The Absence of Her Touch

A reflection from 8 years ago:

We had been married for 15 years and were in the midst of a trying situation, unable to be intimate for a month.  Rarely in our marriage had we gone more than three days between lovemaking sessions.  You asked that I not take things into my own hands through this time of waiting and instead “save” myself for you.  Days and weeks passed.  My heart, mind, and body longed for us to reconnect.

Finally, after many days and nights, we reunited.  That night, you reached over to rest your hand on my arm, signaling your love with the touch that I longed for.  We kissed with intention and passion.  Not knowing what you could yet handle, I allowed you to lead the way.  We kissed; we talked; we poured out our most intimate thoughts.

At last, your soft and supple hands reached toward my manhood and ran over my shorts.  As they caressed me over the top of the cotton, I ached for you to touch me skin-to-skin.  Eventually, one hand slipped inside my shorts, and its touch defied description—it took my breath away.  My stiff cock pleaded for more attention.

You slid your palms and fingertips down toward my testicles, taking your time and allowing your touch to bring me under your complete control.  It was as if it were the first time you had touched me.  You didn’t hold me in your hand; you simply caressed me and allowed the sensation to overwhelm me.

A build-up of over four weeks could barely contain itself.  My breathing grew rapid, and your exquisitely soft fingers and hands upon my most sensitive and erotic parts felt heavenly.  The tip of my head drooled with seed ready to explode.  At last, the tension I felt in the depths of my balls released.  My cock went through a  series of spasms that it had never experienced before.  I laced one spurt after the next inside my shorts.

Your hand remained inside my shorts as I covered every bit of it with my plentiful love juices.  Knowing how sensitive I would be, you didn’t move, just kept your touch on my rod as it went through convulsions.  My underwear and your hand were doused in my love and passion for you.

I praised God for the joy I felt from a touch that I had missed for so long.  I praised Him for you, our marriage, and this long-awaited reunion of intimacy.

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4 replies
  1. LovingMan says:

    That story was lovely. I can relate to the joy and power of my wife’s touch! We too have had times where health problems got in the way of sexual intimacy. The reuniting is all that more intense. When my wife can’t have intercourse because of a medical situation she will manually help me get there to Orgasm Land. I have done the same for her. Our favorite is for her to lick n suck my nipples while I masturbate to orgasm. Sometimes she pumps my rod to orgasm as her lips love on my nipples. Even in our regular sex sessions she often has HER orgasms between sexual intercourse as I love on HER nips and she uses a vibrator.

  2. Tulsa says:

    I used to travel a lot, and work for months away from home, so missing our touch for both me and my wife is something we know well.
    As a guy who is quick on the draw anyway, it led to a lot of ‘this won’t take long, did it?’ moments! 🙂 Luckily for both of us, we were not a one and done couple. I could recharge quickly!

  3. catlover says:

    It is hard not to be quick on the draw when there are long distances between sessions of sexual intimacy.
    The pressure for loving together release has been contained far to long for longevity to be sustained.

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