My First Time Topless

I have large breasts, and worked hard in high school and college to keep them properly covered. I wore moderate tankinis at the beach, and never showed cleavage. I was a good girl! At least relatively good. I did date around in college, and let a few guys get to second base, but never further.

Despite that, I went topless on our Caribbean honeymoon and enjoyed every minute of it! On our wedding night, Erik saw my breasts for the first time. Then a few days later, I showed them off to the whole beach. For me, it was a liberating and sexy experience. And Erik LOVED it.

The idea of going topless first came into my mind while reading some blog on getting ready for your honeymoon. It mentioned that some couples go to nude or topless beaches on their honeymoon. Honestly, the idea shocked me—but then I became obsessed with it. Going topless just sounded so sexy! I had a great body and worked hard to stay in shape. My college friends would have been appalled to know what I was thinking, so I didn’t tell any of them. My main question was how to find out if Erik would be okay with it.

I decided that the right interim step was to buy a bikini since I’d never had one. After great difficulty, I settled on a fairly conservative one that showed off my boobs, but not too much. It was brown and blue. I really thought about buying a revealing one, and even tried on a few. But I was afraid Erik wouldn’t be ready for that. I wasn’t sure I was ready either, despite my topless obsession.

The next night, I asked Erik if he wanted to go swimming in my apartment complex pool. Without telling him, I wore my bikini. His eyes just about came out of his head when I took off my t-shirt and shorts to reveal my new swimsuit.

“What are you wearing?!?!” he asked me. While it took him a few minutes to warm up to it, by the end of the night we were making out like a horny, virgin engaged couple (which we were!) Part of me hoped he would try to take off my top. I would have let him, I’m pretty sure. We went “swimming” every night for a week and did our best to be discreet making out in the pool and hot tub, but I’m pretty sure we were a bit inappropriate. Halfway through the week, I bought a slightly more revealing bikini. Erik loved it immediately!

With a month to go before our wedding, my bikinis supercharged our make-out sessions. But Erik was careful to keep his hands off my boobs, and never even tried to take my top off. Some nights, I hoped that he would.

At the same time, I was making final arrangements for our resort in Mexico. I remember sheepishly asking my travel agent which resorts would be alright for going topless. She must have been asked the question before since she immediately knew which places to recommend. Of course, I had not told Erik about my hope of going topless yet. But I had set the stage to make it possible.

Somehow, we were still virgins on our wedding night. My resistance was gone, so I credit Erik for being the strong one in our relationship. Our wedding night was fun, although it was harder to figure out sex than I had ever imagined. (Maybe I will write about our wedding night someday!) The next day, we caught a flight and headed to Cancun, arriving early enough to be able to catch an hour or two at the beach before dusk.

I had purchased a new black cheeky string bikini for our trip—not a thong, but still quite revealing. To surprise Erik, I put it on in the bathroom and put a coverup on. I wanted him to see it for the first time on the beach. Of course, when we got out there, my bikini was conservative compared to what many ladies were wearing. Several women wore thongs, and more than a few were topless.

Erik lustfully stared at me when I took my coverup off. Despite his baggy board shorts, I could tell that he had an erection. We had a blast at the beach that day. It was so hot making out in the ocean. Our couple hours on the beach were great foreplay for our second night of lovemaking, which was less awkward than the first night.

At dinner, I said to Erik, “I’m glad you like my swimsuit. I was a bit afraid that you would think it was too much. But compared to some of the other ladies, it’s pretty tame!”

“Babe, I don’t care what anyone else is wearing, I’m just happy to be here with you,” Erik replied. “And your swimsuit is hot! I don’t think any of our friends would ever call it ‘tame’.”

”You’re probably right. But we’re on our honeymoon, right? It’s a great time to have fun together. What would you think if I was even a little crazier with my swimsuit tomorrow?”

In response, he took my hand and put it on his rock-hard penis under the tablecloth. When he asked what I had in mind, I told him he’d have to wait until the next day to see.

The next day, I put my black bikini on in the bathroom with my coverup again. He looked a bit confused when I took my coverup off at the beach. Later, he told me he was expecting me to have a thong or something on (a thong would come later in the week!). I fished some sunscreen out of my bag, laid down, and asked if he would help me.

“Hey, undo my strings so you don’t get lotion on them,” I said. I looked back, and he had a goofy, incredulous look on his face. His hands shook as he undid my bikini top. Nothing could be seen since I was lying on my front. Never had my back been so thoroughly covered as the job he did that day. We soaked up the sun for about fifteen minutes while chatting. Then, as nonchalantly as I could, I turned over and bared my breasts to the world. My favorite part was watching Erik’s jaw drop when I did it. His biggest regret that day was not bringing a camera to the beach.

Of course, that was a great start to a crazy, fun sexual week! I will leave it mostly to your imagination about what happened next, but here are a few details. Erik had to lay on his stomach for a long time to hide his erection. My nipples saw enough sun to get slightly sunburned. We also got enough practice sexually to get pretty good at it!

Over a decade after this event, my husband still obsesses about how sexy this day was. At least once a month, I put on a sexy bikini and we roleplay going to the topless beach. Every year, we do this roleplay for his birthday, except those birthdays when we actually make it to a topless beach! Maybe I will share some of those stories another time.


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10 replies
  1. jwdmccarty2902 says:

    I would die if my wife would do that. I am fine with nudity but she is waaaay too conservative for it. She has been opening up in other areas sexually lately though so maybe…

  2. MarriedtoaHotBabe says:

    Great story! So my wife is Swedish and over the years we have vacationed at several locations in Europe, including some beaches where almost all women are topless (Black Sea being a prime location). Not long after we got married, we went to the Black Sea with Lauren's parents and her sister and her sister's husband. Being American-born and -raised, you can only imagine how strange it was when not just Lauren but also her mom and sister all took their tops off, thinking nothing of it. Was very wild! These days, no big deal–totally used to it. All that aside, yay for large breasts! My wife is one of those women who is slender and yet has large breasts. Love them! That feature (slender body, large breasts) runs in her family…… (wink)

    • Loving Guy says:

      Hi MarriedtoaHotBabe,

      You're story was really interesting. This story and you're story reminded me of the time that me and a buddy of mine were vacationing in Europe and went to the beach. We did not understand that it was a topless beach. What a surprise that was! As you can imagine, we certainly enjoyed the view! We spent the rest of the day there meeting girls! We made a few new friends that day for sure! We both agreed that we love our future wife to be cool with going topless! This story reminded me of that lovely adventure. I will also remember how the sight of topless ladies made me go weak in the knees. Now I am all excited! Thanks for the memories!

  3. LovingMan says:

    Great story! Your comment about it being hard to figure out sex is very true. Good fulfilling sex is an acquired skill. As far as your journey of discovery – it is wonderful that you grew to be comfortable with your partly exposed body. Your fiancé is to be commended for his self control. Sounds like you made the wait well worth it!

  4. LovesHisHotWife says:

    My wife is generally very conservative and a rule follower. But to my surprise on our honeymoon in Mauritius we were on a peddle boat away from the beach and she decided on the spur of the moment to untie her little triangle bikini and reveal her perky 32B amazing breasts. We continued peddling away from the beach allowing me to soak in her beautifully shaped breasts. She even ran her fingers over her nipples just to make me wild.

  5. Waiting Hardly says:

    God’s idea of paradise is being with naked people in a garden. And now that Christ has restored our relationship with God, we can be naked and unashamed once more.

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