Going For a Dip

We went out with another couple we know for the day, four-wheeling in the desert. Normally, we’d head out in just one vehicle for a day trip, but I had just rebuilt the engine in our Jeep, so we went in two vehicles. We had an old CJ5, and Monica and Ken had a Landcruiser. Nothing like a trial run after an overhaul, to find any bugs, like a loose hose or a bolt or something.  Pretty unforgiving if you get stuck out there in the summer sun, so two vehicles made sense that day.

We wandered around, looking around an old ghost town and mining camp all day until finally, we headed back home. We hit the main road toward town—a nice, wide, well-bladed dirt road—and they led the way. We backed off a bit behind them, so we weren’t eating all their dust. When we caught up to them at the junction, there they were, pulled off by the hot springs… with a flat tire. We pulled in there too and got out to give them a hand.

After we got the tire changed (nice work in the hot sun, with no shade) and stuffed all the jacks and things back in the 4×4’s, Monica said, “Hey, don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m going to take a dip in the water. Hot or not, it’ll feel pretty good with the wind blowing like it is!” There was a hot spring right there, and remnants of a resort that had been there in the 30s, including a couple of stone hot tubs, and a pond where all the run-off drained. My wife figured that Monica had the right idea! We had swimsuits in the Jeep, and they had some with them too, so, we got behind our Jeep and started changing into them.

Well, problem one: my wife, couldn’t find her top. She found the bottom, but the top was MIA. She wanted to wear my t-shirt, but no chance of that, since I wasn’t wearing one. I told her to hold on, let me sort through the bag of rags I’d thrown under the seat. I found a good one. It was about a half of a t-shirt, but it was the top half, so that should work. It must have been an XXL, but there was enough of it there to cover up her important parts!

That done, we headed to the best old stone pool to go for a dunk, along with our friends.

All was fine and dandy as all four of us dipped a foot into the hot water. Monica laughed and teased my wife about her “fancy bikini top.”

Now, problem two: the wind. A gust came up and blew that oversize t-shirt top up over my wife’s face. She tried to grab the thing and pull it back down with both her headlights exposed to all of us. Monica let out a snort. Ken blurted out, “Oh, wow!”

And problem three: Ken was turned on by her big ol’ tits. Can’t say as I can fault him; I am too!  At least he didn’t step on his tongue! We were both staring!

Then, problem four: Her tits turned him on enough to make his dick hard. It was obvious since his bathing suit was a little skimpy man-bikini thing. It didn’t have enough material either and failed to keep him under wraps, and then, POINK! he popped out of one side. hard as a rock and pointing south! He was trying to stuff his monster back in the material-deprived suit when Monica reached out and back-handed him in the shoulder, calling him a something-or-other!

Again, problem five: When she smacked him one—just for being a normal guy I might add—the inertia from her wack and swinging tits caused her poorly designed or installed clasp on the front of her swim top to let loose. And it let loose spectacularly! Best I can describe, it was like a rubber band. You know how sometimes rubber bands break, and they move so fast you can’t even see which direction they shoot? That was it! POINK! That tube top thing she had on… no longer was on! It just disappeared and reappeared about 10 feet behind her! Unleash the girls! Now, the rest of us are staring and laughing at her with her tits out and on full display! To make it worse, she pretty much froze! Stop action, I’d call it!

Next, problem six: I’m a normal guy too. Being surrounded by all these big naked tits, and big areolas, and protruding nipples, well, I started boning on up. At least I had on a bigger swimsuit than Ken. Unfortunately, as I got hard, it pulled that built-in stupid fishnet jock thing forward too, and my balls fell out down my right leg. No, the swimsuit wasn’t big enough to hide near enough.

So, there we were. Monica ran after her top, now blowing away in the wind. Ken, attempted to stuff a couple of pounds of meat into a half pound wrapper. My wife tried to hold down an oversized half t-shirt over her tits with a very uncooperative breeze. And I was reaching down my swim trunks, attempting to reel my balls back in!

My wife was the first to think a bit and plop down in the water! We all wisely followed her example.

Finally, the last problem: After all of us jumping in and hiding in the old pool and having a really good laugh, we did have to get out eventually. And lying there, we realized that tits float! Hard nipples and all! Talk about a view!! That caused Ken and I to remain, “periscopes up,” in the water. A body can only stay in 105 degree water so long, and I finally baled out first, with the warning, “Don’t mind what you see; I can’t do anything about it!” Glad they all agreed!

I stayed pretty well covered when I got out and headed for the Jeep with not much more than a tent going on. My wife escaped alright too. Her half t-shirt was wet and stuck to her. The only problem was, it was now translucent, maybe almost transparent, but at least it wasn’t flying like a flag over her head. She would’ve been a winner at a wet t-shirt contest! Nice!

Monica climbed out, and probably would have been fine except that, for some reason, she shook off a bit and POINK! Her top went on another flight. And she was off again! And Ken? Nothing to the imagination as he crawled out of the water with the wet t-shirt. And with his wife on another dead run with tits a floppin’, trying to catch up to her top, what could a guy do?!?! He did buy a normal size swimsuit later to keep in their Landcruiser however.

Fun in the desert!

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17 replies
  1. StillLikeNewlyweds says:

    Tulsa, I am so glad you finally started writing stories a while back. They are always some of my favorites to read. And this one is no different.
    God bless

  2. Tulsa says:

    We got to visit with our friends, now living out of state, and of course, this whole fiasco came up in conversation! (again!) Figured I'd go ahead and write about it!
    Some of our best memories, about sex & sexual happenings, are the funny things that have happened. This one, was indeed hilarious, as Juicy called it! If I was a better writer, it could have been a gut-buster, but I'm glad y'all enjoyed it! 🙂


  3. alwayswet101 says:

    This is amazing. The part about your tents in your swim shorts really got me wet. Accidental erections have an effect on me. Seeing a man in a situation that make his member grow and come to life and not being able to control it but just being truly turned on is such a beautiful thing to me. Like you said “I can’t help it!”

  4. Mike2020 says:

    Every man knows the experience of climbing out of the pool and finding his swim trunks clinging to the outline of his sex kit. Worse when he’s having an inadvertent erection over some swimsuit clad beauty he’s seen in the pool and the outline of his erect shaft shows in perfect detail. Even worse when he notices women’s eyes go down to the bulge before he can adjust! Happens to girls too. My first sight of female pubic hair came when I was in my teens at a pool and a poor girl hadn’t realised her pink one piece swimsuit had worn very thin over her pubic area and I clearly saw her dark bush through the thin cloth.

    • alwayswet101 says:

      Oh boy, I’m very wet after imagining this. How do you even adjust if all you’re wearing is swim shorts and they’re wet/clinging to your form and like you said “male sex kit”? This is definitely encouraging my afternoon solo session. Natural erections and accidental ones from just purely admiring women turn this woman on to a different level. You may be able to see women’s pubic hair sometimes, but it’s not like you can see the effect that you have on them, like if they were soaked after making out or catching you with a boner. I think it’s adorable and so sexy when a male gets an unexpected erection and they’re embarrassed.

    • livinghope says:

      alwayswet101 Women may not get erections down below, but they do have breasts with nipples that can get hard and erect. Watching a woman's nipples involuntarily harden upon uncontrollable arousal gets my cock hard too for the same reasons you mentioned.

    • alwayswet101 says:

      Oh boy I have them a few times of day anymore. I have been all pregnancy and I always have a need for him when he’s home from work. In the end of the day I need my man inside me, after all he’s the one who got me like this haha. I have been caught by the hubby and he is fully erect instantly and hasn’t been able to not touch himself. He knows I can’t help it and my hormones are insane these days lol.

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