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Our First Night (L)

This story contains strong language (L).

As we say our vows, I hold my bride’s hands—this beautiful woman, my soulmate.  The pastor’s last words before pronouncing us husband and wife are from Ephesians 5:22-33: “Wives, submit to your husbands as to the Lord. For the husband is the head of the wife as Christ is the head of the church, his body, of which he is the Saviour…  Husbands, love your wives even as Christ also loved the church, and gave himself for it…”

[Note from MH Editor:  Read the entire Biblical quote, it helps the story make sense, and besides that, it is beautiful advice.]

We focused on this passage in our pre-marriage Bible study with the pastor: commitment and marriage submission.  In healthy relationships, partners are not forced into submission. Instead, submission is an act that is expressed mutually and voluntarily. Being submissive helps us be less self-centered and allows us to consider the desires of others.   

The pastor asks if we will walk with the Lord and are ready to give ourselves to one another and the Lord.  We both squeeze each other’s hands and say our I do’s; now we are husband and wife.  We have a small intimate reception that I made sure would be short.  I tell my new bride that we must be going if we are to make it to our cabin in the mountain that I have booked for the weekend.  After that, we will take off on an island getaway.  

We make our escape and head to the cabin, but Mary Beth sits in silence as I drive.

“Mary, what’s wrong?” I ask.  

“I’m worried that I will disappoint you. You know another has taken my body, and I regret not having that gift to give my husband.” 

“You will never disappoint me, NEVER! You are giving me your heart and soul and your SEXY BODY!” My words were making her blush.  “Yes, you were taken, but you have never given yourself freely to another man before me, and that’s all that matters to me.”  

We pull up to the cabin as the snow falls heavier.  Candles and torches light up the outside path.  I open your door and help you out, lifting you into my arms and pausing every few steps to kiss you tenderly as I carry you to the cabin. 

Inside, a fire burns with a pile of pillows and blankets arranged in front of it.  I lower you to your feet, letting you take everything in while I pour some wine, the first she has tasted.  I make a toast and watch her down the wine as I sip.  With a grin, I pour her more, then turn on the radio and tune it to some soft, sexy jazz.  Then I take her in my arms and start moving with her. 

“I’ve never danced,” she protests.

“Just move with my body, and I will guide you.”  

Sliding my hand over the wedding dress and cupping, then squeezing her tight ass, I pull her belly tightly against the hard cock in my slacks. Finally, after two songs worth of groping her, grinding against her, and kissing her passionately, I whisper, “Mary Beth, I can’t wait anymore.  I must have you.  I must claim you, take you fully as my wife.”  

She trembles in my arms.  I spin her around and undo the buttons of her dress one by one, kissing each bit of exposed skin until I reach the last button at the top of her ass.  Then I grab her naked hips before sliding my hands up her sides and over her ribs, loving how she chose a dress she couldn’t wear with a bra; it had a built-in bra shelf to display her tits.  My hands make their way up over those amazing mounds, finding her huge nipples within the folds of fabric.  When I rub, then pinch them and squeeze her tits, it makes her tremble and moan. Her hands squeeze mine thru the dress; then, Mary Beth pulls her arms out of the bodice. 

“Mmmmm, Mary Beth, you are sooo fuckin’ sexy!  I’ve dreamed of taking you, making you my wife since the day I met you, and now I am taking you.”  

I grasp her hand and place it against my hard cock, holding it there so that she feels it throbbing through my slacks. 

“Mmmm, see how hard you make me, baby?” 

Mary Beth starts to pull away nervously, but I soothe her.  “It’s okay, baby; just relax and feel how it throbs to your touch. Mmmm, it loves how you touch it, baby! That’s it. Now pull my zipper down,” I say as I kiss and nibble her neck and behind her ear.  

She doesn’t move, so I reach down and undo my slacks, and they fall to the floor.  Now my hard, throbbing cock rubs against the small of her back.  Mary Beth is shaking and moaning as I wrap her hand around my cock.  I show her how to hold her hand tight around it as I start moving my hips, sliding my cock in and out of her hand, much smaller than my own.  Then I move my hands to her hips and start slowly pushing her tight mermaid dress down over her ass, feeling no panties in the way. 

 “Ohhh, that’s sooo fucking hot, baby.”  My hand is sliding around her hips and down between her tightly closed legs.  “Open your legs, baby.”  I slide my hand down over and cup her smooth, bald, wet pussy.  Then I rub against her clit, making small circles and soft flicking motions until she shudders and squeezes my cock harder, and I feel her hot juice flow out of her pussy.  She is shaking and crying, having just experienced her first orgasm. 

“Doesn’t that feel good, baby?  I’ll make you cum and cum again!”  

Mary Beth changes position, turning to face me and briefly taking my cock’s head into her mouth.  It feels wonderful!  When her lips close around my head, I dimly know this would have been about the depth of her virginal wall. 

I lift her back to her feet and hold her at arm’s length, taking in her beauty by firelight while my cock points and bounces and leaks a long string of precum. Catching it in my hand, I rub it into my cock and make it all wet and shiny. 

Mary Beth watches, wondering how I will ever take her.  Her abuser wasn’t well endowed, so she can’t imagine that I could fit. 

Wrapping her in my arms and kissing her passionately, I lay Mary Beth down and take a position between her legs. As I continue to distract her from her concerns with my mouth, I slide my cock up and down along her pussy, getting us both very wet.  Then I lift from behind her knees and pull her legs up and toward her chest, opening her pussy.  When I press the fat head against her, she trembles and starts to scream, but I muffle it with kisses. She wraps her arms around my shoulders as I begin to ease down into her pussy.

“Sooooo hot and tight, baby, mmmm!” I kiss her and tell her, “Relax and breath out while I slide all my cock in, and don’t stop till I’m in you fully.  OOOOooohhh, fuck, yesss!” I grunt and fight cumming.   

Having never felt a pussy this small and tight, my cock buries as deep as it can and squishes inside her.  I truly hope I’m not hurting my beautiful bride.  We kiss passionately as I slowly pull out and slide back fully in again, several sloooooow times, till her juices flow and she’s moaning wildly. 

Mary Beth tosses and wiggles under my hard cock that is gaining speed.  She screams out as her pussy spasms around my cock, and her juice squirts out around it.  It’s more than I can take, and I push in fully as my cock jumps and pumps my hot cum down into her pussy. Both of us cry out and moan, our orgasms uniting!

We fall asleep, and when I wake up, Mary Beth is rubbing her belly and crying softly. 

“Are you hurt?” 

 “No,” she says.  “Just wondering if you’ll be mad if I don’t have a child in me now?  I was taught sex was to make children and nothing more.  I did not have a child when… before. What if I’m broken?  

I take her in my arms.  “Mary Beth, only God gets to control when we have a child.  If he has that in his plan, we will have a child when he deems it right. Until then, I believe he wants us to practice, learn, experience, and grow together as husband and wife sexually—and in every way.” 

I lay her back and stand to put more wood on the fire.  My cock is already swelling and growing hard and thick again. 

“Why is your member hard again? We haven’t even kissed yet.”  

“My cock gets hard when I’m around you, when I see you, even just think of you.  You turn me on like no other woman ever has!” 

She pulls me down and between her legs again.  “Time to practice more. Take me, husband!”

Hearing her words, I can’t hold back. Eagerly, I begin to thrust into her tight pussy. 

“Yes, take me again, husband!”  She urges as I pull back and drive my cock into her pussy over and over. “MMMmmm, you feel sooo good!  I think… I’m going to… have an… orgasm!”

She shakes, and her pussy spasms around my cock, sending me over the edge once more as I drive in fully. Again, I fill her pussy with my cum, thrusting more slowly as we cums, the contractions of her muscles squeezing and squirting our mixed fluids out around my cock.

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3 replies
  1. 19Sierras97 says:

    Mmmmm very HOT. I remember my wedding night so vividly. He was my first, and I wanted him so badly. I gave myself to him 110% and he took me every way he could. We left nothing on the table that first night. I wish I could relive the excitement and pleasure of being taken and penetrated and made to be his wife and woman again and again.

  2. LovingMan says:

    Very sexy story. The way the obviously experienced man was patient and reassuring was beautiful! My wife had also been abused (I was too) and this was my second marriage so I was experienced. And so I did my best to be very kind and patient on our honeymoon. She also discovered that we could enjoy each other sexually in spite of our past. I should say that we both discovered that! In fact I think we discovered true lovemaking together!

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