His Dirty Queen (A)

This post involves an element of anal play (A).

Wet and dripping. Thick. She knew what came next. And she wanted it. Bent over on all fours, she waited for her king.

His Majesty moved in behind her. She caught a quick glimpse of hard dick just before feeling it press against her tight and hungry ass cheeks. She wanted to suck it once more. She gave her ass one, two, three hard spanks then rubbed softly as she wanted to be caressed and spanked by her liege. Arching to lift her ass high towards him and with a begging, “Please,” she grabbed her cheeks and spread them wide.

When the tip of the king’s dick touched her opening, she gasped in surprise, then pushed herself back on him and
dragged him in with her contractions. Her pussy ached as it pulsed out cum around him.

With his hands firmly on her hips, the king held her ass against him and watched her asshole twitch, opening and closing; it wanted fucking, jealous and begging to be filled. But he only ravished her pussy with his thrusts.

As he slowed his rhythm, she bowed down to take a breath, enjoying her king’s dick sliding smoothly out and in. And then: surprise! His thumb found it’s way up the Queen’s ass!

She raised her head with a big, “Ooohh,” and a smile to look back at her king. As he thrust in and out with a finger in her smaller hole, that smile turned to a moan of ecstasy. “Aaaaah.” She felt complete.

The king’s sudden spank to her ass with a ground out, “Mine!” got her even more excited! He buried his dick deep inside the warm juicy pussy and his thumb wiggled in his queen’s arse.

She looked back. “Yes, my king. Yours, only yours.” She panted for a few moments, then added, “My love, I’m going to cum.”

The king’s dick felt more slippery, wet with her juices. He pulled out and heard a loud queef. Squirts of cum erupted and the Queen’s legs shivered, her ass cheeks shook as his the thumb continued wiggling.

The queen screamed, “Ohhhh, baaaayyyy-beeee!!!!!!

The king knew he was about to explode. He pulled his thumb out of her asshole and pressed the tip of his dick against it without any pressure. But she pushed back in excitement, and the head just fixed itself inside her ass. Surprised that it happened, they both felt a sudden rush, a high, and climaxed together.

As they cuddled and kissed deeply, the king held her ass in his hands and caressed it, feeling his thick cum oozing out. He gave her cheeks an approving pat. “My queen.”

“Your dirty queen,” she whispered back, with a subtle wiggle against his fingers as they continued playing with her cream-pied hole.

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    • jjjf says:

      The truth is we only have a morning prayer for family or a prayer prayer before sleeping and sex happens once in a month. But i have to admit we had frequent sex when had a goodnight couple prayer which is not there now. So the once in a month sex goes wild when she gets horny and a day off to ourselves. Looking forward to More exciting things to come with his blessings.

    • jjjf says:

      It doesn't happen always but when it does happen its a surprise with a big oh and faint smile! That is it!!

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