An Oasis in North Africa – Part 2

For a minute they just stood, Steve’s arms gently entwined around his new bride’s waist, her hands placed against his chest, each pair of eyes shyly studying the face of the other.  Forgotten was the desert night outside, the predatory Nazis, the strange but temporary security of this Spanish haven.  Only one thing consumed the minds of the new husband and wife.

“How does it feel?” Steve asked in a deep half-whisper, his head bent so that his lips were near Teddie’s ear.  “Being married?”

“So far, it’s wonderful,” she whispered back.  His voice, even the sensation of his breath against her neck and in her hair, was arousing.  Her mind sprinted back over everything she’d read about foreplay and sex.  How she wanted to satisfy this man! But it didn’t need to happen all at once.  Going slow was okay.  And this was Steve’s second time around; he would teach her as they went along.

His fingers trailed to her forehead and pushed the veil off her hair.  “You know you didn’t even need that.  Your hair’s a glory on its own.”

She smiled, touched and complimented, sensing the rosy heat burn her cheeks.  Hesitantly, she reached up and stroked her fingers through his hair.  “I can’t tell you how often I wanted to do that,” she confessed.  At her touch his eyes had closed in enjoyment.  Now he opened them and gazed down at her, his own small smile playing at his mouth.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” he asked.

A chuckle of both delight and embarrassment escaped her, and she stammered, “Well…it would have been so…forward, you know, and…and I couldn’t imagine that…you thought I was…that desirable.”

He had moved closer until there was only an inch between his lips and hers.  “Teddie, I love you and desire you so bad I think I’ll lose my mind!” he declared in that sexy half-whisper that delivered delicious tugs to her stomach.  “I didn’t think I’d ever get to experience this again.”

“What if I can’t…please you as much as –” but she got no further because he planted his mouth on hers.  If only she’d known the fire he was feeling for her, the overwhelming contentment at having her pressed against him, her doubts would have vanished.  For the second time in her life, she lost herself in a mad kiss with Steve.

“Don’t ever talk like that again,” he gasped when he let her up for air.  “We’re both learning.  It’s different for everyone no matter how often you’ve done it.  But that doesn’t matter.  What matters is this: I love you, I want you, and you are beautiful!”

“Oh Steve…” and she clasped her arms around his neck and kissed his cheek several times.  “Thank you for saying that.  I just…want to be a good wife; I want to satisfy you.”

“You already are,” he murmured in her ear, his lips pausing to press warm kisses on her neck and then her clothed shoulder.  “And I want to do the same for you,” he added, drawing back to look down at her tenderly.

She inhaled with a mix of excitement and nervousness.  “Well at least you know what you’re doing,” she quipped.

He had to laugh, but, growing serious again, he asked, “May I start?” with a seductive arching of one eyebrow and a curve of his mouth.

With a sudden onslaught of heartbeats, she nodded.

First he leaned down to kiss her neck, sending a shiver through her body, adding soft caresses over her back with his hands.  Then he kissed her lips again with long, hungry kisses; he smiled a little when he touched his tongue to hers and she jumped.  Going from regular to open-mouthed kissing was a bit of a shock to a first-timer.  But she quickly found she liked it, devouring his mouth with a frenzy that delighted him.

His hands had wandered down her back to the soft firmness of her buttocks.  Massaging the sensual round curves, he drew a clear moan of pleasure from her.

“I…I can’t believe I’m being touched this way…” she murmured between kisses.

“You’re so soft…so sexy,” he replied.  “Let me take your dress off.”  An irresistible desire was building inside him with a force that quickly stiffened his shaft.

Teddie thought she must be dreaming.  No man had ever undressed her before.  Yet as Steve unlaced the front of the robe, his chest heaving and his eyes glued to her gradually-revealed body, she felt no shame, no fear, only intoxication.

He loosened the dress and slid it off of her, drinking in the sight of his beautiful virgin bride.  So she wasn’t voluptuous in the chest.  The first thought to hit him at sight of her breasts was how femininely alluring they were, just right for his hands to grasp.  Her legs were tanned and smooth, her belly trim, her hips and butt toned.  She’d taken good care of herself for just this moment.

There was a question in her eyes which she didn’t need to voice, because he breathed, “Dear God, you’re so beautiful!” Thrilled at his exclamation, she pressed her body against him and kissed him hotly.

The fiery dance of their lips continued and grew wilder, but then Steve traveled down her neck towards her breasts.  She gasped when he took her left nipple in his mouth and gently drew it through his teeth.

He peered up at her.  “I didn’t hurt you, did I?”

“No…no.  It feels good.  Just strange,” she assured him.

The other nipple received his attention, then he kissed his way back up her neck and chin and took her lips for another round.  Her last inhibitions melted as she hastily began unbuttoning his shirt.  Stripping away the material, she rubbed her hands over his chest, that tantalizing chest she’d been unable to help admiring before.

Steve groaned into her mouth, jolts of pleasure electrifying his core as her palms kneaded his pectorals and torso.  “Teddie, baby…” he tried to talk but got lost in another kiss.

A brush of her hand against the front of his trousers confirmed his passion, but even though he caught his breath at the thrill, she was too shy to touch it again.  So he helped her.  He took her hand.  Slowly, deliberately, he guided her down to his crotch and placed her fingers over the taut bulge.  He still clenched her masterfully with the other hand and continued to take her lips with his own.  She had no desire to pull her hand away.  When she began to gently rub his covered shaft, he groaned again, and the sound sent rapture to her heart.  She was delighting him.  Soon she had no qualms; in fact she initiated the unbuttoning of his trousers.  He assisted her and tore them off, standing in only his shorts.  Then he looked down at her face and drew her into his arms again.

“Are you nervous?” he whispered.

“A little,” she admitted.  Her head was slightly bowed so his chin rested against her forehead.

“I promise to take care of you.  Will you trust me?”

She lifted eyes that in the candlelight glowed with dark liquescence.  “I trust you with all my heart.”

A thicker beat stirred his heart and pumped blood faster through his head.  Desire overpowered him.  In a blink he had picked her up, entranced by the warmth and lightness of her naked body in his arms, and brought her to the bed.

“Steve, Steve!” was all she murmured, her tone a peculiar blend of winsomeness and passion.  She wanted to feel his body, hot and hard, lying over her, his hands all over her bare skin, his mouth moving wildly with hers.

He, for his part, thought he might pass out as the realization of the scene hit him afresh.  The sight of Teddie, stretched in provocative, untouched beauty on the white bed, her face flushed, breasts rising with excited inhales, the enticing space between her thighs still hidden from him by its veil of dark short hair, filled him with heat.  He had a vague vision of lovemaking with her in the years ahead, when he could take her with the mad carnal hunger flaming in his body and they both would revel in a crazed race towards that final moment.  But tonight was her first time and he must be gentle.  Admirably he slowed himself, lowering his body over her and kissing her lips with long kisses.

“I love you.  I love you so much,” he whispered at one point, lips against hers.  His fingers caressed her shoulders and breasts.

“And I love you,” she whispered back.  Then suddenly she caught his hand.  “Please…touch me down there.  It’s yours, you know.”

Her words aroused him more, and he had a tough time keeping his fingers from plunging recklessly to their destination.  When he slid his fingertips down through the rather wiry thatch of her pubic hair and actually touched her labia, she started and took a sharp breath.

“Oh my…” she began.

Steve almost couldn’t believe it; he was satiated with the feel of her hot, moist labia right there between his fingers.  The wetness of her desire screamed for him, begging him to make love to her right there.  He manfully resisted the call, carefully drawing his fingers along that infinitely-sensitive spot.  Her eyes rested on him, as if studying his face for signs of pleasure.  They were there, very clearly.  When he turned to her again, the thirst was so strong in his eyes that she grabbed him by the neck and pulled him down to her, mouth open and wanting.  He wished he could devour those soft rose-hued lips for eternity.

Still he explored her vulva, searching for that magic area called the clitoris.  It was different for every woman, he’d read, but for most it meant the door to pleasure.  If he could find that and stir Teddie up even more –


The short cry told him he’d found it.  Breaking the kiss, he crawled down the bed and stationed himself between her legs.

“What are you doing?” she asked.

“Just relax.  I want to satisfy you,” he said tenderly, his eyes warm.

She laid back, watching him, drinking in the sight of his brawny chest and slim hips, the rippling muscles in his shoulders, the chiseling of his hard hands, the way his hair had gotten a bit mussed and swept across his forehead in such a careless, masculine manner.  She tensed a little as he bent and placed his mouth very close to her vulva.

Then he kissed it.  She gasped and quivered, amazed and a little shocked.  She knew all about oral sex, but having it done to her wasn’t the same as reading about it.  As Steve began to nibble and lick and draw at her labia with his teeth, she dissolved into shaking bliss.  Her hands stretched out to stroke wildly through his hair.

“Oh my…my word!” she inhaled, catching herself before she used God’s name lightly.  She wasn’t sure that even in this pure setting it was all right to let words escape her lips without censor.

At the first waft of Teddie’s scent, Steve almost collapsed from intoxication.  She was damp with arousal, as he found out the second he touched his lips to her petals.  Soon he lost himself in caressing this sacred place with his mouth.  He just couldn’t grasp that she was opening up this treasure chest for him, giving him her pearl of purity.  Love for her surged through his innermost heart for the millionth time.  He wanted more than anything to see her quenched with pleasure.  His tongue sped up; his hands gripped her soft, molded thighs and held them apart as they shook and jerked; he moaned while enjoying her taste.

Then she began to tremble all over.  “Oh Steve! Steve! What’re you doing…oh my…what’s going on…oh dear God! It’s so good! So good! It feels SO GOOD!” and tossing her head from one side to the other, hands clenching the sheets, her pelvic region convulsing violently and wetness leaking from her secret garden, Teddie experienced her first true orgasm.

“Yes! Oh Teddie, you’re so beautiful! You’re so hot when you scream my name like that!” Steve noted in awe, raising himself over her and kissing her lips as she unsteadily came down from the peak of bliss.

She touched his shoulders, breathless and astonished.  “I’ve never felt anything like that, even when I…touched myself,” she admitted.  “Oh, you’re so good! Thank you for that!” Her eyes sparkled and blinked.  “Now it’s your turn.  I want you to come too, tonight.”

He kissed her again while trying with one hand to pull off his shorts.  Teddie helped him.  Then she broke the kiss in order to get her first look at her husband’s lovemaking member.  It was hard and brown and sticking up crookedly.  Teddie quaked a little at the idea of forcing it into her tight uninvaded slit.  But it was strangely beautiful to her, and enticing.  She reached out to touch it.  Steve, now on his knees beside her, shivered a bit.

“Stroke it,” he instructed.

Closing her fingers around it and noting its heat, she began to rub up and down leisurely.  The last thing she wanted to do was hurt him.  So she was pretty surprised when he said, “Touch all over.  Grab my balls.”

Teddie couldn’t figure why she wasn’t blushing and horrified as she gently cupped and kneaded Steve’s testicles.  Before, the very thought of doing such a thing embarrassed her to death.  Yet now it was so right, so lovely and pure and safe.  She realized it was a gift, this sharing of the most intimate parts with the man she loved.  And God’s gifts were good when they were used His way.

The droplet of arousal on the tip of Steve’s shaft caught her eye and hunger for her man bubbled up in her again.  Almost without realizing it, Teddie leaned in and licked it away.  A sharp breath from Steve told her she’d done right.

“Oh, Teddie, lick me again!” he said huskily.

She did.  The taste was odd, rather salty, but not repulsive.  It was a part of Steve, so how could she not like it? She ran her lips over his entire length, even nibbling his balls, delighted every time she felt him start and grip her shoulders.  The one thing she was afraid to do was take him fully into her mouth, because she was a gagger.  Yet he seemed to be enjoying her current action.  So she kept up the deep, wet licking and gnawing until he was quivering and gasping at every touch of her mouth.

By now her hands grasped his thighs and wandered around to work his buttocks.  His hands rested tremblingly on her shoulders, clenching her at each rush of pleasure flooding his body.  Teddie sensed that he was getting close; his breathing was short and shallow and he practically thrust himself in her face.

“Steve, you taste so good,” she murmured.

“You’re wonderful…Teddie, you’re so wonderful,” he responded, gazing drunkenly down at the glorious sight of her devouring his manhood.  “So sexy…so hot…your mouth…I think…I’m coming…oh God…uh…Teddie…baby…Teddie!”

The muscles in his legs and buttocks went taut and he jerked towards her.  Teddie felt the pulsations in his shaft, then started in delight as several spurts of cream erupted from the head.  She moved a bit so some of his semen spattered her breasts, which only made his hoarse groans more intense.

As he tried to get his breath and steady the quivers in his pelvis, Steve drank in his wife, more beautiful with his seed wet and ropy on her warm breasts.  Bending, he kissed her fervently.

“Thank you,” he whispered.  “You absolutely satisfy me.”

With a smile, she kissed him.  Then she touched the liquid on her body.  “Should I taste it?” she asked hesitantly.

“Please do and let me know if you’re happy with the manufacturer,” he grinned back.  When she placed her fingers to her tongue, his body surged again, knowing she was consuming a part of him.  The oneness of marriage seemed summed up in that one act of her licking his semen.

He twined his big arms around her and lay down, drawing her against him and relishing the warm moist caress of her skin against his.  He touched his lips all over her jawline and neck.  “Teddie, Teddie, Teddie, I can’t believe I’m with you!”

“I can’t either,” she agreed blissfully.  Her lips caught at his softly.  “I’m so happy.  My heart is literally singing to God.  He’s answered my years of praying for a man like you.”

“He is so good,” Steve murmured.  His fingers trailed down her silky tan arm, then back up to her shoulder and then her breast.  She inhaled.  Another surge tightened her vulva and the juice of arousal began to flow again.

Tenderly encircling his neck with her arms, she looked deep into his eyes.  “We’ve only been married a little while and it’s already been so amazing, but…we haven’t gone all the way.  I want to.”

Steve swallowed, then kissed her hotly.  “I’ll go slow.  It might hurt at first, you know.”

“I know.”

“But we have lots of time to practice,” he added with a sweet grin.

“Isn’t that wonderful to know?” she mused.  “I noticed…there’s a jar of oil on the side table.  Caterine probably put it there.  I’m…pretty sure we’ll need it.”  Teddie blushed prettily.

A little smile was all Steve offered for reply as he reached for the jar.  Opening it, he scooped some out and rubbed it between his palms to melt it, then slathered it over his shaft.  Teddie watched him before dipping in her own fingers.  She proceeded to leisurely massage her labia with the oil until her entire vulva was shining and slick.

“Whew, you don’t know what it does to me when you touch yourself,” Steve broke out.

Teddie kissed his shoulder.  “There’ll be more of that, I’m sure,” she whispered.  “Can we do it like this? I want to be in your arms, looking at you.”

Just the words made Steve all hot again and his hand dove down towards his penis.  “We can try it.  If it doesn’t work, we’ll go to plan B.”

“Or C, or D, or E,” she chuckled softly.  Then her smile morphed into a kind of gasp.  He had laid his rod against her labia and it sent a thrill through her.  “Oh Steve…”

Gently, deliberately, keeping her cradled in one arm, he rubbed his shaft over her slit, up and down, side to side, teasing those nerve endings and drawing out her nectar.  He couldn’t resist twisting his neck to get a quick look at the action.  Every motion of his hot manhood on Teddie’s love hole set off shivers in her pelvis.  They made him hungry for her.

She held on to his shoulders, stroking his neck a little.  At first she kept her eyes fastened to his face.  She was too nervous to watch what he was doing to her secret place.  But the lust in his eyes finally got to her and she peeked down.

It was like watching a thick sausage slithering through a soggy bun.  That’s the first thing Teddie thought of and it might have made her laugh if the sight and sound wasn’t so erotic.  How could that part of her body be so alluring? Her labia had swelled with desire; liquid seeped out from her slit.  And to complete the seductive picture, Steve’s shaft, firm and tense with heat, squelched over it all with probing desire.

At length he paused, pulled her closer with both arms, and kissed her tenderly.  She welcomed his mouth.  She could feel his shaft waiting at her entrance.

Steve reached down again to ensure he was positioned properly.  Then suddenly he pushed against her.

“Oh! Ow!” she couldn’t keep the cry back.

“You’re tight, but it’ll go in soon,” he assured her.  “I’ve got to do it again.”

“Okay.”  She waited, feeling her heaving breasts roll up and down against his chest.

This time he thrust a little harder and they both knew he’d gotten in partway.  Teddie winced and bit down on her back teeth.  It didn’t hurt too bad but it wasn’t comfortable.  It was kind of like the first few times she’d inserted a tampon, only this new invasion was much bigger than a tampon.

Drawing back, Steve stroked her hair from her face and kissed her again.

“I’m all right,” she reassured him with a tiny smile.  “Thank goodness for the oil.”

He answered with his own smile and another long drink from her lips, then he pressed up into her a third time.  His shaft went in farther.

“Is there any blood?” Teddie whispered.

Steve craned his neck.  “Just a little.  It’s okay.  It’s normal.  Almost there, baby!” he added, his eyes glimmering with tenderness.

“Yes, go on! We’ve got to do it! I want you, I really do,” she agreed.

“And I want you.”

Three or four more slow thrusts and Steve had finally breached her all the way.  Teddie’s breath exited her lungs with a long gasp and she clenched his shoulders.  When his shaft had squeezed its way deep into her tunnel, he stilled himself.

“Teddie, we are one!” he whispered passionately, his lips almost touching hers.

She gazed at him, trying to digest all the sensations of him really being inside her while they lay naked in each other’s arms.  Strangely enough she felt tears rising.

“I can’t believe it! Oh, I’m so happy!” and she kissed him over and over and ran her hands all over his face and chest.  He clasped her close, hands caressing her back and down over her soft buttocks.

Very gently, he moved his hips a little.  “I love you, Teddie,” he murmured hoarsely in her ear.  “Beautiful, sexy woman, my gorgeous wife.”

“Oh Steve…you’re making me boil over,” she rejoined.

“We’re making love,” he said.

“I love it.  I love the feel of you,” was her reply.

“Does it hurt when I move?”

“Not as bad.  It’s getting more comfortable.”  With the words, Teddie adjusted her pelvis a little.

“Oh God…I could feel you clamp down on me,” Steve couldn’t help bursting out.  Heat burned in his bronzed face and a wet sheen covered his forehead.

Teddie smiled, though it was a weak smile.  All her energy was consumed in one act, one goal: that of melding with her husband.  Smiling was too much work.  She let her voice, her moans, her sensual words, relay her pleasure to him.

He did the same.  In a way his expression was fierce.  But the grunts, the gasps, the breathless attack of his mouth on her mouth…these shouted fulfillment louder than any smile.

And all the while, their bodies were pressed against each other.  Her breasts, small, tender, easily stimulated, crushed into his hard pecs; their nipples brushed together and pointed tautly with arousal; their legs tangled, his brawny thighs straining against her silky ones; his muscled arms clasped her smooth upper body, and their loins met and parted over and over in the uneven rhythm of lovemaking.

It was tender, yet flaming.  Teddie thought she could faint at the overload of glorious sensations.  At every tempered plunge Steve took into her womanhood, she sucked in air.  Her eyes glued themselves to his face.  Every scar and pockmark, every pore, every drop of sweat, every crease, and every muscle became intoxicating to her.  For Steve, the moments were white-hot and wet and indescribably delicious as he shared them with the woman in his arms.  He’d forgotten what the joy of married sex felt like.  After the passing of his wife, he didn’t think he’d ever know that pleasure again.  And here he was, given a second opportunity with a lovely Godly girl, and doing what a man and a maid are meant to do once they have vowed their love and faithfulness to each other.

They took it slow, Steve considerately helping his bride adjust to this wonderful new activity.  He knew she might not climax, though he felt himself getting pretty close.  To increase her pleasure, he sought her clitoris again with his fingers.

“Uh! Oh, good grief…” Teddie clutched his upper arms.

“Feel good?”

She tried to get her breath, her face flushed.  “Yes,” she gasped.

Encouraged, he pressed and massaged the love button more, all the while drawing his shaft out and pushing back in.

Little moans kept escaping Teddie’s lips.  She shut her eyes and wiggled her hips slowly, trying to take him in.

Steve grunted.  “That feels good, baby.”

She opened her eyes and tried to grin.  “I want to grind on you.  Can I…sit on top?”

He was surprised and pleased, and without answering, rolled onto his back while holding her close.  She lifted her upper half, gasping a bit as the change in position stretched her differently.  For a second she basked in the new setup.  Then, looking directly into Steve’s eyes, she began rotating her hips in sensual circles.

“My word…I can’t…take this too long, Teddie!” Steve broke out huskily, his stomach tight.  “Yes, keep moving…feel me inside you.  I want all of you, baby.  Let me touch your sugar plums!” He reached for her spherical little breasts.

Her only answer was a muffled sort of wail as she rode his manhood.  Hearing him talk like that simmered her blood even more.  As she gyrated, she felt him pierce every nook of her insides, full and hot and soaked in liquid passion.  And his hands kneaded and crushed her bosom until she was shaking.  Oh, the freedom, the immeasurable glorious freedom of this naked togetherness!

She fell forward, hungry for his mouth.  They kissed wildly, loudly.  The need to let out the buildup of ecstasy overtook her, and dropping her head into the crook of his neck, allowing him to thrust up into her as she rubbed her clit in a frenzy, she cried, “Yes, baby, yes, yes, yes! Take me! I don’t care if it hurts…harder, Steve, more, more! Oh dear Lord…it’s so…hot…I feel it…I love how hot you are…inside me…”

“Teddie, stop, please!” Steve implored.  He was breathless from lifting his pelvis and ramming her, and her words were driving him right up to the brink.

“Oh my…oh my word…oh Steve…yes…yes…it’s coming! Oh God, I’m coming!”

“So am…I…”

Their gasping shouts mingled just like their sweat and their love juices did.  Teddie shuddered, then went limp on Steve’s chest.  He panted for a good twenty seconds as his cream was wrung from him, flooding and spilling out of Teddie’s hole.  She felt it seep down her legs.  His hands gripped her almost painfully, though she reveled in the delight of being so desired.  Her mouth sought his unsteady lips, the kisses sweeter to her taste with the addition of his moaning breaths.

They stayed like that, Teddie a delicate, sweating, crumpled feminine body stretched over Steve’s sweating, strapping brown one.  Their legs were tangled, Teddie’s hair awry.  Teddie’s musky scent hung heavy in the room.  They kissed and touched and tried to squeeze every imaginable intimacy into the fleeting night.  Tomorrow they would return to the reality and danger of the war.  Steve was a soldier and Teddie was a photographer.  They both had roles to play in North Africa, and they had no idea when they’d be together for good.  Only one thing was clear to them: God meant them for each other.  He had made a way for them to be married and make love in the depths of war-torn Africa.  He could easily do it again.

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10 replies
  1. Grace911 says:

    Ohhhh this is wonderful stuff! Keep it going. It's 🔥🔥🔥! Very nicely written. Her virginity and their committment to God and purity are handled well without being preachy. Your story makes those qualities desirable. Well done…now I gotta go find my own husband of 50+ years so he can take care of MY needs after reading this!😵😂

    • LovelyLonelyLady says:

      Thank you so much! When I write, I love to combine several things: my faith, my love of American history (especially WWII), and characters that have the qualities I strive for as a Christian girl and pray for in a future husband. To all those who commented, thank you very much! I'm really honored, and just so thankful that the Lord led me to this site. I'll definitely be posting more stories, which, since I'm a historical fiction writer, will mainly be set in the 1940s-50s. I wasn't planning on making this one an anthology, but now y'all have me thinking about it!

  2. Mr.Lover says:

    As someone whose grandparents were both involved in the Second World War, this story really hits home with me. I have always have had a great interest in the Second World War. I enjoyed learning about the Second World War the most during history class and as a topic of personal interest. I personally really enjoy reading stories about people's personal expereinces during the war period, as it helps me get a greater understanding of what my grandparents and peers went through. They talked a little bit about the war, but only the positive stuff and the fun that they had and never the bad stuff. Some things are best left unsaid.

    Also, maybe I could fall in love with a war bride. I know a buddy's grandmother was a war bride.

    • Mr.Lover says:

      If I had to travel back in time to any time period, it would be the Second World War not only because of grandparents' experience, swing dancing which I do as a fun social activity, and finally all those hairy pussies. I have always wanted a wife with a hairy pussy since I saw Basic Instinct with Sharon Stone on the late night movie channel as a teen. Two of my high school buddies saw that movie on the late night movie channel as well and they loved that famous scene as well. No panties and a hairy pussy. I hope both apply to my future wife. Not necessary a full bush, some pussy hair would be cool.

    • alwayswet101 says:

      Mr. Lover, I really appreciate how natural you seem to be. A woman's hairy pussy at any age should always be valued by her man. Whether it is bare or hairless, it is still pussy and that is a wonderful thing. I appreciate how much you appreciate hair on a vagina because that is it's most natural form. I used to shave all the time because that's what I thought was cleanest/most attractive, but now that I am pregnant and the bigger the belly and boobs get, the less I can see well enough down there to shave! My husband is totally willing to help me, but he says he really loves it with the hair it has right now, so we decided to leave it for a little bit. In my mind, as long as I can bring pleasure to my pussy and feel good, I don't care what it looks like as long as my husband's happy…and believe me I am definitely bringing pleasure down there.

  3. LovingMan says:

    I KNEW the sequel would be fantastic! This is soooo well written! My wife and I can relate to this lovemaking experience because I was married previously and she was not. Her giving me her virginity was a great gift!

    The way Teddie realizes how good and appropriate God’s gift of married sex is is so well described… as is how passionate Steve feels and how grateful he is for her! Men, our wives often really don’t realize how absolutely beautiful they are to us! It is one of our jobs to teach them how beautiful they are! (Steve does a good job of that in this story.)

    I still say there needs to be a Part 3 about them together back home after several years of marriage and kids. That would strengthen the concept of marriage sex being an ongoing wonderful blessing. We’ve been married almost 30 years, and our passion burns hot and our love is deeper than ever because of what we’ve been through together.

    Steve & Teddie fall deeply in love (in part 1) because of what they’ve been through together. I read an account of a married Jewish couple who had survived a NAZI concentration camp together. Years later they said, “Love is what you’ve been through together.”

    LovelyLonelyLady, you truly are an excellent writer! I hope this series can continue on. If you are unmarried as your moniker implies I pray you and your future husband find each other soon. My virginal bride was in her 40s when we met, and we have had almost 3 decades of challenges we’ve met together and intense, fulfilling, and comforting lovemaking! God bless you in your life and in your future marriage. Your husband will be a very blessed man to get you for his wife!

  4. Mr.Lover says:

    I often like to read World War II veteran's accounts. They are very moving and are a great reminder of what is important in life. On a lighter note, during one book, a veteran was talking to his wife on the phone sex one night from his military training base. His wife told me that she was thinking about him and playing with her boobies. They ended up being married for 50 years and had three children. My kind of love stories. I also enjoy reading war brides' stories as well. True love conquers all.

  5. sarah k says:

    About body hair, I have a question.
    Was it normal for American women in the 1950s to remove armpit and leg hair?
    I can tell you that here in NZ and generally among European women – we didn't shave.

    • Frankie says:

      Shaving arm pits and legs was so common in the US during the 1950's that the only girls that didn't shave were from overseas. Shaving arms and legs was sort of a right of passage into being grown up for girls in their very early teens.

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