In Control

Part 1: Connie

It had been a long day at our home office. Work wasn’t bad; I was just lonely.  Rodney was not working at home today. He was out visiting clients and would be working at our local office. So I was alone, and the house was quiet, so tranquil.

I stood in front of the mirror in our bedroom and gently touched my breasts.  They ached for Rodney’s hands to touch them. I wished that he was home at this very moment; I have never been a patient person, I wanted him now.  A pulse shot from my boobs to my pussy and throbbed between my thighs. I could feel the wetness there.  I looked down at my round perky breasts and hard nipples, then pulled my shirt down to see their perfect light brown color.  My touch both comforted them and sent a tingle down my spine.

I slid one hand into my pants and touched my swollen pussy lips.  Lowering my pants, I could see my pink and purple lips between my legs and began to circle the area gently and firmly.  I moaned; oh, yes, it felt so good.  Where was my beloved with his rock-hard dick?  I considered calling him to see where he was and how long it would be before he came home.  Passion surged through me when I thought about him sitting in the car and how sexy he is when he drives.

I decided that I could not wait. I found my pink rabbit vibrator * and set it to its lowest setting. The low steady pulse of the device felt so good.  I touched my nipples with it first and then slid it slowly towards my pussy that was now more than just a little wet.  I lay back on our bed and just enjoyed the vibrations as they pulsated throughout my body.  I imagined Rodney over me, could taste his kisses on my mouth and feel the moisture as he kissed my nipples. I ached for release, needed to be comforted and find satisfaction, and I needed Rodney’s dick.

I hesitated to let myself climax; I knew Rodney would be home soon and could help me complete my task.  Instead, I walked the line, edging closer but remaining in control.  Edging like this could make my time with Rodney even better; I knew that, and he knew it too.  I so wished he was home now.  It felt like electricity was running through my innermost parts as I pushed the thick shaft forward and then pulled back. Oh, God, this feels so good.

Time seemed to pass slowly; how long would it be before he got home?  The edge was a cliff now, and I walked along it precariously close—no, I ran beside it as I continued to plunge the vibrator in and out of myself.  I pinched and pulled on my nipples.  I am in control.  Oh, life is good.

I slowed my pace, stopping my sprint along the edge. I was too close to the cliff; I stood there looking over the expanse before me.  My pleasure did not subside and didn’t move forward; it just stalled.  I was barely able to understand what was going on.  It was like I was just stuck in this amazing place, and it felt amazing.

Then I heard something—the sound was near deafening.  I could see, in the distance of the expanse, a shock wave moving toward me as I stood on the cliff’s edge.  I stepped forward; I crossed the line.

The shock wave slammed into me. I had stepped off the cliff and was falling forward, but now I was thrown backward, away from the edge.  I gasped, drawing in vast amounts of air, and though I felt no pain, I screamed out.  Then I moaned savagely and screamed again.  I was definitely no longer in control. Finally, I climaxed, every part of me pulsating as wave after shock wave crashed through me.

The sound I had heard was the garage door opening.  Rodney was home, and his arrival, his presence, had pushed me over the edge and off the cliff.  I should not have been so surprised.  All I could think about earlier was the idea of him coming home. Now he had.

Now I relaxed; I would almost say I collapsed, but I was already lying down.  My breaths slowed, and my heart rate lowered.  As I waited for Rodney, I dared not stand. I don’t know if I could have.

Rodney spoke. “Hello, dear.” I felt his gentle touch, “Are you okay?”

I turned toward him and looked into his eyes.  “Yes, I am good. Very good.

Part 2 (Rodney) to follow.

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13 replies
  1. SecondMarge says:

    So hot I had to turn the AC to keep from overheating. Pumped myself with my plastic fantastic lover along with you, my nipples abused by my other hand. Over the cliff I went but sadly no one was in my garage, or I would have gladly let him park his car.

  2. Loving Guy says:

    This story is really great. Go Second Marge! I love that description of you pumping yourself with you're plastic lover and playing with you're nipples! So hot! Now I have to go have some fun, if you get my drift!

    • alwayswet101 says:

      I’m catching your drift that you had a nice piece of wood after this?? 😉 I certainly was lubricated after reading this story and am quite hot and bothered now! Off to have some fun

  3. Hellohoneyiloveyou1 says:

    Alwayswet and the rest of you: This was sooo hot. Honestly, with your comments. I can imagine all of you either flicking your hard wet clits or stroking your shafts along with me shooting my load.

  4. Loving Guy says:

    I’m catching your drift that you had a nice piece of wood after this?? 😉 I certainly was lubricated after reading this story and am quite hot and bothered now! Off to have some fun

    Oh Yes! I am stroking! I am typing one-handed! I have been horny all day.

    • alwayswet101 says:

      I’m having one of those days today. I woke up wet and aroused, and anything I do or think of just turns me on. My body and hormones are getting the best of me but also bringing me lots of pleasure. It sounds like you both got a nice erection and had a little fun? If you’ll excuse me, my wet pussy needs some attention right now 💧

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