I Made the Choice: Mary Beth’s POV (L)

Ephesians 5:21-25 – 21 Submit to one another out of reverence for Christ. 22 Wives, submit yourselves to your own husbands as you do to the Lord. 23 For the husband is the head of the wife as Christ is the head of the church, his body, of which he is the Savior. 24 Now as the church submits to Christ, so also wives should submit to their husbands in everything. 25 Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her. (NIV)

This story relates the events of the night I made the choice to become a totally submissive Christian wife to my husband, Benjamin.  Be it known, that does not mean he can abuse me in any way, not physically, mentally, or verbally.  He is a great man of God, and he provides for, protects, and loves me in ways I never would know without him and my Lord Jesus.  He has given me all of himself.

Being a dominant man in a marriage isn’t about always being in control of everything, making all the decisions, and bossing a woman around like she’s some sort of slave.  I believe the reason for a husband (Benjamin) to take the lead is to allow his wife (me) to relax into being her most feminine self rather than taking on more masculine ways of thinking, feeling, or behaving—whether out of or in the bedroom.  In keeping with the theme of this site, though, submitting to him sexually means I will always be safe, I will always be pleasured, I will always be his desire and his one and only love.  Benjamin is the only sexual partner to whom I have ever wilfully given myself.  I could not give him my virginity in the physical form—another took that from me—but Benjamin showed me that it was not as important to him as receiving the chastity of my mind, soul, and heart. And that, I must say, totally rocked me to the core and was the glorious, orgasmic experience that I’m sure every girl dreams her first time will be.  Benjamin showed me that making love is much more than the act of sex.

I was very much the quiet “missionary wife” at first.  Even though I orgasmed every time we made love, I always muffled my release.  But Benjamin was very patient with my insecurities, slowly breaking down my walls.

In the first couple of months of marriage, I swear we were making love four or five days/nights a week.  It convinced me he must want a baby badly.  When pregnancy didn’t occur right away, I began to think something was wrong and that I would never give him a child.

I broke down one night, and Benjamin told me, yes, he wanted as many children as God would bless us with, but that He would do that when it fell into His plan for our marriage.  God placed us together and was guiding us, Benjamin reminded me.  He then said there are three main principles of marriage: ( 1 ) It’s central to a husband and wife becoming one flesh (Genesis 2:24). ( 2 )It’s how they participate in the ongoing work of God’s creation through the pleasure and delight of procreation (Genesis 1:28) ( 3 )It serves as a symbol of the union between Christ and His Church (Ephesians 5:31-32).   Marriage is a relationship of love in which a man and a woman model for each other the self-sacrificial nature of Christ’s love for His Church, and God has given a husband and wife the privilege of defining the uniqueness of their sexual relationship.

Benjamin said that once I could freely submit all the fear, anxiety, and worry of the what-ifs in life into his care as my husband, I would experience the freedom that God had for me and become the woman my mind blocked me from becoming. He read 1 Peter 3:5 to me:  “For after this manner in the old time the holy women also, who trusted in God, adorned themselves, being in subjection unto their own husbands.” (KJV)

Benjamin held me tight as I sobbed in his arms, and his embrace comforted me until I was all cried out.  Then he left the room and returned with a washcloth and a basin of warm water that he placed at my feet.  Kneeling, Benjamin untied my robe and pushed it from my shoulders.  As I sat naked before my husband, he slowly opened my legs and, lifting my left foot, took the washcloth and began washing my foot.  Next, he laid my foot in the basin and proceeded to wash my other.

As he dried my feet, Benjamin told me, “I do this as a symbol. Let this ensure you that I also have washed away and forgiven any sins you burden yourself with, just as the Lord has done for you, and also, that I am a servant to you as I desire you to be for me.  As your husband, I will always love and protect you and provide you with a good life.”  He set my dried feet down.

Tears of adoration for this man now poured from my eyes.  He stood and removed his robe, revealing his amazingly toned body and hard throbbing cock pointing at me.  Then, stepping forward, he took my face in his hands and tilted my head up to look into his eyes.  “Mary Beth, submit yourself to me as you have submitted to our Lord.” He lay me down on the bed, kissing me passionately while lying on me, the head of his cock rubbing against my surprisingly hot and wet pussy.  He took both my hands and tugged them gently up and over my head, holding them against the bed with one hand as his eyes locked on mine.  They hypnotized me, piercing to the core of my being as he pushed his cock slowly into my pussy with a smile.

I start to moan.

“That’s it, Mary Beth, let go. Welcome my cock into you, welcome me taking you.”

My pussy got wetter and tingly.  Tossing my head from side to side, I began to murmur. “Plllllease…”

“Please what, baby?”

“Ohhhh God, pllllease…” After a long pause, I finally managed the words.  “Take me. Yessss, please take me.”  I opened my legs wider, and he suddenly pushed hard and deep, bringing a cry of ecstasy to my lips.  I arched my back, and my pussy tightened, releasing more of my juices to lubricate his cock.

Benjamin pulled back and lifted his chest off mine, then thrust forward with such strength that he drove my body forward on the bed. Withdrawing again slowly, then rocking back into me with controlled power, he built into a steady rhythm.  I felt lightheaded, reeling from the pulsing pleasure of each stroke.

Then he pinched, twisted, and pulled my left nipple, something he had never done.  He kept up the tension to the point where the unexpected pleasure started to become too much, almost painful.  My body began to tremble, my back arched, and my eyes fluttered.  Then, my pussy pulsed around his cock, and I screamed out as I felt the release. My juices gush out around his cock.

I went limp as he pounded me, bouncing me off the bed until he signaled his orgasm. He shoved in as deep as he could and held there as he unloaded his cum deep inside me to mix and flow with mine.  Then he pulled out and lay beside me.

I was sore and stretched, but I felt an unbelievable pleasure of mind, heart, and body.  Despite the vulnerability it required, I had let myself go and given in to my husband only to experience something I would never have without this wonderful man.

Benjamin pulled me to him not many moments later, and I felt his hard cock pressing into my belly.

“Are you not satisfied, my husband?”

“Mmmmm, I don’t know that I’ll ever be fully satisfied.  I can’t get enough of you, and I don’t ever want to.” Benjamin let out a contented sigh.  “God has given me the most precious gift in you.  I will cherish and love you forever, and I will feed you spiritually and sexually—daily!” His emphasis made me blush and smile.  “I pray you never get your fill either.”

At those words, Benjamin rolled off the bed and to his feet and grabbed my ankles.  He yanked me to the edge of the bed with a mischievous grin, startling a gasp out of me. Then, holding my legs straight up, he slowly spread them apart, opening my pussy for his return to its depths.  As I arched my back and cried out at his entry, his strong hands slid down to my hips, gripped them hard, and lifted me off the bed until only my shoulders and head touched it.  Then he pounded me hard and fast.  My titties bounced in circles, slapping against each other and my chin.

After a long period of fucking, I felt an orgasm building.  Breathing faster, I told Benjamin, “I’m going to cum,” so he slowed down. “OOOhhhh, fuck, don’t stop.”  My voice trembled as I plead with him.

“Tell me what you want, baby.”

“To cum. I want to cum!”  Though shocked by my words, I think they excited me more.

“I don’t think you’re ready, baby,” Benjamin told me and slowed more.

“Pleeeeeease, baby, take me.  Give me all your cock.  I need it all.  I want to cum all over you.”

Finally, I got to him.  He crossed my legs at my knees and bent the top one down, securing my legs tight like a figure 4.  My pussy squeezed his big cock so hard that I could feel every pulsing vein as he slowly slid in and out, letting me adjust to the extreme pressure.

I thrashed, gripping and pulling at the sheets as my pussy began to convulse around his cock.  He started pounding me hard, deep, and fast when he felt it.  I was clamped around him so tightly that my juices stayed inside me and built pressure, squirting out around his cock with each thrust.

Benjamin’s pounding and breathing quickened, and he started to shake as I felt his cock release his hot cum deep inside me.  Trembling, he released me to grab the two bedposts so he wouldn’t fall, and my hips dropped to the mattress.  Still quivering and pulsing with my own climax, I gasped when I felt a wet splash across my tits and face, and a couple more landed on my belly.  Finally, Benjamin’s orgasm ended, though cum still leaked from his cock as his shaky laugh settled into a smirk.

“WOW!  You are my everything. Totally amazing.”

I smiled at him in wonder.  Who’d have thought, after all the women he’d been with before he finally found Christ and I was given to him, that little old insecure, broken me could give him everything he loves and desires?

Benjamin sagged to the bed, and I slid off and knelt at his feet.  Trembling, I took the now chilly washcloth and lifted his foot, washing first one, then the other.  I look into his eyes.

“I am your servant too, Benjamin.”

He grinned and pulled my tender, tired body up to straddle his lap, his semi-hard cock pressed between our bodies.  We kissed.  My mind reeled. I felt so amazing, so loved and wanted and safe—genuinely safe for the first time ever.  I can’t wait to see and experience what this man has in store for me—for us.

To be continued.

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6 replies
  1. SophTea says:

    I loved how you described wifely submission. A wife chooses not to submit to an abusive, rude, or ungodly man, but rather submits to the love, protection, and grace of a Godly man. I teared up a bit when reading about surrendering your problems, your troubles, to your husband and letting him help and guard you. This really displays the duty of a husband to help his wife get through tough times as a shoulder to cry on and that is just so lovely. I realize this is not for everyone, but in my personal belief, I love what my marriage is, with my husband taking the lead and doing so with tenderness and good values, is amazing (in and out of the bedroom of course, lol). I am glad to see another couple for whom this sort of relationship works well!

    I would also like to say, I am very sorry for whatever happened to you earlier in life, such that your physical being was violated. However, I am glad you have been blessed with a wonderful husband who still sees you as a beautiful person, wonderfully made by our heavenly Father!!! The chastity of your mind, heart, and soul is what matters, as you said, and I pray that you both enjoy the marriage bed together. Sending hugs and prayers 💗

  2. LovingMan says:

    I gotta agree with all the other comments and especially the comment by Sophia Tea. M wife went through extensive childhood sexual abuse but did not lose her vaginal virginity. But if she had she still would have been pure. I think we should also remember that Christ cleanses us from sin so someone who has repented from past sins, like your husband, is clean and pure as well!

    Your story is beautifully written and tells of a beautiful event in your marriage and I want to thank you for sharing the story with us. If it’s fictional then it is still a great story. If it’s true then that’s even better!

  3. starlight says:

    I wasn't sure whether to post this, but this story made me quite uncomfortable (just my POV though). Personally, I don't like the idea of submitting to anyone other than the Lord above. As fellow humans, we can guide, support, empower and council one another; and should absolutely do those things within our marriages, however we cannot, nor should we presume to, absolve another of so-called sins; only God can do that. Recovering from abuse and violation is not triggered through submitting, nor from projecting your trauma on to another person! it comes when you heal and empower yourself, discovering your own potential as a creation of God first and a husband/wife second. Anyone looking to lose themselves in another relationship or anything else rather than facing those issues head-on, is likely storing up issues for the future! Moreover, I felt like this read as if the husband was 'forgiving' her for the abuse, which makes no sense, again; just my opinion.

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