Five Rounds (L/A)

This post contains strong language (L) and anal play (A).

Round One
(After some preliminary chatting about another couple)

Him: Maybe they are having fun

Her: Maybe something like this?
(sends pic of rolling nipple between fingers.)
These need sucking right now.

Him: Oh, fuck!! That does look fun.
I wish I could lick and suck those; they look amazing!

Her: So do I! I can’t do it myself.

Him: Dang, they are tasty. Rolling them around with my tongue.

Her: Ooo!

Him: So hard and erect.

Her: Hmm.

Him: Just for me.

Her: (sends lip-biting pic)

Him: Oh, damn, that’s very, very erotic.

Her: Besides moaning and groaning, that’s what you make me do!

Him: Mmm, good. I like it when you moan and groan while biting your lips 👄
Especially when I’m balls deep.

Her: Well, I can tell you it’s nice and slippery down there. I just checked.
At balls deep, I’d be making more noise!

Him: Those nipples are perfect. So, you are saying your pussy is just a little damp?

Her: Yes!

Him: Tastes good, too!
Well, you just might wake the neighborhood as I’m ramming it home.

Her: Damn! It feels so good!

Him: (sends pic)

Her: My clit is just about that hard right now.
I want you to explode inside. Give it to me!

Him: Take it! Mmmm, the one I’m chewing on.

Her: You feel so good!

Him: Nibbling and sucking on it hard.

Her: I’m squeezing you tight!

Him: That pussy feels so tight and wet around my shaft.
Mmm, that looks delicious.

Her: You feel so good filling me up!

Him: Ramming my stiff cock in that hot fuck hole.

Her: Oh, yes!!

Him: Nice hard clit to pinch while your thighs are spread and calves are on my shoulders.

Her: Oh, oh, oh!

Him: Sliding into your wet honey hole.

Her: I’m rubbing my hands up and down you, pinching nipples, grabbing balls, and then your ass to pull you in.
My face is turning red, everything is tensing up, getting ready to cum!!
The walls of my pussy are engorged and soft.

Him: Thrusting that cock into your cunt while your feet are up around my head.

Her: I love that moment just before you cum when your cock gets so big and hard! Wish that could last forever!

Him: My hips are against your inner thighs, pushing.

Her: My pussy starts pulsing.

Him: My cock is throbbing.

Her: Fuuuuuuuck.

Him: Cum. on. me. now.

Her: I am cumming.

Him: Mmmm, your pussy is so sweet and wet around my thickness. I love your juices flowing down around my nuts! Give it to me!

Her: Did you like the screaming? Ugh, hmmmm.
Cumming again!

Him: OH, FUCK!!!!! You naughty fuck.
Take that cock.

Her: It is so big!

Him: Oh I ain’t done with that yet! Get on your knees now.

Her: Yes, sir.

Him: I’m gonna fuck the shit out of that tight pussy.

Her: Please!

Him: Whack.

Her: Yes! That stings so good!

Him: (sends pic)

Her: Oh, baby!

Him: Take that swollen head in that cunt.

Her: It feels so good in there!

Him: I’m gonna slap that ass again and grab it.

Her: Do it! Pound me!!

Him: (sends harder pic)
Oh, he’s mad.


Him: I’m gonna use that pussy!!!!
Sliding my thumb in that tight ass.

Her: YES!!!!

Him: Cum on my dick, damn it!!!!!

Her: That makes me tighten down on everything!
Oh, here it cums! Cum with me!!

Him: Yes!!!!
Clamp that cock.

Her: I need your cum so bad! Here I go!!

Him: Oh, FUUuuuuCk…

Her: Fuuuuuuck!

Him: Shit.

Her: You.Are.Incredible!!

Him: Mmm, that was round one.
You are gonna be sore from today’s dicking and tongue lashing you are gonna get.

Her: Oh, my! I don’t know how it can get better!
I’ve got a smile on my face. And it’s because of you!

Him: Mmm, thank you!!!!

Her: I’m the one that should thank you!

Him: Enjoy your day, and I will get in that tight pussy soon with my tongue and lips.

Her: Mmmm, I can’t wait!

Him: And that clit will be devoured.
That little tip of fun. Oh, by the way—very, very nice nipples

Her: They go well with that lovely cock!


Round Two (Later that day)

Him: Damn, I’m thinking it’s nap time. Just laying down on the couch, rubbing my cock.
That stream of pre-cum tasted pretty good.

Her: 👅🔥🔥 You really like to get me hot and bothered, don’t you?

Him: I’m gonna use your line. Sorry, not sorry.

Her: 😆😂 It’s all part of the fun! The teasing, I mean.
Trying to catch up to me for the total of the day?

Him: Well, yes, dang it! Those nipples and that pussy are working very, very, very well.

Her: Good!

Him: Very, very well still.

Her: Cum on them. I’ll rub it in.

Him: Mmmmm, fuck, yes.

Her: Damn, give it to me! Or, I can suck it if you’d rather. 🍆👄
How about I suck and then you decide where you want to cum?

Him: Yes, please.

Her: I really want to lick that drop off of it!

Him: Go for it. Suck it away.

Her: Mmmmm, wrapping my lips around it and hanging on!

Him: (sends pic) Tongue that slit.

Her: OMG

Him: You have no idea.

Her: Mmm, mmmm, mmmmmmm.

Him: I am tongue fucking you right now, hard!

Her: It feels incredible!!

Him: Yes and tastes amazing.
Your pussy is so swollen! And extremely wet. I can’t get enough of that erect clit.

Her: Aaah, you’re doing a great job! Keep it up!

Him: My whiskers are tickling your thighs.

Her: Yes!!

Him: Oh, can I bring a friend? Are you flushed?

Her: Yes, but I’ve got to go.

Him: Okay. Later, then.

Round Three (Later still that day)

Him: So earlier today, I asked if could bring a friend…

Her: Oh, yeah, I meant to ask you about that. Who, or what, is your friend?

Him: (sends picture of dildo) Meet my friend, lol.

Her: Nice! What are you proposing to do with your friend?

Him: I thought we could tag team you, if that’s okay?

Her: Oh, my gosh! Of course! That really woke things up!!

Him: Oh I’m sorry… Not! Hehe!

Her: 👿

Him: Mmmm, yes.

Her: Still beating that meat?
Does your friend have a name?

Him: Not at all.
Big Red.

Her: Appropriate.
What does Big Red like to do?

Him: Not as big as a cucumber.

Her: 😂 Trust me, that is a good thing!
Nobody could take that all the time.

Him: He likes to hide out in dark places.
And when he gets playful, he likes to buzz around.

Her: Hmm, I like the sound of that.

Him: Bzzzt bzzzz bzzzzt Bzzzzzz bzzzzt bzzzz
Different patterns.
It goes well with a great tongue lashing.

Her: That’s always nice. It keeps me guessing. That’s part of what I like about my little one.

Him: Mmmm. Yes. Inside, outside, inside.

Her: That, and it sits right inside my pussy where there’s more sensation.

Him: I like right inside with my tongue.

Her: Oh, damn! Yes!

Him: Licking as deep as I can go.

Her: I love a good 👅 fuck!

Him: Mmmm, well I didn’t give you a very good one this morning.
I was too busy pounding that sweet hole.

Her: Maybe not, but everything else was fantastic!

Him: And spanking and grabbing that ass.

Her: You really know how to get me going!

Him: Making you clamp down on me.

Her: Was I good and tight?

Him: Mmmm, absolutely. Loved it!
Now I want to devour you.

Her: Go right ahead!

Him: Using my thumb and forefinger to move the hood back.

(Round Three was interrupted by a break for supper)

Her: Maybe more later

Him: Maybe?

Her: Probably

Round Four (Later)

Her: Hey, Sexy!

Him: Who me?

Her: Yeah, you!

Him: That’s me🤗

Her: Did you get a good supper?

Him: Yes, steak and shrimp baja tacos. But my lips and tongue are hot from the salsa.

Her: Yum!
Whatcha up to?
Did you ever add to your count today?

Him: I just had my third a while ago. My balls ache for now.

Her: Bravo! I won’t call for an encore, then. Let them rest and build up a good load.
I don’t want them hurting.

Him: Okay, and did you add to your count?

Her: No, no real opportunity. Maybe in the morning. I’ll have to see what I can dream up.
And my nipples are right there with your balls, a little sore.
I guess I should get to bed so I’m rested enough for a round or two tomorrow.

Him: I could suck on them…

Her: Gently, please.

Him: That probably wouldn’t help, though.

Her: No, probably not. Although you’d be gentler than the babies were. Now, that could be sore!
Maybe just some of that kissing and making out you’ve been sending gifs of? That would feel great!
I should probably go to bed.

Him: I was thinking the same thing. Good night.

Her: Good night.

Round Five
(A few hours later)

Him: Good morning

Her: Good morning
I see you’ve already started with the kissing gifs.
That lip-biting is 🔥🔥🔥

Him: Oh, I love it!

Her: Of course you do! I don’t think there’s much you don’t!!

Him: Hickies on each other’s ass cheeks.

Her: Oooooooooh!

Him: When you go to sit down and your butt is tender and you’re like, “Oh, I remember that.”

Her: Good reminder!

Him: It serves a purpose. 😆

Her: Kind of like having a sore pussy or aching balls.

Him: Mmmm, yes.
I wish I could reach over and gently make love to my sexy woman.
Kissing your neck. Lifting a breast to my mouth.

Her: I might practically cum from that at this point!

Him: I’m putting a good pressure on with my sucking.
I gently take the nipple into my hot wet mouth.

Her: Mmm-hmm.

Him: Back right behind your ear, I nuzzle your neck with gentle damp kisses.

Her: Do you have any idea what you’re doing to me right now?!?

Him: Whispering, “I want you.
I need you! You are mine and I will make you moan.”
Kissing your ear as I whisper.

Her: I’m already moaning!

Him: My left hand finds that soft erect nipple and rubs it so gently, just fingertips.
Finding your jawline with another wet kiss, then the tip of your nose,
I search for your wanting lips that are all pouty and gently lick them open.

Her: Oh, my!

Him: My fingernail grazes your big, beautiful, womanly breasts.
My mouth finds your neck again, and I suckle like a new infant.

Her: I whimper.

Him: Your breathing becomes harder, gasping and labored.
I gently roll that erect nipple.
Bending just a touch, I glide my tongue over the other, pulling it between my lips.

Her: I haven’t even touched myself, and there’s a throbbing in my pussy!

Him: My lips have got it pinned, and my tongue is flicking the very tip.
Good, that’s how I love your pussy.
I gently strum my fingers across your chest down your tummy, making goosebumps arise along the way.
I play with the little bit of hair around your tender pussy, just grazing it.
You are in heat. Your hips start to arch.

Her: I can’t take it and beg for more!

Him: My middle finger slides through the folds of that delectable pussy.
And it finds that hard swollen nub, puts firm pressure on it and holds still.
My tongue and lips are back to your neck.
Your body is fevered, your blood pressure is up. Mmmmmm, fuck!

Her: It certainly is!! I’m squirming trying to get what I want!

Him: Babe, you have got me. Now take what is yours.

Her: Come and get it!

Him: Sliding my finger into that wet, wet, slick pussy, I moan right in your ear.
Babe, I’m going to make you all mine.

Her: Oh, yes! Make me yours!!

Him: Sliding the one finger and then a second into the wetness your pussy is so hot. It feels so good.

Her: Oh, yes it does!

Him: I gently slide off the bed and walk over to your side, pulling your legs off the edge.
Now I get down on my knees as I spread those sexy legs. My tongue and breath are hot against your aching center.
You thrust upward to meet the tongue that is going to invade your hot cunt.

Her: Mmmm, fuck, baby, lick it good.
Oh, my gosh!

Him: Are you wet?
Licking the clit and then sliding my tongue up each lip.

Her: Holy shit, I am so crazy excited!
Am I wet? Are you familiar with Niagara Falls?!?

Him: Pulling each lip into my mouth and sucking on them one by one.

Her: I grip the sheets and hang on!!

Him: Taking two fingers, I stick them in your mouth to moisten them, then pull them down and insert them into that hot slit.

Her: I ride them, clamping down as hard as I can!

Him: My mouth is firmly attached to that swollen clit while two fingers find your G-spot.

Her: Moans and little screams are becoming the only things I can articulate!

Him: Stroking it and sucking your clit take you over the edge. You can’t help but moan and giggle at the same time.
The orgasm that washes over you is so intense your legs are shaking.
Convulsions hitting.

Her: And I scream like I’ve never screamed before!

Him: Mmm, I can hear you from here!
My coçk is so hard, seeing you so fulfilled!
I guide it home and push it in all the way in on one stroke.
Balls deep, I kiss you.

Her: I let out a moan.
I suck on your tongue.

Him: I’m inspired and very horny and start sliding my shaft between those hot pussy lips.
I’m groaning now while you suck my tongue.

Her: My pussy is still twitching.

Him: Good, that’s the way I want your pussy!!!!
My cock fills your walls. Gaining speed, I shorten the strokes but speed them up.

Her: I buck up against you.

Him: Pulling my ass and grinding that cunt into me.

Her: Yearning for what I know is coming.
Begging for it!

Him: We are both are on the verge together. Both screaming to each other, “give me your cum now!”
My seed starts to flow inside. You’ve clamped down on that shaft as your climax peaks.
I snuggle your neck again. “Babe, you’re the best.” And then that kiss starts it all over again.

Her: I feel incredible!

Him: I will now eat that wet pussy of yours.

Her: Please!

Him: My tongue and lips are going crazy on you.

Her: I’m going to have my hand busy here on my clit, so I may not say much.

Him: Mmmm, that’s where my tongue wants to be.

Her: It’s slick! Tell me about it while I work on it.

Him: My fingers will slide up inside and put pressure on your G-spot for you.
I pull your fingers away and attack that pussy, licking, nibbling, sucking.
I can’t get enough of it! My face is buried in that hot cunt. Mmmmm, you taste amazing.

Her: Feels amazing.

Him: My head is thrashing around, eating that delicious pussy of yours.

Her: Oh, yes!!

To be continued!!!!!

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  1. Bertie says:

    Hi Juicy, loving these text message posts. So hot and sexy! Very inspiring and making me think that others might enjoy some of the hot and horny exchanges my wife and I share.

    Keep them cumming!

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