Homecoming, Part 2

The following day, we woke up only a little groggy from our late night. My wife playfully grumbled that I woke her up and ruined her plans for morning sex. We laughed it off and got ready for church.

We were able to get the kids up and ready in record time, no mean feat when they were as excited to see their daddy as he was to see them. The sermon was edifying and the fellowship encouraging, and the kids even went down for a nap with little fuss after we got home. It was a good thing, too, because you could practically taste the sexual desire between the wife and me. Last night had been fun and a necessary release after weeks apart, but it had been too quick to fully tame our raging desires or recapture the intimacy of our love.

When we got a moment to ourselves that afternoon, we quickly undressed and lay next to each other in bed, naked and ready. We began our foreplay by caressing each other’s bodies. My wife played coy, refusing to open her legs for more than a few seconds at a time, giggling as she foiled my attempts to touch her between them. She pecked me on my lips then turned her face away with a playful little laugh before I could plant a longer kiss on her mouth.

Undeterred, I leaned in and began kissing her neck. She squealed with delight, and I shifted lower. She gasped as my mouth closed around her nipple and moaned as it hardened. I sucked gently on it, squeezing first one boob, then the other with my hands. She moaned some more when I moved my mouth to the other boob, squeezing and suckling her rapidly hardening nipple.

When I lifted my head from her chest, she put her hands on my cheeks and pulled me into a deep kiss. “They’re sensitive today,” she breathed when our lips parted. She parted her legs too, and I placed a hand on her mound. As I parted her labia and rubbed a finger over her clit, she moaned again.

Picking up some of her natural wetness, I slid my finger deep into her vagina, eliciting gasps from my wife’s lips. I pushed it as deep as I could without hurting her, then slowly crooked it back until I found her G-spot. Another moan escaped her as I began to stroke it. She began to rotate her hips, humping my finger until she tensed with a small orgasm.

Releasing the breath she had been holding through her climax, my wife pushed at my hand.

“Get out of there,” she demanded. “And put your penis in.” I obediently removed my finger and grabbed a bottle of lube from the headboard. She grabbed my penis and jerked me vigorously until I was well lubed, then lay back with her legs spread.

I crawled between my wife’s knees and easily entered her moist vagina. We kissed, and I began to thrust rapidly. Moaning quietly, she grabbed my shoulders, bucking her hips in rhythm until another orgasm hit. Then I slowed, and we rode the wave of her climax down. We kissed passionately, slowly and intimately moving our hips. She moaned into my mouth as we gently made love, the warm skin of our bodies pressed together. Our lips locked against one another, and our tounges danced with each other. She reached back and grabbed my ass as I thrust into her, let out a shuddering moan, and came again.

She purred contentedly as I kissed her. Then, wrapping my arms about her shoulders, I sat back onto my heels, pulling her into a seated position on my thighs. She squirmed as she sat on my dick, taking hold of my shoulders. We kissed, and I slid my hands down to her ass, squeezing her sweet cheeks as she began to bounce up and down on my shaft. She moaned and rode me harder, her hips slamming into mine. Faster and faster, she rode me until her orgasm broke like a wave upon the rocks, making her writhe and scream like a madwoman.

We kissed as the wave receded, and she began again, her hips soon rocking with wild abandon. Soon she once again lost all control, and with a cry and a shudder, she climaxed again.

I grabbed her before she fell over and laid her down on her back. She put her legs onto my shoulders and gasped as I pushed deep into her. I leaned forward to grab her breasts, and she squirmed and purred. Then I sat up, grabbed her thighs, and began to thrust into her. She moaned and grabbed her bouncing boobs. I spread my legs some more, shifting my hips lower and slightly changing the angle of my penis, and she threw back her head and let out a deep groan from her chest.

“Oh yeah!” She cried. “That’s the spot! It’s so deep!”

I took my cue and thrust harder and faster. She arched her back, her eyes squeezed shut, her moans steadily increasing in pitch. Her boobs bounced crazily, her hands clawing at the blankets around her. I felt her legs and pussy tense moments before she screamed and came.

Now she panted heavily, whimpering as she came down from her latest orgasm. I divided her legs and stretched out on top of her, and our lips met in a desperate kiss as my hand ran through her disheveled hair. We began again, slowly and gently this time.

She whimpered with longing at each slow thrust, bucking her hips upward to take in more of me. Her hands were not still, moving behind my head, then across my back, then down to my ass, squeezing my cheeks as they flexed with each thrust. Then she was coming again, her hands on my back once more, but this time, clawing into my skin as she convulsed with pleasure.

I pushed back to let her catch her breath, but she began to thrust her hips upward. Unfortunately, it was not as effective as she had hoped, and she laughed.

“We should go from behind,” she suggested. She slid off of me, got on all fours, and turned around. I entered her and sat back on my heels, pulling her hips back with me.

She wiggled her hips against me, then slid forward until she was almost off my penis. She paused with just the tip left inside her, then sat back down, impaling herself with the rest of the shaft. She began to slide back and forth, riding the length of my shaft, her ass bouncing off my hips. Then she sat back, her hands off the bed, reaching behind her to grab my hips. I reached forward and grasped her breasts as she bounced up and down. With a moan, she leaned forward again, braced herself with her hands, and rode faster, her ass pounding back against my hips. Her orgasm hit, and she squirmed and tensed, her back arching fetchingly.

She reached back, took my hand, and placed it onto her hair, so I gathered a handful of her lovely curls and tugged gently. She sat back up, and I kissed her neck, my free hand gently caressing her boobs. She purred contentedly, reaching back to my hips as I gently slid my penis in and out of her. Then she pitched forward on all fours once again.

I gave her a spank and thrust into her, riding her ass hard and rough, pulling her hair, and she moaned with delight.

“Yeah, give it to me!” she cried. “Fill me with your hot cum!” I pulled back on her hair and gave her ass another smack.

“Yeah, you like that ass!” she called between moans. “Now fill me up! Give me that hot, white cum!”

I released her hair and grabbed her hips, pounding her hard. She screamed, and with a grunt, I shot rope after rope of hot cum deep into her vagina.

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    • MarriageHeat says:

      LOL! 😁 Of course we have no way of knowing the race of the people in the stories, so we just try to find a photo that illustrates some aspect of the story.

    • SecondMarge says:

      Wouldn’t that be a great superpower. Picking pictures must be great fun compared to deciding if comments are acceptable. Great job.

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