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The Facial

The facial is overrated. Let me explain.

Not long after we married (in 2000), Lauren and I were watching an adult film; enjoying erotica together was an occasional indulgence for us in the early years of our marriage. Some videos we liked; some we didn’t. (We don’t really watch porn anymore; we prefer to make our own with our cameras).

In this particular video, we got to a scene culminating in the guy pulling his cock out of the woman’s mouth and then ejaculating a huge amount of semen all over her face to her delight. We’d seen this happen in other videos, but this particularly gratuitous “cum shot” caught Lauren’s attention.

“Why did he do that?” Lauren asked as we watched (while quite handsy with each other). “Wouldn’t he have rather cum in her mouth? Isn’t that what guys like when they’re getting a blowjob?”

Lauren has always been generous with swallowing and just assumed from her own experience giving me blowjobs that it’s what the guy in the video would have wanted over ejaculating on the woman’s face.

“I don’t know, baby,” I responded, enjoying her foreplay handjob while I stroked her moist pussy. “It looks sexy, but I’d think he’d prefer it in her mouth for sure.”

“Hmmmmm,” she countered, and we continued watching.

In the next scene, the guy pulled his cock out of the woman’s vagina and did the same thing, spraying her face with his cum as she giggled.

“There it is again,” she said. “Why?”

No sooner could I respond with, “I don’t know,” than Lauren started sucking my dick.

I repositioned myself, getting on my knees next to my Swedish bride as she was on her side. With the video playing in the background, she took my cock back into her hungry mouth and looked longingly up at me, leaving little doubt that her end game was a mouthful of sperm she’d happily swallow.

The point of this story isn’t to recount this particular blowjob, one of thousands she’s given me over the years. It was great. The point is to discuss what it led to: a facial. When she knew I was about to cum, Lauren took my cock from her mouth—still working my shaft back and forth with her hand—looked me in the eyes and said, “Cum on my face and then tell me if you like that better than me swallowing.”

Mic drop.

The cum was quickly building in me and she stuck out her tongue and looked into my eyes in anticipation, still jerking me off. I’d never seen my wife stick out her tongue in this way; it really turned me on.

With our eyes locked on one another, I unleashed a tidal wave of warm semen all over her tongue and face, making a mess of my Nordic beauty. This would surely require a shower to clean up, and yet she seemed to like it and giggled. She swallowed what I’d shot on her tongue and giggled again.

“Well?” she asked, her face slathered with my creamy, white seed.

“Fun,” was all I could get out as I came to from a near blackout. “Lots of fun. Very naughty. But I feel bad—your face and hair are a mess, baby.”

She giggled again.

“It’s OK. I wanted to shower anyway.”

Now two decades later, we are hardly strangers to the facial. It happens occasionally depending on our mood.

I should state how we define a facial: Lauren’s mouth is open and her tongue out and my semen is shot onto her tongue, in her mouth and on her face. She has never gotten a facial without her mouth open and tongue out (if her mouth were closed, I think that would be quite degrading.) Most of the time with a facial, the semen is on her chin, lips, tongue, cheeks, nose, maybe forehead, and sometimes hair. It can be a small mess and, other times, a big mess requiring a shower. Only on a few occasions has it hit her eyes. Eyes are a no-no, and I make every effort to avoid them.

Although the facial is a lot of fun, I still prefer to cum in her mouth and pussy. Why do I say that when so many guys are obsessed with the facial? Physically speaking, ejaculating in Lauren’s mouth or vagina feels significantly better than ejaculating on her face. In fact, ejaculating in her vagina feels better than ejaculating in her mouth, but ejaculating in her mouth feels much better than on her face. In fact, the facial comes in fourth place behind 1) in her pussy, 2) in her mouth, and 3) in her ass.

So why is there such fascination with the facial? For starters, it has been popularized in porn. Here are other possible reasons:

It’s an alternative to swallowing. Some women refuse to swallow, and some won’t even let a guy cum in their mouth, so instead, they may allow him to cum on their face. I don’t know what percentage of women refuse to swallow, but I know every single one of Lauren’s friends swallows their husband’s cum. (They share these things with each other.) The facial, then, is an alternative to getting a mouthful of salty, bitter semen for women who can’t handle that.

It’s highly visual. Guys are visual and one thing about the facial that is fun is the incredible visual afforded when semen is being shot all over their woman’s face. It is fun to do and watch. Lauren and I have more than a few facials caught on camera that are truly epic, including one from 2004 that is in the hall of fame for us. (It was a very big load, the lighting and angle were perfect, and Lauren loved it).

It’s an act of dominance. This one is complicated. Although Lauren and I believe deeply in equitable sex, she will be the first to tell you that there are times when she wants to be dominated and, in her words, “objectified.” The facial can sometimes be part of that desire. I suspect many women have this desire at times—many of Lauren’s friends do.

It’s kinky and slutty. Lauren sometimes enjoys being treated like my whore. If she’s in a slutty mood, it means she wants to be treated like I own her. This isn’t always the case; like I said, most of the time sex is very equitable for us. But sometimes she just wants me to get off on her, and thus she can really desire a facial.

It’s a way for a guy to mark his “territory.” It may seem primitive, but there are theories that, when a man ejaculates on his woman, it’s an instinctive way of him marking his “territory.”

Don’t misunderstand me. Do I enjoy giving my wife a facial? Yes. Would I rather cum in her pussy? Yes. Would I rather cum in her mouth? Yes. Would I rather cum in her ass? Depends on my mood but cumming in her ass does feel better, physically speaking.

Please, in the comments share your own experience with the facial, whether giving or receiving.

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22 replies
    • MarriedtoaHotBabe says:

      If she didn’t have her mouth open and tongue out, it would feel really degrading and wrong to me.

  1. Fearless Lunk says:

    Here are 3 more reasons you left out: (1) LOVE — Most men feel love and acceptance when a wife willingly accepts his cum in any location, face included. (2) TABOO — Many couples get quite turned on by sex acts that are more adventurous than the average couple. (3) EXPLORATION — most men (and most high drive of both genders) love to conquer unclaimed territory… be it oral in mouth, swallowing, certain places (beach etc), new positions, anal, and (of course) facials.

    • MarriedtoaHotBabe says:

      Really great insights! On #1, I can see that for sure. I think one of the things about Lauren I am grateful for is her absolute joy in pleasing me. She loves to see me in sexual bliss—and it is that way BOTH of us. On #2, definitely! We are most certainly drawn to some sexual acts that are taboo so long as they are mutually desired, between only the 2 of us, etc. On #3, YES! That is us, too. In thinking about where I’ve cum on her body/in her over the years….in her mouth, in her pussy, in her ass, on her face, on her tits, on her ass, up her back, on her midsection, pearl necklace, in her hand. I have never cum anywhere on her body south of her pussy. Maybe tonight I explore that terrain? Ha! Great points all the way around.

  2. ILoveMarriage says:

    I think it is something that primarily benefits any third parties that are watching.

    I enjoy coming between my wife's tits occasionally, then rubbing it over them. But spraying it all over, never tried that. It WOULD NOT feel as good!

    • MarriedtoaHotBabe says:

      Good point! Like I wrote above, for us a facial always includes her tongue out and her mouth open. Cumming on her face from a pure sexual enjoyment standpoint pails in comparison to in her pussy, in her mouth and even in her ass. But it’s fun to do on occasion, and it’s fun to do when a camera is rolling.

  3. LovingMan says:

    I think it’s important to point out that every person and every couple is different. We don’t do anal for example – and we are fine with that.

    Other married couples enjoying different things than us is fine & we are happy for them. Each couple has their own sex menu.

    We’ve done facials accidentally because often my wife prefers to not have me cum for my full orgasm in her mouth so when she pulls back sometimes she gets it on the face.
    I find it sexy and she’s ok with it and it also makes HER giggle… but she doesn’t like to have me deliberately cum on her face.

    I agree with the marking your territory part. We sometimes cum together while she uses her vibe on her clit and I pump my rod with the tip on her nipple (tip on nip). I love to feel the sensations & see my cum all over MY Nordic beauty’s full gorgeous boobies! The sensations are great for her too! For me, cumming anywhere on my wife turns me on! I’ve cum on her leg and tummy lots of times while sucking her nipples while she buzzes her clitoris with one of her vibrators! Or I’ll cum on her tummy while she sucks MY nipple.

    By the way I loved your story and observations. We don’t watch commercial porn but we make lots of clips with our private photos & videos app.

  4. Tulsa says:

    Not a facial fan, so they have never been something that we've done intentionally. We have had many 'whoops!' moments, which resulted in a messy facial! Generally speaking, they were more funny than hot & sexy!

    In particular was the first time Mrs. T. decided to let me cum in her mouth. As I usually did during a BJ, I pulled away and warned her, when I was about to cum. She said, go ahead, I want you to go ahead and cum in my mouth. I was so excited, I started cumming before she got my dick back in her mouth, and needless to say, I ended up shooting more on her face than in her mouth!
    And there she was, looking up at me, dripping……
    I wasn't sure if I was in trouble until she started laughing!
    It got hot again when she started kissing me to get even!

    • MarriedtoaHotBabe says:

      Yep, whoops moments happen. But it is so fun, especially now that I’m in my late 40s, to get that occasional massive load with huge volume and strong velocity just go everywhere. And Lauren likes those, too. When she’s got cum everywhere, that’s when we head for the shower. But most of the time it’s either in her mouth or in her pussy.

  5. hornyGG says:

    Love facials and don't see them as degrading at all. Like mentioned earlier, it's like he is marking me as his ( which I am anyway). Loved the story and looking forward to my next " facial ". Stay horny my friend.

    • MarriedtoaHotBabe says:

      Love that! I would think a facial would be degrading if the wife’s mouth is shut. But Lauren always has her mouth open and tongue out as an invitation for me to let my load rip. Guessing it’s that way with you, too?

  6. TLC2383 says:

    We love facials and they have become a big part of our sex life together. My wife doesn't like the taste of cum, so shooting a load into her mouth is a rare treat for me, but she has no problem with me cumming all over her beautiful face. She even asks for it when she knows I'm super horny and she isn't. I wrote about one such occasion here in my story titled The Conference. I enjoy the visual, and she enjoys making me happy. So thankful she is willing to do this special thing for me.

  7. 20sophiemarie00 says:

    I love facials. I love the ones that just happen, and I really LOVE the ones when I'm on my knees and my husband is in my mouth and down my throat. I enjoy knowing he is finding his greatest sexual pleasure in me at that moment. I always tend to suck him harder, deeper and longer. And at the last moment, he grabs intertwines his fingers in my hair and yanks my head away to hold me in front of his cock, then pumps his cock till he shoots ropes of cum all over my face and hair that run down my face and onto my tits. I always moan and giggle while I rub it all over my face and shove my cum-covered fingers into my mouth and suck them, savoring his cum. I love and want and desire his love and the dominance he can have over me.

  8. Jenny says:

    Facials are fun. I find it very exciting as it shows my sexual dominance over my man. Equally he feel highly satisfied as he actually sees his sperm “spoiling” the beauty of my face. I enjoy it particularly when I tighten my lips to let the first shot “lipstick"me. open my mouth for the next shot and then let it go all over my face.

    • SecondMarge says:

      Sexual dominance? Interesting concept. Most women consider it the opposite. But to each their own pleasures. We all rationalize what we have to.

    • Fearless Lunk says:

      I have always felt like a woman willingly taking a facial has all the power. The more she wants it, the more dominant of a move it is. It’s a subversive power. And great description, Jenny… gave me a hard on!

    • CreamyPatty says:

      I’m with you Jenny! I’m in charge when his cock is in my mouth and I adore making him squirm and wiggle by using my cocksucking expertise to obtain sexual dominance.
      Then again I also love it when he gets anxious to release his always heavy loads and takes control by grabbing my head and pulling me toward him hard. I don’t even mind the mild gagging as his head swells and he fires his cum very deep down my throat. I sometimes don’t even taste it that way until he pulls out and smears residual cum on my lips and tongue.

  9. 1blessedman says:

    As long as both spouses are having fun with it….who cares? My wife has some sexetary glasses but has never used them. Well….maybe one day she will put them on for a facial….🤷🏻‍♂️. Many times though she requests a cumshot on her belly and/or tits. Once in a while she wants hot cum shots on her pussy and ass. We don’t force an agenda. Both are allowed to request and each usually fulfill.

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