Smoooooth Sex – & Happy Saint Patrick’s Day

What a beautiful experience today. If you’ve read my recent posts, you know that my beautiful sexy wife is having some problemas with her ladyparts. For a week, she’s also had an annoyingly persistent upper respiratory virus that won’t go away. Therefore we have not had V-sex in a while.

Even so, Melodie said last night, “Tom, we should pretend like we are married tomorrow morning.” That is her euphemism for “Let’s make love!” She was doubtful we’d be able to have vaginal intercourse, but she wanted for us to at least do other things that culminate in us both having orgasms.

So this morning, we slept in. When she woke up, Melodie wanted to try for orgasms even though she’d been coughing off and on much of the night. So we both showered and met in bed. I had turned on a YouTube fireplace video with romantic guitar music. I also had turned on three halite (rock salt) lamps. We have blackout curtains, so her beautiful nude body was lit up only by the firelight and lamps when she entered our bedroom. She positively glowed.

I was lying on the bed nude, and she joined me. We kissed, and I’ll admit that I was soon pawing her beautiful, full Norwegian breasts. The evaporative cooling from her shower had already turned her formerly soft nips into hard raspberries, so I soon was also feasting on those.

After a bit, Melodie announced, “I’m coming over there,” which invariably means she wants a turn on my mini-man-nips. No complaints from me! This is a pleasure we discovered together. My nips love the feel of her lips, her tongue, and her fingers. And it turns her on to do it! She loves loving on my man-nipples as much as I love loving on her beautiful female nipples. (Hence the male nipple in the photo.)

So as she enjoyed loving on my nips, I pumped my penis to full power. That’s how she gives me an orgasm nearly every day that we are not having intercourse—and with my sky-high sex drive, I appreciate that so much! It’s how we deal with a sex drive disparity. We have a schedule, and on off days, she loves on my nips as I masturbate to orgasm. It works well for us.

But today wasn’t an off day; it was more! I rolled back over, and she requested I give her a vibrator. So I handed her our mini-wand. Then she requested, “Put some coconut oil on me. I need that for this to work.”

Since her gynecologist recommended that Melodie use coconut oil for sex lube because it’s both antibacterial and anti-fungal, I asked if she (Melodie) wanted it inside as well.

“Yes,” she said.

I will admit that I was hopeful her vagina could handle sex. I told her a few days ago that I felt bad for suggesting and having vaginal sex last week before she was fully healed. Even so, she told me that she was feeling better. So I’ll also admit that I was hopeful as I gently slid a glob of coconut oil up into her vagina and rubbed it all over her vulva and clitoris.

I then returned to loving on her big beautiful breasts again. Suckling her is so pleasant for us both. I was feeling so much love and gratitude to her for being willing to make love as much as we could given that she still was dealing with her respiratory infection and healing up from her infection in her ladyparts.

I next kneeled up to do tip-on-nip. By then I had so much leaking precum that coconut oil on her nip was unnecessary. As I pumped my rod I rubbed my tip on her closest raspberry. She applied the wand to her clit and told me that my tip felt good on her nipple.

I assumed that this was what we were going to do. It is terribly sexy to masturbate while rubbing her nipple with my glans. I figured that if we were fortunate today that we’d come together in this way. We’ve done it before. She had not had an orgasm in almost two weeks – which is a long time for her!

But I wondered so I asked, “Do you want me to try going inside you? I would stop if you couldn’t handle it. I could just slide in and not move if we want to try that.”

To my surprise, she wanted to try. So I slid into our perpendicular X position. I was on my side facing her open legs and wet pussy. I carefully and slowly slid my hard rod in. My heavens she felt so wonderful to me as she enveloped my erection!

I exclaimed, “Oh being in your pussy again feels soooo good!”

“Feels good to me too!” she said back.

Normally when we get to the sexual intercourse part of lovemaking we go at it with gusto! My wife likes a good pounding most of the time. But obviously, this was not going to be one of those times.

Instead, I tried to move very little but she had decided that SHE could move! She began twerking with her incredibly sexy mischievous smile that she gets. Plus she was giving me the ultimate married hug using her Kegel muscles. I did begin to pump but only very gently. Wow! She looked so cute as she twerked me. And it felt incredibly good too!

“I like doing this and making you cum!” she said.

That did it and my orgasm began. It did not happen in an explosion but more like a gradual geyser of semen that filled her up. My orgasm went on and on in a remarkable way. The sensations felt smooth and so much like a loving caress! Even though I had not exerted myself very much my Melodie and the orgasm she gave me literally took my breath away!

I laid there a while afterward, trying to catch my breath. Melodie had switched to her Doc Johnson Bullet vibe and was still using her vibe with her right hand with her left hand behind her head. So eventually I slid up to her left side and rested my head on the inside of her upper arm and I began servicing her left nipple. I squeezed the sides of her boob and suckled then licked then tongue flicked. Then I moved my free hand to palm her right breast and gently play & pinch her raspberry. I continued my oral fun on Melodie’s left raspberry as well. This went on for I’m not sure how long. But it was very pleasant.

Melodie was getting concerned about not coming yet and she said in a worried voice, “Maybe things changed down there because of the infection.”

(Last week we’d tried and she just couldn’t get to the summit.)

I reassured her that we had the time & could keep on trying. I also suggested she use the Sensuelle Plus vibrator & I handed it to her. I also said a prayer in my heart/head that she’d be able to climax.

After a few more minutes I felt an impression to move my mouth to her right nipple so I laid kind of diagonally across her torso to gain access to her right raspberry. Her breathing immediately went deeper & in spite of me resting upon her torso her back arched and she came in a beautiful orgasm. Usually, she tells me “I’m coming” but this morning she was taking deep shuddering breaths and I knew she’d reached the summit of Mt. O.

I asked a rhetorical question, “Are you coming?”

“Y-yes!” came her still shuddering reply as HER orgasm continued for longer than usual. She explained that it wasn’t quite as intense as usual but we suspect she just will continue to heal and she’ll return to higher elevations for her Mt. O.

As I’ve said before, I love how I can pray during our sexcapades and so very often my prayers are answered with a yes. This time it had again been a yes!

I again told Melodie how absolutely beautiful she was as she was aroused and especially as she came. “You look like you are 20,” I told her. No one but me will ever see her in her orgasmic phase nor in her post-orgasmic glow but I am amazed every time! What an honor God gave me to give me a kind, intelligent and beautiful wife to be my friend, partner & lover!

I want to add that Heavenly Father cares about our marriage and He wants us to enjoy our lovemaking. Marital sex is encouraged by God and even commanded by Him. So yes, you can pray about and during married sex.


A note before submitting this story to MH:
It is now a few days later. We found out today that the strong antibiotics Melodie has been on affect libido AND sexual performance. So that explains why her orgasm took so long… & why she only had one. But our love, with God’s assistance, found a way!   Her ability to orgasm has “come” back to normal. (pun intended)


A final note:  Since this story is posting on Saint Patrick’s Day…
Melodie loves celebrating St. Patty’s Day. (We are both a little bit Irish.)  I tell Melodie that the Vikings kidnapped the prettiest women from Ireland & that explains why her Norwegian ancestry includes some Irish. Each year at our house there is Irish Soda Bread, corned beef & cabbage, Irish Stew, & grasshopper pie!

But there is also celebrating in the bedroom! She has several green sexy open cup, or just revealing lingerie pieces that she can choose from – or I’ll buy her a new one. I wear “lucky” boxers.   And I do indeed get lucky.
It’s a holiday so I’m looking forward to some deep fellatio – especially since my wife (to my surprise) has perfected deep throating me. And in spite of our health challenges, we’ll have some erotic kissing, foreplay, licking, sucking. and some tender lovemaking along with some pounding sex. Of course, it is all actual lovemaking.

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day to y’all!

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6 replies
    • LovingMan says:

      Thanks Frankie. We strive to keep a positive “can do” attitude even though there are some things we can no longer do. We look to God and live – and get comfort from His Holy Spirit. We also have had more than our share of miracles.

  1. SingleDreamer says:

    Such a sweet story! 😍 I love how you prayed for her to reach orgasm!
    I remember when I first started taking my medicine for anxiety. The anxiety attacks stopped thankfully but the orgasms did too:( It was so difficult to even muster up the energy to touch myself for the longest time but I eventually started orgasming again! Thanks for sharing your story! I hope you have a very lucky St. Patrick’s Day!🍀

    • LovingMan says:

      Thank you Single Dreamer. My wife’s latest medication for her neurological condition is blocking her ability to have orgasms the last few lovemaking sessions so your comment gives us hope. It was very timely! God bless you to find your marriage companion so you can shower all that love & passion on your spouse!

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