Homecoming, Part 1

It was midnight when I pulled into our driveway. The house was dark, and I suspected everyone was asleep. I was looking forward to crawling into bed with my wife for the first time in three weeks but was resigned to the fact that we would probably not have sex until much later in the day. This was unfortunate since we had spent the last week of this business trip sexting almost nightly, building the sexual tension to a fever pitch.

I fully expected her to be asleep when I tiptoed into our bedroom. Instead, she sat up and waved to me.

“I wanted to stay awake for you,” she explained as I stepped up to give her a kiss. The sheet fell away, revealing the thin, pink tank top of her pajamas. In better light, her dark nipples would be just visible beneath the thin fabric.

I leaned over the bed for a kiss, the warmth and softness of her lips making my heart skip a beat. Oh, how I had hungered for her!

I went to the bathroom to get ready for the night and crawled naked into bed next to her a few minutes later. She was lying on her side, and I spooned her. She felt so intoxicatingly warm and soft, with only the thin fabric of her PJs separating her skin from mine. I was hard as a rock, my erection rising between her legs, the tip brushing her vagina from outside of her rather short shorts.

She snuggled up against me, and we chatted briefly before saying goodnight. Naturally, we both were tired, but I was still horny. My hand slipped under her top and rested on her bare breast, so warm and inviting to the touch. I felt my manhood throb, and apparently, so did she. She moved her hips back and forth ever so slightly, pressing against my tip. We did this slow dance for several minutes, our bodies gently pressed together and responding to each other.

I thought we would fall asleep like this, but she let out a little moan and rolled halfway onto her back towards me. I leaned in, and we kissed. Oh, how her soft, supple lips can ignite an inferno in my soul when they but gently touch mine!

We kissed for some time, drinking in our passion for each other. Gentle at first, our kisses gradually grew in intensity as our desire peaked. In the brief intervals that our lips parted, she would bury her head in my chest, nuzzling and kissing. My lips would find her neck in these moments before meeting hers once again. She had rolled onto her back, and her hand was wandering from my chest to my shoulder or the back of my head. I had lifted her top over her breasts and was gently caressing their soft, round flesh. Soft moans and whimpers escaped her lips as we made out like young lovers, and it became obvious that sleep would have to wait.

With a whimper of desire, my wife rolled onto her side toward me and began pushing her hips into me, dry humping as we kissed. She then let out a moan, squirmed, and began pulling down her shorts. After kicking them off, she pressed herself against me, desperately searching for my manhood. Finding it, she pressed her freshly shaved mound against it, sliding up its full length until the tip rested against her wetness. Then slowly, inch by gasp-inducing inch, she slid onto my rod until the full length had penetrated her wet, hungry vagina. How I had missed the feeling of those walls of flesh, slick with desire and warm with passion, enclosed around my engorged member!

With but a second’s pause, she began to hump me, her hips rhythmically bumping mine. I matched her rhythm with my hips as I lifted her shirt where it had fallen over her breasts. I pulled her close, and with our bare chests pressed together, we reveled in the intoxicating warmth of each other’s skin. We kissed, and she moaned, writhing as a climax neared. Then her fingers dug into my shoulder as her body convulsed with waves of pleasure. As they subsided, we kissed and resumed moving our hips to the rhythm of love.

Grabbing her hips,  I rolled onto my back, pulling her over on top of me. She shifted slightly, moaned, then began sliding up and down on my dick. She kissed me as her hips slid along my length, her pelvic muscles milking my manhood. I felt my own orgasm approaching and knew I could not last long.

Our lips parted, and she picked up the pace, riding me with the passion of pent-up desires seeking release. Faster she rode, sliding the full length of my rod, moaning all the while. Finally, I could not hold back any longer. I shot my load deep into her, the vaginal contractions of her own orgasm milking every last drop from me.

She collapsed on me, breathing heavily and shuddering with the aftershocks of her orgasm. My penis, still inside of her, throbbed rhythmically. One of those throbs caused her to squirm and moan involuntarily.

“Hey!” she said, sliding off of me and leaving me drenched with our mingled love juices.

“I was trying to fall asleep,” she said, pretending to sound annoyed. We kissed.

“Your welcome,” I told her. She gave a little “humph,” then we cleaned up, crawled back into bed, and fell asleep in each other’s arms.

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