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A Wonderful Saturday

It was unusual for Connie to be awake when Rodney got up in the morning; this Saturday morning was an exception.  She lay quietly as Rodney slipped out of bed and left the room.  As he quietly shut the door behind him, she knew he’d be about his oft-repeated routine.  She smiled, glad that he could savor his morning coffee and the daily new stuff he found on YouTube.  She also knew he enjoyed dealing with the morning wood that he seemed to always wake up with.

As she lounged in bed, Connie pondered the idea that maybe she should get up and help him with his erection situation.  She gently touched herself as she considered her salacious thoughts, straining to hear what he was up to.  Nothing.  But the quiet was nice, the blankets were warm,  and she was cozy, enjoying her morning.

She thought about the night before, the increasing moisture between her legs evidencing even now how much she had enjoyed herself.  She grabbed the dildo she had left on the nightstand and pulled it under the covers.  She had fucked it last night for Rodney’s viewing pleasure, cumming on it several times before jumping off and mounting Rodney.  He was in control, and she could have fucked him for hours.  He maintained his erection perfectly, not blowing his load until she begged for it.  When she finally did, he gave her all she asked for and more.

She slipped the dildo easily back inside her wet love canal; it knew the way.  But she had pushed and tugged at the suction cup base only a few times when she heard the door open.  Rodney crossed the room and quietly crossed to the bathroom.

Connie had frozen, so Rodney had no clue that she was awake when he snuck through the room. She didn’t even breathe, the thick long dildo buried balls deep inside her cunt.  He didn’t notice a thing, just closed the bathroom door behind himself and turned on the heater and the shower.

Soon Connie heard the shower door close as Rodney slipped inside, so she resumed her task of tugging, pushing, and pulling at the thick rubber dick. She felt her first orgasm cascade over her and breathed deeply, enjoying wave after wave of sweet release.  Then she lay quietly, half asleep.

She heard the shower stop and imagined his physique as he dried his body.  She thought he’d be out the door soon, but no. Instead, she heard him breathing heavily, and as she listened closely, she smiled at what she knew he was doing.  He had his own pleasure toys, thicker than hers, longer than hers, but obviously exactly what he liked.  She thought of getting up, knocking on the door, and catching him in the act—or maybe she’d just slip out of the room, pretending she knew nothing.  Or maybe, maybe she’d just fuck her favorite dildo while he fucked his.

Connie slipped out from under the covers, up onto her knees, and then lowered herself back onto the always-there-when-she-wanted-it dildo—flesh-like to the touch, as firm as her husband’s hard-on last night and realistically flexible.  Up, then down she slid, forward then back, grinding deeply as she rode additional wave after wave of pleasure.

She could hear Rodney doing his thing, obviously lost in the pleasure of it.  He certainly didn’t know how loud he was being.  She could hear him gasp and then hold his breath, and she knew he was cumming.  He had told her in the past that he could have multiple orgasms when he pleasured himself in such a way.  He was blowing his load, and it sounded like he was going, going, and going.  She smiled; she was happy for him.  Oh my… she had another orgasm, she wasn’t even moving; she had stilled when she heard Rodney climax.

Moments later, the bathroom door opened, and Connie quickly lay down.  Had she been caught?

Rodney slid into the bed beside her and cuddled up close, his body warm next to hers.  She knew he was nude; he always was when he was in bed.  She thought she felt his love rod release a touch more cum as it rubbed against her leg just before it bumped into the rubber pleasure rod she had forgotten to put away.  It pressed against her.

“Hmmmm,” she heard him say.  He held her tightly and whispered, “I love you so much.”  They both drifted back to sleep.

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  1. JavaRN says:

    That is such a hot and sexy story, Emun87!! Love the thought of two people coming hard…separately but together so to speak. Wasn’t expecting to read such a story first thing in the morning (or end of the night, since I work night shift). But after that I’m so turned on and I’m definitely going to pull a Rodney and go for multiples this morning before I head to bed!

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