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In Control II

For the first chapter of this story, read In Control. Part 2: Rodney It had been a long day. I had been running around town visiting with clients, both prospects and suspects.  Work wasn’t bad; I just longed to be with Connie.  She was at home today because she had several personal and work-related things […]

In Control

Part 1: Connie It had been a long day at our home office. Work wasn’t bad; I was just lonely.  Rodney was not working at home today. He was out visiting clients and would be working at our local office. So I was alone, and the house was quiet, so tranquil. I stood in front […]

Well, Alrighty Then…

It had been a long day.  Our typical bedtime had passed, and there were still things that needed to be done, but they would have to wait.  We crawled into our so-very-cozy bed to start our journey towards the other side of reality. It wasn’t long before the irrational side of my mind spoke to […]

A Good Morning

Connie woke, gasping for air. She looked around the room; it was dark. She breathed, deep and heavy.  Her heart pounding in her chest, she reached to her right, but the bed was empty—Rodney was not in bed.  She stared at the roof as her breathing slowed, and she thought, trying to make sense of […]

Chatter (L)

This post contains a couple of instances of strong language (L).  Yes, a glass of wine would be good.  Connie didn’t drink much, but a glass now and again helped calm the chatter that often cluttered her mind.  There was nothing wrong with the chatter, it was just noisy.  Her busy life was not a […]