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Ever been caught by your spouse taking ‘matters’ into your own hands? Ever catch your spouse doing the same? Here are a few of my favorite times that has happened:

I wrapped up things a few days early after a few months on a remote job and headed home. I figured I would just surprise my wife instead of letting her know. AS It turned out, I really caught her off guard.

I wandered into the house, and she wasn’t there. So, I started looking around, and as I headed toward our bedroom, I heard a buzzing sound. When I pushed the door open a bit, there she was, naked and spread out on the bed, with vibrator in hand, attacking her clit. She had out our big box of sexy pictures, many spread out on the bed around her.

Whoa! She didn’t see me! I watched, as she maneuvered a dildo up into her pussy, eyes still closed, and still working away with the vibrator.

I slipped back through the doorway, stripped out of my clothes, and silently slid back in. She was still working herself over, and I started to work myself over too as I slipped closer to her.

That’s when she noticed I was there, and even though I startled her, she kept right after her goal. Too far into it to stop now! I stood right next to her as she slid the dildo in and out, and as she worked the vibrator up and down, I stroked my cock in one hand and pulled my balls in the other. She started shaking all over, humping the dildo, and cumming big time, and that’s all it took for me. I sprayed out a month’s worth of stored up cum all over her tits! It was just the start of a very cum filled cum play night!


Another time I surprised her was after she had picked me up at the airport from a long trip overseas. We got home, I took a shower, and we were sitting in the living room talking. Next thing I knew… I woke up in the dark, still in the living room, and now alone. I figured she headed for bed, and I wandered that way. When I got there, I heard the whirlpool bathtub churning away. The door was mostly closed, so I opened it up, and there she was, sideways in the tub, with her pussy in front of a water jet and the bubbles going full blast! She had one hand pulling on a nipple, and the other was down in the water, helping with the bubbles or working over her clit. 

She was close to cumming when she saw me there, now out of my sweatpants and stroking my dripping cock.  “I had to start without you,” she told me. I could see that! She gave me a ‘come here’ command, curling her finger, and I got in the tub on my knees over her. She grabbed my ass, pulled me to her, put my dick in her mouth, and started sucking while the bubbles did their thing to her pussy. She didn’t last long and was cumming in less than a minute. That did it for me; I unloaded in her mouth when she started cumming! Following that was the best cum-kiss I ever got, and we went after each other for hours to make up for all that time we had been apart! It was a glorious night!


And, she has caught me many times as well. A favorite of hers was in the morning, after we had only had a quickie the night before. The next morning, I woke up with my cock at full attention, but I couldn’t seem to rattle her enough to get up with me.

I finally gave up, put some sweatpants on over my tent pole, and headed to the kitchen and made a pot of coffee. Hard to do when your hard-on is in the way! I turned on the news. Still hard. I poured a cup of coffee. Still hard. I tried wandering around the house and out in the yard a little, but… still hard. I finally pulled off my sweatpants, sat down, took a look at my now leaking hard-on, and gave up. I leaned way back, and started jerking myself off furiously.

My wife has always been fascinated with how hard and fast I jack myself off, and this was one of those times because she had gotten up and was standing behind and over me, watching intently.

It didn’t take me long, and blamo, I was shooting cum from my belly to my chin. That’s when I heard a “WOW!” Too late for me to hide!

She wandered around the chair, tossing off her nightshirt, leaned over me, and drug her nipple through the cum on my belly. Then she gave it a lick. She drug the other nipple through the cum, and this time she shoved it into my mouth. I didn’t argue. She kept going, nipple to nipple, her mouth, then my mouth, until the whole cummy mess was cleaned up. Pretty good idea on her part because when the cum was all gone, I was hard again, and we went on from there!


Mutual masturbation is fun, it’s hot, it’s something we enjoy doing, but catching one another, has always been a lot hotter!

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13 replies
  1. Fearless Lunk says:

    I loved hearing about the times you have caught each other. Turned me on! I’ve been caught several times, but DW doesn’t masturbate on her own. Thankfully she is not shy about touching herself when we are together, so I get to watch her get herself off often. In fact it sometimes looks just like the pic! (Great pic, MH)

  2. MarriedtoaHotBabe says:

    Awesome story. My wife caught me on two occasions early in our marriage–kind of fun. I have never caught her but we both know masturbation is a thing for each of us and we have no issues with it. The first time I watched her masturbate, it was clear to me she was quite experienced with self-pleasure. I learned that she started masturbating around the same age I did. The thrill I get from watching her pleasure herself with her fingers, her vibrator, her dildo, etc. drives me wild! Masturbation is also a prime way she brings herself to orgasm during sex.

    • Tulsa says:

      We got to talking about it one day, and ended up showing each other how we did it the first time! That was a whole lot of fun, and surprising for me. Her first time, was with running water out of a garden hose! I haaaaad to see how that worked!!!

  3. Grace911 says:

    Ummm ummm ummm! Great story! I couldn't get much more turned on than when he catches me, and vice versa. He knows I love it when we're relaxing in front of the TV in the evening and he pulls his cock out of his lounge pants and starts stroking and pumping his cock, just waiting to see how long it takes me to notice. If I fail to catch on, I hear a PSSST, and he waggles his erection at me. That's usually my signal to stretch out on the sofa, put my head in his lap and start sucking. Sometimes I ask him to pull it out for me and do it just so I can watch him calmly giving himself a hard on as he watches a program.

  4. FunJames says:

    Thinking I might try this later this afternoon. She arrives home around six. All I need do is get naked on the couch and turn away from the front door, with my headphones on listening to music while stroking my tool. I’m really in the mood now, thanks!

  5. JuicyForMyMan says:

    I deliberately let him “catch” me many years ago. It was early in our marriage, and he didn’t know it was frustrating me when he came and I didn’t. He learned quite quickly, and it hasn’t been a problem since. I’d love to catch him sometime. There’s been plenty of times that I’ve realized he was horny because he was playing with himself, but since I was already in bed with him, that’s not quite like walking in and catching him.

    • Tulsa says:

      Maybe you'll get lucky, and catch him one day!
      After masturbating together became part of routine, we didn't worry much about doing it alone, or getting caught, so…..we ended up catching one another now and then! Always led to more sex together!!

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