A Bed and Breakfast Fantasy (L)

This post contains strong language (L). 

My wife and I have been married for 35 years and are in our early sixties, a couple who are very much in love. In this role-play fantasy within a fantasy, we imagine we’re staying at a secluded bed and breakfast in Maine, and arrive only to find we are the only ones there for the night; the owners have their own house down the road. So to have some fun, we decide to pretend to be someone other than ourselves. We use the same names, just make up different careers, where we live, etc. The one rule is that we don’t mention spouses because it isn’t about cheating on anyone; we are just stepping out of ourselves for a while.

She gets dressed up in a very attractive and provocative way, definitely not how she would normally hang out. I clean up the best I can—I’m a work in progress, after all! We decide to meet up on the patio and have a few drinks. The conversation makes for a steamy evening. We talk, flirt, tease one another, creating a sexual tension neither could ignore if they wanted. And after all, we have the place to ourselves; who knows how the evening will turn out!😍

After a long day of driving through Maine, I thought I would stay at a bed and breakfast. I called one that looked nice; it was located on a small lake that promised beautiful views and a nice room. Upon arriving, I was told by the inn’s owners, that there was only one other guest tonight. They said to help myself to a drink at the bar if I wanted. They were going to stay at their home up the road; they would see us in the morning for breakfast. That was fine with me. I just wanted to relax and watch the sunset over the lake.

I went to my room to shower and change into something cooler; it was one of those steamy early summer days. After my shower, I put on some casual khaki shorts, a running tank, and flip-flops, then made my way through the house down to the back patio overlooking the lake. Wow, the Yelp! reviews were right: what a view of the beautiful small lake with mountains in the background.

At the far end of the patio, I saw a very attractive woman sitting in a chair and reading her book.  I should say hello, I thought. I don’t want to be unsociable.

As I walked towards her, the lady put down her book and stood to greet me. She was beautiful, in her early 50’s, I guessed. She had wisps of gray hair in her brunette bob, a cute smile, and her body looked very fit. She was wearing a sheer navy button-up blouse, tan miniskirt, and wedge sandals that accentuated her toned legs and nice ass. I find nothing hotter than a woman that keeps herself looking good.

We exchanged names, laughing that we were the only ones at this beautiful B&B. I offered to get her a drink from the bar, and she said sure with a coy smile. I brought back a couple of Moscow mules. I hadn’t noticed before that she was braless; she wasn’t big chested, but her breasts looked nice and firm with her nipples jutting against the sheer fabric of her top. My cock pulsed.

We enjoyed our drinks and conversation. She was very classy, but at the same time was exuding a sexual attraction that aroused me. A song came on the stereo that we both liked. I grew bold and asked if she would like to dance. As we laughed and “got down,” I couldn’t help but notice her blouse was unbuttoned enough to give me a good view of her firm tits bouncing with her movements. My cock liked what I was seeing.

Then came a slower song came on. Ann grabbed my hand and pulled me closer for a slow dance. She was about 5’9” and lined up nicely with my 6’ frame. Her scent was intoxicating. As she tugged me to her, I could feel her nipples against my chest, and my cock strained against my shorts.  My hand slid down to her firm ass, as we danced. She glanced up with that coy smile again. I knew she felt my cock against her pussy. When the song ended, we lingered for a few seconds, enjoying the contact.

Then Ann collapsed into the chase lounge and fanned her face. “Whew, it’s warm.”

I stood there with a semi hard cock and a wet spot on my shorts the size of a golf ball; wrong day to not wear underwear! I asked Ann if she’d like another drink.

She had been staring at my groin, but she licked her lips, looked up, and said, “Please.”

When I returned with a couple of more mules, Ann was relaxing on the lounge with her legs crossed and her blouse unbuttoned almost all the way, her firm tits fully exposed. My cock pulsed hard at the sight of her. She smiled and said, I hope you don’t mind, but I’m so hot. I just sat across from her, my cock throbbing. We enjoyed our cocktails and continued talking about this and that, all the while exchanging flirtatious glances.

Ann started circling her nipples with her fingers. She smiled, then looked at me and said she loved to feel the air on her nipples.

I smiled back and said, “They look lovely.” Ann was clearly flirting with me, so why not play along.

She laid her head back on the lounge while teasing her hard nipples, uncrossed her legs, and pulled them up on the lounge, exposing her completely shaved pussy.

My cock was hard and drooling at this point. I could see her lovely lips were swollen and wet, and I imagined having those firm legs wrapped around my head while I devoured her.

Ann glanced at my crotch, smiled, and said, “You like what you see.”

No question. “You look incredibly hot,” I told her. She was driving me crazy. I watched her give one nipple a break from her rhythmic massage and start stroking her wet pussy. My cock had leaked enough to have a caused a large wet spot, but I didn’t care any longer. I stood and stepped toward her, my cock pushing on my shorts. This sexy woman had me in awe.

She stared at the wet bulge in my shorts, and that coy smile made another appearance. She sat up from her reclined position, reached up with one hand to hold my hand, then started stroking my bulging wet cock through my shorts with the other. My cock had been pumping out precum for the last 30 minutes, and Ann seemed to enjoy rubbing the slippery juice through my shorts. She looked up at me, smiling. Scooting forward in the chair and pivoting, she quickly undid my shorts.

Ann began sucking my cock slowly while massaging my hairless sack. This woman knew how to make a man hers; she sucked all the juice off my shaft and then turned her attention to my balls. Her tongue traced from the head to the base, and one by one, she sucked my balls into her hot mouth, leaving them wet with her saliva. Then she turned her attention back to my dripping cock. She began by slowly taking it into her mouth, then reached around to grab me by the ass and started taking me deeper with each pull. Her eyes were telling me she wanted me to fuck her mouth.

I reached down, put my hands on her head, and started thrusting into her mouth deeply. My wet balls slapped her chin every time my cock bottomed out. Each time my cock was fully buried in her mouth, Ann let out a soft sound of satisfaction.

I could feel the urge to cum building, but I didn’t want this ecstasy to end. So, I pulled back, and Ann smiled and licked the saliva and precum from the corner of her mouth. I pulled her up to kiss me. She was intoxicating; her passion and wet mouth made me want more of her.

Ann turned while softly holding my hand and headed towards the rooms. I followed, and she led me to her room, which looked out onto the lake. She turned to face me, blouse open and showing her firm tits and hair a mess from having her mouth fucked.

I removed her blouse and skirt, kissed her passionately, then laid her on the bed with her legs off the edge. I couldn’t wait to give her some pleasure. I knelt down at the edge of the bed, which was at the perfect height for me to lick her swollen pussy. I gently worked my tongue up and down her lips, making my way to her clit. She quivered as soon as I found it, and she was so wet.

I sucked her clit for a moment, then pushed her legs up and back so that I could bury my tongue in her. I deeply licked her pussy; I love the feel of my tongue probing my lover’s pussy. And she clearly liked it too as she began grinding on my face, covering it with her sweet juice. I knew her clit wanted more attention.

Ann was breathing heavily as I began to suck her clit while massaging it in a circular motion with my tongue. She was in heaven, rubbing her nipples again, starting gently. As she came closer to a release, she began squeezing them.

I started to move my attention from her clit, but she instantly grabbed my hair, and said, “Don’t stop. Suck my clit,” as she ground her pussy on my face. Another 30 seconds, and Ann lost control. She arched her back and locked her legs around my head as I watched with pleasure from my vantage point. I gently kissed her pussy as she came down from her high.

I stood to give my knees a rest from the hardwood floors, and Ann immediately turned to face the edge of the bed and began licking my cock and balls again. I enjoyed the view of this beautiful woman giving herself to me, but I wanted more of her. She flipped with me as I got on the bed, straddling her eager mouth with my cock, and planting my face against her pussy. We both began to lick and suck one another.

I was at a good angle to service her clit, but why deprive the rest of her pussy any pleasure? I gently started stroking her lips with my finger, and she loved it. Ann had both hands on my ass, pulling me into her. I started fucking her face again; she enjoyed having my cock deep in her throat and my balls mashed against her face.

It didn’t take long before Ann started convulsing and bucking out of control. I climbed off, my face saturated with her passion, and turned around. Then I flipped her legs in the air and plunged my very hard cock into an incredibly wet woman. We came together for a passionate kiss as I thrust away at her.

She knew I was close. Ann said, “Fuck me hard; pound me. I want your cum.”

That’s all the encouragement I needed. I gave her a few more long, hard stokes and exploded in her. Collapsing onto her chest, I kissed her hard and said, “I love you so much.”

“And I love you too.”

Afterwards, we laughed and agreed to visit that “B&B” again.

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    • Goinstronge says:

      Thank you, glad you enjoyed it. Role play is always fun, hardest part is coming up with a scenario where you can stay in character without cracking up.

    • Goinstronge says:

      Thank you. When we were in character, and making small talk, I told Ann that I was an amateur erotica writer. After a wonderful evening, I thought what the heck, let's give it a try.

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