Crossing One Off the Bucket List

Last night my wife and I got to cross one off the bucket list!  We went to a movie for date night and afterward were invited by some close friends to go bowling.  We always enjoy hanging out with this couple, so we enjoyed a few drinks (responsibly) and spent the evening laughing and inevitably joking and talking about sex, which is always something that acts as a primer for my bride and me. Finally, we decided to call it an evening and headed home.

We live out in the country, where you have to drive 20 minutes down a 2-lane road to get to our house.  It was late, and no one else was out on the road.  We passed a gravel parking lot that is also the entrance to a small walking trail when my amazing bride of six years made the first move:

“Hey… how about we turn back around and go park in that gravel lot back there.”

I was shocked—not that my bride would be up for doing something like that, but that she would be the one to bring up the idea!  I was instantly reminded of what a blessed man I am to be married to such an inventive and kinky person.  I responded very quickly, of course.

“Are you serious?  I’m down!”

“Yeah, that sounds like a lot of fun, and no one is around.”

At the first place I found to turn around, I headed back that way.  I unbuttoned my pants and slid them down as I drove.

“Hey, how about you get me ready?”

My eager wife was very up to the request; she has always told me one of her favorite things is feeling me get hard in her hand. 

When we came upon the gravel lot, I pulled in behind some trees and shut the lights off. Then, as we began to get ready to climb into the back seat, a realization hit me.

“Hey, there literally isn’t anyone out. Why don’t we enjoy the beautiful weather, and I can bend you over the back of the car?”

A momentary silence followed, and I could tell my bride was coming to that same realization.

“Okay!  I’m down!  Let’s do it!”

We hurriedly jumped out of the car and rushed to the back, feeling more like a couple that had just begun exploring sex together than a couple who had been together six years and tried just about everything.  I dropped my pants around my ankles, and M followed suit; then, she grabbed me and placed me inside her, bracing her hands on the tailgate.  I gently thrust a few times to fit myself into her completely, and then the fervor of my thrusting shocked even me; I pulled and pushed myself in and out of my wife like it might be the last time I ever got to.

As the heat and passion washed over us, the dirty talk began.

Me – “Yeah, you like that?  You like that you dirty slut?” I know my wife, and I knew the moment and that those words were bound only to make my partner ravenous.

M – “Mmmhmm, yeah!  I love it so much, baby!  I’m your little slut!  Oh my God, I want it so bad!  I’m your little cum dumpster!”  She knows her man and how that sort of response and submissiveness drives me wild.  I grabbed her shirt and pulled it up, freeing her breasts to feel the night air.  They bounced just like we both love them to until I seized one of them, bringing us both to a new level.

M’s moans filled the air as she didn’t hold back, which in and of itself was a shock, as my bride is normally not that vocal.  Tonight, however, she let her excitement and pleasure boil over, giving herself to the moment, all while those moans did nothing but make me want her even more than I already did.

Me – “Yeah, take it, baby!  Take it!”

M -“Baby, baby, I’m gonna cum!”

Me – “Yeah?  Cum for me, baby!  That’s it!”

M – “Yeah!  Yeah!!   Ohh, fuuuuuck!!!!!!!!”

Those words were my cue to finish her out strong; I began thrusting faster.  I felt her start to quiver as she let out a louder moan than the rest, and I knew she was there.  I backed off as the sounds of our heavy breathing mingled with the silence of the night. 

We rested for a moment, talking about how much fun we just had.  Then, I leaned over against M’s back, still inside her, and wrapped my arms around her.  After a moment, I slowly began pushing and pulling in and out of her again.  She let out the slightest sigh of pleasure to let me know she was ready for round two.

I began thrusting in earnest, and now my moans filled the air, mixing with the new ones emerging from her.  I picked up the pace, grabbing her head and pushing it down on the car while I started really going to town.

M – “Ohhhh, my God!”  She moaned.  My wife and I enjoy getting a little rough from time to time, and this was one of them.

I started to feel that all too familiar feeling; pressure and pleasure began to build in my tip, radiating out to my groin.  I thrust, grunting as my bride moaned.

Me – “I’m gonna cum!  I’m gonna cum!!!”

M – “Good!  Good!!!”

I was there, and I quickly pulled out of her, bending over, spilling my seed onto the gravel, and letting out a primal groan in the process, and my bride made sure I knew she enjoyed what she was seeing.  I breathed heavily as M rubbed my back, and I leaned my head into her chest.  We kissed and looked at each other.

Me – “That was amazing!!!”

M – “Baby, that was incredible!!!”  It was dark, but I could see the excitement and joy radiating on her face, which brought the biggest smile to mine.

And then we heard a truck coming.

We both ran, pants around our ankles, and crouched behind the side of our car.  We got behind it right as the truck passed, then looked at each other and burst out laughing as we both pulled our pants back up and then kissed. 

We spent the rest of the ride home gushing over each other and how we couldn’t believe we did it.  We had been talking about doing that FOR 6 YEARS!  And we finally did, in the kind of spontaneity that only God can create.  Now we could cross something big off of our sex bucket list.  It was so amazing, we’re still riding on the high of it this morning.

I don’t know how I was blessed enough to meet and spend my life with someone so adventurous and fun, but I thank God every day for the fact I get to be her friend and partner.

What about you all?  What is something on your sex bucket list you and your partner look to cross off someday?  Can’t wait to hear them!

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13 replies
  1. LovingMan says:

    Loved your story! Very sexy and very well written too! Thanks for sharing this.

    As far as our sex bucket list, it already has a lot of check marks after almost 30 years of sexy marriage. It may surprise you to know that a lot of items have been checked off since retirement several years ago. But here are a few:

    -I’d like to make love outside on the grass with just a blanket laid down.
    -I’d like to make love by a forest stream when we are out fishing together… including oral sex.
    -I’d like to make love in the back seat of our SUV. (We did have sex in our van, back when we had a van.)
    -In fact I’ve also thought about having sex with my wife bent over the front of our car, like in this great story.
    -There is a themed inn I know of that we’ve been to a few times. I want to make love in their space room.
    -A recent MH story (Demonstration Just 4 U) gave me the idea to set up a pretend sex toy shop at our house.

    My wife doesn’t really have a sex bucket list that I know of. But she’s the one who first initiated outdoor sex and several other kinky encounters. So I think she’d go along with any of these ideas if she is in the right mood.

    • Gemlin says:

      Love next to a stream is out on list as well 🙂 In particular, I’d love for us to go skinny dipping, and then have sex on the bank. Just sounds fun and romantic, lol.

      Our house is out in the sticks, so we’re blessed enough to be able to occasionally enjoy the outdoors during our more spontaneous romps. I think everyone should give it a go!

  2. jwdmccarty2902 says:

    My list would be:

    1. Going away together with another couple. Sharing a room and having sex in front of each other. No swapping but just watching.

    2. Having sex in our hot tub. Her bent over the side.

  3. Bigfoot says:

    Great story. Stopping in a pull off or deserted parking lot is still on our bucket list. One succesful sexy interlude that comes to mind happened about 27 years ago. My wife and I were traveling for business in a resort town and spent the night in a hotel that had a unique outdoor hot tub shaped like a curved snake about 35 ft long. We were soaking at one end across from each other. A gentleman was at the other end talking with a couple at a table. While soaking, I felt my wife's hand slip up the leg of my swim suit and stroked my rapidly hardening member. After a couple of minutes of her attention she moved closer and placed me at the entrance to her pussy where she had pulled her suit to the side. We quietly rocked under water to an explosive orgasm. The people at the other end were none the wiser.

    • LovingMan says:

      Bigfoot, what you did in the public hot tub… That’s bold! When Melodie & I had been married for only a few months we had jacuzzi sex with the jacuzzi located in the far end of my brother’s backyard. It was night and my brother insisted his newlywed brother and his brother’s bride should enjoy the hot tub. We really did! I wrote that up in an MH story. Even though it had been decades since it happened, when I wrote the true story, my memory of making love in the jacuzzi and under the starry sky was still as crystal clear as the jacuzzi water was that night!

  4. Keystone Jack says:

    Keystone Jill and I got to do this one. Late night on a dirt road. We were a little more brave about it. We stayed on the side of the road. I gave her some oral while she sat on my truck toolbox. Then she moved to the tailgate for some open air-open leg penetration action. It was a great thrill!

    Thanks for sharing your story! It brought our experience back in vivid color!

    • Gemlin says:

      Gosh, that sounds wonderful! There is something about making love in the open air that is exhilarating. I’m really happy to hear this brought up good memories 🙂 That is one of the things I was hoping for when I shared this

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