The kids were in bed for quiet time, and my wife and I were ready for some not-so-quiet time. We made the necessary preparations, removed our clothes, and shut the door. I lay on our bed with a corner of sheet covering my manhood while waiting for my wife to come out of the bathroom.

She stepped out, gloriously nude, and struck a playful pose. Then with a giggle, she leapt into bed next to me, burrowing under the covers. I leaned over to kiss her, but she coyly avoided my lips. So instead, I took the opportunity to suckle her bare breast.

This elicited playful protests and squirming from my bride, who pulled the corner of sheet off of my midesection and grasped my fully engorged member. With a giggle and a quick kiss, she began to stroke me. I pulled the sheets off of her and reached for her vagina in an attempt to return the favor, but she closed her legs and rolled out of the way.

Finally, she relented, allowing me to plant a passionate kiss on her lovely mouth and opening her legs to my fingers, which quickly found there way inside her already moist opening. Soon I found her G-spot, and she let out a moan. She closed her eyes and tensed as the sensations washed over her. Before her body hit a climax, she told me to “get out and bring that penis over here.”

So I did. She was laying on her side in a position reminiscent of the fetal position. I applied some lube and positioned myself below her ass and entered her sideways. She gasped at my penetration as she always does. I began to thrust, holding her uppermost leg and hip.

Suddenly, she shifted slightly and gasped.
“Oh yeah! That’s the spot!” she whimpered. So I rode that particular spot to her first back-arching, screaming orgasm of the day.

As she was catching her breath, she rolled over onto her belly, pulling me over on top of her. I shifted with her and began to thrust downward hard and fast.

“Oh yeah!” She screamed, pushing her ass up to meet my thrusts until her back arched again in another orgasm.

I slowed as she came down from her most recent climax, leaning forward and kissing her back and neck. I traced a line between her shoulder blades with my tongue, which always seems to drive her crazy, eliciting a moan. She rotated her head back as I leaned forward and our lips met for a brief but passionate kiss. I began to thrust again, but instead of the hard downward strokes of before, I rotated my hips forward, pushing deeply, though gently, in and out.

My wife moaned and lifted her shoulders off the bed, allowing my hands to grasp her breasts. Her moans became more insistent, and she began to push her hips back to meet my thrusts as her next climax built. Her orgasm crashed over her like a wave, her ass cheeks and pussy gripping my shaft.

As she came down again, I sat back on my heels, pulling her hips along with me into a doggystyle position. I paused for a moment, running my hands over her back. I have always marvelled at how she looks from behind, with her broad hips and triangular torso.

As I was reveling in her beauty, my wife reached back to take one of my hands and place it on her hair. Dutifully, I grasped her hair and pulled as I began to ride her ass. With the other hand, I grabbed her hips, pulling her into me with each thrust. It wasn’t long before she cried out and came again.

I kissed her neck, then released her hair, letting her recover. But she was not in the mood for waiting. She pushed back against me, making me sit back on my heels, then started sliding back and forth on my shaft. Not wanting to disrupt her rhythm, I lightly ran my hands over her back and hips as she rode my rod. She rode faster, making herself moan. I felt my own orgasm approaching and thought for sure that she would milk me dry in the next few pumps.

But instead she stopped and reached back with one hand to play with her clitoris. I was close to coming, but I didn’t want to interrupt her as she pleasured herself. So I slowed down, edging myself, as I ran my hands over her back and hips then reached forward to play with her boobs.  Her breathing quickened, and I felt her tense as the next climax built. Then she released in a shuddering, pulsating orgasm.

I still had not come, and she was not done. She slid off of me and rolled onto her back. I lay on top of her and slid in easily. (She was dripping wet by now.) I began to thrust,  gradually picking up speed. She pulled up her legs and grabbed her ankles, letting me plunge deep into her with each thrust.

I was, by this point, no longer on the verge of coming, but I remained pretty close. Still, by the hunger evident in the way she was kissing me, I could tell it would be a tossup who would come next. Releasing her ankles she dug her fingers into my back and writhed beneath me as another orgasm took her.

I still had a little more to go, and I wanted her to milk the cum out of me, so I rolled over, putting her on top. She wasted no time getting going. She was in a wild state, chasing orgasms with reckless abandon, hair flying, breasts bouncing, moaning breathlessly. It did not take long before she came again, screaming and collapsing on me.

I was so close I could almost taste it. I kissed her and grabbed her ass. With a whimper, she kissed me back and began moving her hips up and down on my shaft. She moaned, whispering “oh yeah, give it to me,” between kisses.

I was in ecstacy. The most beautiful woman in the world was riding me hard, milking my penis with her pussy muscles, brushing my bare chest with her hard nipples, and kissing me hungrily. And she was all mine, as I was all hers.

I gripped her shoulders and exploded deep inside her. She tensed and writhed with a simultaneous release.

“Ah! your load is hot,” she said, kissing me before sliding her dripping wet pussy off of me and lying on the bed next to me.

She wasn’t done, though. Shooting me a mock glare, she reached down and began playing with her clitoris again. Smiling, I rolled over and kissed first one breast then the other, sucking on each nipple the way she likes it. Then I kissed her lips deeply and slid first one, then two fingers into her warm and soaking wet vagina.

She moaned into my mouth and placed her free hand on the back of my head. We continued kissing and I felt her pussy start to tighten around my fingers. I felt the rest of her tense as she began to climax. Then our lips parted and she threw her head back, eyes squeezed shut and mouth open in a silent scream as one final orgasm shuddered through her body. When it had passed I gave her one more gentle kiss.

“I love you,” I whispered, meaning it with all my heart.

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    • Hellohoneyiloveyou1 says:

      King Arthur,
      Age and becoming comfortable tends to contribute to the less.. wildness.'
      Rekindle. Try outside, woo her with tender surprise. Non sexual. Read Song of Solomon. Women need nurturing esp. in older yrs. "am I still attractive?"

  1. Hellohoneyiloveyou1 says:

    Wow. That was highly erotic. Very descriptive.. detail.
    You must know that the way you write , I , we can see exactly what your thrusting into our minds. Thank you for sharing with us. I'm so hard now.

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