Chatter (L)

This post contains a couple of instances of strong language (L). 

Yes, a glass of wine would be good.  Connie didn’t drink much, but a glass now and again helped calm the chatter that often cluttered her mind.  There was nothing wrong with the chatter, it was just noisy.  Her busy life was not a problem.  To be fair, being busy—having lots of things to do—is much better than having nothing to do at all. However, this afternoon, a glass of “relax and chill” was a good idea.

Connie was home alone, and although she missed Rodney greatly, she was enjoying her quiet day.  She poured herself a glass or her favorite blush.  It wasn’t an expensive bottle; she liked it though, and that is what mattered.  With glass in hand and knowing her plans, she stood in front of the bathroom mirror as she removed her clothes and put her robe on.  It was a silky robe that Rodney had bought her a few months earlier on one of their vacation jaunts.  She thought of that trip, and she blushed to match her wine.

Connie’s mind chatter increased volume as she thought of the many things she could be doing other than taking an afternoon to selfishly relax and indulge in herself.  She took another drink and then topped her glass off before finding a comfy place on the couch.

She flipped through the channels on the TV and continued to sip her afternoon tipple.  Joy began to lift her spirts as the chatter calmed.  Work could wait.  She knew a joyful, relaxed, peaceful heart was better than any prescription drug a doctor could prescribe.  A cup of blush, self-prescribed, was a surefire way to find some serenity.

TV failed her, and she soon was flipping through YouTube videos when she landed on a beautiful beach video.  Someone was quietly strolling a deserted shoreline as they recorded their walk for others.  They walked, didn’t talk, didn’t see anyone, and didn’t waver as they strolled along the shore.  You could hear the waves as they crashed ashore.  The occasional call of a seagull could be heard.  It was very peaceful, and it was noticeably quiet.

Connie was surprised to find the video somehow erotic.  There was nothing sexual about it, and she concluded that it was wine that was talking to her, or maybe it was the quiet doing the talking—or not talking—to her.  Her mind was clear, stillness reigned, and she was alone with just herself.   She liked herself; maybe not as much as Rodney liked her, but at his request, she was trying to like herself better.

She set the empty glass on the table and touched her breast.  Her hands gripped them both, right hand on the right breast and the left on the left breast.  She clenched them tightly and tugged gently.  Then, she moved her right hand to her left breast and her left hand moved down and between her legs.  She lifted her legs and pulled them tightly toward her body, and her feet settled on the edge of the couch.  She was sitting upright on the couch, watching the video as the walk down the beach continued.  Her robe fell down her arms and she sat there, nude.

She looked at the empty glass that had held the exotic elixir she had finished earlier.  Then her eyes dropped to her nipples as she tugged on each of them to the point of pain, a good pain.  She admired her firm and fit body before she leaned her head backwards and got serious about her goal.

She planned to surf.  The waves on the video before her were so powerful and her nakedness made her think about body surfing.  She didn’t think of being in the ocean on some secluded beachside, but about how beautiful she was and how badly she wanted to fuck, finger, and feel her body convulse as she bodysurfed a wave of orgasms.

It was warm, the room was warm, and she could feel her warm pussy fluids crashing on the shore.  The moisture was the wave she would surf.  She touched her clitoris with her two middle fingers, circling left and then right.  With her other hand, she steadied and balanced herself, two of its fingers diving deeply into the salty waters as her other hand continued to stroke her clit.  Her two hands, her four fingers, kept her stable.  She would not crash as she rode her self-induced pleasure wave.  She could imagine the surfing scene and what it might look like if she were on shore watching herself ride such a large breaker.

The orgasm came, and the electric pulses of pleasure shocked her from her feet to the top of her head.  It felt so good.  She breathed, she gasped, and she panted as wave after wave of energy flowed throughout her body.  She gushed with wetness as the two fingers inside her were joined by two more; her pussy was full of fingers. Rubbing furiously, Connie focused intently on riding this wave as long as possible.  One, two, three, eight, eleven, and the orgasmic waves continued to crash against her body.  She lost count; counting ceased to matter. She just wanted it to continue.

Connie opened her eyes as she continued to masturbate and saw the video now focused on the expanse of the ocean.  The horizon seemed endless, and the enormity of the ocean and the power it displayed pushed her forward on the great wave she was surfing.  How long, how many orgasms could she have?  Each one was distinct, yet each led into the other; they were not stopping.  Connie finger-fucked herself hard.  She reached as deep into the ocean as she could, circling, then stroking her clit as fast as possible.  She was drunk, intoxicated, but it wasn’t alcohol that caused the whirling and swirling of her mind.  It was her: her pleasure, her own actions, her work that caused this drunkenness.  It was good.  She was in a safe place.  She drank more of it.  She rode this wave.

She saw the darkness approach; or was it that the light fled from the scene before her?  Waves of pleasure beat on her body.  The umbra engulfed her, and she could see nothing.  She recognized her own desperate gasp for air, the last thought she had.  The scene disappeared.  The wave had crashed.  Connie was no longer surfing; she passed out.

At some point, Connie began to be aware of a warmth and wetness.  Her eyes opened, and she imagined the sun above her, pictured herself lying on a beach.  She was naked and unashamed.  Perhaps she had just surfed the best wave ever.  Clarity returned, and Connie smiled.  Wow…  all she could think was wow.

Connie righted herself on the couch.  The video was done, and YouTube suggested another video walk on the beach.  The sofa blanket she was sitting on was soaked; wetness pooled beneath her. She didn’t know how long she had been out.  This was the closest to drunk she had ever felt.  It wasn’t the wine, she knew that.  It was her self-pleasuring that inebriated her.  She liked it.  Connie smiled broadly.  Life was good, exceptionally good.

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19 replies
  1. texasman76 says:

    This was so hot!! I imagined my wife doing this as I read. My dick is so hard now I may have to take care of business since my wife is away. Thank you so much for submitting this well written piece.

  2. LovingMan says:

    Your mentioning of the YouTube ocean scene led to me putting an ocean scene YouTube video on our bedroom TV for our lovemaking session this morning! It was really nice! We enjoyed the sound of the waves plus it kind of created some white noise to mask the sounds WE + our 2 vibrators were making! Thanks!

  3. alwayswet101 says:

    This was so well written. It got me so hot & bothered that Connie and I both were sitting in a puddle of wetness. I too soaked a blanket reading this, that's for sure! Though I love being pregnant, I also long for the day I can have a glass of wine again; but for now I guess I'll keep squirting away and rubbing this pussy of mine that can't seem to be tamed!

    • Diligamus says:

      My wife didn't become able to squirt until a while after she delivered the baby. She could only do it if she was on top of me and grinding against me. I knew she was about to do it when she would make this guttural sound from deep in her throat that she only made when she was about to squirt, then began her long, usual orgasm moan with her eyes tightly shut and her mouth wide open or gritting her teeth. During her squirt orgasm she would flood my balls and penis with her large amount of fluid, and after that she was pretty much spent, not interested in another orgasm. It was so hot.

    • alwayswet101 says:

      Oh this is so hot! Congrats to you and your wife! Was she as much of a horn dog as I am during pregnancy!? Even a comment like yours above has me touching myself. Squirting feels amazing and is such a sweet release. I definitely flood my hubby as well…whether it’s his huge & hard manly organ or his face while he’s devouring me.

  4. Hellohoneyiloveyou1 says:

    Always wet! Wow
    You & your words. I can picture you rubbing your pussy and squirting. Such detail. Having trouble' with my stick shift now.

    Question: When you squirt, is It pee or cum or both?

    • alwayswet101 says:

      And I am definitely typing again one handed now. lol, MarriageHeat has that effect on my pussy and me. When I squirt, it is considered female ejaculate, not pee. It is more liquidy than cum but it also contains cum; it just usually soaks the bed/blanket. Women who can squirt often times have waterproof blankets (the ones they make for squirting during sex), and it is well worth it! I hope you had a great time stroking that erection of yours 😉

    • Hellohoneyiloveyou1 says:

      Always wet, you did it again! Mmm .
      Have you written your own stories on MH?
      I'd like to read them.

    • alwayswet101 says:

      I posted the one about my pregnancy and it sending my hormones into overdrive! I will try to write some soon. I have been so turned on it’s hard to write a story without cumming and it just leading me to want to read others. I have been sticking to comments and loving others story’s.

  5. Emun87 says:

    I appreciate the positive comments, thanks bunches. Connie and I are maturing rapidly in our sexual relationship and marriage heat has played a part in that growth. We believe that the measure of a good relationship with each other is exactly in line with our positive sexual relationship… Duh! That should go without saying, but alas it needs to be said. AND, if our relationship is good then our relationship with our creator god is good; they go hand in hand. More stories are on the way…

  6. Hellohoneyiloveyou1 says:

    Always wet and everyone,
    You know why I like marriage heat?
    Because we can all relate to hot crazy sex ( making love). It's not porn. Porn is sin. It creates death and destruction. We all ( be honest) get to imagine other couples having sex, we masterbate and provide each other with descriptive ' stories about our spouses & encourage each other to share our experiences so we may learn and grow the right way. Just read this post again, typing one handed.. but I just had to share my thoughts.

    • alwayswet101 says:

      Hellohoneyiloveyou1…your comments are always a big turn on for me. What you said is so accurate. The details and words and stories we all share with each other makes us bring skills and feelings into each of our own marriages—and if not married, solo times, which are just as important.

      I can totally relate to the one-hand thing because I just slipped my panties off and they were pretty much soaked, so I’m just starting with my fingers for now until I need to have something bigger inside of me. Stay horny everyone!

    • Hellohoneyiloveyou1 says:

      Always wet,
      Glad you are out of your panties. ;9
      Yes. M.H. is a great way to communicate.
      Oops! My pants just came off revealing a very big n hard one.

  7. Megantxmom says:

    Oh yesss this was hot! Thanks for the story! You have this married Christian mommy needing a beach vacation or just like 2 more mins to cream my already wet panties 🤣🙈

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