Getting Ready for Him

She reaches down and slides her fingers between her full lips, then raises in front of her face to see the glistening juices; the thought of her husband getting home and ravaging her body has her dripping with excitement.  She spread her fingers out, and the liquid spreads like webbing.  Stopping to smell her aroma, she feels her arousal grow.  With the stress of life, it has been a while since they have spent real time together, and she has plans to make sure that they have an evening to remember.  She puts on her push up bra, slips on a tight, short dress and a pair of heels, and finishes her hair, then settles back on her bed to watch a steamy romance while waiting. 

As she watches, she starts to massage her large round breasts, imagining her husband Jim’s large hands doing the kneading.  Her right hand slides down her soft, curvy side and stops when she feels the warm, soft skin of her thigh.  Moving it to the inside of her leg, she begins to make slow circles that gradually raise her skirt.  Her breathing increases, and her whole body tingles as she spreads her legs wide, causing her short skirt to rise just above her swollen mound.  As she squeezes her left tit, her right hand meets her engorged and slick pussy again.  Her back arches and she lets out a moan.  “Where is that man of mine,” she thinks as her finger effortlessly slips inside her pussy.  It feels like she is swallowing her finger with a contraction of her muscles, sucking it deep inside.  She spreads the slick juices all over her lips and clit, marinating them in her taste.  “He is going to love this when he gets home.”  

She starts rubbing her slick clit, simultaneously reaching toward the nightstand with her left hand and grabbing her clitoral stimulator. After licking the suction lips, she applies it to her wetness.  “Mmm.”  A moan escapes her lips.  Slowly, she moves the toy around until she finds the sweet spot and calls out in ecstasy as it starts to do its one job.  Her whole body is excited now; she can feel the intensity building.  Her pussy feels so empty, and she needs it filled.  Just a little more, and she will have that earthshaking orgasm.  Her moans are constant, and her knees shake.  “Yes.” She is at the tipping point—any second now. 

Suddenly, she feels something big and thick slide inside her gaping pussy and screams as the orgasm hits her.  She lets go of everything she’s been holding back and feels her pussy pulse repeatedly.  

Jim looks down at his fingers inside his wife’s pussy, and watches the lips squeeze it repeatedly.  After two or three, he sees her clear juices gushing out and rolling down his hand to his wrist.  He pulls out of her and sucks her deliciousness off of his digits.  

The orgasm reaches its crescendo as Jim pulled his fingers out of her, and she rolls over into a ball, squeezing her thighs together and clenching her Kegels tight.  After several guttural noises, she comes back to herself and looks up at Jim, who is watching her with his large cock in his hand, just inches from her face.  She looks at him, red-faced from the afterglow of the orgasm and the embarrassment of being caught.  

“I didn’t see you come in. How long have you been there?” she asks sheepishly.

“It looks like I arrived just in time to lend you a hand,” he replies.  

“This is only the beginning,” she says, then sticks out her tongue and licks a drop of precum off of his member. “Now, help me clean up before we go out.” She scoots to the edge of the bed, showing off her slick mound.  

He knows exactly what to do; he uses his tongue to clean her up.  

“You may need to drink lots of water,” she warns him, “because I have so much fun planned for us.”

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15 replies
  1. Wife lover says:

    Such a wonderful story! Brings back memories of the first time I caught my wife jilling off. When we were first married there’s no way she would do this for me or even talk about it. Now it’s a wonderful part of our marriage. Now one of our favorite games is trying to get caught by one another masturbating. We also have this token and whoever has it can give it to the other person and the person receiving the coin has to make themselves cum wherever they are. Then once you make yourself cum, you have the coin to be given back whenever you see fit.

    • Tulsa says:

      Masturbating together, is a wonderful thing to do! So much fun!
      But……walking in, and catching the other in the act….is 10 times better! Especially, when you can remain unnoticed, and keep on watching, or better yet, keep watching, and masturbate while you watch!

    • StillLikeNewlyweds says:

      I’ll second that praise for the picture choice. I was just telling my wife on Sunday afternoon how much I love taking her when she’s wearing a dress (as I was taking her while she still wore her dress from church). And then the next morning this picture is posted with your story. And about your story, well done! So descriptive, and you have an almost too great a gift of teasing us for wanting more of the story. (I’m still waiting for more about the black corset and stockings you mentioned in your last story.) Looking forward to the next parts of the story.

    • StillLikeNewlyweds says:

      Just for the record, the picture is not the type of dress my wife wore to church. But it doesn’t matter if it’s a sexy dress, a simple pretty dress, or a really classy dress, I love her in dresses.

  2. Fearless Lunk says:

    Oh baby! I can relate. My wife caught me stroking this morning. She didn’t have the availability (nor the interest) to join in, but she encouraged me to enjoy myself. 🤣 And I agree, the superb pics add a LOT to the stories!

  3. DexterousD says:

    Great story, thanks for sharing. I walked in on my wife self-pleasuring for the first time ever last year. It was one of the sexiest things I’ve ever seen and it literally took my breath away, but neither of us were embarrassed – which shows how far we’ve come in the last few years. She simply invited me to help out and finish her off, which of course I was happy to do!

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