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Crossing One Off the Bucket List

Last night my wife and I got to cross one off the bucket list!  We went to a movie for date night and afterward were invited by some close friends to go bowling.  We always enjoy hanging out with this couple, so we enjoyed a few drinks (responsibly) and spent the evening laughing and inevitably […]

Helping the Butterflies Take Flight

I always find it heartwarming when I come to this site and see how much love and excitement there is for being married.  It is a very inspiring place that I come to now and again when looking for new ideas for my bride and me.  This particular post is more a question to everyone […]

Tips for Pleasing My Wife Orally

Hello all!  I’ve visited this site for a long time, but only today got the courage to finally make an account and post something, as I am looking for some advice on pleasing my wife orally My wife and I are in our third year of marriage.  I love being married.  Everything in life is […]