Canyon Quickie

March 17. We’d now traveled by foot deep into the canyon, surrounded by towering walls of red rock. Lauren ran in front of me, moving at a solid clip, climbing the hills powerfully, and working up a sweat thanks to the rising temperature.

Though my attention needed to be on the trail, I still found opportunities to admire how hot she looked in her skin-tight black Capri leggings. It was next to impossible not to stare at her ass and check out those long legs. She’d pulled her blonde hair back into a ponytail that flowed through the opening in the back of her hat, and she wore a hot pink jog bra that tightly hugged her breasts. She looked incredibly sexy.

At the five-mile mark, having climbed 1,500 feet up and into the canyon, we came upon the end of this rugged out-and-back trail. Both quite warm, we sat down on large boulders, sipping from our water bottles as we took in the spectacular canyon and its soaring walls.

Three days had passed since we’d last had sex. We were here on vacation, and sex had to be sacrificed as all three of us—Lauren, me, and our son—shared a room. The prior day, I’d gotten handsy with her in the bathroom, but she reluctantly rebuffed my efforts, worried our son might walk in on us (the bathroom door had no lock). Accustomed to our ritual of daily sex and now forced to abstain, we both wanted to make love to each other so badly.

I looked around the canyon as we rehydrated and noted a few particularly large boulders behind us, all of them taller than I. Seeing the opportunity, I looked over at Lauren with a smile on my face.

“How about a quickie?” I playfully asked.

“What? Here?” my Swedish bride replied playfully—as if she had expected the question but was pretending to be surprised.

Earlier in the morning, I’d joked with Lauren about getting in a quickie on our run if we found a quiet place. “We’ll see,” she’d offered. And now here we were.

“No one’s here, baby,” I countered.

Ever the analyst, Lauren surveyed our surroundings to assess the risk.

“We could go behind those boulders over there,” I added as I pointed toward the massive rocks.

With a look of curiosity, she got up and boulder-hopped to get back to the particularly big ones where I suggested we could have our fun. That she had so eagerly ventured to the proposed location indicated her strong interest.

She was now about 20 feet away, and I couldn’t even see her behind the gigantic rocks.

“The footing’s not great, but it’s private,” she said quite loudly, almost propositionally.

“Is that a ‘yes’?” I queried.

“Sure,” she replied, giggling.

Eager for sexual pleasure with my Scandinavian wife, I quickly joined her.

Over the years, we’ve gotten in some quickies in all sorts of places, including in dressing rooms, in the family changing room at our neighborhood pool a few times, in both of our cars, on the side of trails, in our sauna, in our tent while wilderness camping, and even in a friend’s guest bedroom when we were changing into our swimsuits for a pool party. Once, after skinny dipping in a mountain lake, we were bold enough to make love on a giant rock, so overcome with sexual desire for each other that we didn’t care in the moment if anyone saw us. We’d never been caught (that we know of.)

Now behind the large boulder with Lauren, I pulled down my shorts to reveal my erect cock, which I was eager to slide into her pussy. Almost reflexively, she held my cock in her hand, smiling approvingly at my offering to her. We kissed deeply, our tongues meeting. She was a sweaty mess, as was I; her perspiration got me quite excited.

As she said, the footing wasn’t great due to lots of scree, and the pitch was a bit tricky. This would be a challenging place to get in a quickie, but it would have to do.

Lauren turned around, rolled down her leggings, and leaned forward, holding herself up by taking hold of the boulder. Behind her, I slid in, delighted to discover her pussy soaking wet. She looked back at me, biting her lip and showing her erotic pleasure. I looked at my watch. The time read 9:32 a.m.

I grabbed Lauren’s ass cheeks and rammed her. She breathed hard and quietly whimpered, reaching between her legs to massage her clitoris with her fingers.

I could see she was physically uncomfortable.

“What’s wrong, baby?”

“I can’t keep my balance with these pants on. Lemme take them off,” she said, sitting down on a smaller rock as she removed her shoes, rolled off her leggings, and then put her shoes back on. (The ground was way too rocky to be barefooted.) She then resumed the position, and I slid back into her, a la standing doggy style.

“Oh yeah,” I whimpered as I gripped her round, firm ass cheeks, tickling her delightfully pink asshole with my thumbs as she giggled. Then I started to hammer my woman deep and hard—just the way she likes it. The mid-morning sun beat down on us, and birds chirped.

“Are you enjoying this?” I asked.

“Oh yeah,” Lauren replied, almost sounding normal even as I could tell this jack-hammering, combined with her clitoral play, had her quickly approaching orgasm. “Was a good idea. Are you enjoying this?”

“Having a great time,” I answered, pounding away.

“Hopefully, no one comes,” my Nordic beauty added.

She laughed when she realized what she’d said and then clarified: “Hopefully, no one but us comes.”

We laughed.

We don’t often have conversations while making love, but I always enjoy it when we do. I could feel her fingers pleasuring her clit.

“How’s my cock feel, sweetheart?” I asked, teasing her a bit.

Overcome with pleasure, she whimpered back, “Mmmmm, so good.” She got wetter and wetter and then orgasmed, quietly whimpering as she came.

I reached under her damp jog bra and grabbed her sweaty breasts, cupping them as she climaxed. Her hard nipples felt quite delightful. As I listened intently to our surroundings, I heard nothing but the birds, skin-slapping, and the sounds of the breeze cutting through the canyon. The sun bathed us. This was so perfect. I don’t think we could have asked for more.

“I’m getting close to cumming,” I announced, still pounding her as hard as I could. For Lauren, the harder, the better.

As Lauren didn’t have any panties or clean-up tissues, and we still needed to run the five miles back to our car, I knew cumming in her pussy (as we typically do) or on her ass was unlikely.

“How close?” she asked.

“Super close,” I responded, now feeling the build-up of semen in my balls.

Ever the generous wife and always happy to please me, Lauren quickly removed her hat, turned around, and dropped to one knee, nearly swallowing my cock in her warm, wet mouth. While sucking my dick, she expertly pumped the shaft with her index finger and thumb as I ran my fingers through her sweaty hair. She looked up at me, and our eyes met as I unloaded three days’ worth of cum, spurt after spurt, in her mouth.

I whimpered as she kept sucking, eager to get every drop of the creamy, salty fluid out of me. Once she’d drained me, she took my now softening big erection out of her mouth and stood up, swallowing my semen.

“Wow,” she said, laughing after she’d gotten it down.

“What?” I asked.

“You definitely were in need of that,” she added, teasing me about the massive amount of ejaculate I’d just filled her mouth with and that was now in her tummy.

“Three days, baby,” I explained.

“Uh-huh,” she replied, licking her lips as she pulled her jog bra back down, removed her shoes, and slid her leggings back on.

I looked down at my watch; it read 9:44. We’d just had 12 minutes of bliss together.

“How about we hang out at this rock for a little while more and then go for round two once we’re both ready?” I propositioned.

She laughed. “We’d better get back,” she commanded, taking a swig of her water.

Just as we stepped out of our little hiding place, three attractive middle-aged women arrived at the trail’s dead-end. Incredulous, Lauren and I looked at each other, relieved by our good fortune that we’d completed our quickie before they’d arrived. 

After exchanging pleasantries with the three women, who clearly had no idea what Lauren and I had just done behind the boulders, we commenced our run back to the car.

The next day, in a similar type of hiding place but on a different trail, we got in round two.

Post-script: Our canyon romp marked our one-hundredth session of the year. Thanks to lots of days with doubles and triples, especially on the weekends, we are on record pace.

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  1. LovingMan says:

    No Longer With Us… what an awesome story! I loved every part of it! We’ve done several of the quickies you listed. One of my bigger fantasies is to make love on a giant rock after skinny-dipping in a mountain lake together – or at a waterfall. We kind of did those in a Lake Powell themed hotel suite after “skinny dipping in the big red-rock jacuzzi…. & in their Bridal Veil Falls Suite as well! (On a couple of anniversary trips.)

    I loved this line in your story:
    “She got wetter and wetter and then orgasmed, quietly whimpering as she came.”

    MY Melodie often quietly whimpers as she orgasms. I may need to borrow that line in future stories. By the way, Melodie is also a Scandinavian beauty!

    Thanks for your great story. We almost got caught once too… during outdoor sex. And like the three attractive middle-aged women that almost caught you two… the motorcyclists that nearly caught us had no clue about what we’d just finished doing!!!

    • MarriageHeat says:

      By way of explanation, this story was submitted by an author who asked to be deleted from our database. All such stories are relegated to this catch-all account.

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