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Hello, husband here! This is my wife’s MH account, but I finally gathered the will to ask her if I may write a story myself for it. I will not be a frequent guest, but hopefully here and there I will pop in! I have read the stories my wife has written, and based on that reading I will say that I do not possess the same writing capability, however, I will try my best!

As of writing this, we have been married for nearly 9 months, and my wife is a bit over one month pregnant with our first child. I am very excited to be a father, and she is giddy with joy to be a mother. I must say that seeing her so happy and already forming a lasting bond with our child is a wonderful thing. It lifts me up on my worst days and gives me great purpose. As a man, I believe I have a duty to protect and provide for her happiness and well-being of her and this new life that our love has created with God’s blessing. She will be a great mother!

In appreciation of her, I would like to write about the small things she does, the things that she may or may not intend to be important, beautiful, adorable, or down-right sexy, but nevertheless they are.


I know there is a chance I may totally be alone in this sort of matter, so forgive me if I am uncouth in any way. My wife likes fruit, specifically strawberries. They are her favorite food. On one particular weekend afternoon, I was planning a woodwork project for a new shoe rack, and I was sitting at the dining table doing some CAD for the design, then I looked over at the couch. My wife was seated on the far side, legs tucked up, wearing a beautiful housedress, eating some strawberries and reading. She looked very peaceful, like an angel.

She lifted a strawberry up to her lips, and slowly took a bite out of it. It was as if time slowed down for those moments, as her lips slowly neared the fruit, her pearly white teeth took a delicate bite, and she licked her lips clean of the flavour. As you can so easily tell, her lips are remarkably attractive to me. I never really had that attraction to them when we were courting, although I did take notice of them. After our honeymoon, every time I saw her face, it was one of the things I took note of after her eyes (more on that to come).

She has wonderful rosy lips, soft and supple, and I yearn to touch them to mine when I am away from her. They are a beautiful pink, and she sometimes puts a bit of lip glossy on that makes them seem even more beautiful. There is a sense of great calm, an immense affection within them that is truly indescribable. I find myself asking the Lord why I am this blessed. Beyond the simple sexual connotations, kissing is something that I truly feel strengthens the emotional and soulful bond between us.

She slowly turned her head towards me, and I quickly averted my eyes to my laptop, pretending as if I was typing something. She placed the cup of strawberries on the table nearby, closed her book, and gracefully walked to me. I tried to stay focused, looking at some papers on the table and trying not to peek at my gorgeous wife. She comes over, takes a glance at my computer and papers, puts her hands on my shoulder, bends over a bit, and whispers into my ear with her sweet lilting voice,

“Sweet… your laptop is asleep.”

My eyes widen, and I look up at my laptop. It is asleep.  I turned to her, and she giggled, leaning in to give me a kiss. I do not drink, but the only thing that I am drunk on is the flavor of her lips. 

She comes out of the kiss, gives me an affectionate peck on the forehead, and says, “I hope the strawberries tasted good. You can expect a lot more of that, beloved.”

My hands instinctively go into my pockets and stretch out my pants so as not to make my predicament even more obvious. I had nothing to say. Even if I did, I highly doubt I could have manifested any form of coherent English.

Slowly grazing her hand across my shoulder and back, she then walked towards our bedroom, turning around only to give me a heart-stopping smile with her pearly whites, before disappearing into the room. Now I imagine that time period was not even 2 minutes. It could not have been more than that. But I promise you that I will most likely remember this for more than 2 years, haha.

I may be alone in this, but my wife eating strawberries, just the delicate manner in which she does so, draws attention to her lips. I love her lips, and so this is something I find sexy, even though at first glance she may not be intentionally doing anything that would seem sexual. Of course, she is now well aware of the fact that I find this attractive, and every once in a while, she will give me a strawberry-laced kiss.


My wife has, in my opinion, the most gorgeous eyes I have ever seen in a human being. They are two bright emerald gemstones placed onto her delicate and beautiful face. I was first attracted to her when I saw her eyes, back in university where we met. They were beautiful, and I immediately wanted to talk to her and get to know her. There is the common saying, “eyes are the window to the soul,” and that was very true in this case. Looking into her eyes brings about a feeling of peace, calm, and affection, all things that reflect the purity of her soul and of her character.

I find myself catching her eye some days, and she looks right into my eyes and gives a blink. She obviously knows how quickly that twists me into knots, perhaps that is why she does so. Her blink is slow, and she looks down a bit so that there is a light, almost seductive shadow. For being lady, she certainly knows how to be coy and use her sexuality with me.

There was a particular work event that I was invited to, a formal dinner. We were allowed one guest, and I was more than happy to bring my beautiful bride to the dinner. I remember the way she looked that night because how could I not? She wore a beautiful dusty rose dress that was modest but fit her figure perfectly. She does an amazing job balancing her personal clothing preferences with showing the femininity in her natural curves.

This dress was beautiful, with these frills (as you can tell, fashion terms are not my niche) around the top, and a beautiful lace design all around. It also had sheer “wings” that connected to the spine of the dress, and to her bosom in the front. She looked like an angel, beautiful and airy, almost floating across the floor. I felt very, very blessed to have such a lady on my arm.

Over the course of the night, she spoke with a lot of my colleagues, my department head, and my lab’s assistants. I heard from them over the course of the next week, many of them calling me lucky, complimenting how lovely and kind she was. But none of them see a special part of her that she saved all her life for me, her sexy and gorgeous physical form, and the wonderful ecstasy of sharing the marriage bed with her.

Over the course of the night, our eyes would meet across the room, and she would slowly blink, with those seductive emerald eyes, and give me a beautiful, coy smile. Her dainty hand would wave to me, and I would be lost in her. Whoever I was talking to would need to wake me from this near dream state. Gentlemen, I am sure you know the sentiment; it’s as if time itself stops for a brief moment as you enjoy the beauty of your wife.

She did this multiple times over the course of the night. When I was asked to make a quick statement during the dinner, I got up on the dais and was speaking while she was intently looking at me, smiling demurely. She did that slow blink, capturing my heart and my manhood all within a second. I had to clear my throat and keep going, keeping myself together to prevent anyone from realizing my dilemma.

I soon left the event with my wife on my arm, and I was sure to give her a lesson at home. After all, with all of her provoking and her exuding sexiness all night, she was practically begging for it. But who am I kidding? So was I.


My wife is a very shy woman. She is a friendly and very approachable person but nevertheless, not extroverted. But she also has mastered coyness and how to utilize that quality. What I mean is that she will appear innocent, with her beautiful eyes, a soft expression on her face, a quiet, lilting voice… and say something or do something that makes me stand up at full mast if you know what I mean. However, she does it all with an innocence I cannot quite describe. She knows that she has my engine ready, yet she is so coquettish and flirtatious with it.

There have been days (increasingly more frequent as the months passed by) where she would whisper something in my ear as we exchanged a hug and a kiss before I head off to my job. One day, in particular, she said,

“Have a nice day at work, baby. When you get back I will have something soft, sweet, and delectable ready for you. Hurry back to me…”

She then kissed my cheek with such softness and delicacy and giggled as she straightened my shirt collar. I was thinking about what she said all day long. What was she talking about? Did she buy some of that lingerie she once asked me about? Was she planning some sort of night out or a romantic evening with me? What it was, however, did not matter to me as much as the fact that it would mean being with her. A night spending time with her, culminating in some amazing lovemaking with the sweetest, sexiest woman ever made by God, would be a splendid way to wrap up the day.

I left work as soon as the clock hit 5:15, racing home as efficiently as I could. I also picked up some flowers on the way home, as I do every Friday date night. After parking the bike in the garage, I opened the door to the house. There were candles on the threshold, and some on the floor leading to the kitchen. I could smell cashews, and I knew she was making the cashew sweets that I liked but rarely ever got to have. I followed the candles to see my bride taking the sweets out of the oven.

But when I saw her, she was wearing a sheer nightgown that barely went down past her bum. Her beautifully toned long legs and her voluptuous derriere were shown off as she was bent down. Then, she transferred the sweets to a plate and turned around. I dropped my bag off next to the kitchen island, placed the flowers I bought her on the counter, and stared at my beautiful woman. She was wearing a cheeky little apron, her hair was beautifully curled and cascaded down her back, and she wore that famous smile of hers that gets my blood moving at astronomical speeds. It felt like a dream, as coming home to her feels every day, regardless of whether sex is on my mind.

Walking to me, she softly said, “Welcome home, beloved. Remember what I said this morning? I have something sweet that will just melt in your mouth… and something else that has been waiting to melt in your arms.”

I hooked my arm around her legs and picked her up as she giggled and placed her head on my shoulder. Then I walked over to the couch and sat down. She sat sideways, being sure to wiggle her beautiful bum as she settled down on my lap. She softly turned my head and gave me a kiss.

“I love you, baby. Thank you, for everything. I wanted to gift you something special tonight, so I made some sweets,” she said as she delicately fed me one.

“They taste wonderful, darling. Although, when you mentioned sweet and soft, I was thinking of something much naughtier.”

“Oh, really?” She asked with a wide-eyed expression, and quivering lips, acting as if she did not know at all. She then giggled, showing off her beautiful smile and sweet demeanor.

My wife got up and moved to the kitchen. She placed the sweets on the counter, took off her apron, and beckoned me to follow her up the stairs. As she climbed, I could not help but watch the delicate sway of her tight rear end and admire the way the light bounces off of her delicate, smooth legs. Needless to say, I am very thankful not only for the wonderful sweets and dinner that she made but for her absolutely wonderful physical form.

Her ability to use her beauty—and her sweetness—to make me sway like a tree lost in the grace of the wind is amazing and one of the reasons I love her so much. She is shy but turns that into a sort of her own brand of sexy. I wouldn’t want her any other way, and I believe God has blessed me with this life to spend with such a lady. I cannot wait to see what else she comes up with over the course of our lifetimes.


My wife is an incredible lover. Although she is a lady in the whole sense of the word, she is my sexy minx in the marriage bed, and I am glad that this is the case. She is not particularly loud when we are making love, apart from when she reaches her “maximum” and lets out adorable little squeals and spectacular moans. For some reason, when she first had what she recently told me was called an orgasm, I was worried for a second and believed I had hurt her. Turns out, it is a great feeling for her, and my version of that is when I release into her flower, which she said she loves for me to do; I happily oblige. But normally, she makes sweet little sounds, little whimpers, and moans that rise as I enter deeper within her, syncing with my groans.

Her beautiful sounds let me know that she is enjoying what I am doing, and I am happy that as her husband I can give her the pleasure she deserves. She also does things to me I do not think I can accurately describe. Putting my manhood slowly into her is an experience that seems new every time. It is as if she gets even tighter every time as her womanhood grasps onto me; she is like a warm, moisturized vortex that sucks me in. I feel the need to pound her senseless, hear her beautiful sounds, give her pleasure, and release myself within her every time we make love.

I desire to touch her legs, her bum, and her glorious breasts as we make love, and I want to taste every inch of her soft and supple skin. The moments after we both orgasm, with her lying in my arms, are some of the best. It is in those moments that I think about how blessed I am.

I wake up next to the wisest, sweetest, sexiest lady I have ever seen. Sex and physical intimacy never even really crossed my mind growing up, and I never bothered too much about it in the sense of thinking about my wedding night or looking at women like that. I was taught that looking at any woman other than my future wife with a lustful eye was a sin, and I adhered to that and believe that is right. I was sure to keep my body, mind, and soul as pure as can be for her. Unfortunately, due to my history of sexual abuse as a child, I even repressed any sort of thoughts about married life; I doubted I would ever have one. Sex was last on the list—I did not even think I was capable of loving a woman.

But now, having such a beautiful bride, the subject seems to have parked itself in my brain quite adamantly. However, I am not one to complain about that. Thinking about her brings a sweet agony, for I must be away from my dear wife for hours a day. It is the thought of opening the door and seeing her wondrous smile and ever-growing charm that brings me any sort of hope, especially on my worst days. Making love with her is an experience that is just as metaphysical as it is physical. It binds together two souls, and the pleasure we both experience is truly amazing. We both wanted children from day one, so we are even happier that the love we share through physical intimacy could result in the creation of a new life, just as it did now with our first child.

Final Thoughts

I wake up next to her daily. I discover this lady, something entirely new daily, and new memories are made. I fall in love with her all over again, thinking about her in the back of my mind as I am hard at work. I finally come home to her hugs and kisses, and rest once again in the night, knowing that she is my wife. Every day, God has blessed me with this. I intend to make the best of it, and now that we have a new member of our family on the way, I intend to care for our child as a good father because I owe that to the child and to my wife.

As my wife has so kindly shared in previous stories, I have unfortunately not had the best of experiences in my life in many things. I stayed true to myself, I saved myself for my wife, and I stayed true to my morals, however, life has at times beaten me down. I prayed for a purpose beyond myself to which I could devote myself, and I am very grateful that God answered with my wonderful bride and blissful family life. To a lot of people, this sort of life seems primitive and simple, but there is great beauty in it. Similarly, sex within the bounds of a loving marriage may seem restrictive to many in our modern world, but it is more liberating to make love with my wife knowing our love is blessed by our Creator. I am reminded of the fact that yes, a godly family life does seem simple by some people’s standards, however, a simple man would do anything to preserve the beauty of his simple life. I intend to preserve it for as long as I live.

Thank you for reading some of my words regarding my wife and our relationship. I am glad she has found a place that embraces marital intimacy between husband and wife, and I look forward to reading her stories in the future and perhaps writing some things myself. If anyone has any words of advice for me to grow as a husband (or a father) please do offer them below. Once again, thank you and God bless.



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13 replies
  1. Gemlin says:

    Man, what a great post, thank you! And very well written too. All I could think of was my bride while reading this. I wake up every morning in awe that God blessed me with my wife. Being a husband is easily the most fulfilling thing I have ever experienced in my life.

    Marriage is the absolute best. I love what you said, about how some in the world may look at sex within marriage as restrictive, but I don’t think they realize that truly great sex can only be had within the beauty of marriage. The trust and comfortability you have in one another allows for you to be so vulnerable and experience new depths of intimacy.

    • SophTea says:

      Thanks mate, I tried my best in writing it. I agree with your sentiments, being a good husband is very important to me and it is a very fulfilling role and duty that is given to us men by God. I also heavily agree with your description of the level of closeness a man has with his wife, that is special and goes beyond the bounds of just our physical forms. As I have told my wife before, sexual intimacy with her gives me the will to fight an army! Truly is a wonderful thing. Hope all is well, God bless.


  2. LovingMan says:

    I have to agree with everything Gemlin said… and so, of course, I lived this entry. I feel soooo much the same way about my wife, and we are 60 & 70! Sometimes I think that my terrible first marriage has helped me to appreciate my wife of my second marriage. She truly is the love of my life. Her kindness has been such a blessing! And her erotic side is wonderful too! So I will say to you two young lovebirds, “Keep being kind to each other, and in these busy child raising years you are entering, try to have date night weekly, try to get away together fairly often, and no matter how busy you are, make love regularly!”

    • SophTea says:

      Your advice is something I intend on following through with as much as humanly possible! The date night bit is arguably the most important, I realize that it would be hard to spend time (not only sexually, but just romantic time in general) with my wife with kids running about. I will certainly be as intentional as I can be, and make sure we get our time as a couple together.


  3. LovingMan says:

    I made a typo mistake in my other comment but it’s appropriate anyway. I said that I “lived” this entry instead of “loved” this entry. But so much of what you described fits our marriage that I wouldn’t change that typo if I could. But I did love your very well written and familiar to me feelings that you expressed so well!
    I have to add that my wife’s favorite fruit is bananas. Early on in our marriage my Melodie shyly told me one day, as she was giving me oral in the shower, that she had practiced with a banana. Recently she has mastered completely deep throating me! I think she’s been practicing more!

    • SophTea says:

      Thank you, glad to see another couple living a good life with a solid relationship in and out of the bedroom! We never knew what oral sex was, in fact, we never knew that was even possible, to be frank. However, I personally don't feel comfortable giving or getting it, and neither does she. I am fine with that, for the moment, perhaps we seem a bit "vanilla" in comparison but I hope she loves our marriage bed life as much as I do. Maybe one day we can grow our intimacy lexicon, in due time.


  4. LovingMan says:

    SophiaTea and VK, you should know that we didn’t have oral sex until we’d been married a month. And we don’t have oral every time we make love. You are doing things right by doing what you are both comfortable with… & loving & loving on each other a LOT! MH stories can be a source for things to add to your sexual menu, but every person and every couple is different. I have been inspired by some MH stories, and we’ve tried out some of those sexual things. But in other stories, I know that what they did just isn’t our thing. Our sexual menu has changed over the years. There are some things we don’t do anymore and new things we’ve tried and liked. There are also things that we’ve tried that just didn’t work for us. I suspect that your menu will change some too over the years, but don’t worry about it. Just keep on enjoying the God-given gift of married sex with your beautiful wife!

    • SophTea says:

      Hello! Wife here lol I concur with your opinions, 100% we didn't feel right about it at the moment, and we are not sure when or if it may ever factor into our marriage bed, and we fine whether it does or does not, as long as it happens organically that is all that matters for us ♥️ thank you for your kind words and wisdom! God bless "n_n"

  5. hornyGG says:

    Awesome post! Thank you so much for sharing. It's always the little things that seem to often be overlooked, but also so important. Well written and well said. Stay horny!

    • SophTea says:

      Hello, this is the wifey here, lol. I had not read this story but I was truly driven to tears reading it, I am very glad my hubby thinks of me in such nice (and naughty hehe) ways. Thank you for your kind words, God Bless!

  6. Gemlin says:

    VK, so true what LoveingMan said. One of the most incredible things has been my wife and I growing our experiences in the bedroom as we grow in comfortability. There are things that are a regular for us now that I never thought I’d be comfortable with, and vise versa. Not to say that has to be oral, but that is one of the most brilliant things about marriage, is unlocking new things in each other you never would have thought were even there.

    • SophTea says:

      Hello! This is SophTea, and after your comments and LovingMan's comments, I wholeheartedly agree 💖 we are unique as a couple, as is every couple, and as long as our growth in the marriage bed as a couple is based in Godly faith, love, and loyalty to each other (as in all facets of marriage) then I am happy, and look froward to all of the new things we will experience in the years to come!

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