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Due to COVID 19, we were alone on Thanksgiving Day—but rather than sorrowing, we made the most of it.

It was Thanksgiving. For me, holidays mean getting to watch and FEEL my wife’s full lips wrapped around my hard rod as she gives me oral. I walked the dog, and then we worked together to put the mostly-thawed turkey into the oven. Next, I shaved my face carefully, and we both showered in our separate bathrooms. We met nude on the bed afterward. Then, after a bit of talking, kissing, and fondling, we headed to the master bathroom.

Melodie, my wife, has some issues with giving me oral sex. She only feels comfortable doing it once a month (usually on holidays) and in the bathroom. This probably has something to do with the sexual abuse she suffered as a girl. Having suffered childhood sexual abuse myself, I can easily understand and accept her conditions.

A quick note on childhood sexual abuse: if you or your spouse or both of you suffered childhood sexual abuse, do not feel that your life is ruined. Before we ever met, both of us sought out therapy to help us cope. Once in a while, during sex or other times, something will trigger one of us. The triggered spouse will sometimes mention it. The other spouse is always patient, understanding, and comforting.

Our married sex life was NOT ruined by the sexual abuse we suffered. We have healed, forgiven the perpetrators, and moved on. It still leaves us with challenges, but our faith, therapy, and prayers get us through. Again, our marriage bed was not tarnished by the abuse we suffered as kids, but we do have to make some adjustments.  For instance, Melodie is not usually very vocal during our sex sessions.  I am very vocal, and although I wish she might make a bit more noise, I love her and don’t pressure her about it.

We also deal with some desire discrepancies, so after working with a Christian marriage and sex therapist, we negotiated a sex schedule that works for both of us. We found counseling helpful, but you DO need a therapist who is married-sex-positive.  We dropped one therapist who was not positive at all in that regard. If you or the one you love were a victim of sexual abuse, I would encourage you to seek a good individual therapist, but a marriage and sex therapist may also help you and your spouse as a couple.  We prefer therapists who share our Christian values. You may have to see more than one to find the right one for you. There IS hope for healing. It takes time, but it is worth it! And don’t forget the healing power of prayer.

Now back to the story:

Both nude, we stepped into the master bathroom and shared one more kiss. My wife sat on the closed toilet seat and quickly engulfed half of my hard penis. She began to rock her head forward and back while I started thrusting gently. We know this routine well, but since it is usually reserved for holidays, birthdays, and our anniversary, it is always a special treat! The feel of Melodie’s tongue on the hypersensitive underside of my glans was driving me crazy in a wonderful sexy kind of way. She usually can only take about half of me into her mouth, so she usually pumps the other half of my erection with her hand or hands. It is a fantastic feeling!

We used to do this in the shower a couple of times a month, with me standing on the edges of the tub and her standing inside it. Before my wife had leg surgery, she’d give me oral in the shower/tub to edge me; then she’d bend over for me to finish inside her cute pussy.

Back to the story:

I felt my orgasmic train arriving at the station as our mutual sexy rhythm continued. Of course, knowing me so well, Melodie sensed my pending climax, and she upped her movements of mouth, tongue, and hand.  She has gotten  VERY good at this over the almost 30 years of our very happy and sexy marriage.

I never know if she’ll let me come in her mouth. I love doing it, but usually, she takes the first spurt or two in her sexy mouth and then finishes me with her hand. I’ve come on a hand towel, on her beautiful full breasts, on her cupped left hand, and sometimes a bit on her lovely and sexy face. All of those feel great. Once in a while, I get to shoot all of my masculine love-cream into her mouth. That feels wonderful and very sexy, but so do the other ways!  (Letting me come in her mouth didn’t happen until about six years ago. I’ll write up that story sometime.).

Back to the story:

The electrical show in my nervous system hit as the train pulled into the station. (My erection must be an electric train.) Melodie kept pumping and caressing my very happy erection with her lips, hand, and tongue. The first three strong spurts of my cream exploded into her mouth. Then she pulled back, and I am not even sure where the next three spurts of semen landed. Hand? Boob? I saw stars, and I think my explosive orgasm temporarily blinded me. Over half of my cum went in her mouth, and it was an awesome experience! No complaints from me!

It was Thanksgiving, and for a while now, I have been working on an attitude of gratitude about our sex life. No matter what we do in our lovemaking session, I choose to be grateful for it. After all, we have frequent sex. My wife and I love each other. Many people out there have far less.

The marriage/sex therapist helped me realize that I should be grateful. If sex were your favorite buffet, would you storm out because the dishes they serve can change? They always have the familiar standby dishes, but if a certain thing is off the menu on that particular visit, would you leave the buffet restaurant and miss partaking of all the other yummy things? That is how sex with your spouse is. The menu can change over time. Or what was on the menu three days ago may not be on the menu today. I have learned to be grateful for what’s being served today!

I feel the same way about stories I read on MH. Another couple’s restaurant is not Melodie’s and Tom’s favorite restaurant. The MH stories could be considered as a restaurant or buffet review. We might sometimes try out some of their dishes,  but it does us no good to be jealous of the other couple and what is served in their favorite restaurant.

But I digress again… so back to the story:

Melodie started wiping me off with a soft hand towel then headed for the bed after she ordered me to wash. I did so, then joined her on the bed, where she already was buzzing her clitoris with one of our rechargeable vibrators. What a beautiful and sexy sight that was! Sexual arousal makes Melodie look way less than half her age. It always makes me feel like we are young again!

I grabbed the coconut oil and piña colada aloe lube and pushed some up into her love tunnel. I also applied both of the lubes to her labia and love button or clit. Next, I got the G-spot vibrator, slid it inside her, then dove into her nearest breast and began loving on that perfect raspberry.

“Oh, Tom… that feels really nice!” she said. (This is unusual for her. Remember that she’s usually rather quiet during sex. If she’s vocalizing at all, that is an excellent sign that she’s really into it.)

“My life mission,” I said, “is to please you, my dearest Melodie!” (And I knew what would please her too.)

I knelt beside her on our queen bed and did what we call “tip on nip.” This is when I masturbate my rod as I rub the underside of my glans on her closest nipple while she continues with her vibe on her clit. This nearly always triggers her big O! Sometimes her orgasm happens with the G-spot vibe in, and sometimes after I pull it out. Sometimes we skip the G-spot vibe, and her climax happens as I am thrusting my hard rod deep inside her! (That can end up in simultaneous orgasms!)

With me masturbating and rubbing my tip on her nip and her using the internal and external vibrators, it didn’t take long before Melodie arched her back and cried out in a sexy, husky whisper, “I’m coming!” She looked soooo beautiful at that moment. I feel like God must love me the best to let me love this kind, sweet, intelligent, and faithful woman who “youthens” during our lovemaking sessions.  The orgasmic ecstasy caused her body to spasm more than usual for her.

I kissed her mouth and then told her how beautiful she is, and she ordered me to lie down on my back. (But first, I removed her G-spot vibrator from her wet love canal.)

Melodie LOVES my man nips, so now it was HER turn to dive in. She sucked and tongue-flicked my closest nip and cupped and gently squeezed my sac as I masturbated to full staff.

“Ooo! That will feel nice!” she exclaimed as she pushed my hand out of the way and stroked my now fully erect shaft herself to test my hardness. “Go inside me!” she demanded.

Of course, I could think of nothing I’d rather do more, so we moved into our X-position. But first, I handed her a different vibe and applied coconut oil and piña colada aloe lube deep inside her vagina. I also stroked her vulva and clit to lube and flavor them too.

Next, I took a few brief but tasty laps at her perfect pussy, concentrating on her clit. Then we got into X-position, me on my right side and thrusting while she lay on her back, using her vibrator.

Now, as seniors with health problems and medications that can have sexual side effects, we have adopted the motto, “If you can, then do it.” This translates to “If Tom feels he’s going to be able to come, then he needs to do so and not wait.” So while I thrust and Melodie caressed my erection using her Kegal muscles, I felt O #2 arriving. “I’m close!” I told my wife between the soft grunts of each of my plunges deep into her loving vagina.

“Then go for it!” she said as she increased her little pelvis wiggle that often drives me to my peak.  (It’s the ultimate twerking.) I grunted, ground deep inside her pussy, greased that pussy with my cum, and grinned. My second orgasm was as great as the fellatio O had been a few minutes before.

But we were not yet done. “I don’t want us to be unequally yoked,” I told Melodie. So I slid up to her left side as I dipped two fingers into her leaking piña colada pussy. I applied my tasty treat on and around her nipples and partook! I love the taste. I started on the left boob then knew when it was time to switch sides. Melodie applied the vibe to her swollen clit, and less than a minute later, her second orgasm rocked her cute, curvy body.

“I love you, Tom!” she said as we lay together after the sex and cuddled, with me cupping her shapely right breast.

“I love you too, Melodie,” I replied. I was still in awe of what we had sexually shared. “Melodie,” I said, “making love to you is a peak experience every time!” I kissed her again and added, “Pretty good for a couple of half-broken-down retirees!”

This Thanksgiving Day, I was very thankful for sex with a wonderful wife. God has blessed us so much. Sex is an important part of our love, but the kindness and dedication we have had for each other for almost three decades is part of what makes the sex into true lovemaking.

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  1. DexterousD says:

    Wow. So much to be thankful for in your story. Great that you individually and together sought suitable therapists to help as you worked through difficult issues from your past – it is so worth the investment and can be an important part of the overall healing process. I like your concept of being thankful for and enjoying what's on your menu today, without fretting about what's not on the menu. And "if you can, then do it" – seize the moment, don't let precious opportunities for intimacy be wasted. Thank you.

    • LovingMan says:

      Thanks DexterousD. I like that phrase “seize the moment!” I may have to start using that if you don’t mind.

  2. DexterousD says:

    No problem, I just made it up recently to help me notice opportunities. But I also ended up telling that phrase to myself, not long after reading your story and making my comment! Let's just say an unscheduled opportunity presented itself in the form of my wife who happened to kiss me a little more passionately than I expected, so I decided to act on it, which ended up pleasing both of us. Haha! Bonus!

    • LovingMan says:

      Ok DexteroueD. I used your phrase in a story. I will submit it soon. Thanks. Gotta love “Seize the moment!”

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