Memories of a Favorite Couch

About 20 years ago, my wife and I added a room addition to the back of our home.  It is a large sunroom with 17 windows, so it is very bright and inviting in the summer and a wonderful place to sit and watch a snowfall in the winter.  It can easily accommodate two couches or a couch and loveseat placed in an L formation to give us a view of the backyard or the TV located on one outside corner of the room.  We currently have a medium-sized couch/loveseat combination upholstered with regular fabric.  Like all couples using such a space, we have tried various pieces of furniture with various coverings over the years.  We change them out when the cushions/support springs get older and worn out, or sometimes we just desire a “new look” to the room.  For several years, we had a brown leather couch and loveseat combination.  The couch was very long with wide armrests. The armrests would support someone’s arm or one’s head if you wanted to stretch out on the couch for a nap or to allow more “exciting activities” between a husband and wife.  I have several memories of exciting activities, and the following story recounts one of those…
It was a Saturday morning, and my wife and I were on our long leather couch.  I was sitting to the far left side, and Janet was on her back, her head resting on my right thigh.  We were watching the morning news programs, just awaiting the start of the day.
Janet and I were wearing T-shirts and workout shorts.  As we watched television, I couldn’t help but steal glances of my wife in her “sleeping” shirt that was stretched tight by her wonderful large chest.  I let my right hand rest on her right shoulder for a while, but soon I let it trail slowly along her upper arm.  I paused at her bicep beside her right breast and waited patiently before caressing her arm, gradually working my way onto my wife’s large mound.  I kept my fingertips going very slowly, lightly exploring the side of her breast.
Since Janet gave no response, I kept going.  Next, I caressed the side of the mound, inching closer to her nipple.  She seemed to ignore me, so I became a little bolder and lightly crept toward the tip.  I then felt the smallest of bumps as I moved to the front lower area of her breast.  There, I rested and waited to see if Janet would protest my actions.  Since she didn’t speak out, I began a very light stroking on the tip of the mound, where I suspected her nipple was hiding.  I was soon rewarded when I felt her nipple start to grow, becoming harder under my touch.  I didn’t continue at the tip, but slowly circled the prize, lightly scratching all over the circular areola.
Now my slow, steady movements were beginning to pay off.  I heard Janet make the slightest of gasps as my fingertip grazed the base of her nipple and the flesh around the stiffening nubbin.  I just kept teasing her through her shirt, and when I felt the point of sensitive flesh growing just a little longer, I used my middle finger and thumb to squeeze the blossoming tip gently.  Janet murmured very lightly, and her breathing became just a hint more erratic; I was in husbandly heaven, thoroughly enjoying the slow pleasurable motions that I knew were making my wife more and more aroused.
I kept a light bit of pressure on Janet’s right nipple, holding it in my middle finger and thumb, then used my first fingertip and lightly tapped the now rigid nubbin a few times.  My beautiful wife gasped at my deliciously devious action, and I paused to let her body contemplate my next move.  After so many years of married bliss, I know exactly how to get my wife aroused, and if I ‘played my cards correctly,’ our Saturday morning would become a wonderful love fest.  Despite my incredible desire, I had to work slowly and patiently to get her in the right state of mind, and maybe I could convince her to make love on our couch.  Janet really doesn’t prefer to make love in such a large room with so many windows, but it would be a distinct possibility if I could get her properly excited.
So after a short break, I tweaked her right nipple again, twisting it gently and pulling it upwards, working right through the thin fabric of the shirt.  Janet murmured in approval and reached up to try to reciprocate by touching my nipples through my shirt, but she couldn’t do much in the position we were in and simply put her arms back down as I kept up the gentle teasing of her right breast.  I began caressing and kneading her luscious right globe of flesh so that her nipple didn’t get tired from constant play.
“What’s your plan?” My wife said in a low, neutral tone.  “Plan?” I answered as if I was surprised she would ask such a question. “I just couldn’t resist your beautiful body!”  “You always do this!” Janet murmured. “You get something started down here and never think about how we have to stop and go upstairs to the bedroom.” She sounded slightly annoyed, not with my amorous actions but with the location I chose to start our foreplay.
“I was thinking about that,” I answered.  “We should stay here and finish!”
“You know I don’t like making out on display!” My wife complained.
“Come on,” I smiled. “You know the windows are tinted, and the reflective stuff makes it impossible to see in unless your face is right up against the glass!  The neighbors are too far away to see in here.”  Our huge yard did make it pretty nearly impossible for anyone to see us in the act, and especially with our fenced yard.
“Hmmmfff!” Janet snorted, trying to stand her ground.
“Besides,” I smiled. “If we have to run upstairs, I may lose my erection!” My organ was tenting the fabric of my workout shorts.
My wife glanced back and reached up to check it out with an inquisitive hand.  “It feels to me like it will last a while….” She smiled, hoping to convince me to change my mind.
“Let’s do this,” I offered. “Let’s play a game to decide where to make love.  If I can find your left nipple through your shirt on the first try, we stay down here and make love on the couch.  If I miss, we go upstairs to finish.  Does that sound fair?”
Janet thought a few seconds.  Both of her nipples were now softer since we had paused our playing, so she accepted the conditions. “Alright,” she said, smiling. “But YOU win either way!”
“Correction!” I said. “We BOTH win either way!”
“Mmm-hmmm,” my wife murmured in agreement, acknowledging the truth in my statement.
“I can’t see your chest with you laying like this,” I said. “I need to be more in front of you.” I slid off the couch and directed Janet to shift toward the left side where I had been sitting.  Now she could have her head up on the wide, plush armrest.  “Get comfortable,” I said. “Let me know when you’re ready.”
She settled into the couch, her arms at her sides.  Kneeling on the floor beside her, I watched her bosom, looking for any clues as to the location of her left nipple.  Once her body had been still for a couple of minutes,  Janet smiled.  “Okay,  I’m ready!”
I asked, “Are you sure you don’t want to put your arms up over the armrest? It would be much more comfortable that way.”
My wife laughed.  “Oh, no!  I know your tricks!  That would stretch my shirt and give it away!”  I half-frowned in playful, faked disappointment.  “Cheater!” Janet stated with glee, probably thinking I didn’t have a chance at success with my ‘bet’!  “Now get busy; take your turn!” she continued.
Janet was obviously trying to keep her breathing shallow to make it difficult for me to detect the location of my target.  I watched her beautiful bosom slowly rise and fall.  From many years of being together, I knew all the nuances of my wife’s wonderful curves. Her nipples are located on the lower front edge of her large breasts.  I could see a hint of her right nipple just barely evident under her shirt.  I held up my right hand, fingers loosely clinched together except for my extended first finger.  I hovered that finger over the curve of her left mound, examining the landscape intently.  I slowly brought my finger closer, and Janet held her breath.  Maybe I could detect the tiniest of bumps from her left nubbin, or maybe it was from years of our lovemaking, but I touched my wife’s breast at just the right spot!  As my fingertip contacted her left nipple through her shirt, I felt the soft peak stiffen!
Janet gasped with surprise and delight at my victory!  “AH!” she blurted, squirming under my touch and laughing at her “loss” and my success.  “OKAY!”  She giggled, twisting slightly and moving her arms over her belly. “You WIN!”
I smiled and let her calm down.  “Alright, then,” I said, beaming with satisfaction.  I just looked at her, enjoying the vision of her curves and what fun I knew we were going to enjoy.
“So now what?” Janet asked.
“First, we need to get these off!” I tugged at her shorts, and we slid them off her legs.
“What about you?” my wife murmured, and I answered by peeling off my shirt and shorts and setting them aside.  Janet then raised her arms and let them fall back onto the wide armrest, offering me an enticing view of her chest filling the tight T-shirt. After a few seconds of my inaction, my wife asked, “Are you going to take off my top?”
“Oh, no,” I murmured. “Not yet. I want to play with you through your shirt for a while.”
Realizing my intention for a slow-paced seduction, she smiled and closed her eyes.  “As you wish!”  Janet said softly, obviously surrendering to my mid-morning desires.
I  began caressing her left breast through her shirt with my hand.  Then I used the backs of my knuckles (from the middle joints of my fingers) to skim over the area where I knew her nipple was hiding.   From my encouragement,  the sensitive tip began to stiffen.  Using my left hand, I tugged Janet’s shirt down over her left breast, making the fabric tight over my target. Then I “strummed” my knuckles across the erect nipple.
My wife murmured in approval, “Aren’t you creative…” She teased,  her half-closed eyes now glistening as she watched my hands intently.
“Hmm. ” I smiled.  “And I’ve only just started….”  I circled the nipple slowly with my fingertip, making it longer and harder.  I slid my left hand across to her right breast and trailed my hand over that mound as well.
After playing this way for a couple of minutes, I murmured, “I think it’s time to take off your shirt.”  I peeled her top upwards, and Janet leaned forward just enough so I could slip it off.  Janet settled down onto the couch and again raised her arms seductively above her head and let them drape back over the armrest.  She stretched out her lovely body on the couch, her creamy white skin contrasting nicely with the dark brown leather fabric. My wife’s large breasts were plush mounds, and her light pink nipples were ripe and beckoned my attention.  Still kneeling on the floor beside the couch, her left side was in easier reach.  I held her left mound with my left hand and used the backs of the knuckles of my right fingers to brush and “strum” the stiff tip just like I did before.   Janet immediately responded positively to my renewed playfulness.  I kept my eyes on that rigid left nipple.  My wife’s face was in line with her chest, so I only had to look past the tip to enjoy the sight of her face and eyes.  Next, I used my right fingers and thumb to stroke and tease that lengthening point of flesh.  Once it was extremely turgid, I used my thumb and finger ever so gently to capture the tip.   I lightly pinched and tweaked the nipple,  “rolling” it between my finger and thumb while also giving it the lightest of tugs as I pulled it skyward.  I used my other hand to squeeze and lift the soft round globe of flesh, so it moved upward to follow its sensitive tip as I milked it further toward the ceiling.  Now  I had the breast lifted as much as possible, the erect nubbin fully stretched out from the tugging and rolling of my finger and thumb.   “Oh, my…..” I whispered in husbandly appreciation, “Your nipple really likes this!”  Janet gasped with pleasure, as much from my words as my actions.  My wife absolutely LOVES it when I play with her chest, and she can take a lot of stimulation!   I glanced past my ‘target’ to enjoy her blissful look of pleasure.  Janet’s eyes were gleaming as she watched my fingers, her lips slightly parted as she murmured and moaned in response to my tender, loving ministrations.   It was a beautiful sight to behold, so I kept going for a few seconds.  Then, without warning,  I released the hand holding her breast.  Responding to God’s force of gravity, her beautiful round globe fell earthward as the generous amount of flesh tried to flatten out against her torso.  The weight of her heavy breast pulled down on the tip that I was still holding firmly between my thumb and finger.  I kept my right hand high, so the captured nipple was pulled taut.  The weight of her breast was now doing all of the work of stretching out the sensitive tip while I  continued lightly pinching and twisting the elongated nipple between my fingertip and thumb. My husbandly reward was to see my wife’s beautiful face contorted in the familiar ‘anguish’ of intense pleasure and then to hear a  sensually charged, whimpering little moan of mixed agony and arousal come Janet’s lips—the “agony” from my prolonged, loving teasing and the “arousal”  from all the delightful sensations I had given to her extremely sensitive left breast and nipple.
 I wasn’t nearly finished.  Janet loves having her nipples kissed and sucked, but I wasn’t ready to do that yet.  Making love in the “risky’ location of our bright sunny room and the sight of my wife’s beautiful form stretched out on our favorite couch stoked my libido.  I was intent on taking as much time as possible to enjoy our decision.  Better yet,  my slow approach had worked Janet’s desire high as well!  She was thoroughly enjoying my play. Any reservations about the chance of someone seeing us from 50 yards away through the tinted windows were long gone from her mind as her arousal was skyrocketing.  Now it was time for even more fun!
Still holding her left nipple stretched out, and I leaned closer and began lightly flicking the base of her engorged point with the tip of my tongue.   Janet gurgled in pleasure.  I began kissing all around the base of the stretched-out nipple and suddenly released my prize.   Janet moaned softly with the change in pressure on her distended tip.
I now used both hands to hold her left breast, squeezing the mound until its flesh was a taut globe and its tip stood up at attention, awaiting more pleasure.   I smiled in satisfaction, knowing the fun I was about to have with her beautiful body.  “Ohhhh, my,” My wife sighed.  “Your eyes have a devilish look!” I simply kept looking at her and began kissing all over her breast, moving closer and closer to the rigid tip.  Maintaining eye contact, I started using the tip of my tongue to begin touching and tasting at the base and sides of the nipple.  Janet made little gasps and groans of delight as I prodded her long tip.  I kept my lips together and brushed back and forth all over the target.  I opened my lips just enough to allow her nipple to start to enter my mouth but held there, just to let her anticipation build for the obvious next step.  Although I love to hear a little sweet begging from my wife,  I wasn’t planning to make her do that this morning.  But then,  Janet succumbed to my languorous foreplay.  As I held my mouth just right, almost taking in her sensitive tip, my wife’s little sighs turned into a little plea for more.
“Ooooooh,…Please….” I heard her say.  The ‘devilish’ husband in me perked up! This was not my intention, but an opportunity too fun to ignore.  I opened my mouth wider, swirling the tip of my tongue enticingly around the tip of her breast. “Please, what?” I breathed onto her now wet, throbbing nipple.  Her eyes were half-closed slits, glistening with desire.  “Suck it… Please…” Janet whispered in surrender. I opened my mouth wide and covered the entire end of her beautiful breast, engulfing the nipple, areola, and surrounding flesh.  I gently began sucking and working my tongue around and over that swollen nubbin.  My reward was the sound of my wife’s groans of delight as her mouth fell half-open,  her breathing harder and faster.  Usually, by this time in our lovemaking, I would be out of control and ravenously devouring her chest. Still, I really wanted to maintain my composure and take a slower, more deliberate route to our mutual satisfaction.
I  gently sucked and kissed, licked, and nuzzled her wonderful mound and its rigid tip.  I kept my right hand holding her left breast as I worked incessantly with my mouth and reached over with my left hand to encompass her right breast.  I kneaded that mound of flesh, and soon I was playing with her right nipple with my fingers and thumb, touching and teasing,  lightly pinching the semi-hard tip until it was as stiff and long as the one I was sensually assaulting with my mouth.  Then, I tweaked and tugged Janet’s right nipple, pulling and stretching it skyward using my left thumb and first finger.  My wife moaned delightfully, and I halted my mouth and replaced it with my right finger and thumb.  Now I gently twisted both nipples, pulling them toward the ceiling.  Janet groaned deeply when I tugged on both at once, and I simply held those tips in my fingers, keeping them stretched out for our enjoyment.  “This is so fun!” I beamed. “I don’t know if I can stop!” My wife’s face was contorted in a familiar look of sensual anguish as she gurgled with delight.  “Take as long as you want!”  Janet reached out with her left hand and began teasing my chest and nipples. “But I get to play, too!” She murmured.  I continued for a couple of minutes more before pausing.  “Mmm, I think your right one needs kissing,” I offered, “But I can’t reach it very well…” I let my statement hang there, and my wife responded enthusiastically to my “problem.”  Without a word, Janet turned up on her side to face me and brought the right side of her chest within easy reach of my amorous mouth.
I paused for a few seconds,  enjoying the view of her turned up on her side.  Her large left breast spilled out on the leather fabric, the end of the mound and the nipple hanging just over the edge of the seat cushion.   Her large right breast and its erect pink nipple were tilted toward me, suspended delightfully from her torso.   Smiling and her eyes gleaming, Janet draped her right arm back over her head in a very sensuous pose,  making sure I knew she was giving all of her to me.   “Ohhh, yeaaahh…” I murmured in excitement.  I leaned forward and began a slow sensual tasting of her beautiful right breast.  I started with my lips kissing and nuzzling her mound, then ran my tongue all around. Eventually, I began the familiar dabbing and teasing with my tongue, closer and closer until I was on her sensitive tip.  My wife murmured in appreciation as I gently flicked at her nipple. I gave the right breast the same treatment as her left but then decided to add just a little extra!  I formed a tight circle with my lips at the base of the erect tip and continued my gentle sucking of the breast flesh.  Now, as I backed my head away from her chest,  her nipple could enjoy the sensation of “escaping” from the wet tunnel I had made with my lips.   Janet gasped with pleasure from my new little trick, so I repeated the same action a couple more times.  My attentions were obviously effective, and my wife began using her hands to resume teasing my chest and nipples.  “I need to get you ready for more!” She stated.  After enjoying her hands on me for a bit, I leaned back, leaving her breast untouched from my mouth.  I shifted slightly on the floor and leaned in so that my chest was now in easy reach of Janet’s mouth.  She simply kept her fingers going, ignoring my obvious desire.  I felt her right hand encircle my erection, squeezing and testing its firmness.  “Is there something you’d  like?” Janet asked sweetly, as though she was unaware of our past thirty minutes of incredible foreplay.  My temptress is an expert at the “innocent girl next door” talk!   Her verbal teasing, along with her feigned “unawareness” of my obvious physical needs, ALWAYS adds to my excitement.  After all the sensual ‘favors’ I had performed so far, my wife was going to make me beg to get what I wanted right now!  I was so aroused that pretty much anything she demanded, I would have been willing to give!  I surrendered very willingly, groaning my request.  “Kiss my chest… Please?”
Janet immediately responded to my urgent plea by covering my right nipple with her open mouth and began licking and sucking the erect little point.  “Oh, Yeah!” She mumbled in affirmation, the breath of her voice adding to the sensations inflicted on my poor, wet, attention-starved nipple.  I moaned with pleasure as she went after each side of my chest in turn, still holding onto my swollen organ.  After a brief time on my chest, Janet paused her oral attentions.   She began squeezing my rock-hard penis with her right hand while caressing my ball sack with her talented fingers of her left.   I continued my groaning but managed to resume teasing her nipples once more with my fingers and thumbs, rolling and pulling on those sweet erect tips.  This distraction caused her to pause her activity and roll onto her back.  “You need to get between my legs!” Janet growled.  I released her nipples and ran my hands down her belly to work my thumbs into the creases where her groin met her thighs. I massaged her thighs as I slid along the floor until I was near her feet at the other end of the couch.  My wife bent her right leg up and propped her calf up on the back of the couch.  She looked down for a good place for her left limb that would be comfortable and allow me to do all we wanted.  “Bring the ottoman closer.” My wife requested.  I grabbed the edge of the large leather ottoman that served as our coffee table and slid it closer.  Janet shifted her hips just a little toward the edge of the couch, extended her left leg out, and rested her foot on the ottoman. Now I could kneel next to the couch in the gap made by her outstretched leg and enjoy the vision of my wife splayed out before me.    Her white skin contrasted wonderfully against the dark brown couch, and the sight of her ample breasts with their erect pink nipples was “icing” on my cake.  Then there was the paradise of feminine delights spread right before my eyes!  “Oh my,” I murmured. “Your body is such a beautiful sight to behold….” I paused.  Janet’s face was an expression of contented anticipation as she knew that much more was on the way.
 I brought my hands up to each knee and slowly massaged my way along her silky smooth thighs, concentrating my attention on the soft inner flesh, kissing and caressing my way toward her groin.  I used my thumbs and fingers to stroke her skin at the very top of her thighs.  I parted the folds of her groin creases and ran my tongue along those tender little valleys.  I then kissed and nuzzled all over her vulva and outer labia, lightly tickling the sparse hairs with my nose, lips and tongue.  I bent my left first finger in a tight little curl and used the middle knuckle to caress the very edges of her inner labia, where I could feel the moistness of her arousal.  I wet my knuckle with her juices and moved that small joint steadily up and down along her private slit until I heard my wife gasp with pleasure as I grazed her little bump of a clitoris.  I smiled to myself in satisfaction as I felt Janet shift her legs just barely farther apart.   I slid my hands closer to her most private area and used my fingers and thumbs to caress her vulva.  Using just the tips of my fingers and thumbs,  I gently spread her swollen outer labia apart as though opening the petals of a flower.  In the full daylight streaming in the windows, I drank in the sight of my wife’s womanly flesh on display!  I kept working, using my fingertips on the meaty flesh of her outer labia while my thumbs caressed the thinner folds of her pink private flesh even more wide open.  I simply moaned with appreciation as I could now see all of her!   Fluid was starting to trickle from the entrance of her vagina.  I leaned closer and gently blew my warm breath into her open slit, causing a delicious little shiver from her at the new and unanticipated sensation.  “Ooooo, ” Janet burbled, her mouth forming a circle as she raised her head just a little, looking down as if she was trying to figure out what in the world I was doing to her beautifully exposed body.  “Like it?” I asked rhetorically as I  kissed and nuzzled and teased. Keeping my lips on the edges of her inner labia,  I murmured, “Mmm-hmmm, mmm-hmm, mmm-hmm,”  and the delicate vibrations from my lips against the tender flesh really did it!  My wife’s head fell back down on the armrest with a sweet moan of delight.  I took that as a “Yes!” and continued my mission.  I nuzzled and hummed my way up and down both sides, making sure not to linger too long near her sensitive clit.  If I “overdid” my oral play, Janet would get too close too fast, and I really wanted to take my time pleasuring her.  I slowed my lips and backed away.  The increase in fluid coming out of her showed me how excited she was becoming.  With my fingertip, I  teased the rim of her already wet little entrance, encouraging more moisture to dribble out of her innermost temple,  along with heavier breathing and moans of delight from her lips.   During our foreplay,  Janet’s  “innocent girl” voice is my “kryptonite” and always makes me melt with excitement.   What my wife relishes is hearing a verbal “play by play” of her body’s reactions as I tease her to perfection.   Whether the subject is her lengthening, stiffening nipples or the wanton wetness of her beautiful vagina, my sensual descriptions of her helpless responses REALLY increase her arousal.  This was now the perfect time for melting her with both deeds and words!   I slipped my finger just barely inside her vagina, feeling the increasing wetness.  “Oh my!” I gloated in feigned surprise. “You’re leaking!”  “Uuuuh!” Janet gurgled in satisfaction, her face now contorted in sweet anguish.  I moved my finger deeper inside of her, massaging the warm walls of her inner vault.  Another groan from her, and I added a second finger alongside the first.  While probing her depths, I gently wiggled those two fingers around inside her.  My wife moaned softly.  My fingers made sensual little slurping noises from dipping in and out of the little pool of fluid collecting at the bottom of her private canal.  “Oooo,” I murmured. “You’re sooo wet!”   The combination of my words and the erotic noises I was creating really did it for her! Janet moaned louder, and her pelvis was writhing a little from my touch.    Keeping one hand working inside, I used the other to find my shirt and bring it up between her legs.  “We’re going to need this soon!”  I stated.  Feeling my hand with the fabric and realizing the inevitable, my wife raised her hips briefly so I could slide the shirt up and under her plush bottom.  It was the least a loving husband could do to keep our pleasurable  ‘mess’ to a minimum.  Once I had the leather couch protected, I got up on my knees between her silken thighs. Holding my throbbing penis, I guided the head to her vulva and lightly traced the tip along the edges of her inner labia.  “Feel how hard it is!” I urged.  My wife reached down and eagerly took my organ in her hand, feeling its swollen girth.  “Oh my,” She marveled.  “It might be too big for me!”   Janet was playfully inviting me to test her physical ability to accept my raging organ and get to the final step of our mutual satisfaction.
Once she is fully aroused, I love hearing my wife beg for my erection inside of her.  I could tell she was ripe for such an experience, but she had been soo willing to indulge my desires this morning I felt like giving her my all without being ‘too’ demanding.
At the same time, I couldn’t waste the opportunity for some little tender,  loving teasing.  “Now, whose fault is that?” I questioned, sliding the swollen head along her sensitive folds again.  She knew I was sweetly demanding an answer and played along.  “Yours?” She teased back at me, squeezing my penis.  “Noo,” I murmured,  advancing the very tip of my erection just barely into her entrance, deliciously tempting her hole with the promise of more. “Try again,” I urged.  She knew what I wanted to hear.   “Aaah!” Janet groaned, surrendering to my verbal game. “It’s MINE!!” She confessed.
 While I waited for her response,  I had quietly positioned my body and was primed to deliver at a moment’s notice.  I had placed my left arm on the armrest near her head and had taken hold of the plush fabric.  I pressed my heels and the balls of my feet against the inside of the opposite armrest.  One great thing about a leather couch is how much traction you can get from the fabric and the design of the furniture.  The moment I heard the correct answer from my Janet’s lips, I dug my toes into the leather and pushed and pulled myself forward, driving my erection steadily and fully into my wife’s warm depths.  “Uuuuhhh!” She groaned in approval as I kept up the pressure of my pubic bone against hers, slightly grinding my pelvis into hers.  I moaned in pleasure as well, then rocked back just a little.  Before she could think,  I used my traction to push into her again.  This time, I swear I could feel the head of my penis bump into my wife’s cervix.  I was as deep as I had ever been!
“Oh, BABY!” Janet wailed, clutching my rear!   I moved back and plunged in again, but this time, with her good hold on my tush,  my wife added to her impalement by eagerly pulling me forward.  We both grunted loudly with this maximal thrust, and I began working in and out with shorter, steady movements.  Janet wrapped her legs behind mine to help hold me in place, then ran her hands up along my back and sides in a way that always gives me sensual ‘tingles’ from her light touch.   I kept my left arm on the armrest and placed my right hand on the cushion.  This gave my arms a little rest but kept my upper body raised for better leverage for thrusting.  I knew this position would give my wife access to my torso, and she did not fail to act on the opportunity.  While I concentrated on a gentle, slower pace of thrusting,  her hands made their way to my sensitive chest.  My wife lightly played over my pecs and teased my nipples, using her thumbs like little windshield wipers to flick back and forth over my erect tips.   She kept her talented thumbs moving at a steady, relentless pace that matched my own pelvic motions.  I moaned loudly in appreciation, awash in sensual bliss.  Soon I craved more and leaned my chest a little closer to her, hoping for some oral pleasure from her talented mouth.  I looked down at her, hoping to see her respond.
 Ignoring my ‘offer”,  she just watched her thumbs and fingers intently as they brushed and tweaked my sensitive little points.  Then Janet brought out her  mind-melting “innocent little girl voice.”   Still avoiding eye contact and feigning unawareness of my obvious cravings,  she cooed, “Would you like something?”
“Ah, HAAAAA!” I groaned lustily and readily succumbed to her question.  “Kiss them– PLEASE!” I pleaded.  My wife now looked up at my face.  With a delicious gleam in her eyes, she maintained eye contact as she used the tip of her tongue to dab and flick at my nipples in a torturously light fashion.  My beautiful wife was repeating the same incredibly sensual motions I had used on her several minutes ago.  I moaned, “Thank you….” in appreciation of her fulfilling my desires.  Janet kept watching me intently, murmuring “Uh-huh” with her warm breath as she continued teasing my nubbins with the very tip of her tongue.   She expertly, relentlessly kept after my chest until my eyes were glazing over in sensual bliss!   I simply continued my helpless thrusting.
Knowing that she now had me totally melting and under her control,  my wife continued with her sensual favors to whip me into an even higher state of frenzy.  Janet opened her mouth and surrounded my left nipple with her lips.  She sucked the flesh gently while running her tongue around and over the tip. It was exactly what I wanted!   “Ah! Yeah! OH YEAH!” I gurgled, content in my surrender and my desire for her to continue.
Janet switched to my more sensitive right side and covered the area around the erect nipple with her open mouth.  Repeating the same actions, she applied a gentle suction to the surrounding flesh and went after the stiff point with her swirling tongue.  This time, she added even more!  Keeping her mouth on my chest, her hands caressed my underarms and sides in a light tickling fashion before trailing down my back. Once her hands were on my rear, my wife clutched my flesh again, harder this time.  She pressed her fingers into the creases where my butt cheeks met the backs of my thighs.  Those are MOST vulnerable spots.  She gently dug into those hypersensitive folds.  Janet knew full well that her fingers would cause an intense mixture of sensual tickling/tingling that would send my excitement skyward!  I moaned loudly in helpless response to her perfect motions.  My beautiful and sexy wife only paused her mouth on my chest to murmur, “Ready?”
“Yes! PLEASE!!!” I hissed.  She kept working over my more sensitive right nipple while digging into my butt creases.  The combination of her exquisite pleasures REALLY drove me wild!  Now, it was my turn to wail, “OH, Baby!  OH, BABY!!!” I was going insane with desire and thrust harder to bring her level up to match mine.
 With both of us so excited,  it only took a few more strokes to achieve my goal. As her excitement peaked, Janet made a frantic request. “Touch my chest!” She gurgled.   Keeping my left arm against the armrest, I used my right hand to knead her left breast and began slowly brushing her erect tip with my thumb.  Janet’s response was incredibly erotic!  She started thrusting her hips up to meet mine, grunting each time our pelvises met.   I could tell her eruption was imminent. As I  tweaked and tugged and pulled on her engorged left nipple,  I was in husbandly heaven, knowing my wife was so aroused.  “Go, honey!” was all I said to encourage her.
 “AHH! YEAHHH!”   Janet groaned loudly in triumph as her orgasm began.  I knew if I kept teasing her chest, it would become annoying very quickly. So I stopped playing with her nipple and clutched the armrest with both hands as I gave her a couple of final thrusts and followed her noisily into the furnace of pure ecstasy!   We moaned in helpless abandon as our bodies melted together, spasming and writhing in release!  I  slowed my hips gradually. Finally, the waves of pleasure subsided, and I was left moaning, “Oh, My… Oh, my… Oh, my…” as I lay on top, holding her.
 Our breathing settled down as we slowly regained control of ourselves.  As we  basked in our afterglow,  Janet smiled and commented, “Now I know why we like this couch so much!”

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  1. Peterpan says:

    What a great and fun story to read. I really love the teasing part in the beginning. That total 'innocence' of both of you. For me teasing is the most erotic part. Thanks for sharing you story.

  2. Mike2020 says:

    Wow that was intense! I think most couples have a favourite furniture item for sex. Ours is a black leather armchair with wide soft arms. My wife gets nude then positions herself on it with a knee on each arm, her bottom toward me and leaning against the back of the chair. Positioned like that I can really work her wild with my fingers before I get behind her and get my penis in for sex. The leather is also very easy to wipe any semen splashes off too.

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