A Good Morning

Connie woke, gasping for air. She looked around the room; it was dark. She breathed, deep and heavy.  Her heart pounding in her chest, she reached to her right, but the bed was empty—Rodney was not in bed.  She stared at the roof as her breathing slowed, and she thought, trying to make sense of the dream she just had.  It seemed as if just moments ago, she had been awake.  She had lain there in the darkness as she listened to the sounds in the house.  At first, she was uncertain, but then she was confident that she heard Rodney in the living room. She knew his normal morning routine; he would wake about an hour before her and slip out of bed sneaking out of the room quietly.  He was very conscious that she was sleeping, and she appreciated that he tried his best to be quiet. He had done very well this morning; she was not sure what it was that woke her.

Nevertheless, she was awake, and she just rested there in the quiet, warm and cozy.  She could hear the coffee pot as it completed its morning brew.  She thought about getting up, but the warm bed had a tight grip on her, and she was willing to let it hold her.  Rodney had not quite closed the bedroom door this morning, and soft light from the living room shone through the slight opening.  She thought of Rodney and how he was enjoying his morning.  She heard him, knew what he was doing: he was pleasuring himself.  She could hear the steady rhythm as he stroked what she knew was his hard cock.  She listened as he increased speed, then slowed again.  She could hear him breathing faster and then slower and more deeply.  She touched herself, feeling the wetness between her legs build.  She, too, could pleasure herself, and to do so while he did was erotic.

The last thing she remembered was placing her hand on her thigh and lifting her leg so she could access her wetness and enjoy herself.  She remembered the anticipation she felt and the excitement of her plan.  The images blurred in her mind.  She remembered, or at least she thought she remembered, what she was going to do; she planned to masturbate while Rodney was doing the same.  Was it all a dream? What time was it? What was going on?  It was so confusing; had she been asleep?  She had dreamed, but where did it start and where did it end. Now the house was silent, and she could not hear anything.  She knew Rodney was not beside her, but what was he doing, and where was he?

The dream was so real, so intoxicating!  She was not sure where she was in the dream, the details were not clear, but she felt safe.  The room she was in was open and spacious.  The size would suggest that it would be cold, but the fire on the furthest wall made it feel cozy and warm, and the wood crackled as it burned.  She wore nearly nothing, only a light gown, and as she looked at herself in the freestanding mirror at the foot of the bed, she felt pleased.  Her body was firm, and her breast perky. She felt proud of her body and thought highly of her efforts through the years to ensure that she was at her best.

She looked around the room, and that is when she saw him.  He was sitting there in a chair in front of the fireplace, his head was back, and his hands held firmly to the arms of the high back chair.  He was rugged and handsome, and his beard was trim, but not too long and not too short.  She slipped a little to the left to get a better view of his bare chest. His body was clearly fit and firm; he was a handsome man.  She felt herself longing to be close to him.  She imagined her breast against his chest and his arms wrapped around her back.  She looked to see his eyes, but they eluded her. She could not make out his face in the darkness, just felt that this was sexy and that she didn’t want to stop looking at him. He breathed faster; she was careful not to allow her own breathing to be heard.

The image was actually there but did not feel real at the same time.  She liked it but could not figure it out, so she looked again, and now she knew why he breathed as he did; a young woman was pleasuring him.  Connie could now see that this man was having his shaft pleasured by a woman.  She could see that she was caressing his cock and struggling to take it deep into her mouth.   The cock was rigid and firm. It was not going to go completely in; it was just too big, and she was just too petite.  It did not matter, though; it was apparent that they both were enjoying themselves.

Connie felt a twinge of lust as she watched the two of them enjoying themselves. She imagined herself with Rodney, and she thought that she could do better with her man. She could almost taste Rodney’s cock as she imagined it in her mouth.  She likely could not take it in any deeper than this beautiful woman before her took in the cock she enjoyed, but the idea of trying made her heart race. She thought about stepping out of the darkness and allowing herself to be seen.  Certainly, they would not mind, but she felt her cheeks blush as the naughty thought passed through her mind.  She thought the beautiful woman and handsome man might enjoy knowing they brought her pleasure.

It was so confusing: How did she get here? Where was she? She could not figure that out but was not concerned.  The scene that played before her was incredibly good—she did not want it to stop.  She could see herself in the mirror, and she could see the loving couple across the room.  The sounds they made were low and almost primal. First, their breathing would quicken, then they would draw deep breaths. It was clear that the young lady was enjoying the pleasure she brought this man. If she was not mistaken, she thought she could see that not only did one of her hands attempt to wrap around the handsome man’s girth, but the other toyed with her pussy.

Peering closer, Connie could see that the woman was indeed fingering herself. Now she could not resist; she pulled her gown up and slowly began to do the same. She was wet, and her first finger slid in with no trouble. Then, the one was quickly joined by a second finger. Connie could imagine Rodney’s hard cock in her mouth, just like she saw the woman doing with her man.  She imagined the taste of his salty sex as she plunged his dick as deep as she could into the back of her throat.  The image was so real that she almost gagged at the weight of his cock pushing its way deep inside her.

The woman held her man firm, stroking his dick gently.  Connie could see his dick pulse as the woman pushed it deeply in her mouth again and held it there.  She sucked her man, and she fingered herself slowly with great purpose.  The site was surreal, sensual, and erotic.  Connie closed her eyes and increased the rhythmic in and out motions as she fingered herself.  Approaching her own climax, she circled her clitoris slowly, then quickly.

Connie opened her eyes and could not believe what she saw.  The hard cock she had watched the other woman pleasure was now in her mouth.  The handsome man before her was sweating and panting.  She could not reconcile what was going on, but she just knew she liked it.  She pushed hard against his cock and was certain he was ready to cum in her mouth. Connie could taste it, smell it, and sensed that it was his time.  She was not one to let Rodney cum in her mouth; she managed to always pull away in time, but not this time.  She determined to let this cock unload inside her mouth.  She would not rob the man of his pleasure.  She sucked eagerly with anticipation, in, out, and then in again.

Connie raised her head and could see across the room a woman, barely dressed and watching her intently.  Her leg was lifted; she was pleasuring herself and only stopped momentarily as she noticed that she had been seen.  Their eyes locked, and they shared each other’s passion, desire, and lust for this man.  It did not make sense, and it felt good. She was going with it; she did not stop herself.  She could feel herself approaching her own orgasm, and she knew the cock in her mouth was about to do the same.  She could tell the woman across the room was close to climax too.  Connie gasped.  She breathed deeply as she removed the manhood from her mouth, looked at it, gripped it with her free hand, and then pushed it as deep in as she could.  The other woman panted, and as she held her head back, her beautiful curls hung freely; she obviously was having her own orgasm.

Connie felt the man’s ejaculate as it exploded from deep within him, felt the warmth of it as it filled her mouth and went down her throat.  She stroked his cock again, slowing her rhythm and pace as she pumped it dry and felt its rigidness subside.  She looked at it and felt a bit confused as she realized she had done this before; it was like a memory, like a remembrance of something in a dream.  She raised her head and looked into the eyes of her beloved husband; Rodney was attempting to catch his breath. There was no other woman—it was just Connie and Rodney; she had watched and participated in the experience of making love to her husband. Finally, she stood, and that is when she woke up with a start. It had all been a dream; it was only a dream!

Connie calmed her heart as she realized the strangeness of it all; the dream had felt so real!  Had she had an orgasm in her sleep or not?  She touched herself and found she was soaking wet!  One, two, and even three fingers could easily be inserted into her pussy.  Connie listened for Rodney; she could hear the TV playing.  She thought to herself that there was no better time than the present to pleasure herself. Rodney had done so; why shouldn’t she?  The idea that she had an orgasm in her sleep danced in her mind.  That was good, exceptionally good, but maybe she had, and maybe she hadn’t.  She thought she needed to make sure, so she pressed firmly on her wet clit, circling to the right, slowly at first, then faster.  Her other hand reached deep into her wet sex spot, with one then two fingers.  It took just moments to bring herself to a hard and pulsating orgasm.  She gasped.

“Good morning, dear. Are you okay?”  Rodney had opened the door, and light flooded the room.

She stopped her play and took a deep breath. “Yes, dear. It was a dream, just an odd, strange dream, and it startled me.”

Rodney smiled a mischievous grin and said, “Alright, my dear. Whatever you say.” As he quietly pulled the door toward him, he said, “I will let you work on waking up—no rush,” and he closed it tightly this time.

Connie took a long and deep breath and smiled.  She loved her life and everything about it!  Who knows, maybe she would sleep and dream again before getting up for the day.  She thought that, maybe, Rodney would pleasure himself again.  She knew she had been caught, and she knew that turned him on.

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7 replies
  1. Hellohoneyiloveyou1 says:

    Beautifully written. I didn't know where this was going. I thought it was a threesome.
    Dreams of this type are exciting and I think healthy. It's like when we have sex. Dirty words, stories and other visuals' come out of our mouths. Very naughty things!
    Then after orgasm, they are like this dream. Everything subsides and the close intimacy with which God is pleased returns.

    • CrazyHappyLoved says:

      I know what you mean! The intimacy is only increased, for Rez and me, by how we can share our kinkiest fantasies with each other. Neither of us wants them to come true, so there is no fear or judgment for thinking about them. Instead, we just release their power with each other, our God-given mate and sex partner!

      But a threesome? On MH? Come on! 🤣

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