Remote Nude Beach

We Went to a Remote Nude Beach and Got Totally Naked. Here’s Our Story.

Fifteen miles into our backpacking adventure, we were fast approaching the beach where we would set up camp for the night. We were hot and sticky, and our clothes clung to us. It wasn’t so much the temperature (about 90 degrees) as it was the humidity.

We had talked extensively about what we’d do once we got to this “forbidden” beach, which friends had recommended to us. Accessible only by this trail or by boat, it was clothing-optional and popular with couples. From what our friends had shared with us, we fully expected to see nude people. The question was if we’d also disrobe and if Lauren would go beyond just topless.

Lauren grew up in Sweden and often vacationed in many coastal areas of Europe, where going topless was and is culturally accepted. Since we’d married, I’d joined her and her family at some of these locations, a few times seeing her mom and sister both topless. It was no big deal. But going fully nude? That’s a big deal. Lauren had decided she’d, at the minimum, go topless once we got to the “forbidden” beach.

We rounded a turn in the trail, which had taken us through jungle-like terrain, and could now hear the waves crashing. Excited, we kept on the path, and in a few hundred feet, we stepped onto the ocean sand, where we viewed a magnificent beach and fantastically blue water as far as the eye could see. Over the years, we’d ventured to the Hawaiian Islands several times, on each occasion discovering something new. This quiet, secluded beach was something new of epic proportions, well off the beaten path.

We could see only a few couples, and they were nude. One woman, who looked to be in her mid-20s, glanced over at us and waved. Her male companion also waved.

We walked the beach in search of a campsite and found a perfect spot, where we dropped our backpacks. We were hot and wanted to cool off, and instantly the question turned to staying clothed or not. Despite all of the buildup and debate on the topic, the question turned out to be easy to answer. After taking off her trail shoes and socks, Lauren removed her shirt and bra, dropped her shorts (she had no panties, as usual), and walked toward the water—completely nude.

I looked on at my tall, slender bride, a bit surprised by her boldness, and then proceeded to do the same, hoping I could avoid getting a hard-on.

We talked to another couple in the cold water, both also completely nude, who were wading about 50 feet from us. They appeared to be in their mid-30s and told us they were married, had kids, and lived in Idaho. They were here for two more days.

When we’d gotten in the ocean, it was around 1 pm. Not until 8 pm, when it was time for bed, did we put back on any clothes. As trite as it sounds, feeling the ocean breeze on our naked bodies—including the areas usually covered by clothing—was heavenly. We had enjoyed our day of nudity and capped it off with the most glorious lovemaking in our tent.

The next morning, when we awoke, we stayed in clothes until the temperature rose a bit, but then once the sun was out, we took them off for a dip in the ocean. We had a decision to make: Pack up and leave as scheduled, or stay one more day? Throughout the morning, we’d noticed a few of the couples there when we arrived were leaving, while some newcomers had come in by foot, all taking full advantage of the clothing-optional opportunity. This was such a magical place, and we’d had such a good time the day before that we elected to stay.

While we had some interactions with others, most couples stayed to themselves. However, there was one couple (the one we waded in the ocean with when we arrived) who we hung out with a few times over the two days/nights we were at the “forbidden” beach. Robin and Jack told us they had been to this beach a few times before, and they kept coming back because it’s such a peaceful, magical, and romantic place. (We very much agree!) The topic of nudity never came up in our conversations with them, but Robin did comment that, at age 46, Lauren looked incredible!

After two days and two nights, we had no choice but to pack up and head back to the car via the foot trail. It had been an incredible experience—one unlike any other we’d ever had. We had skinny-dipped before, including recently while camping in the mountains, but had never been completely nude around others. We don’t consider ourselves “nudists,” but we agreed that we’d ABSOLUTELY return to this beach and shed our clothes.

Although Lauren was bold in immediately stripping down when we got to the beach, she told me there is a huge difference between being topless and going fully nude. As noted above, going topless is no big deal for European women, but being completely nude is a whole different ballgame. For both of us, being 100% nude in the presence of other adults whom we didn’t know was a shock to the system. With time on the beach, we started to feel comfortable, and the novelty of it all waned. It wasn’t until maybe 3 or 4 hours after I stripped down that I started to feel at ease. Honestly, the time I needed to feel at ease was less about me and more about my wife being nude in front of others. It was surreal seeing her nude on the beach.

On the hike back to the car, Lauren told me that her initial hesitance to go fully nude was from her worry about being the only woman with a fully shaved pubic area. When she saw other women who were also bare down there, she no longer had any hesitation. Of the dozen or so couples we saw over the two days and nights, easily 80% of the women, like Lauren, had 100% bare vulvas. Interestingly, I seemed to be the only guy who groomed himself!

A lot of nudists will say being nude around others isn’t sexual. I found myself becoming aroused on a few occasions, which probably only underscores why I’m not a nudist. Seeing my wife traipse around the beach and into the water completely nude and with hard nipples from the breezy conditions was a turn-on, and, yes, I also found myself getting aroused by the sight of other women. There were a few women on the beach with us who were beautiful and impossible not to notice. None of this was a secret from my wife.

For the most part, everyone behaved themselves, though many of the couples—us included—got handsy. One couple appeared to be in their very early 20s who we think might have been making love outside of their tent during the sunset on night one, but we couldn’t be sure. Overall, though, everyone behaved, and we saw no penetrative sexual intimacy amongst the other couples. We did see couples who, like us, disappeared into their tents only to reemerge sometime later to “wash off” in the ocean.

We did discover some challenges to the all-nude beach lifestyle. Staying protected from the sun and, for my wife, keeping sand out of her pussy were challenges! Also, it’s easy to get chafed by the sand on your backside/ass. The sun got to be a bit much at times, and we did all we could to keep the sunscreen on, but occasionally, we had to get in our tent, hang out under a tree, or put something on. Lauren’s pussy did get sand in it a few times, but it washed out if she got in the ocean. Another challenge we had to deal with was always feeling sticky. Saltwater leaves a distinctive uncomfortable residue.

The purpose of this story isn’t to recount blow by blow the sex we had over those two days and two nights, but this I will say: It was incredible. Our tent was large enough for all kinds of fun, and over the approximately 60 hours we were on the beach, we got it on five times in our tent. Of course, some of that was because we had the time, but we were so into each other, and being nude all day just revved up our sexual juices.

Fun story: On day two, Lauren had a craving for salt. The beach and being in the sun can do that to you! Nothing seemed to satisfy her salty craving—not even trail mix—so of course, I offered a mouthful of salty cum to her, which she accepted. After a 10-minute blowjob, I erupted in her mouth, and she swallowed the whole load without batting an eye. I asked her if she still had a salty craving.

“No, that took care of it,” she replied.

Another fun story: Before the trip, I shaved my balls bare. Not sure what the deal was, but when Lauren saw my shaven balls, she went wild. I never knew having your balls licked before getting a wild-ass blowjob felt so good.

We came out of this experience with a much more relaxed outlook on nudity. We are not nudists, but the time at the beach definitely made us more comfortable with our bodies, and we will absolutely return to the “forbidden” beach.

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17 replies
  1. Waiting Hardly says:

    There is a lot of joy in discovering that arousal doesn’t not equal lust. It’s a biological reaction, but in no way means you want to try to have sex with that person. So happy to hear of others finding the joy of spending time the way we were created to live.

  2. SecondMarge says:

    I’m happy for the two of you. It’s sad that we have this cultural opposition to nudity, especially women being topless. Nothing wrong with going topless for men or women in the proper place, which is anywhere a man can go topless now. Also nothing wrong with being turned on seeing others nude. It’s normal, natural and not at all evil. Very unfortunate that in the USA we have been programmed to feel uncomfortable topless. We design clothes to show—even highlight—the breast, every inch of it except the nipple, which is the part men also have and show. I have seen some men with their pubic area shaved and find it a bit odd looking. Emasculated. But that just could be because it remains very unusual.

    • MarriedtoaHotBabe says:

      Couldn't agree more. Lauren was born and raised in Sweden, where going topless is no big deal. However, it was a big step for her (and me) to go fully nude at this beach.

    • SecondMarge says:

      I’m glad she got over it so quickly. I must admit showing my boobs was much easier than being totally nude. The man I am seeing now likes me to be topless around the house and it’s kind of fun. His father was stationed in Europe, I guess for a long time. The went to many nude or topless beaches there. His mom is very open about being topless. And we are the same size on top so we can share

    • alwayswet101 says:

      Totally agree. Erections are beautiful and getting aroused and growing should not make one shameful. The human body is a beautiful thing in that others can cause us to get aroused and our body’s react to that arousal. A boner never hurt anyone…

    • catlover says:

      Being shaved is so wives don't get hair stuck between their teeth. If you wives can groom yourselves for our sake, we can do the same. It has nothing to do with masculinity. Hairy armpits and balls provide a place for bacteria growth that can create possible bad odors.
      Besides why would a guy with 8 inch armpit hair and likewise pubic hair look attractive? Trim it guys!

      As for women topless, it has taken many years for me to get here. But, if a shirt is not required for me, why should it be required for a woman. It should be her choice. Many of us overweight men have bigger boobs than many women, bigger even than women who are breastfeeding. So we should be required to wear a bra too! It's all cultural!

      God made Adam and Eve tunics or loin cloths, not panties and bra. Covered them equally because of briars and brambles, not because nakedness was a sin.

  3. RockyGapMan says:

    Great story. I knew after the second paragraph where the beach was.

    My wife and I spent two weeks in Hawaii for our 25th Anniversary. Although all of Hawaii was beautiful and memorable, one of my favorites of the trip was our hike on the Kalalau Trail. Although we weren’t able to walk the whole way to this secluded beach and experience it, the scenery was breathtaking!

    We’re probably too old to go back in our mid-60’s and experience it, but thanks for letting me experience it vicariously.

    • MarriedtoaHotBabe says:

      That’s the place! Was magical. We occasionally saw boats offshore with people looking on but they never got too close. When we saw the boats, we didn’t worry as we had on hats and sunglasses.

  4. TwoBecomeOne says:

    My wife and I discovered the joy and freedom of nude beaches while vacationing down under. It was one of those things I just wanted to try for the experience and my wife came along grudgingly. Now, we can’t get enough. I can’t say we plan all our vacations around nude beaches, but it is a consideration. For those who have never been, I will tell you it probably isn’t like you might think. Certainly there are not “beautiful bodies” (by societal standards anyway) everywhere. Our first time, we were overly concerned about being checked out by others. We’ve discovered now that no one who is there cares. It’s about the sun and water on your body and connecting with nature. I’m already to the point where the thought of going to a clothed beach is unappealing, so I loved this story and can relate to the first time baring yourself in public. I also agree it turns up the heat afterwards. Thanks for a great story.

    • Fearless Lunk says:

      I feel like this would be my experience. I just don’t know how hard to push. My wife will never be “into” it ahead of time. She would almost certainly do it in a “grudgingly” way. But I think she would have a similar reaction as your wife — “let’s do that again!” So it’s taking those action steps that are the hard part.

  5. Loving Guy says:

    The butt in this story's photo makes me think of how much I have enjoyed playful slaps and pinches from lady friends, and how much I'd like to pinch and slap one like it.

  6. alwayswet101 says:

    Loving Guy- question for you, we’re you able to keep your package in check with the nude beach? I feel like especially since it’s not a common thing here in the US it’s harder for us to not be aroused because it’s more uncommon. We have been to a few nude beaches in Europe and we had to work really hard to contain ourselves. My poor hubby had to hide maybe 7 erections the one day and when we got back to our hotel I had just about the wettest bikini bottoms ive ever had! And not from the water lol!

  7. Loving Guy says:

    It was hard! Both my erection and controlling it! I bet a few of ladies were soaking wet; I did notice some hard nipples. A couple of ladies came over to talk and flirt with me and my buddy, and we were very embarrassed with boners. However, we did make some new friends!

  8. livinghope says:

    I've been to a couple of nude beaches. Not for the socializing like I guess happens at nudist resorts, but just to be in the water and lay out on the beach in the sun naked. Usually, most people are alone and keep to themselves or their own group some distance from everyone else just enjoying the beach. It didn't take me long to not worry about walking around or going into the water with an erection in that setting. I think everyone realizes it's natural. That's different than masturbating in the open, which I have seen someone stopped for by other beachgoers before. One time, I had an erection that had started to subside and decided to go for a run down the length of the beach and back. The thing is, as I continued to soften as I ran, pre-cum started to ooze out the tip of my cock and was kind of hanging off the end of it. I didn't notice it until I had already run past a bunch of people that could have seen it all. When I finally did look down, I wiped it into the inside of my thigh and went on, but I'm not sure what everyone thought before that!

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