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Many stories, including mine, seem to focus a lot on anal sex. From my perspective, I enjoy reading about it; somehow, it makes my pussy tickle with delight, and it seems to me many writers enjoy it. I must say that it is one of my favorites. Although Greg and I indulge in it now and then, in most cases, we tend to start out clean and try our best to use a condom to limit the spread of any bacteria. However, there are times when our desire overrides precaution.

I was home early, as usual, preparing a quick meal for dinner and humming away to some tune. I casually walked about almost nude, dressed only in a low cut. short, sexy minidress—no undies—and having just climbed out of the shower.

As I was at the kitchen sink doing my chores, I looked through the window and saw Greg pulling up. He said, “Hi,” as we hugged and then made his way to the bathroom. I carried on with dinner prep, and after about 15 minutes, Greg rejoined me as he firmly gripped my breasts. I felt a warmth pulling through my body as his hands started groping my bottom. I loved the way he fondled my pussy back to front and then gently pressed his thumb firmly into my anal area.

With a whoosh, I turned around, dropped his shorts, and engulfed his swollen cock into my mouth. I sucked him fiercely as he tilted his head backward and closed his eyes in fantasy. He was completely dumbstruck by the way I sucked him, putting my experience to good use. But soon, I stopped the bobbing, got up, and turned around, my pussy firmly pressing with his cock. I leaned on the unit next to the sink and shouted, “FUCK ME!”

Now Greg was extremely good at this; with a straight thrust, he inserted his erection into my dripping hole. He shifted the dress a bit out of the way, and placing his hands on my shoulders, he romped home. That tight grip gave him extra leverage as he saw and heard me rise to the occasion. I felt, and so did he, my orgasm play out as I shuddered with pure delight.

Suddenly he stopped, his cock still hard and upright, and quickly ran to the bathroom.

“What are you doing?” I called to him.

 “I’m coming. Hold on. I’m just washing up a bit,” he said.

I instantly knew what’s coming, and though we had no protection, I was all worked up to give it a go. I lifted my dress, turned around, and gripping the edge of the basin, I exposed my bare open ass wide.

He was behind me, clean and well-lubed, and with one long, firm push, he was in. As I am so stretched out, I didn’t feel any pain, only the nerve endings in my butt sending sensations all around my body. He wasn’t gentle, forcing his shaft in hard and fast, and I wriggled with orgasm after orgasm. It was then I felt him shuddering, and he shouted, “I’M LETTING IT IN!“ 

I screamed back, “GO FOR IT!” as I felt spurts of semen spewing into me and at the same time dripping backward out onto my pussy and down the inside of my legs.

He pulled out as I cleaned out the rest and rubbed it all over my body. With it on my finger, I managed to taste a little, a taste I love so dearly. We mopped up, and in time we were ready for a meal.

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  1. MarriedtoaHotBabe says:

    Awesome story and so hot. No panties=delicious. Love it when my wife goes panty-less, whether in a dress or her yoga pants. I definitely prefer vaginal sex and especially doggy style but my wife of late would tell you she, like you, favors anal sex. It has been interesting, to say the least, to see her interest in anal take off since we first tried it a few months ago. We have never worn a condom during anal but of late and only once have I ejaculated in her ass. She loves it. Keep it up!

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