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My darling and I let our love flow. It’s never scheduled; we just let it happen. And the mood arises often! Whether in bed or other places in our home, we are always there for each other. We take “love risks” in public also, like letting his hand arouse me between my thighs while we kiss. We even once retreated to a secluded area of a restaurant lounge for oral love.

When we are in bed, we engage in foreplay for hours—to the point that I no longer can bear it without his throbbing hard cock in me. But he is such a tease, knowing that me begging for it will have him cum in me within minutes.

What I wish to share here with the community are my “heated thoughts.” Rest assured, I share these thoughts with my husband and he enjoys them with me. He lovingly calls me his shameless hussy. I have been that for him for the ten years of our marriage. They are thoughts only, not anything I act on.

When I feel him sliding in and out of my wetness, my thoughts sometimes include other men. As my husband satisfies me, though it may seem selfish on my part, I imagine someone else leaning over and kissing my boobs as he takes my hand to place it on his cock.

Other times I’m on all fours with my husband taking me doggy style, and an imaginary guy stands in front of me for me to suckle his cock to a finish. Very embarrassing thoughts, these, but such a turn on.

In public, especially in the summer, we often sit outside of the cafes. It arouses me that the men around us have no idea what I am wearing or not wearing under my short summer dress.

My heated thoughts, as I call them, turn me on. My husband stiffens, too. Not only does it turn him on to know what I’m thinking, but he’s also enjoying the sight of the lovely ladies around him. But once we are home, our desire is for each other’s bodies. And we reserve them only for each other.

There have been times in my life that I have been tempted to cheat, but knowing that my husband both enjoys and shares these thoughts has helped me resist that temptation. His love and acceptance of me is something I wouldn’t give up for the world. I hope I haven’t offended anyone.

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31 replies
  1. SecondMarge says:

    Interesting. As the line of what is allowed on MH continues to waffle.

    Don’t get me wrong, this kind of “fantasy” that involves a third person is one of the most popular by all polls. And my husband loved to talk about them. Difficult to deny it turns people on.

    On the other side I’m betting most comments will condemn this even under the protection of the F label.

    My husband has talked me through these fantasies during foreplay and I admit I have learned to enjoy them. I don’t think they are wrong in any way. Anything that gives a husband and wife more pleasure I say go for it.

    Thanks for writing and I hope we can continue to explore the topic.

  2. BradMona13 says:

    I (Mona) too have "heated thoughts" on occasion. I love sharing them with my husband….and he loves it too. It usually ends up in a hot mutual masturbation session.

  3. Victor0884 says:

    I feel that as long as you share these thoughts with your husband and he enjoys them, then they provide fuel for some super hot foreplay and sex. My wife enjoys sharing with me the same fantasy of having a male, female, male threesome. It really makes her wet with excitement and I enjoy it too. Thank you for sharing and putting yourself out on a limb that may not be received so well. Everyone has sexual fantasies and as long as it stays between you and your husband I believe it is good.

    • Southernheat says:

      Like you said if you both enjoy talking about it. If you both are turned on by it but If one partner is hurt or feels insecure by you talking about such things then you should not do it.

  4. LilaY69 says:

    You're definitely not alone, girl! I also have "heated thoughts" and I believe having them is completely normal and healthy. Absolutely nothing to be embarrassed about, babe!

    My husband and I both enjoy fantasizing together, as well as alone. It gives us huge turn-ons, and it creates extremely heated intimacy between us.

    Just like you, I also have fantasies of taking multiple cocks at the same time or being spit-roasted like you mentioned. This is of course among many fantasies.

    You should role-play with it, it's really lots of fun. Sometimes I'll fantasize about it while sucking my husband's dick and riding a big realistic cock at the same time. I also enjoy being double penetrated by two realistic fake cocks in both my glory holes while sucking my husband's cock at the same time, making it a perfect trifecta.

    Please write more on this, babe! This was a huge turn-on, and it's very fun to share with other wives! Would love to hear more about your fantasies!

    Lila 😘💋♥️

    • PatientPassion says:

      I'll offer some support and admit I'm torn on the issue. There seems to be some kind of gray area that I can't define well at the moment, but I believe there are a couples of bible verses that speak to this. One is 1 Corinthians 13:4-6: "Love… does not rejoice at wrongdoing…" (ESV). Taking pleasure in thoughts of things that are immoral does seem to pose a problem, but I'm not sure that simply shutting them down and suppressing them is a good idea either.

    • CrazyHappyLoved says:

      @ClimaXX and @PP, I hear what you are saying. Taking pleasure in actual wrongdoing, whether our own or another's, is the opposite of God's definition of love. But to me, the concept of pondering *actually* doing something is different in nature from imagining what it would be like to do *if* God had not, in His perfect wisdom, told us not to. That seems especially true if a married couple is discussing and sharing such fantasies versus one of the spouses harboring them for solo pleasure.

      I think it's important to know yourself, though. Surely, some of us have to draw lines differently from others for our mental and spiritual health. For one, exploring these fantasies can dispel the power they have to control our thoughts—don't think of a pink elephant—while for another it can "normalize" the thought to the point where God's command is overridden by our wish to justify our desires. If the latter proves to be the case for us, then great is our fall! We need to reevaluate and redraw those lines. But surely we have to examine ourselves and our hearts and make those decisions as a couple rather than condemn one another for making a different one than our own.

      If it strengthens your walk with God not to use your imagination in that way, then that's the best choice for you. If you believe it is wrong to do, then for you it is! But if you see Paul's injunction to marry rather than to burn with passion as conferring freedom to explore every aspect of sex *within* your marriage (as in between you two), then why not enjoy one another to the fullest and use your imagination in a loving way to please and "loose" one another from sin's power to entangle us—if that is even a need in your relationship.

  5. SecondMarge says:

    Are we saying our fantasy character can do some same sex touching?

    My husband had a fantasy of me riding him cowgirl and our fantasy friend sitting on his face. I lasso her boobs. Kissing them.

    Just in fantasy of course.

    • PacMan says:

      This is a good example. It doesn’t feel like your husband was sinful for having this thought/fantasy… it’s just a turn-on between the two of you. Actually acting on it is an entirely different thing. But this is a good example of why the (F) topic is a good addition to MH.

    • SecondMarge says:

      Thanks, I agree nothing wrong with it. And thanks for MH change in policy that allowed me to make that comment. In the past similar comments did not get approved. In fact the entire Heated Thoughts story/opinion has been a no no on MH in the past. So glad the rules are relaxed. We can mention these topics and desires now. Including same sex desires.

    • MarriageHeat says:

      We feel it's important to address honestly the spectrum of Christian beliefs and experiences and opinions on the touchy subject of fantasy in marriage sex. Please don't take it as a change in policy toward the nature of posts. The guidelines for fantasy posts still stand. And describing or encouraging actual participation in non-monogamous sex is still not allowed in stories (though former swingers may need more leeway.) But the thought or discussion of out-of-bounds things is basically what the (F) annotation is for. We are just easing into it.

    • SecondMarge says:

      Thank you for clarifying. I am glad the spectrum has increased to beyond the primary colors. Hopefully revealing that one enjoys certain things is not the same as “encouraging participation “ because it is so refreshing to read honest open admissions about threesomes and same sex thoughts. As fantasies of course.

  6. rg says:

    The mind is a strong and powerful tool that we can, thankfully, control. Initial thoughts are not in our control, but what we do with those thoughts are. I too have had hot thoughts that I would never act on, they would not be above reproach, actually they would be wrong. So, I stop them, but sometimes I have taken control of them… In light of modern sci-fi entertainment of our era, I/we just see each other in a Star Trek Holodeck, two of her, two of me, maybe three, or maybe not. I control the thought and take it to a safer place. That’s my way of handling (pun intended) the hot thoughts that come (misspelled pun intended) up from time to time.

    I think it may be time for me to submit a story.

  7. Closet Freaks says:

    Yep, this is definitely how me and my wife stand. The idea of watching my wife suck another man's long hard cock certainly turns both of us on. Threesomes, spitroasting, exhibition, orgies, etc. I guess the thought of my conservative wife doing something so dirty is something that appeals to us. Our sex life was always good but when we started openly talking about our fantasies together…well that's when things got really hot in the bedroom.
    We completely trust each other and both agree that adding someone would be dangerous to our marriage. We keep it in perspective of what it is….fantasy. Truthfully, not everyone is able to have this in their marriage. But those who can, have sex that is way beyond the average vanilla Friday night quickie sex. So if this is something you two can enjoy without actually acting it out, good on you. You've done something most people never will conquer: trust, openess, and communication.

  8. Penny4URthoughts says:

    My husband Jerry and I have both been married previously. This is his first attempt at a Christian monogamous marriage. I’ll just say he sowed a lot of wild oats before he met me. We had to decide how much of past experiences to share with each other. Some things he had done were shocking at first but the past is the past. But they have turned into a very good way to get us both hot during foreplay. We don’t plan to do any of them so in a way they are fantasies. I’m glad we can be completely honest with each other. I wasn’t exactly a virgin either so I would never cast the first stone. We all come to our marriages from a different place and can only try our best.

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