Endless (L)

This post contains strong language (L).

It’s 8 p.m. on a Friday when I come home to find you in your boxers, eating cereal on our bed. After a quick greeting and kiss, I strip down and get into the shower, and that’s when things heat up!

I’m lathering up my hair with the sweet lavender shampoo that you gave me for my birthday when you open the door. While I continue to soap up, you come in behind me and give me a back massage. I can tell that you’re already in the mood, so I duck my head under the flow then get down the showerhead to rinse off everywhere else.

You kissed my cheek and felt my wet tit. “Where were you all day, baby? I missed you.” 

“I got called into work at 6 a.m.; I guess the text I sent you never went through?”  

“Nope. But you’re all mine now,” you say with a dirty smirk, and despite a long, hard day, that familiar ache for you begins.

You grab my ass, smack it, and lightly kiss my collarbone. Our lips tangle for a few seconds, and then I lead you out of the shower. You’re wet, but I’m dripping. Your hand sneaks from my ass to my wet pussy and lightly rubs me. Then you turn us both around so that my back faces the bed frame, then push me down. When my head hits my pillow, you climb on top and proceed to bite my lip as you slide your fingers into me and move them in and out hard and fast. Then, dropping your mouth to my boobs, you kiss your way up to my neck and tenderly nibble it. I love the contrast when you gently suck on my neck and finger the shit out of me; it’s my favorite foreplay, and you know it.

I flip you over and move on top of you. After making out with you for a little while, I move down south and start blowing you… but not fast. Not at first, anyway. I just flick my tongue against your dick for a while. Eventually, I wrap one hand around your shaft and start playing with your balls with the other. I know I’ll pay for this torture later. At least, I sure hope so!

As I get a rhythm going, you put your hand in my hair and pull it, letting out a soft moan. But when I eventually speed up until I gag myself, you get so close to orgasm that you have to take matters into your own hands to prolong our pleasure.

You pick me up and drop me unceremoniously onto my back again, then insert yourself into me. Slowly, slowly, you fuck me, enjoying my tight wetness.

I loved how your thick cock feels inside me, but I want you to pound me. “Come on, baby.” 

“Karma’s a bitch, remember?” 

“Fuck. Just fuck me. “ 

“Mmmm, no.” You continued to drive me crazy with your slow-paced lovemaking. You enjoy teasing me; it’s your favorite thing. But all I wanted at that moment was to get fucked—hard!

After agonizing minutes of this, you pull out and replace your dick with your mouth and fingers. You proceed to eat me out until I have my first orgasm of the night.

At this point, I’m so wild that I’m twitching. “Baby, come onnnnnnnnnn!” 

“Nope!” Your smile is downright devilish. 

But I’m not having it. I force you to lie down, get on top of you, and ride to my heart’s content, finally giving myself the pounding I’ve been aching for.

You hate when I get my way during sex; you love to torture me—too much, sometimes. You push me off and go back to eating me out. My moans get louder and louder. When I push your head off of my throbbing, wet pussy, you get on top of me and slam yourself into me.

I kiss you hard, then your hand grips the sides of my neck, exerting just enough pressure that I can’t moan as loud as I’d like. Your lips graze my cheek, and you whisper to me, “Take that fucking cock, my little slut.” I melt.

You continue to fuck me hard, and as soon as your hand slips from my neck, I scream, “Fuck, you feel so good! Fuck me, baby. Fuck me. Fuckkkkk!”

My words seem to urge you into a frenzy, but you maintain control of yourself. Each time I think you’ll fill me up, you pause briefly, then resume my pounding. This fuck seems endless; I know I’ll be sore and tired in the morning.

Finally, you pull out, grab my vibrator and lube, then tug me to the edge of the bed. Holding my vibrator to my clit, you go back to slowly fucking me. This is my favorite position; it lets me climax like no other, and you can also feel the vibrations inside me. You pick up the pace, and after a bit, we hit the peak together.

I roll over, we cuddle, and both pass out. 

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