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Going For a Dip

We went out with another couple we know for the day, four-wheeling in the desert. Normally, we’d head out in just one vehicle for a day trip, but I had just rebuilt the engine in our Jeep, so we went in two vehicles. We had an old CJ5, and Monica and Ken had a Landcruiser. […]

Caught: The Drive-In

Accidents do happen! The recent story about the drive-in reminded me of a drive-in story of our own. Sadly, the one in the small town where we used to live, like many others, closed years ago. It was always THE dating place in our high school days, a favorite hangout for us kids. Later on, […]

The Watchers

On the drive back home from a trip, my wife and I stopped along the way to stay with friends at their new place rather than get a hotel room again. They were a couple that we had known for several years. We had lived in the same town, and we two guys had both […]

🔊 Cum Again?

🔊 Ignite Audio Playlist As a couple who are not much for “one and done” sex, and along the lines of Climaxx’s Cum-a-thon story, this is one of our favorite long cum-fests. It was my wife’s birthday, so I came into the house and asked her where we should go out for lunch. It was […]

🔊 Busted!

🔊 Ignite Audio Playlist Ever been caught by your spouse taking ‘matters’ into your own hands? Ever catch your spouse doing the same? Here are a few of my favorite times that has happened: I wrapped up things a few days early after a few months on a remote job and headed home. I figured […]

Spontaneous Is Always Best!

My wife and I are both spontaneous when it comes to sex. We take advantage of opportunities that I think most wouldn’t think about. We just find it fun and hot to surprise each other and do something when least expected. These are a few short stories, of some of my favorites! I was in […]