Husband kissing inside of wife's thigh ~ MarriageHeat

He Couldn’t Get Enough (L)

It was a weeknight. My husband had worked very hard all day in the heat, so he was exhausted. The Texas heat can really zap your energy. We both got ready for bed. 

On a normal night, I would “assume the position,” as he calls it—the position being me lying on a waterproof mat at the edge of the mattress, my feet on the side of the bed frame, legs spread, ready and waiting for my man to walk out of the bathroom prepared for bed. He loves to give me oral every night, and most nights that will lead to us having sex. But this night, I knew how tired he was, so I got under the covers.

He walked out of the bathroom and over to the bed. “Don’t you want to do anything?” he asked.

I said, I know you’re tired, and I don’t have to have it tonight. I’m a bit tired too.”

He looked disappointed. “I am tired, but I still need to taste your pussy. I love it!”

So who am I to argue with that!  I put a pillow on the floor for his knees, and he went to work. It was taking me a little longer to get going, but then he hit the spot, and I started moaning and cumming.

“Mmmmmmmm, ohhhhh. Yes, babe, that’s it.” He continued his magic, and I came two more times, the third time gushing my juices on his face.

Well, by now he was rock hard. He stood up and used some lube, then climbed on board.

“Ohhh, baby, your cock feels amazing,” I told him. When he started teasing my nipples, I yelled, “I’m gonna cum! Ohhhhh fuck, oh fuck.” I squirted a little.

He kept making those long strokes, balls deep, then pulling out so the head rubbed me as he pushed deep again. Soon I was moaning.

“Oh fuck, baby. Ohh, mmmmmm!” And I came again. We kissed and kissed as he continued to thrust in and out of my very happy pussy. It didn’t take long before I was about to cum once more. I could tell he was close too, so I held back, and when he thrust harder, we both came at the same time.

He groaned and yelled, “Fuck!” as he came, and I squirted all over his balls. Oh! He continued to thrust, I came one more time before his cock softened. 

To my surprise, my hubby went down on me again! This always gets me hot, him eating cream pie. I came almost immediately, but he didn’t stop. He was wild and attacking my pussy with his mouth. He softly sucked and bit my clit, then thrust his tongue deep. I wrapped my legs around his head and began to shake as a big orgasm overtook me! “Ohhhhh, holy shit! Fuuuuuuck!” 

Before I could catch my breath, he stood up, rock hard again, and slid that big cock back inside. He pounded me harder this time.

Ohhhhh my, baby. Ohhhh yes, yes yes, yes!” I came again as he filled my pussy with a second load.

He still was not done! I’ve not seen him this hungry and wild like an animal! He went down on me again, this time much more vigorously!

“Oh. my God, what has gotten into you?” I had to ask.

My husband licked me and fingered me, then made a little different move with two fingers, and I was in orbit! He finger-fucked and tongue-fucked me until I was shaking all over. I came several more times, and the last time, I squirted so much—but he loved it!

I was exhausted and so relaxed. Finally, I told him I couldn’t continue!

He said, “Wow, that’s a first: you wearing out before me!” 

I’m one very, very lucky woman! As my friend HornyGG says, “Happy pussy, happy wife.”

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22 replies
  1. hornyGG says:

    SH, this story was sizzling hot! I so enjoyed reading it. Definitely made my pussy wet!
    Thank you so much for sharing, my friend. Happy Pussy, Happy Wife indeed! Stay horny, and God bless you.

    • SouthernHeat says:

      Thank you GG I’m glad you and Ben enjoyed it since I quoted you in the end of the story!
      Stay horny my friend

  2. texasman76 says:

    HOT HOT HOT!!! Man, this has me so horny. Love creampie too. Would love to have my wife and I watch each other as we are jacking and jilling with her licking her fingers of her juices while I lick my precum and partial loads from edging. It would be incredibly hot! God designed the marriage bed to be enjoyed with no inhibitions. Our juices, both male and female, are pure for both to enjoy during the playground of the marriage bed.

    • LovingMan says:

      texasman76, Your comment is so true that it bears repeating! Especially this part:

      “God designed the marriage bed to be enjoyed with no inhibitions. Our juices, both male and female, are pure for both to enjoy during the playground of the marriage bed.”

      I am another cream pie lover, who often scoops it from my wife’s leaking pussy after I’ve filled her. Then I rub it on her raspberries and lick it off. We call it Raspberry Cream Pie!

      (My Melodie’s nipples look just like raspberries when she is very turned on!)

    • SouthernHeat says:

      Thank you glad you enjoyed my story! Hope it inspired some hot sex fir you and the Mrs

  3. LovingMan says:

    Good grief SouthernHeat! That was amazing! All I can say is that the media lies so much by implying that marriage sex is boring. That story was anything but boring! God bless you and keep on lovin’! By the way – I love cream pie too.

    • SouthernHeat says:

      Thank you loving man your right the media had it all wrong! Nothing could be hotter than a long night if lovemaking with yiur best friend she lover. Having that long commitment and that level of trust between each other creates such incredible pleasure. You know each other so well yiu get better and better at pleasuring each other and with the total trust yiu csn each totally let go and give yourself to each other. There nothing like the sweet surrender mmmmm ! I love making love to my man

  4. RockyGapMan says:

    Southern Heat,

    As you stated at the beginning of your story, the Texas Heat can be hot. But it’s nothing compared to this sizzling hot story dripping with both of your love juices!

    It’s not just the hot sex you so artfully described in such erotic detail, but the deep love, desire and connection behind it that drives that explosive passion between you!

    How do I perceive it? A man who’s completely exhausted from a grueling day’s work in stifling heat generally wants nothing more than to shower and get some rest.

    But your man’s love for you and the “routine” you’ve both established which tightly bonds you both together takes precedence. He’s GOT to have you. To taste your sweetness; feel, penetrate & devour your very essence. And leave his gift as a token of his passion & desire for you.

    Not just ONCE… but twice. Stopping only briefly to taste the combined fruit of both of your orgasmic bliss and regain his power, before striking out for round two!

    While multiple orgasms are common in women, not so with men.

    Only an animalistic love & passion for your partner will drive you on when you’re already exhausted and your body is telling/begging you to drift off to blissful sleep after an orgasm with the love of your life in your arms.

    I believe this story hints at our Father’s passion & desire for us. One that compelled Him to come to earth and prove His love for us via crucifixion.

    Great story!

  5. YumYum says:

    My husband would suck me to sleep every night if I allowed it. I love feeding him my pussy and love the way he sucks and fingers me into bliss mode. He licks and sucks me, fingers me, & tries his best to bury his tongue inside my cunt. And I love that he takes his time & enjoys the nectar from my pussy. I have multiple orgasms whenever he's sucking on me & sometimes I have to take a break and recover a bit. He wants me to fuck his mouth tonight, and I will lovingly & willingly grant his request. My shaved pussy will be his for the evening & I'll be thinking about this all day. He loves sucking me & feeling my cunt quiver with his tongue inside me as I cum in his mouth.
    Hopefully, this is just a prelude to the rest of the evening's pleasures. I will lie back against the headboard, propped up on some pillows, & invite him to fuck my mouth. His cock in my mouth & my wand vibrator on my pussy will be the highlight
    of the evening. He loves to hear me moan when I'm cumming. And I moan some more when his cock pulses his cum in my mouth.

    • CreamyPatty says:

      I like your style Yum! We have lots in common based on your reply. What do you mean by “tries his best to tongue in your pussy? If you don't mind my saying, you need to work with him on the fine points of pussy eating. Show him what you love and be patient and be sure to reward you awesome partner with a sloppy good blowjob!

    • SouthernHeat says:

      So glad you and your husband are enjoying each other. Never take those moments for granted treasure each one

  6. StillLikeNewlyweds says:

    SH your husband is a man after my own heart. We too have the same daily routine in exactly the same position. Best position I’ve found for eating out with the possible exception of the ottoman (thanks to your story Erotic Sounds on Humpday), but we only did that at an AirBnB since we don’t have an ottoman at home. The big difference with our routine is that it is in the morning, but nothing beats a consistent daily diet of her pussy.
    God bless.

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