Saturday Night Heat (L/A)



Feb. 26, 2022. Driving home from a Saturday night dinner party with several other couples, the sexual energy between Lauren and me was palpable. My throbbing cock yearned for her. I could see on Lauren’s face and hear in her voice the unmistakable desire to be fucked—hard.

Earlier in the evening, I’d started flirting with her. Overwhelmed by how hot she looked, on the way to our friends’ house I asked her to pull her form-fitting black dress up to give me a view of her freshly shaven pussy, and then I asked her to masturbate, all of which she did. All of this caused such excitement that we nearly pulled over for a quickie. But, alas, we were running late, and sex would have to wait until we returned home later tonight.

Throughout the party, the sexual tension continued to build. Sitting across from me in our friends’ family room, at one point she opened her legs just enough for me to catch a glimpse of her pussy. Then, later in the evening, we both quietly disappeared into the bathroom—stately, dimly lit, Euro in its design—where we kissed passionately, groped each other, and came within inches of a full-blown, dress-pulled-up, against-the-wall fuck-fest but for the fact that dessert and port wine would soon be served.

I wanted her far more than cake and port wine! There in the bathroom, I fingered her pussy, discovering, not surprisingly, its sopping wetness. She whispered naughty things to me (“I want your cock in my pussy”), almost cruel in her explicitness because it all got me so hot…and yet we’d have to wait.

“You can have me when we get home,” she said teasingly as we collected ourselves to rejoin our friends.

My cock ached for Lauren.

By the time we got in the car, the sexual tension between us felt overpowering. After calling our son to let him know we were on our way home, she again pulled up her dress and began to masturbate, intent on setting my desire for her afire. Although the sky was dark, I could make out just enough for my eyes to delight in the view of my bride getting herself off. Her pussy… beautiful.

To my surprise, she reached over and grabbed my pulsating cock, unzipping my slacks.

“I want it,” she said as she pulled out my manhood and immediately took my dick into her mouth.

Now about five minutes from home, Lauren sucked me off with purpose, pumping my shaft while she treated me to this most stellar blowjob. This was no foreplay cock-sucking; her purpose was clear.

“Baby, I’m not gonna make it,” I said as we entered our neighborhood.

“You don’t have to,” she responded and then resumed her pleasure-giving.

I pulled to the side of our street, reclined my seat a bit, and let her finish me off. By now, she was taking me far into her mouth, nearly deep-throating my still-throbbing on the larger size cock, somehow managing all of this despite what had to be a rather uncomfortable center console.

“Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah,” I whimpered as she methodically and skillfully, thanks to 21+ years of cock-sucking experience, brought me to the precipice of ejaculation…

Right then, a car passed us—an SUV—and the driver could have easily seen what was happening. I wonder if they saw. I hope they did.

Rubbing my hands through her blonde hair, I reclined my seat a bit more and then exploded in my Swedish bride’s mouth. She pumped the warm semen out of me, getting every bit of it and then milking the last few drops—all of which she swallowed like a Hoover vacuum.

She sat back up and looked at me with a smile, licking her lips as she always does after swallowing my load.

I could barely talk as I zipped and buckled my pants back up.

“Do you have more for later?” Lauren playfully queried.

“I don’t know, baby. I feel like I just gave it all to you.”

She giggled.

“It was a lot,” she added, rubbing her firm belly to indicate where my cum-explosion now was in her body.

“Don’t worry. You have more,” she said reassuringly as we entered the driveway of our home and then the garage.


After kissing our son goodnight, we headed to our bedroom. There was no question what awaited as I closed the door and locked the handle.

Standing at the foot of our bed, Lauren unzipped her dress and it fell to the floor, leaving her with only her black bra and some black thigh-high hose (she does not wear panties). I approached her and we began kissing as she took off my clothes and pushed me onto the bed. I knew what was about to happen. After unclipping her bra, Lauren climbed onto me (her hose still on) and straddled my face, inviting me to devour her pussy.

I licked deeply, tasting her wetness, and then sucked gently on her swollen clitoris. She exhaled and then started breathing hard, yet shallowly, moving her hips in pleasure.

Lauren reached back and started giving me a handjob. Already my cock had hardened again after that out-of-this-world blowjob in the car.

She moaned loudly—so loudly I worried our son might hear.

I licked her clit and slid my tongue into her. She tasted so good and had all kinds of sweet wetness for me.

I reached up and fondled her splendid breasts, delighting in their size, and then pinched her hard nipples. She was really getting off, orgasming with such intensity that I could feel her wetness build and her vagina contract. I licked up all of her fluids as she came.

It had been a particularly intense orgasm because Lauren was now motionless as she straddled me, collecting herself. I tried licking her pussy but she stopped me, quickly turning around to start riding me reverse cowgirl style.

In a matter of seconds, she had my cock deep inside her, leaning forward to show me the most delightful full-on view of her ass.

I reached into the nightstand and blindly grabbed for one of her anal plugs. Finding one, I licked it to give it some lube and then slid it into her ass as she rode me. She let out a moan as it went in.

After riding me hard for a good five minutes, Lauren was ready for the grand finale. She dismounted me and then got on all fours.

“Mmmmmmm, fuck me hard!” she commanded, seeming flustered and almost frustrated.

“Are you OK, sweetheart?” I asked.

“Just fuck me,” she said as I entered her pussy deeply, feeling the urge to ejaculate almost upon penetration.

I rammed her, spanking her ass cheeks to her delight, calling her “my bitch,” and even telling her she was “my little cocksucker.”

She began to cum just as I felt my semen simmering in my balls, eager for expulsion. I held my load as she orgasmed, a hard task because she was now even wetter and begging me to hammer her as she came.

“Are you hungry for my load, baby?” I asked.

“Oh yeah,” she whimpered.

“Who’s bitch are you?”

“Your bitch…,” she whimpered.

I pulled out and she quickly turned around, dropped to her back, and nearly inhaled my dick. She worked my shaft back and forth with her fingers.

“Oh yeah,” I let out as she again emptied my balls into her hungry mouth, milking every drop she could.

Although overcome with pleasure, I watched Lauren intently during my ejaculation. She clearly enjoyed it because she giggled and smiled with my cock and salty fluid in her mouth—and then she swallowed the whole load, her eyes on mine.

My cock now out of her mouth, she smiled warmly at me and asked me to cuddle with her. We held each other for a few minutes, joking about who was naughtier tonight (she said I was; I said she was, indicating the pussy flash at our friends’ house as one example), and then we headed to the shower…

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  1. Sexlovers says:

    Such a hot story!! I love how y’all flirt and have such hot desire for one another. Giving BJs in the vehicle is one of my favorite things to do to my hubby! Thanks for always sharing your hotness!!

  2. Alwaysready247 says:

    New member of the forum. What a story. Wife and I have been contemplating new places. We briefly did some fooling around in a car but definitely will try taking it to the another level next time.

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