Surprise Boobie Fun and More

Last night before sleep, I thought of getting my sexy wife a new piece of lingerie. So, I woke up my iPhone and virtually went to my favorite online lingerie shop. At the top of their webpage, I saw pictures that women and some men had sent in of themselves in the company’s lingerie.

I have a lot of photos of my wife Melodie in lingerie, so I wondered about seeing if there was one we could send in. Of course, it would only be with my wife’s approval, but I decided to look over our sexy pics in the morning.

Yesterday, my wife Melodie told me that she is getting cramps with a menstrual cycle as a side effect of a medication she was on briefly. When we woke up today, she said, “I don’t like being 16 again!”

I told her, “But don’t you feel young again?”

She didn’t think I was funny.

It was a lovemaking day on our sex schedule, but I assumed it was off as far as vaginal sex. Most mornings (when we don’t have a full-sex session), she loves on my nipples, squeezes my balls, and pumps me some—or I pump myself to an orgasm—as she titillates my man nips. Believe it or not, no type of sex is easy with heart failure, but it is definitely easier in the morning.

This morning we talked about our options, and she said she was sore “down there;” i.e., the cramps were bad, and the bleeding made her sore. So again, I figured there would be limited or no sex this morning. I’m happy to say I turned out to be very much mistaken.

I told Melodie about the posting of primarily women in the lingerie that they or their man had bought from the online lingerie shop. I also told her that she doesn’t realize how gorgeous she is. This morning, I mentioned, I’d looked at some of the photos and videos we’ve made since I got the private photos/videos app a few years ago, hoping to find a good lingerie photo of her wearing something from that shop.

Looking at the photos and watching several of our videos, I felt astounded by how blessed I am to be married to her—and I told her so! “My conservative, religious wife can be a real vixen in bed… or on the couch, in the car, in the shower, etc.” She beamed when I said that, and her face wore an appropriate “I’m so proud of myself” look! I told her that I’m proud of her, too.

I showed her some photos where she looks spectacular. She glanced at each image but told me she only sees fat. I reminded her that she is very beautiful and sexy, but I think the photos positively affected her. The soft light of our halite lamps lit some of them, including a closeup of her face and torso with her holding one arm under her lovely full breasts.

“See, you look spectacular in this photo. These are beautiful boobs, and your face is so gorgeous and cute at the same time.” The photos were all taken during arousal, and I swear her visage loses 40-50 years when she’s turned on! Basically, she “youthens.” I still find her beautiful all the time, but it’s like winning the lottery of life for me when she’s impassioned!

I suggested submitting a photo without including her face; some of the site’s photos had the head cropped. She seemed amiable to that but not to one that would show her face. Her favorite lingerie pieces are her cupless teddies, so I showed her one of the women wearing that type of uber-sexy lingerie. The lady had three fingers over her nips and areolae. We decided that we could take and submit a photo of Melodie in a similar pose. All the current pictures of her in the open-cup, open-crotch teddies have her proudly displaying her bare boobies, and the site won’t post those types of photos.

We started playing a teasing game where I tried to cup her boobs over her pajamas. She’d knock my hand away, etc., but it was fun; we’ve done this many times. Occasionally, she let my hand linger and rub some; that’s always a good sign. We proceeded to what we call FMP or Fix My Problem. At first, she loved on my left nipple with her tongue and lips. She also cupped my balls as I pumped my rod, then she took over the pumping while still stimulating my nipple.

After a while of this very pleasant activity, I rolled onto my left side so I faced her, and she began loving on my right nip. I resumed pumping my rod until I came—exploded, really—all over her arm and her PJs… and the sheet.

“We may need to wash the sheets,” said Melodie.

Then to my surprise, she lifted up her pajama top, began to stroke each breast, and then began to pinch her nipples! Afterward, she cupped her boobies and offered them up to me. I was flabbergasted, but of course, I complied with her unspoken request.

After licking, tongue-flicking, and sucking her sexy nips for 30 seconds, Melodie’s husky sex voice said, “Oooooh, that feels good! The girls wanted some attention!”

She kept switching which boob she was cupping and offering to me so that I would give my love to each, over and over again. Her back arched and she moaned and cooed like she does when really aroused in a lovemaking session.

“Is this working down there?” Melodie asked, then added, “I hope so!” She reached down and grabbed my re-hardening penis and exclaimed, “Ooooh! Yes, it’s working!”

But we both needed to take our morning pills etc. We got up, and as I was standing at the bathroom sink, Melodie walked in without her PJ top on at all! I was naked by this time, and she began to pump me as she again offered each beautiful, full, Norwegian breast to my hungry and passionate mouth.

Next, she switched it up and loved on my nip as I pumped my now hard erection. We tried something new: I turned toward her and pumped my rod as I rubbed my tip on her boobie and nipple while she kept sucking on my man-nip! I could see the show in our bathroom mirror.

After that, she turned to face the mirror with me behind her and placed both my hands on her boobies. She began an erotic dance, grinding her bum onto my growing erection, though she was still wearing her PJ pants. I still wasn’t sure this was going to lead further.

Next, I watched with one eye as I leaned over and again took each offered boobie into my mouth. Her nipples had gotten red and hard and looked like ripe raspberries! I again enjoyed the show in the mirror; of course, I was also participating in the show!

Then, I stopped physically loving on her sexy body to love on her verbally. I turned her to look back into the mirror. “See!”’ I insisted, “You’re beautiful and those are beautiful boobs!”

She cupped her breasts with a hand under each and looked in the mirror. “I never said they weren’t big beautiful boobs!” she observed. Then she turned to me and said, “I think we should try!” And she said it with a devastatingly sexy and adorable look in her big beautiful Norwegian eyes.

I knew what she meant. In spite of the cramps and bleeding, she was aching for a good lovemaking session. Come to think of it, we’d clearly already started the foreplay, and foreplay IS part of lovemaking!

So right then and there, she dropped her PJ pants on the bathroom floor and stepped out of them. I went to stroke her already wet pussy but she said, “Tom, I need to wash first.”

So as she washed, so did I, but I got done first. I went into our bedroom and lay in the bed.

I’ve mentioned in other stories about Melodie’s erotic poses and dances. She outdid herself this time! Looking so sexy, she sauntered into the bedroom and began to strike super-sexy poses, saying, “Is this worth a picture, Tommie?”

“YES!” I grabbed my cell phone and turned on the private photos app. As she put one leg up on the bed with her hands on her shapely hips, I began taking photos.

“Do you like this?” she asked. Then she reached down and pulled open her labia, giving me a sexy view of pussy. I took a photo of her whole sexy body, then a closeup of her open, wet pussy! Her clitoris is also a beautiful part of her sexy body… so I got that in the photo as well!

She put one foot on the floor and the opposite knee on the bed. Her large boobs hung down as she crawled onto the bed. We call this, “The Dreaded Crawl!” Soon we were back at it, busily loving on each other. There was a lot more kissing, plus boob and nip sucking both ways.

Melodie, once she was lying nude on the bed, applied her small wand vibe to her clitoris. But she started talking too, “I want you, Tom! Right there!” and she pointed at her pussy with the wand. “I want YOU, not this!” She lifted the wand up to wave it, but quickly put it back on her clitoris. “Can I have you right there?” Now, she pointed again to her vaginal opening with her wand, pumping her pelvis forward & back as she buzzed her clit.

We kissed more, a completely erotic tongue dance! Then I moved to her furthest boob. Loving on her breasts truly is husband heaven!

“I want you right here! she pleaded. She again pulled her swollen labia open to show me her pussy entrance and her very erect clitoris.

In the soft early morning light coming through our bedroom window, I had a good clear view. I began to stroke her clit with my index finger while we did more kissing and more playing with Melodie’s mammaries. She was pinching and caressing the nipple that wasn’t in my mouth, but I was also still stroking her very aroused clitoris.

“Ohhhh!” she cried out. “What are you doing?!” Her clit was so incredibly swollen and sensitive that my touch turned her into a wild woman!

“Tell me you want me in your pussy,” I said. (She almost never talks dirty.)

“PLEASE go in my pussy!” she said. Then she demanded I go inside her pussy! “Now! Right here! It’s wanting you!”

Melodie’s pleas were irresistible to me, her very turned-on husband. In spite of already having had a big O, I had gotten hard again. But I wanted more raspberry, so I really went to town on her nipples. Within 20 seconds, she came—and she came hard!

“I’m coming!” she gasped out in her husky sex voice. “Now go inside me please!” she begged.

I now complied.

Intercourse—or I guess I should say, our sexual intercourse—was wonderful. We did our “go to” X position with Melodie on her back and me facing her on my side. As I pumped deeply into her both slowly and hard and fast, I watched her tweaking her nip with one hand and buzzing her clitty with her vibe using the other. We went on for a long, pleasant time.

I got very close to coming three times, but she worried that my semen would sting, so I finally slid out to lie next to her. She loved on my left nip, then I rolled onto my side as I did before to give her access to the right one. I came all over her, marking my territory in the sexiest of ways.

For the second time today, I came on the sheets. “It’ll definitely be a wash-the-sheets day!” said Melodie.

I am so thankful for this vixen of a wife and lover! God really blessed me when He gave her to me, and she says that it goes both ways!

Later today she told me, “I love you, Tom.”

I gave her a nice kiss and said, “I know! You proved that in our bedroom this morning!”

She gave me a second, lingering kiss and said, “You’d BETTER say that!”

I feel overwhelmingly blessed that my kind, intelligent, beautiful, and yes, sexy wife is mine—and of course, I am hers as well! With all of life’s trials and joys, she has been my partner, my best friend, and my voluptuous lover!

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12 replies
  1. LovingMan says:

    Thanks Fearless Lunk! I think when I married Melodie that I became a “boob man” when I first saw all of her curvy body on our wedding night. I’ll even admit that I’m still obsessed with her beautiful boobies. And like you, watching her play with her breasts & nipples is also one of my biggest turn ons!

  2. FunJames says:

    Nice story and it reminds me so much of my wife. I was thinking recently how lucky I am to have found Patty in a world occupied by so many beautiful and interesting women. I'm almost embarrassed to admit that I first noticed her in the commons at University and it was sexual love at first sight, meaning the rack that swung freely under her braless tank top hooked me and 11 months later we were married. I have since learned that one shouldn't be embarrassed about a lustful attraction – who knows, it could have been God's plan from the beginning!

    • LovingMan says:

      FunJames I agree with you. While dating Melodie, over 30 years ago, I felt such passionate attraction and I recognized that I was not losing the Holy Spirit. We never acted on this before marriage other than some amazing kissing.

      AFTER our marriage we began a sensual journey together that makes me feel, like you, very lucky to have found my Melodie!

      So many Christians are so closed mouth about marriage sex – like it was dirty. But married sex honors our marriage vows and I am convinced it pleases God!

    • CreamyPatty says:

      My pleasure LM, literally!
      In my early 20's I was quite uptight about my own sensuality and I guess felt that any overt sex feelings were "dirty." Of course times were different back in the 80's, especially in terms of sex and Christianity. Few "good" Christian women feet free to discuss their sexual desires and certainly not outside the marriage home.
      I must give credit to Jim for easing me into a great feeling of pride and confidence in my body and serving and pleasing him sexually means the world to me now.
      He purchases about 50% of my wardrobe now and I love the attention he pays to my breasts and ass in the process. He knows how to display his treasure and I feel unbelievably sexy and happy with myself as a result!

    • SecondMarge says:

      It’s sad so many of us were taught sex was dirty, our bodies, dirty, touching ourselves, dirty. Takes a great deal to get over that. I recommend a walk on a nude beach to find out it’s only a body. That hiding it is more sinful than showing it.

  3. SecondMarge says:

    A woman with confidence in her appearance will be happier and have a better sex life with her husband. If she loves her own body and is not afraid to show it and pleasure it at home the better off she will be. One thing you learn on MH is that women need to be sexual beings.

    • CreamyPatty says:

      Amen, SecondMarge. Having read several of your comments here I see you as a soulmate. We are similar in our beliefs and desires.
      Jim and I have been to three nude beaches and I can tell you from personal experience that the big deal is the fact that it’s no big deal. We encountered no gawking or perves where we went. I just experienced true freedom and a sense of overwhelming satisfaction with my body. I will admit to a lustful and exhibitionistic feeling that kept me creamy while nude on the beach.
      Sure was great having someone with me to clean up my sweet spot.

    • SecondMarge says:

      Sweet of you to say CreamyPatty. I think too often people look for a reason to label an activity or emotion as wrong or God forbid sinful. Is someone else turned on by your body or actions? It’s not a bad thing. Are you turned on seeing or hearing others, again a good thing. I never thought my body was anything others might enjoy seeing nude. Or that I had an ounce of exhibitionist in me. I found out you don’t have to have a perfect body for others to enjoy seeing it. And seeing others bodies that are imperfect can be enjoyable. You might just feel a little tingle when you notice them enjoying your breasts. Pleasure happens in places other than in your bed alone with your spouse. And that is a good thing.

  4. LovingMan says:

    SecondMarge I agree with you. Women should be embracing their sexuality. It was given to them by God. It is not evil. I believe it should be kept within marriage for partner sex but inhibitions with a wife’s husband are not good. Of course we all must still respect each other’s boundaries.

    Your comment that hiding your body is more sinful than showing it is something that I have to consider. It rings true to me. Not sexualizing nudity all the time would be a great step in the right direction.

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