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This is the second part ofGetting Ready for Him“.  I hope you enjoy.  I did. 🙂

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Kaylee jumped up off the bed and pulled the hem of her tight dress as far down her sexy thighs as it would go—which wasn’t very far.  As she walked out of the room, Jim spanked her ass, enjoying the way it felt and how it jiggled.  He loved the softness of her dress and of her body directly underneath.  No panties there, just the warmth of her body.  He was already hard from watching her orgasm when he got home. 

Jim followed Kaylee into the bathroom, where she propped one leg up on the counter, reached in a drawer, and pulled out her Yoni Egg.*  She made sure that he was watching and licked the egg seductively while maintaining eye contact with him.  Kaylee then called him over and pressed the egg against Jim’s lips, and he allowed it into his mouth, moistening it with his saliva.  He sucked her finger into his mouth as well; she felt his tongue circling it, and he softly bit her. 

Jim then released her finger and the egg into his own hand and pressed the wet sphere against her labia. Kaylee reached down and pulled her lips open more, and the moist rock slipped right into her pussy.  Jim then knelt down and softly kissed her inner thighs and pussy.  

“We are going to be late for our date, my love,” Kaylee said. 

“We don’t need to go,” Jim mumbled between kisses. 

Kaylee put her foot down and adjusted her dress, then tousled her hair.  Jim loved watching her walk out of the room, especially with the way her dress hugged that ass. He could feel the pressure building in his groin and knew that, by evening’s end, his balls would be aching for relief.  Kaylee loved to make him ache; she was such a tease. 

As they sat and talked at dinner, he was transfixed by her beautiful white breasts and the way they bulged out the top of her dress.  “Where are we going tonight?” he asked. 

“Tonight is the wedding reception for Barb from work.  We have to go to that.”  Jim liked Barb, and her fiance was cool, but Jim did not view this as a “hot date,” and his face fell a bit.  Realizing his disappointment, Kaylee leaned over and kissed him, promising, “I will make this the best wedding reception we have attended.”  

They arrived at the reception hall, and Jim walked around to let his beautiful bride out of the car.  When he opened her door, she reached out and took his hand, put her right leg on the ground, and slowly turned toward him.  Jim looked down at her, seeing her legs spread and getting a clear shot of her soft mound and engorged labia.  He felt a little lightheaded as blood rushed to his cock while she ever so slowly turned in the seat.

With both of her feet out of the car, Kaylee stood up, holding herself against him.  She felt the stiffness and warmth of his cock pressed against her.  “As we go in, I want to feel your hand on my body the whole time.”  

They walked into the building, Jim’s hand on the small of Kaylee’s back.  As they waited in the receiving line, he ran his fingers over her shoulder and played with her hair.  His palm traced down her side and came to rest just above her hip; he loved the feel of her pelvis shifting under his hand while she moved.  After greeting the bride and groom, he slid a finger down her arm and took her hand, leading her to the back of the room. 

They sat down for a minute, and he reached over to caress her soft bare thigh.  He felt her muscles tense for a moment, then felt something hard and wet press into his hand.  

“Can you hold onto this for me?” she asked coyly.  He looked down, shocked to see the Yoni egg with slick, white grool coating it. 

“Did you really just push that out right here?”  

“I just spread my legs a little and pushed, and it popped out,” she said with a naughty grin. 

Jim then wiped her cum off of it with his fingers and stuck the sweet juice in his mouth, enjoying the flavor and texture.  Then he pocketed the stone and guided Kaylee onto the dance floor.  A slow song came on, and he pulled her close, wrapping his arms around her. 

“I love you,” he whispered in her ear while kissing her neck.  As they spun around slowly on the dance floor, he felt her soft body against his and was overcome with desire for her.  His firm cock was aching to cum. 

The song ended, and a fast song came on.  As his wife jumped up and down on the dance floor, pressing her body against his as they spun around, he felt his desire growing.  She turned her back on him and started rubbing her ass against his solid rod.  

“I need you,” he said in her ear.  

“Then we better get home,” Kaylee replied.  

A few minutes later, they arrived at home.  As they closed the door to their bedroom, they kissed passionately—mouths wide open, and tongues exploring each other. 

Kaylee pulled away from the kiss and said, “I’ll be right back. You get comfortable on the bed.”

Jim got out of his clothes and lay on the bed. Then he slipped a cock ring onto the base of his shaft and watched as his rod engorged, the veins starting to bulge. 

Kaylee came out of the bathroom wearing a black bustier and a thong that barely covered where her pubic hair would be; it was just a string from the slit of her pussy all the way up her ass. 

Jim crawled out of bed to get a better look at her body.  Kaylee’s large tits bulged over the top of the lingerie, also accentuated by the tight waist that made her look extra slim.  He took her in his arms, touching every inch of exposed skin as they stood there.  Jim kissed and bit Kaylee’s neck while his hands grazed the exposed skin of her back.  His kisses trailed down to her tits, and he sucked and bit them.  His hands roamed down her sides and caressed her bare ass.  

Kaylee turned away from Jim, shaking her ass against his stiff cock before slowly climbing onto the bed, making him watch.  She knelt on all fours in front of him, sticking her ass in the air, and he could see her small hole and the curve of her mound. 

Jim came at her from behind and pressed his shaft against her warm inviting pussy.  When it didn’t slide in right away, she grabbed his cock and gently moved it around until she had it aligned. Then she pushed herself back, inserting him into her sopping pussy.  Jim rubbed his hands gently over Kaylee’s back and ass, tickling and massaging her. 

Kaylee looked up at the mirror, enjoying the sight of herself on all fours with her beautiful breasts pushed up and her husband kneeling behind her.  From this angle, it felt so good for both of them.

Jim started to pump in and out, all the while massaging her ass.  His hands travelled around the sides of her hips and up her back, then scratched downward from her shoulders, leaving faint red lines.

Kaylee arched her back and moaned at the sensation while Jim watched his dick slide in and out of her.  Her labia puckered and tugged as the movement repeated.  When his rod came away, he could see it streaked with her thick, white grool.  Jim had always loved this view, the hypnotic motion and how amazing their bodies looked as he pumped into her.  They had never done much with video, but he’d always wanted to record this action and show Kaylee what it looked like. 

Jim reached down, coated his finger in her juices, and sucked it off.  He then slid his shaft out of her, watching as her pussy gaped from being left vacant after stretching so. 

Kaylee turned around, still on all fours, and Jim now had a perfect view of her wet, messy pussy in the mirror.  She licked his penis from the bottom to the top, enjoying the taste of her own juices on him.  Sucking his shaft in and out, she cleaned him off. 

Kaylee’s thong did nothing to cover her mound, and Jim couldn’t stop watching her pussy in the mirror. He noticed that she has one hand rubbing her clit.  One finger slid into her; when it came out, it slowly circled her clit, leaving white streaks on her labia. 

Jim was as hard as a rock, and his heart raced.  He wanted to cum so badly, and felt full of passion.  But he held back because he knew she didn’t like for him to cum in her mouth.  

Kaylee guided Jim onto his back and sat on top of him.  She unfastened the long row of metal clasps on the bustier—one at a time—torturing him with her slow and deliberate movements.  Her wet pussy on his stomach and the weight of her body on his stoked the fire within him.  Kaylee finally pulled the two halves apart, one hand covering her nipples before he could see them as she let the lingerie fall to the bed.  Then she took one breast in each hand and grabbed and massaged them but still covered her nipples, playing with him, and teasing him.  He wanted to see them so badly, though he thoroughly enjoyed the show. 

Finally, Kaylee’s hands let go of her tits, revealing her perky hard nipples, then ran down the sides of her body.  She lay down on top of him, pressing her boobs against his face. 

Jim slowly kissed, sucked, and bit her large, full globes until Kaylee slid her tits down the front of his body to nestle his cock between them.  She spit on his dick and rubbed it around, moistening the rod, then began to slide up and down, squeezing his dick between her breasts.  She looked down and opened her mouth, allowing the head of the penis into her mouth at the apex of its stroke.  He moaned and made primal noises, arching his back each time her lips encircled his shaft.  

Jim’s audible responses got Kaylee’s pussy soaking wet and left her jealous of the attention his cock was getting. She spun around so that she could suck his dick while he focused on her needs. 

Jim slid her panties to the side, pushed two fingers inside Kaylee, and started to pump up and down while licking her clit.  His fingers filled her wet canal, hitting her G-spot and sending shocks through her body with each touch.  His tongue flicked her clit, then his lips attached to her pod, sucking. 

Kaylee felt her orgasm start to release, and Jim could taste a difference in her fluids as she orgasmed hard, her muscles clenching on his fingers.  She soaked his hand as he greedily licked up her pussy juices. 

The sight, smells, and taste, along with the softness of her tongue licking his dick, caused Jim to reach the edge.  He couldn’t hold back any longer, and pulse after pulse filled her mouth with his seed.  Jim looked down at Kaylee to see his shaft throbbing in her mouth as his cum started to leak out the sides. 

Kaylee looked him in the eyes, and he saw her throat constrict. The she opened her mouth, sticking out her tongue to him.  Jim’s jaw dropped open as he realized what just happened.  He couldn’t believe it; Kaylee swallowed his cum!

She then crawled up him and kissed his lips hard with her cum-soaked face, the flavor of his seed still in her mouth, and what had leaked out of her mouth spread between the two of them.  She held her husband tight against her body.

“Now, I need for you to cum inside me.” 

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    • Fearless Lunk says:

      I can relate! I can get so turned on reading these posts. I wish I had something like this to read and jack off to when I was single… ENJOY!

  1. Good Night My Love says:

    I loved the night out. The teasing, how you are surrounded by lots of people, and the whole world goes kind of fuzzy and it seems like it is just the two of you. Is anyone else doing the same things? You hope so, but it doesn't matter. Teasing each other, dangling them at the edge. Then the oral sex, so delicious.
    Oh, and mirrors, those are always HOT!

  2. Good Night My Love says:

    MH, I like the new little touches. That you added the link to the first one, and a link to a Yoni Egg. Those are helpful. I frequently feel like I am googling things people mention in their stories.

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