More Hot Sexting: Part Three

In this installment, we’d been discussing skinny dipping and it led to this:

Him: Swimming pool would definitely help. And skinny dipping is a great add-on.
Naked bodies in the moonlight.

Her: Mmmm-hmmm.

Him: Kissing, massaging, you rubbing my erection…

Her: You’re too good at this!

Him: Me nibbling on your nipples…

Her: Wet bodies against each other…

Him: Kissing your neck… Mmm-hmmm.

Her: Feels so good. You go under to 👅 me.

Him: I find your hard erect clit, suck on each lip, one by one.

Her: Can’t stay under long, but it feels so good! My legs wrap around you as I feel that hard cock bobbing between my legs.
Every part of me is on fire because of you! I grab the side of the pool and lean over it.
You slide your rock-hard erection between my legs and then into my pussy!
And pound away! The water makes it so much more sensual. You find my clit again.

Him: The warm summer air and the coolness of the water along with the possibility of being seen or heard arouses the other senses.

Her: Oh, yes! But we throw caution to the wind and don’t care! We are too far into this to move now!
I turn back around because I love the sensation of my breasts against your chest in the water.
My nipples are hardened by the air on them.

Him: So are mine.

Her: I roll your nipples between my fingers, occasionally stopping to flick one.

Him: Mmm that feels really good.

Her: I nibble on one, then the other.

Him: Mmmm, that makes me hard.

Her: I run my hands from your shoulders down over your nipples and keep on going,
caressing lower and lower. I brush past your stiff cock and wrap my hand around your balls.

Him: Mmmm, nice.

Her: Squeezing them as they get bigger, I move on to slide up and down that cock.
My pussy aches to be filled.

Him: I’d fill it.

Her: Yes!

Him: And put a wand vibrator on that clit.

Her: Tell me more about that wand vibrator!

Him: You said not enough stimulation on the clit last night. So, I figured while I was ramming my cock in that wet pussy, I would grab the vibrator and keep that on your clit.

Her: That wand feels amazing!

Him: You like?

Her: I do!

Him: Sounds like you need a real good hard fuck!!!! A stiff hard cock shoved up that fun pussy.

Her: Sounds like you’ve got a stiff hard cock looking for a horny, wet pussy!!

Him: Well, fuck! I’m gonna be hard the rest of the night.
Are you horny?

Her: Um, yes, and with you gone, I’m not going to get what I need, tonight. I just found some thigh high stockings in a drawer.

Him: Mmmm, yummy. Leaves the best part open for eating.

Her: Ooohhh!

At this point, we got interrupted, so the fun continued the next afternoon:

Her: Naptime. Oh, my! New batteries really make a difference.

Him: Batteries make “Bob” work well.

Her: That they do! I didn’t realize how much it had slowed down.

Later that day:

Him: So how was solo time?

Her: Still working on it. Got the vibe in my pussy now and am feeling really good!

Him: Wow, that’s been a while!

Her: Mmmmm, very nice! I turned it off at one point, then thought better of it.

Him: Lol, silly girl!

Her: I was missing your commentary.

Him: Pussies need to have their orgasms

Him: Like me eating that delicious pussy and pinching your clit. Mmmm, bummer.

Her: Yes! You really know how to say it!

Him: And biting those erect nipples that just ache

Her: (pic sent) I’m not very good at them as far as getting a good angle.

Him: Oh, fuck!!!!! Got that twice now, lol.

Her: Sorry it’s not better.

Him: Mmmmm, I think my tongue or cock would fit pretty good. Looks fucking hot as hell.

Her: I’m sure it would be a perfect fit!

Him: Damn, same problem as last night. A hard on at dinner. Mmmm fuck me!!!!

Her: Wish I could! That head of yours would feel so good going in and out! My pussy would so much prefer that to this vibe!

Him: Sliding in past those sexy lips.

Her: Sliding in and out, in and out, pound that pussy, it needs it! I just got a new edible lube. Do you like orange dreamsicles?

Him: I do. Love dreamcicles.

Her: Guess we’ll have to try it.

Him: It tastes amazing cumming out of your fuck hole

Her: 🔥🔥🔥🔥 Changing the rhythm of the vibe is nice.

Him: Let me suck that clit hard while I finger fuck that hot cunt

Her: OMG!

Him: Soak my face now!!!!

Her: I’m cumming! Now, get that cock in here and pound it!

Him: Oh you taste amazing!! Are you ready for a good hard FUCK!!!!

Her: Yes! I’m gonna grab your ass and hang on!!

Him: I’m pounding you hard and fast

Her: Cumming again! You’re so hard! Give it to me!! So fucking good!

Him: Take it now FUCK

Her: Yes, yes, yes!! Feel my pussy twitching?

Him: Jack hammering that pussy! Pounding the inside of your thighs!

Her: Oh, Baby! You are so good at this!!

Him: Nipping at your tits. Fuck give me that hot cunt now

Her: You’ve got it and you’re making it cum again!! Oh, Baby!!

Him: Oh, we will go aaaalll night!!!!

Her: Oh, yes! You’re trying to kill me, aren’t you?!! Are you getting a chance to cum, too, or just talking? I want you to cum!!

Him: Gonna pound that shit ‘til you can’t walk straight

Her: I believe it!! Give me that cum! Where do you want to cum?

Him: I’m gonna pull out and shoot it all over your tits right on your nipples

Her: Yes! I’ll smear it all over, then scoop it up and eat it! But you have to help suck it off my nipples.
My hand smells good, just like my pussy. I’ll squeeze your balls while you’re shooting it.

Him: Mmmm, that was so hot! Did you get a couple of nice orgasms?

Her: I did, thank you!

More to “cum” in part 4!

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5 replies
  1. hornyGG says:

    Very hot! I loved it! I must have missed part two somewhere along the line. Will go find it and read. Either that or start from Part one! Keep writing and sharing! God bless and stay horny darlin!

    • JuicyForMyMan says:

      I hope you enjoy all 3! No matter how many times I’ve read and edited them, they get me wet every time I read them!

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