

    • 5Osromantic says:

      Great conversation (as usual!) Great to hear SOTB is still going strong – I used to be a member (as I was here too) I just signed up on both sites again.

  11. MarriedtoaHotBabe says:

    We definitely aren’t nudists but I do find the lifestyle interesting. Also, I am not sure if there’s something wild about me but it is impossible for me to see my wife nude and not feel sexual urges. That said, we do enjoy getting in the sauna together nude.

    • Tulsa says:

      Nothing wild about that! I see my wife nude, and I'm the same way… is on my mind!
      To add further, if I see other nude women, it does the same thing, and I think of sexual things with my wife. Thoughts like this can cause problems among a bunch of nudists, if you know what I mean! 😉
      I don't think that's wild, or abnormal at all. Fact is, it's very normal.
      Doesn't mean all are like that, and some can control it, but as for me, I can't!

    • alwayswet101 says:

      Exactly my thoughts! My husband and I are the same way. If I see a man getting aroused/an erection I get very turned on and think of my own husband. I also can’t help but get a little wet and masturbate. I think everyone on this thread has very valid points. But I know that my husband and I definitely can’t hide our reactions when we see each other nude.

    • MarriedtoaHotBabe says:

      I have a post going live in Oct. and it’s about my wife and me going to a beach on one of the Hawaiian islands and being nude for 2 days along with a few other couples who we didn’t know but who were there. I will say that seeing my wife nude and many other attractive women who were nude got me turned on. My wife was very aware of this. She also got turned on. We found that we really enjoyed being nude around others but we’re not nudists per se.

  12. naturalman says:

    So.. real talk.

    I was raised well in many ways, by great Christian parents who did the best they could for me. I was however, also raised prudishly. The sort of family where if even kissing on screen went on too long, the channel was changed.

    I saw my mother naked once, my sister (older – I was a late arrival) in her panties once, and never saw my dad nude at all.

    When I was little, I enjoyed being naked—splashing around in the bath, and so on. I even streaked through the sprinkler a few times. And yes, sometimes in private I touched myself. I didn't know anything about sexuality. I just knew my body was a fascinating thing that felt good.

    When I hit puberty, things started feeling VERY good. But also awkward. I wasn't given good information or able to have those conversations. And did I think about those sights? I absolutely did – but it was in part BECAUSE it was abnormal. When you live an isolated or carefully controlled existence, you don't have a broader frame of reference. Because the human body isn't normal to you. You feel awkwardness and confusion. You don't know if, as a man, you take after your father, if you're normally "sized" and so on. Questions that men and women have as they become men and women.

    Now, was there an answer for that confused young man? I think there may have been. If I had grown up seeing the male and female body as normal, it wouldn't have been exotic for me. It would have just been how it was. Would I have possibly gotten an erection? Yes. But that can happen when I'm relaxed and feeling positive. It doesn't always happen for a lustful reason. If I'd been allowed and encouraged to enjoy the privacy of my room nude, or sunbathe or swim nude?

    Here's a thought – swimsuits are ridiculous! Sure, they can look good on a person we're attracted to. But they serve no real purpose beyond covering our gender specific parts to the public. If I have a pool or creek in the woods, what is that swimsuit for? And who's being protected by my wearing one? I value respectful attitudes, and humility, and realize that modesty is a virtue – but that comes from the heart. Some of the most vain people I've ever met have worn the finest clothes, and the kindest have worn the simplest. "Naked" is an adjective – not a definition of a person's character.

    Because of my personality and awkwardness about my body, I think it impacted my dating life. As I sought a Christian wife, even apart from sex, I struggled with being awkward in my own skin and around women. I tried to be respectful but I also lacked confidence. And while I'm willing to follow Biblical morals, I'm convinced that shame and insecurity are turn-offs and NOT a way people of faith should or have to carry themselves.

    A simple "you can be naked if you want" or "you can do that in your room, it's healthy and safe" would have done so much for me. Knowing what the male and female body looked like, and that not being a "taboo" thing, would probably have helped me. I understand why people out of fear or misunderstanding find this topic awkward, but I can't help but think we can do better. Now, finding a spouse that will agree and understand? Different challenge. But this is a very thought provoking post.

    • Leigha95 says:

      I resonate with this so much, but from the female perspective. I feel so much for alwayswet101's nephew, even though he clearly has a much more supportive environment than we did.

  13. Bootylicious says:

    Always wet, Gotta say, I've been loving your horny comments as much as the stories themselves!

    Question for you: are you and your sister comfortable being naked in front of each other? Apart from the "getting aroused" thing you talk about above…other than that, would you be fine being naked in front of your brother in law, FIL, MIL, etc? I'm assuming your family is well aware of your current constant state of horniness? Do your mom and sister know how much you've been masturbating and screwing lately? Love the openness! Not sure why people get so embarrassed about something that is so natural and common. Keep on cumming!

    • alwayswet101 says:

      Hi, Bootylicious, thanks for the comment! My mom actually caught me the other day, lol! My sister and I are close, so she’s aware but only to a certain extent. She knows about the pregnancy hormones, lol. I try to be modest though. Not sure if I would be comfortable being nude in front of them, especially my in-laws, since it’s just not familiar with our family. Especially since I am so turned on and my body is so big/different, I’m not sure I would just want to be naked, lol. My sister and mom are more aware than the rest of the family, aside from my husband, but I’m also closer with them than the rest of the family.

    • John81176 says:

      Just getting caught up on a lot of the comments. Masturbation and nudity In my opinion are common and natural things that shouldn’t be hidden or shamed of. Although I do agree that masturbating in private is the way to go I was caught several times in my teenage years by my mom and my sister playing with myself. I also caught my sister masturbating and walked in on her a number of times as well. We were close in age and close as well and could laugh those things off or tease each other about it. It wasn’t hidden so much as discrete. In fact we were comfortable enough to be curious and let each other watch on some occasions. It was more of a curiosity and fascination with the others body and how our bodies reacted. I think curiosity is totally normal.

  14. Bootylicious says:

    Would still love to hear more from GG on their new nude life together! It's something my hubby wants after we're empty nesters too! He wants me naked all the time! haha Would love to hear her personal account of what it's like being naked all the time. And if it leads to more masturbation and sex? I would imagine you get more comfortable in your own skin and care little if others see you naked? Have you ever stayed naked when friends or family have stopped by to visit? Have you ever had anyone strip down and join you? I'm always curious to know how open and honest family members are with each other concerning all things sexual. I think it's great if they are. Seems so many were raised in a "we don't talk about such things" atmosphere…as though we should be ashamed of our God given sexuality.

  15. Waiting Hardly says:

    To answer your question, we assured them it was natural, normal and healthy. But said never in public and not at someone’s request. In private/at home and somewhere they could clean up after themselves. And no one wants to hear about it. So it’s not an appropriate topic to bring up in polite conversation.

  16. ParkerJen says:

    I’m quite late to this thread, and won’t blame anyone if this is never seen, haha!

    But I did want to chime in with a resource or two for southernmost / alwayswet, et al.

    Parker and I have so much we would want to reply to and answer and ask in this thread, but we’re content right now just to point you to the subreddit r/sexpositivehomes. The subreddit is essentially dedicated to this subject matter and ironing out the advantages and disadvantages of nudity in the home.

    Disclaimer: of course, the distinction has been made in previous comments about moral and practical advice and resources, and this is an entirely practical resource that is not faith-based, and is secular. All believers should use it with a grain of salt, of course, and with the knowledge that members of a subreddit will be on a spectrum of wisdom, some very much so, and some not at all. We just know it’s been helpful to us.

  17. Bootylicious says:

    "My mom actually caught me the other day, lol!"

    Hi Alwayswet! Don't know why but "caught" stories always turn me on! […]

    Anyway, please write some accounts of your all day masturbation days! I know many of us (both men and women) would LOVE it! Also, if I were you, I'd just stay naked all day long! I mean, why bother getting dressed when you know you're just going to be getting naked again soon and giving your pussy some much needed attention! I've had horny days like that where I just stay naked all day and play with myself whenever the urge arises…which is a lot! lol)

    • naturalman says:

      Same here! I love getting caught stories. I think it's because of the primalness of it. Someone has a sensual need and goes for it, and in their abandon, are so focused on that natural expression that even privacy is second to going for it! And that raw honesty is a turnon!

      Everyone needs a mastur-cation from time to time. I love hearing about the ladies here who spend the day nude and pampering those pussies! It's a beautiful thing. Hope you and alwayswet can share more about that!

      [From MH: Story submissions in keeping with our guidelines welcomed through the link in the main menu.]

    • alwayswet101 says:

      Note from MH: This thread isn't on topic and is pushing the boundaries of our guidelines. Because it has stirred curiosity, we will publish this final response (in part) and ask that the subject be "put to bed", so to speak.

      I too get turned on thinking about the situation now. I mean I was already on a lounge chair out by the pool but my new and growing preggo body really arouses me, especially when I'm in a bathing suit. I was laying by the pool in the sun by myself so I just had on a skimpy little bikini (that I felt like I was pouring out of but it turned me on) and I went and grabbed a cucumber after getting so wet and aroused that I decided I needed something in me. I had this thing going in and out of me filling me up as I was stroking my clit, and out walked my mom! Was initially mortified but she really normalized the situation and explained she was like this during pregnancy too and she missed her body being like that. […]

      Bootylicious your comments literally get me wet all over again. While not a nudist, most of the time if I am inside during the day by myself, I am pretty much naked. Though I am so wet that sometimes I feel the need to put on some sexy lacy undies to catch my moisture between my legs.

    • alwayswet101 says:

      Bootylicious I would love to read one of these stories! What turns you on most and how you touched yourself? You know this horny pregnant woman would love to hear!

  18. Chloe says:

    "Caught Stories" always turn me on too, Bootylicious! Alwayswet, curious what your mom did when she walked in on you or what you did? I'm assuming your mom was totally cool with it (since masturbation is a normal part of life and they know your pregnant horny state). Sounds like you have a great relationship with your mom! Did getting caught add to your own excitement at all? My own fantasies often involve the whole getting caught narrative which never fails to put me over the edge in short order! Don't know why? It just does. Anyway, I love reading all your horny comments! Would love to hear more from you!

  19. Diligamus says:

    In an ideal world, which we don't live in, I think I'd love to be a nudist, for several reasons. One is that I hate clothes, and it's almost impossible for me to find clothes that are comfortable. In a hot climate like I'm from (Texas) shedding your clothes could certainly make us more comfortable (I live in a cold climate now, and most of the year being naked outside is just not possible).

    Having said all that, it's not just about the way I'd like things to be. I don't agree that since we've been redeemed that we can all walk around naked. The New Testament clearly says that we have to practice modesty, that we can't covet what belongs to others (such as their wives, husbands), etc. That hasn't changed. Would I like to see every woman naked that walked by me in the shopping mall today? In an 'ideal' world I might, but the problem is that I shouldn't. I don't believe that you can separate sex from nudity and there's no reason that you should.

    I can't imagine that if we were at a nude beach that any normal man could walk up close to my completely nude wife and look at her for long without getting a massive hardon. And what would that hardon mean? That her naked body attracted him enough that would want badly to have sex with her. That's perfectly natural, but it's not something that should happen. Conversely, I'm sure I would have the same reaction to some men's naked wives (I'm not sure that with my big tummy that's developed in recent years that I would turn on too many women, but you never know). And many women, I'm sure, are quite turned on by some of the men they see at nude beaches, but it's just a little harder to see their erect clits than a man's hardon. In any event, what I'm saying is that we can't just construct a world that's the way we'd like it, but we have to deal with it the way God intended it. If everybody's walking around naked, turning each other on, then the next thing that people will probably start justifying is wife-swapping, etc., and where does it end? God said don't commit adultery-He didn't put a caveat in there that said it would be ok if your wife or husband approved. When my wife goes to the beach (and I don't necessarily approve of this, but there's no stopping her) her nipples are barely covered and not much more of the crack of her big, beautiful, shapely butt is covered by her bikini bottom-in other words, she's almost naked anyway. I'm sure she's already got plenty of men excited that way, but I have to draw the line when it comes to complete nudity-I just can't see how that could square with Christian morality.

    • alwayswet101 says:

      This is exactly what I have been talking about! If I'm on the beach and a man with an erection is in front of me, I can't just not look! Also, men would look at me too. Even if someone isn't your ideal type, if they are sexually aroused (which is normal amongst nudity; we are human) it is visible. My nephew has been getting boners (teenage boy) at the beach house from being around my pregnant body. He is also just curious, but he is embarrassed because he knows he isn't supposed to be feeling that way about his aunt's pregnant body. He is a teenage boy with raging hormones, and he has feelings and thoughts and he gets embarrassed. If we were just nude, I can't imagine how much worse things would be. I also would probably want to do nothing else besides sit on my hubby's cock and feel my best, but that's just me.

  20. Bootylicious says:

    "Bootylicious I would love to read one of these stories! What turns you on most and how you touched yourself? You know this horny pregnant woman would love to hear!"

    I should write a story about my all day masturbation experiences! In the meantime, I remember reading this one from Chloe, which I was able to find again. It's super hot and I know you will enjoy it! Happy cumming Alwayswet!

  21. Bootylicious says:

    Oh, one curious question for you Alwayswet (I always wonder what other women are sporting below the belt): are you a bald or bush gal? Me? I'm a baldie! Love it bald and won't ever go back to having bush! Hubby LOVES my bald pussy too! I get a ton of oral attention which makes my pussy purr! haha

    • alwayswet101 says:

      So, I always liked to be bare as well, but with the hair growth and my belly getting in the way this pregnancy, my husband learned he actually loves a little bit of a bush. I am always curious what other women are sporting as well. I may go back to bald after pregnancy, but he likes it like this way for now. He finds it very natural and knows the crazy hair growth goes along with everything else rapidly growing! I still get plenty of oral attention, and if I didn't, I would be finding away to shave it.

  22. Bootylicious says:

    I have always wondered if my mom and two sisters keep themselves bald too? Have never had the type of open relationship to ask such questions. But have always been curious. Do you know if you mom and sister shave too? Actually, it was during one of my pregnancies that I first experienced being completely bald. My belly got too big for me to do any type of bush grooming so I asked my hubby if he could help me. He jumped at the chance and before I knew it I was completely bald! (I couldn't see what he was up to down there haha). I loved it and have never gone back to bush! Actually, hubby shaves himself completely bald now too. I love his bald cock also!!

    By the way, how'd you like Chloe's story?

    I wish I could chat with you outside MH. That would be great!


    • alwayswet101 says:

      Oh, Booty, I also wish we could chat! Seems like you totally understand me! My mom and sister are bald too but my mom had a bush back in the day when they were in. She also told me about the time she had her first orgasm, a sex toy party her friend hosted, and a couple of her craziest stories, and all about her pregnancy the day she caught me getting a little busy.

      As for Chloe’s question, I think my mom got a little turned on too but I also feel like if I saw another woman in the throes of her own pleasure that might be enough to get me going! I felt so guilty at first that she happened to see me like that but we both contributed it to the pregnancy and my hormones. I am so thankful for my mother and her sex-positive attitude.

  23. Chloe says:

    Ohhh, Bootylicious, you're not alone in wondering how other women keep their pussies! I ALWAYS wonder too! (including my mom and sisters and co-workers… even my pastor's wife haha). I'm a baldie too! Love being bald!

    Alwayswet, you seem very close to your mom and sister. Do you know if they shave?

    Oh, and thanks for the story endorsement, Bootylicious! Glad you liked my story. Alwayswet, did you have a chance to read it yet? And were you naked by the end of it? 😊

    • alwayswet101 says:

      Oh Chloe dear, not only was I naked but I had a toy inside me and a little vibrator sitting in/hugging my clitoral hood and was squirming. I loved it dear. So relatable. My mom and sister and most of my friends are bald but usually this will come up somehow in conversation. I’m always curious about other women as well since we have the same parts and often times can relate I always am curious to their favorite toys, masturbation habits, libido levels, how often they touch themselves etc

  24. Bootylicious says:

    "Oh, Booty, I also wish we could chat!"

    Hi Alwayswet,

    Are you on any other sex positive discussion groups that I could join so that we could chat? Would love to be able to continue our conversation!


    P.S. Haven't seen any posts from you lately. Hope you're still always wet! haha

    • ParkerJen says:

      Hi Booty, you and Alwayswet both seem like girls after my own heart! I don’t know about alwayswet, but check out the sexpositivehomes subreddit if you get the chance, maybe we all could chat there! Our u/ is the same there!


  25. Bootylicious says:

    Hi Alwayswet,

    I've just read all of your sexy comments! Ooh la la! Hot as always! Been missing seeing your posts! And still looking forward to reading a whole story from you about one of your all day masturbating extravaganzas! Can't wait!

    I just saw that Jen Parker replied to my post to you (about being able to chat on another forum). Sorry Jen; your comment disappeared from the side margin before I had a chance to see it! Yes, indeedy, I would be more than happy to chat with you and Alwayswet somewhere else. I had wanted to leave a gmail address here but that is against MH rules. By the way, Jen, do you have any stories in the works for MH too? Thanks for reaching out!

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