Targets of Opportunity

Sometimes things happen, that inspire me to… seize the moment, let’s call it. A couple of unplanned favorites:

Early one morning, I had made coffee. My wife got out of bed and went out on the porch to watch the sunrise. I soon followed behind and saw her leaning up against the rail with the sun shining right through her tee-shirt. It was easy to tell that was all she was wearing. Nice inspirational view I had! After thinking about it for a minute, then sat down behind her on the deck, spun around, and slipped between her legs. I raised my head under her shirt and started licking away at her clit.

She didn’t even have a chance to ask me what I was doing before it became obvious, and she quickly tossed the tee-shirt. She wanted a view too!

I just kept right after her pussy with my tongue. It wasn’t long till I could feel her shaking, and her girl cum ran down my face and onto my chest. The closer she got to cumming, the more I had to hold her up with my face. She finally started grinding on my face and cumming like crazy!

When her big O was finally over, I told her she better sit down before she fell; her legs seemed kind of weak. I pulled my sweat pants down, and said, “Have a seat!”

She impaled herself on my oozing cock, and started slowly rocking up and down. I was able to maintain control until she started cumming again. Never fails, though: she cums, and I can’t stop myself from cumming too!  She lay on top of me for a few minutes afterward, then finally got up and told me, “My coffee is cold, but you can do that again any time you like!”

So, I took her up on that! I sat up, grabbed her by the legs before she could turn toward the house, pulled her to me, and planted my face back into her dripping pussy! No problem; she had said anytime! I started over, and we did it all again. We ended up going for an uneven three before we quit and got a HOT cup of C! She started listening for me more carefully when she went out there like that in the morning, not that I do anything differently… or her either!

Before we remodeled our master bathroom, I built an outdoor shower. That afternoon, she trotted by me in the yard and told me she was going to test it out. After she got in there, I tip-toed over, took all her clothes off the table, and stashed them in the garage. Then I got undressed and hung her towel over my already hard cock.

When she looked for her towel, it wasn’t hanging on the side of the shower anymore, but she sure found it when she got out! She tossed it aside, I spun her around, bent her over, and slowly worked my bone into her pussy. I didn’t last very long, but we headed over to the picnic table, and I made up for my quickness by making her cum a few times with oral, with another shot at doggy style in between! That shower was a good build, and we often have to use it twice in a day!

Never miss a target of opportunity, and never be bashful around your spouse!

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  1. TorrHead says:

    "After thinking about it for a minute …" I knew I was reading through to the end. Early morning. On the porch. Between her legs. Outdoor shower. Towel rack. Picnic table. All in one day. Another home run submission to MH, Tulsa. Cool.

  2. LovingMan says:

    Very sexy. You must have a secluded house. I guess it’s not everyone’s thing but I too love feasting on my wife’s oozing pussy right after I cum in it. We use coconut oil and one of three types of flavored aloe lube and the taste (combined with our natural juices or cum) is awesome!

    • Tulsa says:

      We are over a mile away from the closest neighbors, so quite safe for us to carry on!
      I found out years ago, that my wife's 'thing', and her fantasy, was me doing oral after I had cum in her. I found out by accident, and have been doing it ever since, because when I do, she cums like crazy! The thrill never went away for her.
      We have several names for it. I mention them to her, and she gets horned up!
      Yes, we are older now, and sometimes must use coconut oil. Nothing works quite like it used to! Coconut oil is like a condiment, or a dessert topping for us. LOL! Part of the recipe!

    • Tulsa says:

      If you can't tell CapMet, we are big fans of oral! BIG FANS! And oral on my wife, is a gimme almost every time we get together!

    • Tulsa says:

      I first thought, it was kind of weird, but now, I agree! It's hot. The way she cums when I go down on her slimly cummy pussy MAKES it hot! It's so hot, I get hard again for another round!

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